ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by D. SCHAIBLE Date Added: Monday 21 April, 2014
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got the ACM M180A2 in a mystery box. it's hard as ** to pump it especially since mine was basically droned in silicone oil. the shells for mine held 5 at best, otherwise they would all fly out of the shell. at first i thought the red dot was broke but was EXTREMELY dim, after making the hole for the light on the red dot bigger i could barely see it in dim lit conditions and the tactical light's batteries lasted for about a total of a hour of use before the light was too dim to use. both of the attachments use the crappy little watch batteries too which cost me about $5 for three when i keep an entire jar of AA and AAA around the house. so i bought longer screws for the mount and mounted my fancy heavy duty mini LED onto it. I ended up just selling it to a friend for $23 and 4 cans of mountain dew.

rail space
that's all i have to say about that

hard to pump
low FPS
crappy attachments
crappy shells
attachments use watch batteries
by J. FARR Date Added: Saturday 19 April, 2014
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Time to be honest. Look at this replica and consider what you will use it for as well as what you will need to use with it.

I purchased the same brand, but different model (not from ASGI), and used mine for years (maybe 3). I like it, but it in no way deserves 4 stars. Why?

1. limitations
2. fore-end
3. overall design

There are great things about the ACM M180A2 in general. As others have said, its durable. The manner in which you receive it, however, depends on shipping & handling from all parties involved: wholesale, retail, shipping company.

If you do not like what you see when you open the box, then it falls on you and the retail to move forward since in all likelihood returns would be based on them and their policies. If the shipping company is at fault, I'd say work with retailer in order to straighten out the issue (good retailers will work with you. maybe not act like a lawyer but will help in any way they can).

Let's move on since I'm reviewing the Shotgun. My replica came in perfect condition. no broken parts, it was fine. so out the door I went to try it out and a few days later, onto the field. Using the fore-end was tough. I like there is some effort involved in using it. When my adrenaline is rushing, I don't want to break what I bought during normal operation. This is part of how durable the replica is. The issue is with the grip however.

The fore-end is smooth, which caused my hands to slip. This may be avoidable with certain gloves, but I did not have any during the time. This caused me to strain each time I tried to cock it. okay first few times, but in a jam and doing it several dozen times a round will get tiresome. the fore-grip (unlike the franchi) is not designed with your hands in mind. there is no curvature or grip added to it.

If you take off the top rail for sights, etc. it looks a little cool, but is worse. it can be done with screw drivers, Philips, but don't. it opens a hard sharp edge to the fore-grip. So keep in mind that is there. For me, I hit it against many things and that's why I say, its durable. However, rubbing up against things (including clothes and packs) is not pleasant. why I stated above, consider what you will use it for."
If you are wanting a fun secondary, possibly could fill that role. So here is the second part of the second sentence at the top.

There is no place for sling. Not for mine at least, and I don't see one here nor on the others. I made my own which has worked. Used the fore-grip on the front and trigger guard. Had to use smaller clips. If I didn't want the fore-grip, I tied the the sling around the barrel. I'll use rope too. It helps for my look, but might not for you. Oh, and I used mine as a primary.

Despite my 2 star rating, I am happy with my purchase, though I am now looking for something better. consider what you are buying and either make it work, or get something different.

durable (mine was)
fun to use
cheap (if you know what you're getting)
rails (in the front)
shotgun shell magazine

