G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[02650 / EGM-014-STD-BNB-NCM]
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by Z. TANNER Date Added: Saturday 09 January, 2010
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I just need to know if Classic Army midcap mags will work in this gun.
Thank you,


by M. ROWLETT Date Added: Monday 18 January, 2010
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun about a month ago and I do have to say it is a GREAT gun. I bought the walnut stock version. The gun is accurate and really good with a 9.6 V battery. However, my Dad and I had to do a custom wiring job on the gun because the battery wire wasn't log enough. If you tried to put the battery in it, it would hit the fuse and not go in....with ANY sized battery. So that was def an issue...but once we re-did the wiring, the gun works great! :D

Fire power
Takes a 9.6 very well and makes the awesomeness go WAY up

Heavy....but not really a con.
Had to rewire it.
by A. EDWARDS Date Added: Sunday 13 December, 2009
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I already wrote a review for the black S.O.C. 16 version, I just wanted to correct J RAMBO, the gearbox is a hybrid version 7. It uses Ver.3 spring guide, the cylinder, gears, piston and piston head are all V2/3, but the cylinder head is G&G specific, you HAVE to order the G&G cylinder head/piston/piston head upgrade kit sold here for $48 to get the brass cylinder head. A V7 cylinder head will NOT work. In the description, it says the gun is a Ver4...basically saying its the 4th version of the G&G M14. The 1st gens (as described in the video) weren't so good, but this 4th generation M14 is DEFINITELY worth every cent of your hard earned $255


by W. POPE Date Added: Thursday 26 November, 2009
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun about two weeks ago, and have played a full day twice with it. It's my first gun, so I'm going to give you a blunt perspective.
First, I'll focus on the gameplay of it. When I bought it, I got an extra hi-cap, which is the first kicker. The hi-caps are 35 bucks, which is bullshit, really. Winding is a pain, and takes a LONG time, but gives you around 200 shots per wind. With full auto on, with an 8.4, I'm getting 15-17 BPS, so you're gonna eat through the mag fairly quick if you like to spray your shots. The gun is pretty accurate, but the hop-up is incredibly touchy, and with the hop all the way down, the BB jumps 2 feet about 50ft out with .2s. I'm not sure whether that's normal, but it's kinda annoying for me. It's shooting at 335-340 and my range is actually better then most other guns out there, but not enough to really snipe with. My hopes are to put a 130 spring in it to bring the range up, without doing a bunch of upgrades that I would definitely fuck up. That's pretty much it, except for that it's quieter than a gopher fart.
Now for the internals. Takedown is gloriously easy, turn a screw, pull the trigger guard, and the whole thing falls apart. Other than that, I'm out of my league so I won't continue. It looks easy to upgrade, but that's for a gunsmith to tell you about.
All in all, it's a pretty good gun. I definitely want to upgrade this puppy to get more range and power out of it. It's a wellbuilt gun, and the heat shield just needs a coat of paint. But the weight gets annoying after a while. Besides that, it runs great, and I'm happy with what I've got.


