(Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
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by D. KORONKEVICH verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 18 November, 2007
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Ok I used this in one of my neiborhoods skirmishs.I dominated,i can use it as an assault weapon runnin through the woods at top speed shooting everyone,or i can lay down behind a fallen tree and snipe.Either way this guns AWESOME
by A. SANTOS Date Added: Tuesday 13 November, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
I was looking for a really good field gun something that can cover some distance. when i bought this gun i had heard some good reviews. i brought it home and the feeling was nothing more than orgasmic. then i got to thinking what if i out a 120 spring and a tight bore barrel. oh my god i was ownig fools on the field. this is a good gun one of CA's best work.
by D. KORONKEVICH verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 10 November, 2007
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
this guns huge,awsome,great FPS,range,accuracy,and comfort.Favorite gun

Length 5/5 (guns huge!)

Comfort 5/5

Accuracy 4/5

Range 4/5

awesomeness 5/5

Rate of Fire 4/5

GREAT GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by K. SCHELL verified buyer Date Added: Friday 02 November, 2007
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Well as I said I would I am now going to review its combat performance. Combat performance is really the most important yet most variable of catagories. So I will rate it for different enviroments and uses out of 10

CQB: 4, it is not at all intended for CQB however since I was a sniper for so long I have no issue manuvering with a battle rifle such as this. The two redeeming values I found while in CQB and using this were the drum sight's first setting and the extremely high rate of fire (I do have a high output 8.4v4200 nimh)

Industrial:7, I classify industrial as a factory setting, the place I played was rather varied with train tracks, sand, three buildings for CQB, mounds, high grass, and nearby woods. This gun was very good for this area as that there weren't too many things in one's way, and the accurate range (at least for me) was about 100 meters with lightly adjusted hop up (granted it would be hard to feel at that range) The hi-cap mag, the accuracy, and the rof help it to be an amazing support or long range engagement weapon for such an area, as a basic rifleman's weapon it is a tad too long and a tad to fast rof.

Woodland:9, This is where the gun does its best, the olive drab adds some visual camo, and the rof and accuracy are perfect for counter-ambush and ambushes themselves. The power behind each round is more than enough to go through foliage and be accurate at about 50 meters. The drum sights (which I hated at first) turned out to be an insanely useful, as that you can change between a setting for fast target acquisition and three setting for long range accuracy.

Overall:8, In all honesty for just about every enviroment one may face this rifle will not let you down at all. And as long as you are aware of your own capabilities and your rifle's you will almost always get some good kills.
by D. GRAY Date Added: Saturday 20 October, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
So I bought this weapon about four months ago and I'm so impressed, I decided to write a little review about it. It is a long weapon, so if your into cqb it's probably not the weapon for you. But I bought it to turn it into a support weapon and found that, out of the box, it does a great job! The only problem that I had was, after about 10,000 rounds, the piston broke a tooth. The best part about this weapon was how easy it was to take apart. Three pins and your down to the gear box. After about thirty minutes, I had this bad boy back up and shooting like a madman. So if your looking for a weapon thats accurate, has a pretty high rate of fire, and is more durable than the day is long, this is a great weapon for this price.
by A. MORITA Date Added: Wednesday 17 October, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Looks / Asthetics

The SAR Sportmatch M41 SG (referred to as the G3A3 from now on) is a very long gun, just over a meter. Long guns tend to bend, flex and creak, heck, even my TM MP5 does. As soon as I picked up the G3A3 from it's Styrofoam bed, I noticed this was no ordinary AEG. The thing felt more sturdy than a 2X4, and took me by surprise. I gave the gun a once over and was very impressed, an even finish with no noticeable blemishes. I then looked at the cocking lever and was gravely disappointed. The part looks like it's made of pot metal, and the finish looks like it was colored with sharpie. Aside from that single part, the entire gun looks and feels near perfect.


The G3A3 I'm reviewing performed admirably for a stock gun with an 8.4 v battery. The rate of fire was perfect for me, being extremely close to the real deal. The accuracy was nothing to hoot about, to me at least. I can see how it might be good for something like an M4 or MP5, but I expected more out of a 500 something cm barrel. I think CA should've used a tight bore of 6.04 on all it's marksman rifles (the SR25, G3A3 and G3 SG1 coming to mind) to sell them as such. The motor and gear box sounded very smooth with minimal noise, and a satisfying "thunk" every time the piston slams into the gearbox shell.


