Echo 1 ATS Long Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by R. LEBEL Date Added: Saturday 06 June, 2009
For: Echo 1 ATS Long Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is ridiculous. I've owned it since chirstmas, and has stood up to over 3000 rounds being put through it. Most of the gun is a hard and reliable ABS plastic (not the shitty stuff you get on cheap guns from Dick's Sporting Goods). The metal parts of the gun are the loading tube/barrel, trigger, safety, both the front and rear sights, the sling attachment, rail, and the inner part of the stock. And to me surprise, the entire inside is made of a high grade steel.

This gun does pack a HUGE punch. Even after around 3000 rounds, this baby still shoots around 440-450,using .2 (note: adjusting the hop-up increases fps by around 25). When i first got this gun. it shot around 420, but i then changed the hop-up, which then increased the fps. When it is at its most accurate this gun can shoot .2 at around 150ft going straight before it dipps. The sights on this gun make it extremely accurate. The sights are very useful and aren't shitty at all. Although it may be a little long for CQB, this gun is perfect for field use. With being probably the quitest stock gun i have ever heard, this gun is perfect for shooting at your opponent from 100ft, and they will never know what hit them.

Although there really isn't any upgrades you can do to this gun, you still have the oppurtunity to use that rail for maybe a red dot, holosight scope, or even a normal scope. Whetever type of mission you like, you can adapt your gun to complete it. A lot of people say the only con is that the stock wobbles, but it really isn't much, literally only like a billonth of an inch, and isn't noticble at all (believe me)

This gun is definately worth $185.

- inside is made of steel
- around 440 fps (may not work for some fields, but my friends don't mind it)
- awesome sights
- both the pistol grip and cocking grip are confertable
- orange tip isn't too overwhelming
- metal rails

absolutely NONE =)
by P. FRANKLIN Date Added: Saturday 21 February, 2009
For: Echo 1 ATS Long Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Okay, the major gripes about this weapon...i fixed within an hour of getting it.

1) Stock wobbles.

- Okay, here is your answer. If you know your ass from your elbow about guns, you know anything that is on the gun had to be put on there, so it must come off. Upon looking in the manual you will discover the butt comes off. Slide the stock back to the double notches (marking position 3 or 4 i forget which) slide the stock to the second one and rotate it to the left (as you rotate it to the right to adjust it) it will then slide completely off the gun. Now as you M4 owners will be familiar with, there is a screw inside the "buffer tube" holding the stock to the gun. You dont even need a long screwdriver. Clamp the gun between your knees (make sure the pistol grip is firmly seated forward as this screw holds it on as well) and crank that screw down as tight as you can without stripping it. Before you replace the stock, put a single layer of electrical tape around the very end of the stock tube. This really isnt necessary, but it really prevents the butt from rotating even more. Now replace the butt assembly and viola. the stock is ROCK SOLID (and i am a freak about rock solid guns, i am happy.)

2) the last four bbs dont feed.

well heres what you do. If you have a brain, you will realize that feeding problems are always aided by gravity. When you are down to the last four shots, point the gun down and then pump it with the muzzle pointed down. again. Viola. last four shots feed. Quit you PMSing.

I'm completely satisfied with my M1014. Its the most comfortable gun i have ever held.

Just to let you know, i am picky with my guns (as previously stated.) I have yet to find a problem with this gun worth complaining about. I fixed all the operational problems on the gun within an hour of taking it out of the box, i made it perfect.

What can i still pick over?

- Front sling mount wobbles about a billionth of an inch to the left and right, but who cares, i dont use a sling anyhow.
- Plastic has an odd gray powder all over it. Some places it wipes off, other places it has stayed and has "fossilized" the fingerprints of whoever put the gun together in the factory.
- Multiple flash points. It looks like a model kit, right after the parts were snapped off the sprue, however somebody forgot to sand down the bumps where it was attached.

other than that i dont care. It is reliable, durable, lightweight and DEAD ACCURATE. most people say it is dead accurate, Im not saying it because i took it out of the box and fired it at a coke can twice then ran inside to review it, i mean with .2g Airsoft Elite bbs it will go right where th sights go.

The sights and hop up are adjusted with screws that can be turned with a thumbnail.

