JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by F. BOREHAM Date Added: Monday 10 September, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)

6) battery life...5 stars.
I shot for about 4 hours 3000+ rounds and no perceivable drop in FPS.

that ups the total overall to 4.5 stars!!!

Dr. F.
by F. BOREHAM Date Added: Monday 10 September, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This is the second time I am writing this review!! Last time it timed out or something...man that review was awesome!! This is my first venture into airsoft but not my first time in real battle or use of combat weapons, rifles, pistols, edged weapons etc. I am also an experience 1911 gunsmith, IPSC, IDPA, USPSA shootist.

Here we go again. I used this rifle in an impromptu skirmish this Saturday 9/8/2007, no tactical vest, or armour only the REQUIRED Facemask and eye shield!! Clothing worn, T-Shirts, jeans and boots... 5 men to each side...My son had one of these as well and he was on the opposing team. Other guys had the assortment on TM. ICS, CA M4s, M-16s, G-36 and the aforementioned other JG-Aug with target optics 9x32 BSA scope.

I will use the 1 - 5 stars rating scale.

1) Realism, Looks - 4.5 stars
- Weighs in at 9lbs with scope, sling, full mag...just like the real thing!
- Glossy black stock, ok looks not like the real thing but functional
- Fore grip and mag a little loose but no problems.
- flash hider that ugly orange but needed in order to import to USA...can be taken off easily...do not recommend to do this though due to homeland security issues as too serious law enforcement officials. The flash hider is metal though, nice touch.
- Accessory rail looks like the standard 1913 rail...until you try and mount optics with an integral mount, re. BSA 30mm Red Dot Scope. Can only mount this at the back of the rail due to random, it seems, spacing of rail grooves. If I wanted to mount it further up I would have to only use one mounting screw. Optics with scope rings will work fin but you will probably have to move the rings from factory spacing...I did.
- Need to use a sling with this beast...gets heavy after awhile...really, really like the real thing!!

2) Magazine (loading, use, feeding) - 4 stars
- Magazine holds a stated 330 bbs, hopper style wind up hi cap mag...I did not count...recommend a speed loader bottle for this. We had quart size zip lock baggies...I can tell you we spilled alot of bbs. The sliding port on the mag is too easy to slide back and forth. would close unexpectedly when loading, reason for spilled bbs, and I know it opens during battle...when you eject the mag for reloading be prepared to see a cascade of loose bbs fall out due to the port opening when running, sliding etc. Could pose a problem if these bbs get into the trigger action...which it did on my sons Aug and I had to unscrew the trigger mechanism plate to get it out. (did not hinder action as far as my son told me)
- the wind up mechanism works fine…a little on the thin side but no problems. Manual did not state how many time to wind this up…I wound it 10 times and had to wind it again 2-3 time during battle to *empty one mag. (*empty means that approx. 20 or so bbs still remain in the mag. I have heard this is common for these type of hi cap magazines?)
Also the bbs rattle around so these mags don’t help stealthiness!

3) Manual readability and usefulness – 3.75 stars
- Manual is a glossy large format booklet. Directions are sparse and unclear. (also common for airsoft manuals in general?)

4) Disassembly/reassembly – 5 stars
- Once I deciphered the manuals pictures, the barrel assembly, upper recoil assembly, and the stock/receiver/trigger group came apart very easy. Could clean and lubricate the entire rifle with considerable ease. Was able to remove 4 screws in the trigger assembly to get out that errant bb that wandered into my son’s trigger group. Reassembly is in reverse order and very easy.

5) Shooting impressions, Battle effectiveness and usability – 4.5 stars
- Poor mans chrono – 10 feet… .20grm bbs - through both sides of aluminum soda can. Through bottom of same can dented top.
25 feet – through 1 side of soda can dented other side. Cracked bottom of can…did not go through.
- Skirmish results on human targets – (remember t-shirts, jeans, boots and face/eye gear was the uniform of the day.
(.20gram bbs)
75-100 feet – Stings… Leaves red welt
50-60 feet – Stings… Leaves small bruise
25-35 feet – OUCH!! Leaves concussion bruising (red ring bruise white centers)
_=10 feet – INTENSE PAIN!! Stops action!! Unintentional shot…team mate stepped in front of me as I shot. Leaves BLOODY bruise! NOT GOOD!! Do not try this at home!!!

(.12gram bbs)
- Switched to 12gram bbs…too many complaints!
- Longer distances created stinging hits…25-35 feet left red welts…closer…left some concussion bruising but not much.
- .12gram bbs curved upwards when shot…rifle hop up set at factory for .20gram bbs…adjusting hop up helps but still a curving up tendency. Pissed off players because bbs tended to hit at neck or face level. Adjustments kept them hitting lower.
- Need a sling as I mentioned before…gets heavy after awhile. Very durable rifle…I dropped mine in the dirt…got dirty but no breakages!!