Out of all the categories, this is the G3's greatest pitfall, at least in the model I have to review. The trigger contacts burned out after a month of light use with a standard 8.4 v battery. As disappointing as this is, it's the only issue I have run into thus far, and it's not a particularly serious one.


The G3A3 is a great gun and is a pleasure to shoot and own. I recommend it with no reserve and congratulate those who already own one.

by K. SCHELL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 12 September, 2007
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
I recieved this rifel relatively recently and have yet to use it in combat, however I have put it through multiple tests.
Appearence/durability 10/10
It is an incredibly sturdy rifle, some parts are made of some high end plastic, yet as with all full metal guns the only plastic parts are plastic or polymer on the real firearm. Also this gun is long we all know it, but it is rather slender as well wich reduces greatly the problems in tight quarters. Also it looks just like the real firearm, well minus the orange tip. The one problem I encountered was too minor for me to gripe about, I found it hard to fit my very large 4200 nimh battery, but this was quickly and easily fixed, there was a tiny bit of movement within the stock when I initially put the battery in, but it seems to have fixed itself so no issues.
Accuracy 10/10
This is more accurate than I expected (mind you I expected quite a bit) I have owned and fired many an AEG and Bolt-action snipers, this gun under ideal winds is match-grade. Hop-up does need to be adjusted, but you knew that. It was able to hit two inch wide, two inch long object at about 50ft, and that was without adjustment, mind you that isn't the hardest shot in the world but doing that consistently is difficult. Another great advantage to this rifle is that on full auto accuracy doesn't diminish, with only maybe one or two CM's distance between each hit at 50 ft while shooting in the standing position. That is an extremely tight shot pattern. I sadly have yet to test it at longer ranges but if this is any fair indication it will excede my expectations once more (I will update if something bad happens at ranges)
Rate Of Fire 10/10
For a stock gun this rate of fire was amazing, also it had no diminshed performence for any BB which is a minor problem with other AEG's I have owned or fired.
Sights 8/10
The drum sights on this gun could be better, but that is not at all classic army's fault or problem, the drum sights are exactly like the real G3A3's sights. The only sight on it that is a problem is the first setting, it isn't a very good sight in my oppinion, the advantages would be for CQB (which I don't think you bought this gun for) and for field of view. But the other sight settings are quite good. My advice would be to leave it on the 200 meter setting for typical engagements, this is the best sight for most ranges (it is actually the advice the Bundeswhere gave their soldiers when this was their rifle)
Battle performence N/A
(I will give you all the details and perhaps some stories once it has been field tested)

Overall package 9.5/10
It isn't a perfect rifle, but no stock gun is, it is however one of the best guns I have ever seen, held, or shot. My friend's CA M15A4 isn't as good in my oppinion however it is almost as good and a tad bit more ergonomic, so if you want a gun that isfrom a high end maker, that is accurate, and a good DMR (that isn't an M14 or CA M25) I would choose this, it has an advantage in its length and manuverability over all the other guns in its calibre (real life calibre 7.62X51mm NATO)

All in all, if your style is that of the designated marksmen or just an accurate rifleman I would pick this, as my team's former sniper and current co-team leader and squad leader I must say it suits my needs well. It is a solid and powerful rifle.
by P. CROMARTIE Date Added: Sunday 22 July, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
Very good rifle no extra do dads or stuff like that! just a damn sturdy AEG.
Quite recently i purchased a G3 SG/1 from tokyo marui.
I retired it!!!!!!!
plastic is not durable and too light for me.
but i purchased this bad boy and PERFECT!
Tokyo Marui uses too much plasitic and is not up to the rigours of running and droping this is
a damn good rifle.

Please anyone who is looking for a rifle that is simple and has exellent power buy this!!!!!

you won't be disappointed!
by T. CARY Date Added: Friday 15 June, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army Full Metal SAR Sportmatch M41 SG AEG Airsoft Gun
This is a buetiful weapon. So powerful, and such a good long range support weapon. Its perfect with a large scope, and a barrel mounted bipod. It shoots flawlessly, and the range and accuracy are on par. Far greater than any other CA in terms of long range accuracy, save maybe the sr and sl sniper rifles.
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