A&K Magpul Masada ACR Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Coyote)
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by J. ROBERTSON Date Added: Monday 13 October, 2014
For: A&K Magpul Masada ACR Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Coyote)
Product Information:
A&K Masada AEG

Great gun out of the box!
I own the black version, and I must say it is quite solid performing. Externals are solid. Polymer is good quality though the handguard feels a bit cheap (just personal opinion. No one else who held my gun seemed to feel this way), and the metal reciever ties it together as a solid gun. Weight is suprisingly light, and the stock is decently durable. Battery space can be a bit tight with larger batteries, but they can fit with a little wiggle and shake action. Charging handle and bolt feel a bit flimsy however, and I wouldn't play around with them excessively. The mag it comes with wiggles slightly, but this was corrected easily with some electrical tape. Gun was shooting 410 out of the box with .20 BBs, which is one of the hardest hitting out-of-box stock AEGs I've used. Accuracy is also good for a stock gun. Hop up is a bit cheap and I would recommend replacing sooner than later, but it will last you a while. Other internals are decent, and parts are quite widely available for upgrades since it runs a Version 2 gearbox, with many parts shared with M4s/M16s. Fire selector switch is easy to use, but is a bit sticky. Gun was also pretty loud, but this can be fixed with internal upgrades. Monolithic rail is great for a wide array of optics and whatever you please to slap on. Iron sights it comes with are a bit meh, but then again, who uses Iron sights??
The gun seems a bit pricey for an A&K, but you're paying pretty much for what you get. And what you get is a solid gun that is great for starters, and good for intermediate to expert level players because of it's upgradeability.

While it seems like I've listed a lot of negative things here, these are just things I experienced personaly, but none were major draw backs. I was incredibly pleased with this gun, especially for an A&K.

Solid feel and construction
Great FPS for a stock gun
Good internals
Decently accurate
Hop up is easily adjustable
Seats and feeds almost all PMags and M4 mags well
Great looking gun
Quite widely upgradeable
Well performing for a stock gun
Good weight
Well balanced from toe to heel/barrel to stock
Other people love the look of it, and you will draw in many compliments and wishful looks
Gun becomes a beast with a few internal upgrades

Plastic hop up
Stock mag wobbles (might have just been mine however)
Rails scratch kinda easily, which can be a pain if you are frequently switching optics as the paint comes off fast
Included iron sights are not very great
Charging handle and bolt seem a bit wimpy, but I don't really expect them to break
Fire selector switch is sticky and a bit concerning. Still feel like it will jam or break at any point
Mildly loud, so you better be running and gunning because you won't be all that stealthy from the bushes
Included orange flash hider was pretty meh, and the gun looks 5 times better once switched out with a metal one
by C. JOHNSEN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 28 September, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Magpul Masada ACR Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Coyote)
Product Information:
I bought this gun for the aesthetics. What I got was a gun that is basically a shell with the cheapest internals I have ever laid eyes on. The hop-up is plastic and the adjustment slider will break off, guaranteed. The bolt catch works, but will begin to stick if used repeatedly. The air nozzle will come loose after about 2500 rounds and will need to be replaced. The motor will wear out after about 10,000 rounds. DO NOT ATTACH A SLING TO THE STOCK. The springs will NOT hold the weight of the gun. The handguard pins are an absolute pain to remove, as are all of the rest of the pins. Be careful when accessing the gearbox as you can bend the access door. Overall, the gun is excellent out of the box, but any attempt at modification will result in the need for a complete internal overhaul.

Shoots about 400fps out of the box
It looks really good
The polymer construction is solid
Takes most regular sized batteries
Not too heavy
Takes most M4 style magazines
Cheek riser
Folding stock (for CQB)
Stock has multiple positions
The barrel quick release is outstanding

Poor internals
Polymer handguard is awful
Nunchuck style batteries are a pain to use
Stock cannot hold its own weight
Fickle charging handle
Hop up slider breaks off easily
Included magazine is of substandard quality
Many M4 style magazines wobble in magazine well
Ambidextrous construction makes dropping mags a commonality
Pins are an absolute nightmare to remove
Fire selector is quite wide, making accidental shifts between single and auto common as well
by C. ARQUINES verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 August, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Magpul Masada ACR Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Coyote)
Product Information:
A&k Masada Magpul PTS

I had many cons due to it being a project gun opening the internals straight out of the box. Honestly I just threw in a cheap 20$ tight bore barrel 6.03, CNC metal hop up, stock spring waiting until i can switch out later for a 140, SHS gears, SHS high torque motor, SHS cylinder, SHS piston and piston head, Matrix shimms, AOE fixed piston with 2 teeth shaved off leaving the last, changed metal hop up pieces with shapeways 3D printed parts since the plastic hop up parts doesnt come with the metal hop up, dean connector, 7.3v lipo with deans connection. Now, it was fine out of the box but being a project gun I wanted to make the masada to shine since its my favorite rifle and tried to step up on distance. Before the overhaul upgrades it shot 350-380 with .20s I then measured about 370fps as average. and 350 fps with .25 Now the distance was alright... having grouping of an inch for 100ft indoor and 2-3inch grouping outdoor on a windy day. Now with the upgrades i was able to amp up the trigger response and get range of 150ft with an inch grouping on a windy day I was able to reach 200ft targets on a big field with the metal hop up using a regular TM hop up and bucking of course using .25, my fps with .20 was hitting 410fps and .25 at 390 fps. I pretty much out ranged some players with great hop up settings. Great thing too is you can buy the outer barrel and another hop up so you can do quick barrel swaps for CQB and long range fields. This gun will surpass mid field range making it my favorite when getting around 70ft of targets.

