WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by M. ROGUSKE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 August, 2012
verified buyer
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
when i got it and opened up the box i thought to my self oh my god this looks to good to be only 92$ and its great great the barrel wabbles alittle but not enough to notice take down to clean is simble very simple the paint on the gun wares off with it bein used and handled but what do you exspect ive droped it countless times and still great the grips are a plastice wich i didnt like i woulda loved for and extra few bucks they had a real wood handle version but still a great buy comes with two mags we is a great gbb company for low price 1911s wich i like mags are cheap and simple great blowback not to much but enough to let you know its their in your hands

take down to clean is easy
great weaight and feel if you got some good sized hands not for smaller handed people i would say
3 safetys wich is great the grip one the half cock of hammer and normal saftey that locks slide
good price for such a good gbb

only con is the grips but easy fix if you go to a local real steel store or an armory website for actual 1911 grips wich work good
by L. PURPURA verified buyer Date Added: Monday 11 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've put this gun through at least ten games now; and countless small skirmishes. I've submerged it in water, dropped it down several flights of stairs and slammed it into concrete god knows how many times. For the record; after being under water for a good 5 minutes; I was still able to pull it from my holster; fire and land a hit... (I was wading through a river). The gun is a beast; though I have to admit it doesn't feel as "solid" as it is. The slide feels a bit too loose; however with a few washers around the spring inside there to tighten it up; it feels much better. Doesn't seem to have lost any gas performance either.

I play in Florida; so the temperature around here can get pretty ungodly and can dip into the 60s during the winter. The gun's magazines can be cycled twice on one propane charge. That's 30 rounds for those of us keeping track. It comes with two mags; which had been a life saver! Though more recently (maybe after 6 months of owning the gun and using it weekly) one of the magazines doesn't fit anymore... it's almost as if it's too wide; but just enough to stay wedged into the grip. You can pull it out with some force; but it doesn't make for fast reloads. I wonder if the pressure from gas didn't expand the mag a little; so watch out for that... definitely discharge any gas in your magazine; although I suppose that should be common sense!

The gun requires minimal maintenance; though obviously you should clean your guns often; I've not always been the "best" owner this little puppy could of asked for. It still fires like new. Since we're talking about firing anyway; this gun is AWESOME. It's pretty accurate for a pistol; and I've gotten kills ranging from 30-50 feet with it. It's fairly hard hitting up close from what I understand. I've never been shot with it personally; but my room mates and or opponents would claim it hurts. As a side arm it's an excellent back up weapon; very light and with a fast trigger finger it can get you out of a jam. If you like the classic feel/look of a 1911 and you haven't a whole lot of cash to lay down on one, I would recommend this gun to ANYONE.

The only downsides to this gun were the initial looseness of the slide; which doesn't effect performance at all it's just a preference thing; and it's painting. The "gun metal" finish chips real easy; but I sort of like that torn up look on mine. The only damage aside from paint is a small metal chip in the slide from a nice drop it took on pavement. 100% functional though even after so many falls. The only other thing I can think of is the hammer occasionally will catch the slide and stop it from firing... lubricate the hammer a bit; problem solved.

1911's demand respect; they've been through every American conflict since World War 2! (On that note this gun really works well with my Vietnam kit)


Good Capacity magazines (both ammo and gas wise)
DURABLE if not indestructible!
Longevity; she's been through a lot of games and no signs of slowing down
Cost Effective

Paint Chips easily
Slide feels as if it moves a little too freely

I don't know if I would count the warped mag as a con as it may be my fault
mild issues with lubrication regarding the hammer

while I don't care; I've heard some people complain about lack of "attachments"
the gun has no rails to attach flashlights/lasers etc...
You can buy a threaded adapter though and attach suppressors (you will need to take the orange tip off for this as the plastic tip is threaded in)
by B. KREHLING Date Added: Monday 23 August, 2010
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I had this gun for about two months before an accident involving my cousin some stairs and the con crete caused the gun to break i still have the two original mags and i am going to buy the same gun again
even though it isn't the strongest gun its very good for the price if it wasn't i probably wouldn't order it again

good accuracy
great finish
functions like the real thing
2 mags (4 for me now)
kick back

weak metal
no markings
paint not the most durable
by K. KLOC verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 18 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
-This gun shoots very nice, i have put about 30 mags through it. It has nice recoil and the 3 safeties add a lot of realism. There are only 2 trademarks on the gun but i am ok with that as i do not like white lettering on my gun. The trademarks are the .45 ACP on the top of the outer barrel and a small WE trademark on the left side of the trigger guard.