Not as much power and range as I would have hoped, and its heavy as fuck.
by J. RAMBO Date Added: Sunday 25 October, 2009
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Okay, I'm just going to go through all of the components of the gun for those who are AirSoft mechanics like me. The butt plate is steel, though the trap door for the battery compartment is plastic, but no worries, the butt plate protects it. The stock is ABS, but incredibly thick, (1/2-3/4 inch thick!), which means its not going to break. The upper receiver is steel and has full trade marks. The iron sights are fully adjustable for elevation and wind. The cocking mechanism is all steel and has a functional bolt catch. The hop up is located right under the cocking mechanism and has convenient marks that show which way to turn the dial for hop up. The heat shield is shiny BUT NOT CHEESY. Itís thick and will not crack. Does groan though. I think they did this for weight reasons. The barrel is all steel as well as the other iron sight and flash hider. The trigger group is steel and will not break nor snap so don't be afraid to use force for the field stripping. The magazine is a 450-470 round mag and is metal (steel?). The mag does weigh a ton so I think its steel. This gun is heavy, about 4500-5000grams with battery and mag, though itís so well balanced that you feel only half that.
The internals-
The wiring is copper and is soldered and wrapped in heat-shrink so its reliable and will not come loose. The motor is a standard G&G short, 2500rpm motor, good for M100ish springs (not high torque). It is a version 4 gearbox, though pistons and gears for gearbox v.2&3's work fine. The gearbox shell is incredibly thick, thickest I think in the market. It could withstand an M170 easy. There are 8mm ball-bearing bushings, which provide a nice a smooth spin to the gears. The gears are the normal G&G steel gear set, good up to a M120. They're shimmed very well from the factory. The anti-reversal latch is nice because itís not the normal moment-you-put-it-in-it-pops-back-out type. The spring guide is tough but not shore if itís metal. If itís plastic, its ultra strong plastic. The spring is an M100 that delivers any where from 320-350 fps. The piston is good-quality plastic, though strips easily. The piston head is also good quality plastic and has ports that force the O-ring to expand when shot, giving a better air-seal.. The cylinder is excellent and will with stand up to probably an M150 (haven't tested.) What really upseted me about this gun is that they for some odd reason chose to use a cheap plastic cylinder head instead of the stainless steel, double O-ring one they advertise with their piston set. Bummer. The tappet plate is excellent and shows no sign of wear. The nozzle has an O-ring in it for good compression and is good. The hop up is excellent and the bucking is the green G&G soft bucking. It gives amazing range. The barrel is 520mm long and has an inner circumference of 6.04, which gives awesome accuracy. This gun can easily handle a 10.8v, but G&G recommends a 8.4v. Why? Because it will put less wear on your wires and motor, but if your an AirSoft tech and know how to change out wires, I say go for the 10.8. I have a 9.6v 4200mah from all-battery.com because I got a coupon for it. This gun is easy and cheap to upgrade. Considering how the wire set is already upgraded, and so isn't the gearbox shell. I stuck a systema magnum motor, systema super torque-up gears, systema aluminum piston and piston head, (I don't trust plastic ones at high fps), an Area v.4 metal spring guide, and I managed to find a double O-ring, stainless steel v.4 cylinder head. I got a systema type 0 cylinder and a M150 spring. That gave me 516 fps with about 19-21 shots a second! I also put in a firefly V-shape bucking (hard) and a 6.01mm precision barrel, (I had to buy an M16 length barrel, and about 509mm long, because I couldn't find any M-14 length barrels for under $100 dollars at this price.) The stock is just begging to be painted, so I gave it a nice coat of O.D. green, which takes the cheep look right out of the heat shield! I use .28g bbs, and get around 400-500 of good accuracy with them. They sell two scope mounts for this gun, the G&G one which is $60 and the G&P one which is $35. I honestly don't use scopes for this, because the iron sights are dead on accurate and I was at the edge of my budget, so it was this or an extra mag. Some people said this gun flat out sucks, but I think that the piston just stripped on them, or maybe they had a default gun. I don't know, but I rate this gun right on up there with the systema guns. If you plan to upgrade, you should contact AirSoft GI to get advice. Excellent Gun!

Since I know that most of us will just move on to the pros and cons and skip the giant paragraph I took so long to right, I'll just list the basics.

Super sturdy

Excellent internals (piston might strip though)

High rate of fire with 9.6v

Long but thin battery space, so 8.4-10.8 will fit if they're regular batteries, (no square batteries)

520mm long and 6.04mm inner circumference which with the hop up gives excellent accurcy and amazing range.

Stock is thick ABS and is dying to be painted, O.D. looks nice.

Very well balanced, feels like nothing for a 6'3 guy.

All major components (outer barrel, upper receiver, iron sights, flash hider, etc.) are steel.

Magazine holds 45-470 rounds, feeds great, is metal (not sure if its steel, though it probably is), and is very reliable.

You can't go wrong with this gun.

All of the information is in the paragraph, like what type of bushings, the motor, the piston, etc.

Easy to upgrade, but only upgrade if you know what your doing.

The cylinder head is cheesy plastic, and not the stainless steel, double O-ring one they advertise in the G&G m14 piston set.

