Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
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by E. ERIKSON Date Added: Saturday 18 September, 2010
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
This gun is awesome! I chronoed the stock fps and its 380 with .2g. and the ROF is 18 bbs per second with a 9.6v battery. I put a new polycarb piston with steel teeth, a systema silent piston head, a KM 6.04 tightbore barrel, a metal hopup unit with a Guarder bucking and nub and it shoots farther than 55 yards. I also put a 3-9x40 scope on it. I highly recommend this gun to snipers!

High ROF! 18 bbs per second with a 9.6v
Easily Upgradable
easy to disassemble

I tried putting an m130 spring in this but after i installed it i fired it about 5 times and the piston locked back and doesn't fire, it could be the gears or the motor but it doesn't matter because my gun already shoots far enough.
by J. BRIDGE Date Added: Monday 06 September, 2010
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
i love this gun. warning i see this gun as a project gun, dont buy if you want a amzing gun out of the box. i have put many hours into this gun and it has become my main feild rifle. i have putten a new tightbore, bucking, hopup, top rail, short 3-9 power scope, rail system, and barrel extenion. i am using a 9.6 battery. i am getting 395-400 fps, very consistent. when i first got the gun i hatted the handgrip and stock check rest. felt like cheap plastic and the cheak rest makes you see over the iron sights but if you get a rail system and scope. bothe problems are fixxed.

great gun (when upgraded)
easy to find parts on asgi for it
very sturdy no wobbles
great internals as far as the gearbox and motor goes

stock and hand grip suck bad.... material
by B. FOGIEL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 03 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
Paying name brand price for china quality. I bought this over a jg g3 because it was metal. shoved out a lot more money than i should of. The handguard is fair and shouldn't break on you. The stock is another story. The stock is horribly made. the seam line where it joins together creates a crack that can be seen through. I am expecting to break the stock when i go use this on the feel. The pad on the end does not feel like rubber and is hard. The machining in this sucks there are very rugged edges all over the place and it is not well detailed. should have bought a G&G g3 and converted it to the longer size. i will be buying a G&G stock for this when it breaks. the material is better. I am disappointed for the money i spent on this. but i always wanted a g3 have had 3 mp5s. will post video on youtube when i get tightbore. the name is psykedelicdude4. to give a good discription. if you want a g3 full size and metal this is your only choice. I love it. and will fix the flaws it has

Rate of fire with a 8.4v is very modest. with a 9.6v it is impressive.
Fps can be strong but it has horrbile air compression and is said to to have 25m/s difference in shots. that is 75fps difference making the consistancy really bad.
no tight bore so i am not impressed with accuracy or distance.
When people say they cant use the iron sights with the cheek rest it is because they dont hold the gun properly. It is very easy to use the sights with the cheek rest.

Needs a tightbore. I use .25gram and they seem to be accurate with burst shots i can hit a light poll at 150ft easily.
Semi I can hit squat repeatidly.
not a well detailed body.
horrbly made.
by B. BOMGARDNER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 26 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
This gun is Great! It's lasted me 1 1/2 years now and it still works like new. I have upgraded it with an internal barrel, a barrel extension, a m120 spring, and a new hop up system. Unfortunately the stock on this weapon is made out of plastic and is connected to the gun via a metal receiver, so after one drop to many, the stock broke off from the receiver, so i replaced it with a fold able stock and an external battery instead of buying the same stock again. After about 1-2 games i got used to the weight and now it doesn't bother me at all. I would recommend getting a laser sight for this gun because i helps a lot when aiming. After all these upgrades and everything i am now getting head shots with ease on the field, unfortunately this gun is still a bit long for CQB, but if you want to snipe, support, or just be a long range rifleman, this gun is for you.

Overall 5/5

With my upgrades:
395-405 fps
accurate up to 150 ft if not more
Great ROF

Without upgrades:
290-350 fps
accurate up to 100-130 ft
Very Sturdy
Great ROF

Stock is easy to break
A bit long
Hop Up system is very finicky
Cheek rest gets in the way(can easily be torn off)
stock and hand guard are made of plastic
by D. ACOSTA verified buyer Date Added: Friday 17 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
Well first off, the G3 A2 was always the gun I wanted to get above everything else. I have been in this game for a good six years now and I've had or seen every gun there is and let me tell you that this gun definitely isn't the best bang for your buck stock; but a couple upgrades makes it absolute death. What your mostly paying for in that $260 is the CA name, but with that goes reliability and the fact that it will be easy to find parts and mags for it since its not off brand. The gun is pretty solid and well put together however the front hand grip was always a little chintzy on mine and uncomfortable to hold, however I dont think its that way on all of them. I was a little disappointed when I first shot it because my 4 1/2 year old UTG AK-47 that cost less than the rail mount for the G3 shot better. Stock, your gonna have a M110 spring putting you just under 300fps (280ish) which gave me no range or accuracy. I just adapted and overcame the obstacle until the piston gave out after about 6 months. What did it in was the full auto. So i got the piston replaced with a systama piston and put a M130 spring in there. That cost around $90 repair and upgrade(keep in mind with a heavier spring your going to need a 9.6v battery to push it) . That is all you will ever have to do it because I can now shoot 200ft no problem and hit exactly what im aiming for. I have been hearing alot about the cheek rest being a problem, its not for me but I guess some people have fat faces. The gun is heavy...fir an airsoft gun. The real thing weighs just under 12 lbs, be grateful with the 8 lbs you got. Overall though I couldn't be happier with this gun, I would definitely recommend buying this gun if you have the mulah.