This gun will give you problems but the tech for this gun is really easy to follow up on youtube. Just prepare to leave your wallet open as this gun can suck money for magpul accessories and moe rails. Also careful with the moe rails as batteries will not fit when you have quad rails screwed all around. Overall best gun i've worked on so far it was well worth it as stock, but if your greedy like me and quickly upgrade then prepare for some serious work because at the end of it your gonna love this gun!

Hop up
Tight bore barrel or Miracle Barrel
SHS high torque motor (trust me the stock motor will sound horrid)

-Great Rifle out of the box
-Accepts M4 Mags
-Shot at 370FPS with .20
-Great project gun
-Easy dis-assembly
-has some weight to it

-Outer Barrel has small tiny screws that hold the inner barrel and hop up unit (it will break)
-Selector switch is bipolar when taking off and on
-Mag release pin that holds it together will come out and if you lose it make sure you have nails and metal cutters to custom a new pin
-NO sling mount (sold sep.) 35$+ for a metal and 2 screws
-Stock can break easily do not sling there or hold from the end of the stock (weak springs)
-hop up unit is plastic and needs to be changed with CNC metal one (change it first plastic started to break after 4000 rounds)
-hop up slider is flimsy prepare to buy extra hop up for the pieces
by T. LUCERO verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 22 July, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Magpul Masada ACR Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Coyote)
Product Information:
It took 5 days to get here on east coast. I was very impressed with the quality of the gun. It is very good quality and surprisingly heavy for being a polymer/metal gun. The magazine is polymer and is not bad at all. I have a spare walmart m4 magazine. It was kinda hard to get in, as it didn't fit quite as good as the standard, so other metal mags will fit, but will be a bit harder to get in and out. The barrel can be quickly detached, albeit not easy. The stock is good and had no problems. No cheek rest but that's no biggie. Bolt catch is good, but I had problems eventually where it would not close all the way, but if I didn't pull it back all the way it would catch and snap back very crisply and smooth. NOW THE ONLY THING THIS GUN F***s YOU WITH IS THE DAMN HANDGUARD! The pin it came with was too large, the pin holes were unalligned, and it took an hour of fileing JUST FOR THE HOLE TO BE TOO BIG! So I went and bought a pin stopper 3/16th inch and it worked fine. The battery(9.6v intellect nunchuck) when put in had to be folded back and the handguard slid snug over it, though I thought my battery wouldn't have fit and was scared for a bit. Performance was good. Hit hard, was really accurate and hop up is really great. The magazine had some feeding issues but only was missing a bb or 2 here and there. My front sight was good, but the rear was not flip up integrated. I had to attach it to the rail separately, and it is a bit bad. Overall it is a very good gun, though my fireate was a bit slower than my d boy ak, it was a good weapon in terms of accuracy and firepower, but is a hassle to get the battery in until you figure it out. If you want an acr, and you are willing to lay 260 ish, this gun is a great option and you will not be disappointed.

Hard hitting
Fire rate
Quick detach barrel
Hop up
Looks and feels awesome
Bolt catch is strong
Very snug and firm
Handguard feels nice
Stock is good fold and retraces

Magazine feed is okay
Bolt catch doesn't close all the way if pulled all the way back
Rear sight
Barrel wobbles a tiny bit due to quick change
Other m4 mags are a bit hard to get in
Heavy if held for long periods, but shouldn't be a problem
No blowback but I don't care better internals I guess and more battery
Tight battery fit
Very minor things other than that.
by C. GAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 01 June, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Magpul Masada ACR Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Coyote)
Product Information:
This is one of the best guns I have ever owned, the ROF fast and the FPS on the gun is around 417-420 when I tested it. It never jammed once and was extremely accurate, even during the windy games. I would highly recemmend this to every airsofter out there.

Good color
ROF is good
Adjustable stock
Folding stock
Cheek riser
EXTREMELY accurate
Packs a punch

I could not think of any cons off the top of my head
by L. FLUKE verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 29 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K Magpul Masada ACR Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Coyote)
Product Information:
Came in mail undamaged. Handguard was seperated and uses a small pin to keep in place. Battery not included fits snug inside handguard. I like the ROF and FPS as I use a 7.4 Lipo battery. Manual HiCap magazine included. I added reflex site as pictured but the one shown on this site is actually backwards. SMH It also has folding stock.

Liscensed model. Good strong feel. Universal magazing release and forward bolt release is nice. The rear sight is removable. Selector switch in right spacing for thumb. I was amazed when shooting in full automactic the shot group was very tight. Hop up is easily adjustable as well. It slight wind I was able to hit targets at 100 feet easy. Price is good, I would not pay more for this and the coupon helped ease my financial worries.

The pin to hold the handguard in was and still is very difficult to push in and pull out for battery removal. The instructions were clear, but the pins to break down the weapon are just as difficult to remove as well. It has a slightly upward sliding cheek pad that I could not get to move either. The folding stock doesnt sit very tight when collapsed. The magazing is a tad bit loose in the magazine well but no problems so far. Still laughing at the reflex sight on backwards in picture.
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