-The paint is pretty durable, the mags have wear marks but no paint has come off of them. The only paint that has come off is on the slide guides but that is from normal use.

-One of the mags that came with the gun has a slightly loose base plate but that does not affect it, the mags have not leaked at all so far, and i have had no problems filling them. The gun is very loud and has a good kick with propane. The only problem i have had with this gun is that the slide lock will engage prematurely sometimes but you just have to release the slide and it's fine.

nice recoil/sound

single stack mags add realism

realistic field strip

excellent hop up

very accurate with .25's

shoots out a full mag, not really a gas hog like others say, can get two mags out if you shoot slower

upgradeable internals

slightly loose base plate on one of the mags (not really a con though)

the slide lock will prematurely engage sometimes, just a little annoying, doesn't double feed.
by A. TITUS Date Added: Tuesday 10 August, 2010
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
tl,dr: It's okay at first, but I would recommend the KJW 1911

I got this gun, and it worked just fine, it feels really nice, but then after using it for a few games, it started falling apart. To begin with, the gun takes up alot of gas for the 15 shots. At first I was able to get 2 1/2 mags out of it, but after a few games it started to wear down so that I got barely one out.

The next thing that went wrong with it was the slide stopped catching during my first game when I emptied a mag (not a major issue, just slightly bugged me). A while after that, the side safety wouldn't stay in place, and kept slipping down.

I ended up giving this to my friend after it stopped firing, and now I have to say I would recommend the KJW m1911 instead (it takes Co2 very well).

Great out of the box

Doesn't stand up to the test of time
by J. YOONLEE Date Added: Thursday 29 July, 2010
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
My other review says my pistol is broken. Not anymore. I took apart the hammer system and cleaned it and lubed it up and it's working fine now. I believe i've had this pistol for a year now, and it's still working great. There are a few problems though. First of all, the rate of fire is limited, if you want the magazine to shoot all 15 rounds. Shoot too quickly and you'll only get around 7 shots out of the thing b4 it runs out of gas. Secondly, the hammer has hit the imitation firing pin so much that it is a little dented, and now when it the slide is cocked back the hammer doesn't slide too smoothly against the loading nozzle and sometimes the slide gets stuck half-way cocked. The paint chips pretty easily, but i don't mind. It just gives the pistol a veteran look. Don't let these problems convince you. They are easily overcome.

One year of firing and it's still shooting strong
Looks amazing.......
Full metal......Everything( besides grips)
nice recoil
good weight to it
easy field stripping, and pretty easy complete disassembly
easy hop-up access
decent accuracy
Did i mention it looks good?

bad gas consumption
rattles ( because of spring and spring guide)
Broke on me once, although i did fix it.
hammer and slide aren't too smooth
by S. WHITE Date Added: Tuesday 11 May, 2010
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have been extremly satisfied with the performance of this gun. It shoots strait and I can always count on it to work when I need it to-and it helps that it shoots pretty hard too. The extra mag is definetly needed. IMPORTAINT! I haven't had an issue with my magazine release, but i have had MAJOR ISSUES with the spring plug, the first one broke within a few days of play, and the replacement broke soon after that, an upgraded one is totally nesesary, unless u have the tools to make one out of solid aluminum (I did) make sure to get the upgrade

Excellent performance
never has jammed on me
shoot strait and far
decent kick-back (more like a .22 then a .45 cal)
simple to clean and repair
makes a really intimidating noise-people run when i take it out!

ONLY issue is with the spring plug breaking, upgrade needed!
make sure to have at least 2 mags
by J. YOONLEE Date Added: Thursday 25 February, 2010
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
It was a good gun for the first few games. But after i used it once on a rainy day it just stopped working. Trigger won't activate the hammer and i can't find replacement parts. A little over priced for a wall hanger. If you want a gun for it's historical accuracy but not it's performance in battle then this is your gun.

Decent FPS
Looks Great!
Pretty heavy (pro or con)

broke :(
magazine doesn't always shoot all 15 shots, even on a full tank.
by K. FUERSTENBERG verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 30 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i ordered this on saterday and its wednesday when will it get here they still havent shipped it


by B. BRASWELL verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 08 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: WE 1911A1 Government Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this gun is great. i got it here at AIRSOFT G.I. it runs great and has helped me win the game with its great accuracy and crazy blowback skills. it can hog gas but will get almost every shot out and straight at the target once you buy this gun you wont regret it

full metal
2 mags
gas blowback
only $100

its a GAS HORE
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