-well built
-easy to upgrade
-all metal (except for the parts that aren't normally metal on the real thing; stock, grip, etc.)
-iron sights are dead on; %100 reliable.
-butt stock is big enough for a 9.6v

-piston might break
-doesn't preform that well stock
-too big in close quarters
by R. FRY Date Added: Tuesday 26 May, 2009
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
Im pretty happy with this gun, i have had for almost one year, its still working pretty good, i think i chronoed it around 315 or so with .20s, it will punch threw an aluminum can, but not the bottom. It packs a good punch stock, but i would HIGHLY suggest a tightbore barrel, it makes the groupings way better. I just dropped little more than 100 dollars on upgrades. Spring, spring guide, piston, piston head, cylinder, and some grease and lube. Im using a 9.6v battery right now and its great. But i want to reach out a touch people a little harder, so im upgrading. There are a few cons though...BE CAREFUL WITH THE STOCK! Mine fell from about 4ft at an angle with the stock hitting first, snapped right off where the screws meet the plastic
I had the idea if using real G3 wooden furniture(wood fore grip and wood stock) for a custom unique look for my gun. It DOES NOT fit, you will either have to make your own, or modify the real stock and fore grip to fit the AEG.
4 out of 5 for the stock breaking

Good stock FPS
Good base gun for a counter sniper
bi-pod works great if you wanna site in a scope, or adjust a hop-up without having to hold it up
Full metal(except fore grip, grip, and stock)

I have had a few wiring problems, the fuse keeps losing contact with the connectors, solved that with some shrink tube
Stock is kinda fragile, it broke, and i hear its not uncommon
Costs for mounting a scope are expensive
fixing the broken stock is pricey aswell.
Little bit long, but its not an MP5 what do you expect
Little heavy for some but not for me
Couldn't put a new flash hider on it
by D. DORRIS verified buyer Date Added: Monday 23 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
I have owned this rifle for a little over a year now. I rate it a 4 despite a small list of minor problems that I have had with it. Some of my personal errors: I broke the Mag Well when I first got it (because I am a dumbass) because I didn’t understand the mechanics of how the mag fits in, and my stock aperture broke after about 6 months, it has a metal and plastic meeting, I took some epoxy and fixed it where it was broke, it was good to go after that. I like the body and style, but I think I would have been happier with a modded M41 FS. Please don't let my dumbass mistakes discourage you.

If you get this rifle, I would recommend a new hop-up, bucking, and one of the new H shaped spacers. Consider a claw mount too.

Full Metal
Hits Hard
Scary Looking
Breaks down easy.
Plenty of room in the battery compartment of the stock.

Long and Heavy
Not easily moded
Stock Accuracy leaves room for improvement.
by J. MERK Date Added: Tuesday 10 March, 2009
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
Straight up, this is probably the best gun for your money. Stock, this thing performs wonderfully. It is accurate, has long range, and a crazy rate of fire. I put in a KM 6.04 tightbore, Systema hopup bucking, and an Gaurder SP 120 spring. With these things I get super good accuracy, about 360-370 fps with a .25 BB and a slightly decreased rate of fire. I would recommend using .25's with this gun as it makes it even more accurate. The stock on mine has not broken even though it has been dropped twice. It still works fine even being through rain and mud. If you are comparing this to the JG/Echo 1 G3, get this one. It is way better in every aspect.

Long Range

Long ( I got a folding stock eventually)
CA highcap sucks
by V. PRIBULA verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Product Information:
Out of the box, it was a very impressive gun. The majority of the build is extremely sturdy, except for the very plastic-y bottom external barrel (where the bipod is mounted). Disassembling and upgrading this gun is so easy with only 3 pins needed to removed to get to the lower receiver. The battery in the stock is great, allowing large batteries to be used. I find it very easy, compared to a lot of other guns, to change batteries. The stock motor can pull back an m120 spring with an 8.6v bat at around 10 bbs/sec (stock parts with 8.6v is more like 20 bbs/sec) The stock gears are just awesome, rated to handle up to an m130 spring. The mag well is pretty sturdy, but the mag supplied is only mediocre. The cheek plate isn't that great with the sites but brings you at a great level for a scope. Remember that this gun is long and is great for woodland. Its also a very versatile 'weapon,' having the ability to be converted to a designated marksman's rifle (with short mag, scope, tight bore barrel, and new spring) or a support rifle (with a box mag and 9.6v bat). The bipod is not as sturdy as it could, but definitely does the job.

price to versatility
stock parts
large battery
quick disassembly
easy to upgrade
stock ROF
VERY, VERY easy and fast mag release

plastic lower external barrel
not the best mag provided
i received mine at 290 fps (easily taken care of with an m120 and new spring guide (now at around 400 fps))
by J. KOLDYS Date Added: Tuesday 08 July, 2008
For: Classic Army G3 SG1 AEG Airsoft gun
Wats good everyone.
Well I have to say that the CA SAR Taktik Rifle is a great gun. I have had this gun for at least a year and a half and i have not had any serious problems with it.
As a player I look for price, company, detail, and velocity. Classic Army has done it with this one people.
Everything is perfect about the design, serial numbers, and trademarks. If you are looking for a gun that stands out in the battle field this is it.
Plus with a fps of 320+ it really has a punch that many people look for.

The downside of the weapon is that the buttstock may break like mine dide trying to remove the back to get my battery out. And the back of the stock is kind of difficult to remove when takin the battery in out of the weapon.
Plastic includes handle, butt stock, and where the bipod attaches.

Great Muzzle Velocity
All Metal Receiver
All Metal Barrel Assembly
Metal High Cap Mag (500rds)
Real licensed Trademark, and serial number ike the real gun
Motor does not make alot of noise

Again if you are looking for a gun that packs a punch and stands out of the battlefield this is the gun for you. It has lasted me for a year and a half of hard play and i still use it today.

All Metal motor and body
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