The heat shield looks like cheap plastic, BUT IS NOT! Sure its shiny and creaks, but its thick and I think the only reason they did that was to keep weight down. A steel heat shield would weigh a ton.
by S. SLAVENS Date Added: Friday 09 October, 2009
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Overall, you can't go wrong with this gun. The build quality on it is amazing with the full metal and very sturdy body. I've had mine now for almost a year and I love it to death. I was planning on getting some upgrade parts to make it more of a snipers role, but i really didn't need any. The range is fantastic with that tight bore barrel that it comes with and the fps is still decent even with .25g bb's. I personally think that fr this price you can't go wrong. It has a ton of upgrade parts so you can make it shoot in the higher fps range for snipers. I can easily fit a 9.6v 3600mah in the stock. The rof is also crazy fast! This is the best M14 on the market that won't break the bank in the process. BUY IT!!!

high ROF
large mag and battery space
great build

heat sheild is a little wobbley, but nothing to bad
other than that nothing!
by R. FINK Date Added: Wednesday 15 April, 2009
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
A very sturdy rifle with AMAZING firing speed and accuracy, a mostly perfect feed from the massive 450 round hi-cap magazine. 3 months after weekly games and about 4000 bb's later the front sight was hit and i lost one of the right post. snapped clean off. only complaint.planning on upgrading to a scope and rail system anyway. a costly gun, but worth every dollar. only one jam. i field striped it [IN COMBAT] and fixed it in about 3 mins. was back in the same game but scared as fcuk not where my team was. . . solid gun built to last.

~ V6

Amazing accuracy
Hearty RoF
easily adjustable sights.
very strong ABS plastic body.
very quite when firing
AMAZINGLY satisfying *KA-CHINK* when the bolt is racked
great for CQB support fire from a distanced/elevated position

long barrel, a little unwieldy for any sort of CQB
tight fit for a large type 8.4 battery, but doable
slippy ABS hand grip, easily fix with tape
by A. CARPENTER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 06 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well I got this gun about 2 weeks ago and it is my first AEG and after I had heard so much good about it I decided to get it. Well it only lasted me about 1 week and than it would stop shooting and than I would have to wait a few hours or a day before it would start shooting again. I was using a 9.6v 4200mAh battery. But when I called Airsoft GI they said it wasn't under warranty any longer so now I have to try to find a way to fix it. But while it worked it was fun.

High rate of fire
Good FPS
Heavy can be a pro or a con

Didn't last long
Magazines are expensive
by J. FORRESTER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 25 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
My two friends and myself bought these guns are we all are very pleased with them. They shoot fast, hard, and spot on..using .25 that is. Pre-upgraded so using a 9.6 battery has been fine, ya just need to get the right battery end. Have not game tested these beasts but have shot a few hundred to break em in. Mine has the overpriced G&G scope mount which is full metal and put a scope on it but that was a horrible idea for a full auto, so put a red dot on there...much better. A low low power scope with high visibility like and acog would be real nice I think though. Most Classic Army stuff should work fine on/in this gun cuz multiple peeps told us they come off the same line as the CA's but these are pre-tight bored and upgraded

More accurate than my friends sniper
shoots hard
nice upgrades available
high high rate of fire...using a 9.6.
Long ass barrel

If you have batteries already make sure they have the bigger plug on them otherwise you will need a new battery or the adapter....also wrap up the battery or it will rattle like crazy in the large compartment
One one outta three guns were double feeding but after breaking it in it has done fine.
by W. HUDSON Date Added: Wednesday 13 August, 2008
For: G&G GR14 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Brass Gear Box Bushings, Ball Bearing Spring Guide Rod, 6.035mm Precision Inner Barrel, 520 mm Barrel Length, Metal Gear Box and Steel Gears

i have my own airsoft team in CT, and have yet to take this rifle into combat, but by my judging from previous experience, it will perform well in combat. when you buy this rifle, buy it with a 3-point sling (most 3-point slings come with mounts), and 0.25 gram TSD BB's. it will go around 200 feet, and has a pretty flat trajectory, so the sights are very accurate. still, i would recommend getting a red dot scope for this rifle, just for the sake of reflex shooting. a bipod is not needed unless you are in a covering fire role or are going to do some serious sniping.

all in all, this is a great gun, especially for team airsoft.

Flat trajectory
Accurate to sights
Great groupings
OVERWHELMING rate of fire
Great FPS
Can be wound non-stop if you are using a 3-point sling
The stock is a synthetic rifle stock, which can be found on many REALl rifles

has to be wound frequently (see pros list)
a little heavy
magazine can be difficult to insert the right way, it will not shoot if placed incorrectly
too big for close combat situations

But, like i said before, it is still worth it

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