JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[03025 / T3-K1]
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by B. ECKELBARGER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 13 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
THIS GUN IS AMAZING! i just got it in the mail today and all i can say is wow! its very sturdy and the plastic feels more like some kind of military grade plastic. when i first got mine the bipod was a little wobbley, if u tighten the scerws that fixes that problem. the battery lasted about 5 hours and then it went dead. with this gun i also bought the ECHO 1 G3 magazine and it fits in there so perfectly. the only problen with the mags whn i got them was that they kept falling apart on me and i had to take a hammer and hammer the peices together so it would stay together. but other than that i would recomend this gun to anyone (new or experienced).

great fps
very sturdy
metal mags (500 rds)
sturdy selector switch
easy hop up

loose bipod
mags fell apart
not very easy to put the battery in
iron sights hard to see in

even though this gun has its problems it is very easy to fix these prolbems! AMAZING GUN!!!!!!!
by A. KIRK verified buyer Date Added: Monday 09 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I just got this gun today and all i have to say is its very good. I shot semi-suto with some .20 gram bbs and it goes pretty far. Switched to full auto and it doesn't spray all the much. Its very accurate when its on auto which was pretty sweet. When i tried .25, the accuracy was outstanding. fully auto, wow all of them hit with a about 2-4 inch distance from each other. If your going to use this gun i would really use .25 over .20 it will be a lot more accurate
by R. ARISTA Date Added: Friday 30 May, 2008
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This g3 is a great gun for the price. The size takes some getting used to, but its capabilities are impressive right out of the box.

I was really curious about the fps when I bought it. I've found that with really iffy bbs like what it comes with - it does shoot 330 as specified on the box. As soon as I loaded it with some quality ammo, it shot somewhere near 365.

I don't find the bipod all that useful; removing it will make carrying the gun a lot more bearable. The magazine became a source of frustation early on. It would need a slap now and then to keep feeding, but there's an easy solution. Basically, keep it very well wound (nearly all the way). Sounds annoying, but given that the mag comes with a handy winding tool, this is an easy task.

In short, it's quite a good deal for the respectable fps and crazy firing rate. For scope mounting, look for a good mp5 clamp (recommend combat optical under $20).Also, a high mah battery would be a good buy (4200 mah $30 on batteryspace)
by C. FONSECA verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 20 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)

Very reliable leme tell you, the mag that comes with it is metal, very nice does not misfeed if well-wound. ABS Plastic very nice,. Solid gun, not to heavy but it is well constructed also a really ncie thing that i liked was the fact that the bi-pod comes with the gun, the hop-up on the gun is also very very nice, it goes exacly were u want it. The battery fits great into the stock and the sling spots are fine. The FPS is around 335 - 350. Another Great thing about the gun is the ROF witch is amazing i havnt used a gun this fast yet and i have fired many weapons, this one by far a beast in ROF. I definitely recommend this gun for anyone. Great gun.( ofcourse for the price great price )

-FPS 330 to 360
-solid frame
-nice stock
-ROF is beastly
- very accurate ( once you get the hop-up right )
-easy dissasembly
-Free Bi-pod lol
-Good magazine

-have to tamper with the hop up just a bit
-not that heavy, not realistic weight

Hope the review helps...
by E. DAUENHAUER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 07 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I would first like to start this review with the fact that I have been playing airsoft for over two years now. This is the second AEG that I have personally bought; however, I have taken apart at least a dozen different types of AEGs. I will go over the pros and cons for this gun, a quick insight into its performance in different game situations, and then list some improvements to consider.

First off for the pros, this gun is really well made. With the number of bumps and hits this gun has taken I'm surprised that not much else bad has happened to it. The gun basically a quick disassembly weapon. Also, everything seems to be very tight and will not budge. The trigger is very sturdy as is the stock and selector switch. The selector switch surprised me in that it firmly locks into place for each fire setting. This gun has a high rate of fire, which came as a surprise. Another thing to note is its accuracy, which is supplemented by a long barrel. The bi-pod is solid metal and fits very well into the grooves in the front foregrip. The cocking lever is nifty also in that it does not break when you slide it back. It also comes with a high-cap magazine with a capacity of 500 rounds.

Now, on come the cons. The cocking lever is slightly loose and rattles when moving about. Although it is not loud, it can make you a little paranoid and annoyed. As with most AEGs, you must be very careful with the internal screws as they strip very easily. Another thing to note is the magazine would not work properly from the beginning. I had to go in and tighten the spring inside. I would also check the hop up system be use to make sure everything is in order. My G3's hop up system was slightly damaged and a small piece had to be glued into place. I do not believe this is a wide spread problem. Another thing to note is that the bi-pod is fairly heavy given that it is metal. It does, however, loosen easily and must be tightened at the end of every game day. The gun is quite loud, although it has a noticeably lower pitch in comparison to other AEGs. The rear iron sight that you can rotate for different ranges is quite loose and I have not been able to tighten it at all. The gun is quite large as you can see so your mobility is slightly hampered.

