Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
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by C. THOMAS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 15 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
So... it was a dreary Friday night. There I was, on airsoftgi, looking for something to throw my money at, and all of a sudden... BAM! A wild Umarex H&K VFC MP5 appears! This thing is sweeeeeet. Out of the box it runs pretty...rough. The motor gets a little hot after about an hour of shooting, its really pretty loud, maybe a couple feeding problems here and there, I almost sent it back. But I went out and played airsoft with some friends for a day and by the end of the day I was in love. The gun just needed to be broken in I guess. Overall, I would say this is definitely worth the money, plus the 3rd burst is sweet. I replaced the inner barrel of one of my M4's and ended up putting my default M4 barrel in this covered up by a silencer and its running like a dream.

Full metal
The licensing is pretty sweet, even though its probably a hundred bucks alone hah
The bolt is sweet, it's heavy, metal, and loud
Other reviews say it has a tight magwell but it's really not that bad. I actually like how tight it is, no mag wobble.
3 round burst, duh

Freakin pricey, but to me it was worth it sooo....
Motor gets hot right out of the box, but it fixes itself sooo....
It seems like external parts for mp5's are disappearing :c
Shoots around 410 fps so too much for cqb, but definitely holds up in the field
by T. TURNER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 01 March, 2014
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
DO NOT TAKE Z. Alkateeb's review in to conciteraion! As a regular customer of airsoft gi for all my airsoft needs I know for a fact that the staff at airsoft gi is the nicest, most helpful, and energetic staff of any airsoft distributor I've ever ordered from. All my orders online go smoothly and arive in perfect condition with a form giveing me the proof of weapon tea sting befor shipping and the tester's name. My first time in the store they approached me as soon as I entered and were very helpful and nice. As for the gun it's a superb machine! My friend bought the A5 version and after many uses by him and myself the gun performs as exquizid as ever and out performs all other MP5's on the market. I have already ordered the A4 for my self and the only diffrance in the to is aesthetic looks of the gun. I would highly recommend it to any one on the market for an MP5.

Feels realistic with the polimer lower recover and metal upper. Which is a plus for mil-simers.

Three round burst function is very unique and very helpful for CQB and ammo conversation.

It's incredibly solid and reliable, an all around great gun

It comes with a high cap out of the box which is not the end of the world and is preferred by most but for some one who likes to use it for mil-sim it is a bit of an annoyance.

The FPS is to high for CQB at 400FPS, however for field (which this gun dose preform well at) this is perfact. And some larger CQB fields like CQB City have an FPS limit of 400 so out of the box It can still be used with no upgrades or downgrades. Please check you local fields to be sure.
by Z. ALKATEEB verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 25 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
Do not buy this gun or anything from this store the customer service was terrible and the man on the phone was very rude. The gun itself when it arrived i fully charged the battery and tried it out but it did not work. nothing sot the battery was fine but no bbs came out. I did attempt to buy new magazines but airsoft gi mixed up my order and sent AEG mags instead of the mp5 mags i ordered

looks great
relatively well constructed ( stock is very shaky)

as said above stock is very shaky
the stock is also very uncomfortable
A lot of polymer and not a lot of metal
by M. HANDEL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 15 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
I got this Gun today and I have been so siked to use it. it clocked in around 386 Fps and the three round burst is amazing. The build quality is pretty damn good no wobble what so ever. the only things that i found were it would rarely misfeed using the high cap, 9.6V nunchuck wobbles in the stock(easy fix) and the magwell is extremely tight. i got a G&G mag with it. at the moment it doesn't fit but it can probably be fixed with some silicone oil in the magwell. i also might get some midcaps for milsim games. Over all it is a damn good gun cant wait to use it on Sunday. :)

Good externals and internals
no wobble what so ever.
tight magwell (can be con)
200 round high cap
shoots hard for being a small gun
weighs 6 1/2 pounds
great for anyjob
oem by VFC

tight magwell can be fixed with some oil i hope.
battery wobbles in stock (easy fix)
high cap misfeeds (rarely)
by T. GRISSOM Date Added: Saturday 28 December, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
I am running this setup with a 1.2 LiPo. I love all the functioning of this weapon, and I personally prefer the full stock over the collapsible. The weight of the weapon with the full stock on it is a small amount less than the full metal collapsible stock. In this version, the battery is wired to the rear which I love so that I may put different sized batteries in it. The hop up is super easy to adjust, and doesn't slide around during use. Aesthetically, this gun is what you would want in an SMG. I will agree with another post about the orange flash hider being proprietary, which isn't my favorite, but I use a suppressor anyway so that eliminates the issue. If you use a suppressor, go with a suppressor that attaches to a claw type flash hider. The 14mm thread type still keeps the orange exposed. With the LiPo, I will occasionally get a four round burst as opposed to a three... but, I can't complain. It's not an "issue."

One thing that I've heard is potentially a problem with these weapons is that the mag well is tight. I will agree that it is is tight. But even after a days use I either had gotten used to it, or it became less tight by continuous loading and unloading of the magazine. I don't notice it anymore.