Fore-end grip
top rail can get in the way
extras are unnecessary (and add to the price)
no place for slings
by A. WILLIS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 27 March, 2014
verified buyer
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun a a cheap secondary, I was fully expecting this gun to be of cheaper quality. I had done my research and had decided that I was able to live with the negative aspects of this gun. Everywhere i read said that this gun was made of cheaper material, and that the red dot sight was a piece of crap. Knowing this when i got it i simply didn't, and still haven't, even tried to put batteries in the sight. I still keep it for aesthetic purposes, but i don't actually use it. Also when i first opened the box the side rails on the front where both broken off, so i had to through them away, luckily however the bottom front rail seems pretty solid so i'm able to have both my flashlight, which works wonderfully, and my red dot sight which is just there for looks, on my gun. Another issue I had was that the shotgun shells for this gun are of much worse quality than the utg ones. they still work but sometimes bbs fall out and the spring comes out, but it's easy to put back in. But besides all of it's external downfalls it seems to work perfectly internally. So the actual functioning of the gun is really good, it should be noted however that I've only shot it a few times and haven't done any practical aiming or put it under very much stress yet. So over all i would say this gun is worth the price. The outside quality of the gun is as cheap as the gun, but unlike other crap guns that you can get at target it still functions fairly well. My suggestion would be to not worry at all about the red dot, but DO mount the flashlight, and buy utg shotgun shells. If you do that you actually have a pretty decent secondary.

Firing works well
flashlight is nice and bright
lost of tactical rails so you can put real add-ons on
comes with a decent amount of shells
comes with a nice shell carrier

Red dot sight is crap
even though there are a lot of rails they are mounted with really bad screws so they may come off
the shells it comes with suck compared to the standard tri burst ones(which are compatible with this gun)
slightly hard to cock
The external materials in general
by C. SNOWDEN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 23 March, 2014
verified buyer
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
For a gun that is only 20 dollars i got to say it is really great for a secondary and for cqb i like the whole idea with shells and it is very comfortable to hold and it comes with a flashlight and a red dot sight not it is highly unlikely for the red dot sight to work because it didnt for me and also alot if reviewers and the shell holder will sometimes get in the way of the reciever but it is a great gun a put a custom laser sight on it

feels comfortable, great price, like the idea of shells, flashlight is good

red dot sight doesnt work, the shell holder will get in the way sometimes
by D. MAY Date Added: Friday 10 January, 2014
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well I won this airsoft shotgun from the recent new years mystery box that was being sold here, I opened the box and was surprised with all the extras it came with like the attachable flashlight, the red dot sight which did break on me already, and the shotgun she'll holster, the gun itself was made actually pretty well, it doesn't have any flimsy parts on it which is nice and it is lightweight so the external build was done nicely

- comes with a lot of attachments like a flashlight, red dot sight, and a shotgun she'll holster
- it has a good tight external build
- no flimsy parts on it
- uses shells to load the gun so it feels a bit more like the real thing

There isn't too much to complain about the gun but there are a couple things that could had been made better such as the red dot sight, it was a cheaper gun so It should already be expected but the sight broke on me within just a few minutes, but even before that you couldn't really see the red dot anyways so that didn't matter to much, the only other thing that I could say that could had been better is that instead of loading one she'll at a time that it actually loaded multiple shells at once and ejected them after pumping the gun, but I only say that because I make homemade short films, but other than that it was a decent buy
by D. SCOTT Date Added: Monday 09 December, 2013
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Broke After Two Shots.

I was exited to try this out before I wrapped it up for a Christmas present, but after the second test round something snapped inside.

Taking my time, I peeled away the shell to find the spring guide and the plastic holding it in place were in pieces. The spring itself was bent horribly out of shape as well.

I know that the mystery boxes are meant to be a pleasant surprise, but this just leaves me morose.

The light works fine, though it is wobbly and has something clinking around inside.

For $20, this looks like a fine gun...

... but mine wasn't.

The Red Dot that came with it doesn't work, either.

Each and every screw that held mine together stripped when I used the screwdriver provided with the gun.
by S. CALLAHAN Date Added: Friday 06 December, 2013
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So I won this gun in the a mystery box and I'll tell you what. I don't know why I didn't buy this earlier. Its great! Its light weight for all you younger players out there. Its small and compact which makes it perfect for CQB (Close Quarter Battle). Its shoot around 280-290 FPS which is really nice for indoor fields. All in all I would recommend this gun to anyone that's looking for a nice start up gun or even a backup gun like me.