The hop up is idiot proof. Turned to the right, screw tightens and pushes on the hop up rubber, to the left and it eases up. Mags arent a problem. A little tricky to get out wihle wearing gloves, just work them out using the little rib on the bottom by sticking your fingernail in the groove on the rear of it. other than that, no big deal.

pump handle is stiff for the first 100 or so shots, but after awhile its no big deal. if your hands are slippery or something, just grip the front edge of the handle where it slopes into the barrel.

Sights are beautiful. this is no amazing revolution to credit to CAW or ECHO1, this can only be attributed to Benelli. Way to go. (Take a toothpick and some whiteout and fill the indentations on the rear sight with whiteout and put a dot of it on the front sight.)

Unfortunately mine is out of commission. This is no fault of the gun, I simply sprayed too much lube into the barrel and didnt get it all out, and as a result, it jammed. Once i get it cleaned out though, i have no doubt that it will work beautifully.

You may ask why a shotgun fires one shot. I didnt hear any complaining when the UTG M87 came out....quit your whining. its no advantage, its one shot. no different than any other spring rifle. This one just happens to put holes through your opponents....thats all.

I bought mine as a good reliable gun for all weather. Well a game in 18 degree weather froze it solid. well screw that theory, but in DECENT WEATHER or rainy weather it is undeniably reliable. Good for our weeklong game in the summer where AEG batteries are charging. Excellent gun I highly reccomend one. Mine is stock, i dont need anything more out of it. Excellent accuracy. BUY ONE TODAY YOU WON BE DISSAPOINED.

exterior quality is lacking, but its tough and the aluminum internals make the price worth it.


by M. BLASCYK verified buyer Date Added: Monday 23 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 ATS Long Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
extremely tough shotgun. its very similar to the way a maruzen spring m870 (ca870) would work, it even takes the same springs. with a little work and skill with a dremmel you can modify the hop system to accept a Marui VSR-10 bucking. im working on getting a custom ordered 6.01 through spartan imports.

it shoots one bb at a time and has the potential to be used in a sniper role. stock, this thing shoot 420fps with .20bbs and has a 170 foot accuracy range. but if you go in a clean everything up you can extend it to ~200 feet of range. thanks to the V-hop design its very consistant in its accuracy. if it wasnt for the low quality barrel and hop rubber the hop still cant be trusted. since i replaced the hop rubber with an airseal nineball rubber i'v had good accuracy out to 230-250 feet with .25 bbs untill they started to curve from the efects of the barrel.

on the outside its mostly plastic, but atleast its ABS and the grips are rubberized. for the price you should get more metal, but CAW must just be lazy (CAW made the gun for ECHO).

my bigest pet peeve is the stock. its got a huge side to side movement, the same wobble is on the real shotgun but atleast the real gun has a rubberized stock. atleast this gun is compaable with real steel and marui m3 s90 stocks, so a full stock is optional and im getting one. there is a picitini rail on the replica in front of the rear site to add optics, and it could benifit from one.

a great thing is its compatability with UTG and Marui shotgun shell mags. the hard thing is getting them out of the gun when they are empty. the brim on the bottem of the shell gets cought on the loading mec. and takes a good pry to get out. i took a dremmel(you could use sandpaper) and sanded off the brim. now they dont get cought. youll find that they dont move when you open the loading door. by hitting the pump on your palm in a downward motion, the shell will start to tip out and you can grab it from there.

i give it a 3 out of 5 cause the outsides could be better and the preformance has a large gap between its stock solid preformance and its peak preformance.
by C. EVANS verified buyer Date Added: Monday 07 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 ATS Long Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
I love the gun just like the other reviewer. Ill add that this gun is built Ford tough, and is unique. The only thing I have against it is that the mag always wastes 4 rounds, therefore you will only get 25 rounds off before reloading.
by J. CHAU Date Added: Friday 21 December, 2007
For: Echo 1 ATS Long Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
A neat gun. While these only fire 1 bb at a time the extra power you get it well worth it. My only real complaints are that this uses a small mags, unstead of a shell and the foregrip plastic is a little hard to grip so I would recomend putting some rubber or tape on there. Oh and that fack that it's mostly ABS, tho for the price it's still a excellent buy and kinda neat being able to snipe with a shot gun outdoors.
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