- In battle
very accurate with .20gram bbs… .12grams not so good.
(.20gram bbs)
Semi Auto is accomplished not with a switch but by the trigger pull. Partial pull semi auto, full pull automatic. (just like the real thing) Semi auto shots…right on at 75 feet approx. very little drop. Longer shots some drop but accuracy left and right is perfect. (very little wind during this battle BTW)
Automatic shooting is less accurate as I believe the rate of fire has multiple bbs in the barrel before the first one exits. This would cause some differential in pressure between the bbs causing some inherent accuracy issues. Not bad ones mind you but some. I used this type of fire when my team was doing some forward maneuvering to keep the enemy at bay…and their heads down! &#61514; Best results were with 3-5 round controlled bursts, more accurate and effective.

- Usability
Very usable…cross between a carbine and a rifle. Very maneuverable and the barrel length makes this an accurate piece. Mag in back takes some getting used to as it applies to ejecting and reloading the mag. I am a long time AR and MP5 user. But I do like the feel of this rifle regardless. (wont give up my real MP5 anytime soon…in fact I am looking to purchase the JG MP5 RAS from this site to have in comparison…look for the review soon!!!)

Rattling hi cap mag is annoying because stealth is compromised. Might have to find mid cap mag for this. If they are made?

Red dot is the best choice I feel for this rifle…as 50-75 feet or closer is the norm for most encounters. My son did snipe one of my guys from about 120 feet. So his scope worked well…I am a CQB/CQC warrior from way back so red dots or holograph sights are my bread and butter. Cant go wrong with the less than $30.00 BSA 30mm Red Dot at Wal-Mart. No shipping fee but you do have to pay tax. &#61516; (5 stars for the BSA Red Dot…and the 9x32 Target Scope)

Overall Score – 4.4 stars (great score for a mid-price AEG!)

Note – I also had a TSD Caspian trade mark, Tactical Railed Gas-Blowback as a backup. (I will review this later…but I want to relate a tale during this same skirmish…)
I was field reloading my AUG, behind some decent cover (large oak tree…3/4 cover approx.) I see and hear the enemy shooting at my position from about 75 feet away. Hitting the tree and coming very close to me. This guy is serious I think to myself…so I set down my AUG and whip out my Caspian…take aim at waist level (I am kneeling to reload BTW) and rip off a triple tap. I hear a curse, a groan and then no incoming fire. I finish reloading the AUG and commence forward movement. Take out one other guy and WE WIN!!!

Later I am tapped on the shoulder by the guy I dropped with my Caspian. He remarks “I never knew that a Gas gun (pistol) could shoot that far, with that mush accuracy and Punch.” I asked where I had hit him…he says “In my groin area (translation in my “nads!!” ) I said Sorry Dude…not my intent but I was kneeling at the time so I guess that puts those shots about there! “Yah, don’t I know it!” “No hard feelings huh?” I ask… “Literally!!” he laughs…we shake hands and go our separate ways…I hear him say “your mine next time!” I shout over my shoulder “Bring it on!!” Airsoft community is great…camaraderie, great fun, friendships built…uh and perhaps enemies, I guess it depends on which side of the BB you are on!! &#61514; BE SAFE! SHOOT WITH HONOUR! KEEP SHOOTING SPORTS ALIVE! Dr. F.
by P. STEICHEN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 30 August, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Sorry, but about 2 hours later i realized that I previously stated that the AUG has a 30mm rail but it really has a 20 mm rail, or a standard weaver rail.
by P. STEICHEN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 30 August, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I purchased this gun because I really enjoy playing Airsoft, but I really don't enjoy spending 300 dollars. This Gun turned out to be just as good or better than the Tokyo Marui. My friend has a Classic Army AUG and although it has a higher rate of fire, it only has about the same range and accuracy as the Jing Gong AUG. Now don't get me wrong, the Classic Army rifle is better, but the JG AUG definitely gives you more bang for your buck. The Civilian model lacks a built in scope but that is no big deal. The Military AUG scope only has 1.5 magnification anyways! I put a 4x scope on my AUG which makes it more accurate and allows for better visual recon. This great gun comes with a cleaning/unjamming rod, a single 330 round hicap mag, a pair of 30mm rail compatible flip up sights, a 8.4v 1100mAh batter and charger, and about 200 .2 plastic bbs.
by R. WU Date Added: Monday 07 May, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is awesome! Most people don't give the AUG the attention that it deserves; it has a barrel the same length as a m16 or g3sg1, in fact, the barrel is only a bit shorter (90mm) than a psg-1! On top of that, you get this excellent accuracy in such a small, maneuverable gun! I would definetely reccomend this gun to anyone, and JG internals and externals are great.
by B. PLAPP Date Added: Friday 20 April, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is amazing! I was skeptical when I bought it but after using it I am convinced that, for the price, this is the best AUG on the market. I have skirmished with both Marui and CA Augs and this one can hold its own, if not out-perform, either one out of the box. It is very heavy and solidly constructed and feels incredibly sturdy, not at all like what you would expect out of China's airsoft market. The fore-grip is a little wobbly but that is the only defect I see, so I am very pleased so far! This gun shoots well over 300 fps out of the box (I don't have a chrono but I'd guess about 350) and the ROF is amazing. This company and this gun are for real, and nothing on the market today beats this for $115. I would gladly pay over 200 for this after seeing it in action. Get one, you will not regret it!!!
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