Light weight
Perfect for indoor/CQB
Great start up gun

No stock
by B. BOREL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 08 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is crazy awsome! It comes with a flashlight, a red dot, 4 shells, and a frigin watchamuhoosit for the shell for quik realoading! The only bad thing ive found about it is that the red dot sight broke REALLY easily..... But otherwise its great! It shoots great, its easy to reload, and its easy to clean, it also shoots very accurate with a, tasco red dot sight (even without it, its crazy accurate).... I bought this as my first airsoft gun so I cant really compare it to anything, but im goin to stick with this gun for a while.

lightish wheight
Easy reload
Everything exept.......

The red dot is WAAAAYYYY to fragile....
by S. SCULLY verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 09 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I ended up buying this weapon to push the price of an order above $100 thinking I might as well save $15 or so on shipping, and have this gun to laugh at. What a surprise! I found it to be very useful, even though my primary weapon would probably shatter it. Slung on a belt or across the back, it makes a great secondary weapon which is easy to maneuver and accurate enough to hold it's own as far as any regular side-arm is concerned, being easy to pump quick, and accurate with .25. I tried .2, and found that even with the hop-up lowered as much as possible, the BBs would rise terribly, followed by plummeting, to the point where managing a head shot is sometimes done by shooting at the feet.

Overall, I am astounded by this gun. It's not insanely powerful or accurate, when the price is factored in, it's a steal.

Relatively small (21.5 in')

Cheap shells and attachments (One of the shells jammed and had to be broken open in order to be fixed)
by L. WENG Date Added: Monday 13 April, 2009
For: ACM M180A2 Pistol Grip Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great shotgun and for $22.50, it was a steal. Package comes with the shotgun itself, laser scope, LED flashlight, 5 small batteries, bag of BB's, barrel cleaning rod, speed loader, 4 shells, screw driver, and a "leather" shell holder. Manual including has pretty good translated English, just needs a few spell checks. The box is surprisingly nice and does not look or feel cheap at all. The laser scope that comes with it looks nice, but that's about it. Does not help you aim at all and is only there for aesthetics. The LED flash light on the other hand is bright and useful for dark environments. Both RIS gadgets use 3 batteries each but only 5 are included. The laser scope will function with 2 batteries though, so no biggie. Shells look very nice, almost like the real deal. It's easy to load by hand or with the included speed loader. Hold's 14 BB's each for a total of 56 shots with all 4 shells. Loading the shell is very satisfying as is cocking the shotgun. You need to cock the shot gun for each shot, and only 1 BB shoots out at a time, since there is only 1 barrel. Cocking is a little tough but you'll get the hang of it. The shotgun sometimes jams or misfires so you have to cock multiple times. Might be a problem in real CQB situations but easily fixed after a second or two. The shotgun feels real solid and although made of plastic, can probably take a major beating. The weight is not too heavy and can be held with one hand, extended. Wished the barrel and more parts of the gun were metal but for $22.50, I most certainly cannot complain. Not sure how many FPS this gun shoots, but from the looks of it, it will probably hurt or break the skin. Easily goes through a cardboard box and makes a nice sized dent exit wound. Without the stock, the shotgun is nice and portable. Pretty nice for a springer. This shotgun makes a perfect beginners airsoft gun or a great secondary weapon for the veterans.

- Shell loading for realistic touch
- Shells hold 14 BB's, for a total of 56 shots with all 4 shells. Not bad at all.
- Comes with RIS mounted LED flashlight and laser scope accessories
- Includes a screwdriver, shell holder, speed loader, batteries. Excellent value. Everything you need to get started and blasting away!
- Shotgun is well built and feels solid in your hands. Is probably very durable.
- Packaging looks and feels expensive.
- Lightweight but not too light to feel cheap.
- Powerful for a springer

- Shotgun is made entirely of plastic (maybe some of the internals are partially metal?). Wished there was a metal version.
- Shotgun sometimes jams or misfires. You have to cock a few times to unjam.
- Cocking handle is a bit stiff so it takes a while to get used to.
- Laser scope is pretty much useless other than for looks.
- Don't know exactly how durable shot gun is yet, but it will probably vary depending on personal usage.
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