Quick Disassembly
High ROF
Well weighted

Cocking lever is loose
Rear iron sight is loose
Bi-pod is loose
Possible problem with hop up system
Quite loud
Decreased mobility

CQB: Because of its weight and length, this gun would not be an ideal CQB weapon. However, I have been able to effectively use the G3 in a CQB match. It is very difficult though. 3.5 stars
Sniping: With an increase in accuracy and FPS, this gun could be a decent sniper; however, I would be a rather loud sniper. A 2-3x scope or a red dot scope would do the trick. 2.5 stars
Regular Combat: I found that the G3 performed admirably in regular combat. I has a slight advantage because of its increased accuracy and ROF over other guns. Everything else is up to the skills of the player. (Hint:Beware of trees.) 4.5 stars
Squad Support: This gun is essentially a more compact and lightweight version of a SAW. With a slight increase in ROF and a self-feeding drum, this gun would be a great support weapon. (Be warned though, the battery will die a lot sooner than normal.) 4 stars

Now for improvements. I recommend adding some grease and oil to the respected areas of this gun, because it seemed to be lacking while taking it apart. I would personally recommend a 6.01mm tight bore for this gun if you are a hardcore airsoft player for the increased accuracy. There is not a considerable difference in performance between a stock barrel and a 6.04mm tight bore. I would recommend that you remove the bi-pod if you don't regularly use it in games. This gun has a high rate of fire compared to other similarly priced AEGs, so if you want to increase the durability of this gun, I would recommend getting a spring guide, ball bearing bushings, new shims, and a new hop up bucking. A larger battery such as a 9.6v battery would give you a longer game playability and an increased ROF. One last item to consider would be mid-cap magazines. The high rate of fire means constant winding of the high-cap magazine. Mid-caps save you from that hassle. A rail mount would be useful if you put a red dot scope on the gun. I personally like iron sights so purchase at your discretion. (You can find cheaper rail mounts at other sites.)

List of Improvements:
6.01mm Tight Bore
Spring Guide
6mm Ball Bearing Bushings and Shims Set
Hop Up Bucking
9.6v Battery
Mid-cap Magazines
Rail Mount and Red Dot Scope

I hope to add more to this review at a later time. I may include more info on upgrades and any problems with the gun. I love the look and feel of the G3 and am glad that I bought it. Thanks for reading.

(I would ask that reviews only be posted by those who have bought AND handled the item. This is supposed to be a review, NOT a forum.)
by C. PETRY Date Added: Sunday 30 March, 2008
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)

You're right, magnets do not stick to plastic (and I must commend you for that excellent observation), but they will stick to the giant metal gearbox that is right behind the plastic.

by K. DAWSON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 29 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
If by body you mean the stock and the front hand guard, then yes its plastic....last time i checked when i stuck a magnet to the gun, it stuck. Magnets dont stick to plastic
by R. MORRIS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 22 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This is a great gun. It's a must buy.
i upgraded the barrel to a tight bore, changed the stock. THe problems with this gun is that it shoots like shit when you upgrade it, so use .25g bbs. The gun is plastic. so the guy below me i dont know what his smokin cause all jgs are plastic bodied. My biggest problem was the front grip was very creaky like and old marui. i got my old faithfull duck tape and cover the inside with it. no more creaky. All and All its a very good gun
by K. DAWSON verified buyer Date Added: Monday 10 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Ive had this gun for a while and its the best. ill be brief and just cut to pros/cons
Pros: Comes out of the box accurate to 75 feet
nice fps &rof
built like a real G3 (weight distrubtion is just like the real thing)
All metal body (except the stock, and the front grip)
everything functions like a real weapon

Too small of stock magazine
nothing really

*to all those who said it was a bad thing that the bipod was loose you a stupid, its supposed to give a little*
by D. DECATUR Date Added: Tuesday 04 March, 2008
For: JG T3K1 SG1 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
this gun perofrmed amazingly out of the box ive had it for bout one month it outperformed a jg g36 in rof range and in accuracy the bipod does fall apart quite rapidly if u play in woodland like i do the authentisity of the gun is realy cool my piston went out after three games but it turned out to be a falty pistons the only down side to the gun is its wieght but this gun destroyed my competition ITS A GREAT BUY!!!
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