One thing that I will note as an issue, and I'm not sure what the contributing problem is... But the high capacity magazine included with it occasionally unwinds once loaded into the weapon. This causes me to have to wind the magazine previous to loading it in the weapon, and then wind it again once loaded. I did occasionally notice that the magazine would not feed well and I would have a lot of blank shots until I kept winding the magazine while using different fire modes. (this problem occurred on all fire modes.) All this is leading me to believe that the issue lies with the magazine as opposed to the weapon, but I am going to try to contact Umarex to see if they have been encountering the issue.

-Functionality is fantastic when the magazine is feeding correctly. I believe swapping the magazine will solve any "issue" that I have.
-The Hop up unit is precise and easy to use. Stays in place well throughout operation.
-Rate of fire is more than adequate with the use of a 1.2 LiPo.
-I'll use the word small loosely, but it's "smaller profile" is great for me. It's still a great size for field use.
-If you run a nicely manufactured MP5 on the field with some M4's, you'll be one of the only ones.. but you will be able to keep up and exceed plenty of M4's operation and functionality out there.

-The previously noted (and most likely just a) magazine issue.
-The grip is RELATIVELY comfortable. I own a real MP5 that is a bit more comfortable.. but nothing a rubber grip won't fix.
-MP5's arent exactly super upgradeable AESTHETICALLY, but do you need 100 things attached to your weapon? No. If you can't get the job done with IRON sites and a bone stock Umarex Mp5, the issue isn't the weapon. But, there is a relative limitation to the external "upgrades" on an MP5.
by J. PEMBERTON Date Added: Monday 18 November, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great little gun. Very good for CQB matches. Will definately last me for a very long time.

Rate of Fire
Burst Fire

Nothing I can think of so far.
by C. SOULIDES verified buyer Date Added: Friday 25 October, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun in the mail today and all i can say is wow. This is a very sturdy mp5 no wobble anywhere. The finish on this gun is a flat gun black very functional. all in all great version of the mp5. BUY ONE NOW and a box of mags

Very sturdy and great feel ( on the same level of fit and finish as the Systema Tw5,which i have owned)
trigger is a 2 stage which is cool i think
strong fps the little chrono slip that asgi supplied stated 396fps (sorry cqb players)
hopup is very stiff and precise
very satisfying hk slap

the mag well is realllllyyyy tight, almost too tight but it keeps the mags in unless you want to take them out.
this cant take aftermarket mp5 fore grips without modifying the grip. that being said all u have to do is file a little material off the sides of a g&p light forend for it to work.
the orange flash hider isnt comming off which is a major sad face.
comes with a hicap(kinda lame but w/e)
by J. RUIZ verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 13 August, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
Just got this in yesterday and let me say the externals are rock solid. Soon as I received it I filled the mag up with bbs , plugged in a 7.4 lipo and when on to test fire.. The stock magazine had a super tight fit in the mag well and does not slide in easily at all ! The motor was burning up after I shot just one mag through it which is about 180 rounds or so.. Its Not the internal quality I expected from VFC. I plan on swapping out the stock motor and throwing in a lonex or amp 5000 hi torque just to be able to deal with that overheating stock motor. Mine came in shooting 394fps which is kind of hot cqb so a spring downgrade will also be a nessesary

-Rock solid externals
-Great battery space
-High fps (could be a con for some)
-Super Lightweight for a metal gun
-If u plug into an 11.1 lipo , the 3 round burst becomes a 4 round burst

-Super tight mag well
-Only accepts elite force mp5 mags
-Motor heats up super fast
- Blaze orange flashhider is a proprietary to vfc , the only way around that is to throw a mock suppressor over it ,the gemtech raptor will do
by S. WEIR verified buyer Date Added: Monday 12 August, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
SPWeapons here, Just received the MP5A4 in the mail today, I have been waiting years for a Navy Style Trigger Group to come out and here it is. Overall its a well built MP5. Weight is the same as a Classic Army MP5A4 at around 6 lbs. The finish is good, Shoots accurately and the selector switch is moves positive in each firing mode. I also had problems with other magazines to fit, only the HiCap supplied fit and was tight. I tried S-Arms and MAG and both do not fit. The main body receiver is NOT Stamped Steel as advertised, it is a cast metal and has no faux weldings. Battery compartment is split by the sling mount making only Nunchuck or Small Li-Po Batteries usable.

• Nice 1:1 Scale
• Good Finish Overall
• Quality Fore Grip and Stock
• Chrono'd at 390 fps
• Burst Fire Works Great
• Positive Detent in Each Fire Mode
• Excellent Trigger Response
• 1 Year Manufactures Warranty
• Accepts rail mounts nicely

• Magazine Well too Tight, only Supplied Magazine Fits
• Muzzle End / Flash Hider is Proprietary to the VFC MP5 and is Blazing Orange Plastic- Is a Steel Treaded Replacement going to be available?
• Receiver Body is not Stamped Welded Steel
* Motor Get Hot, Even on Burst Fire
• Only Real Steel Fore Grips Fit ( G&P, Classic Army, Tokyo Marui - AEG do NOT FIT )
• Replacement Parts?
by J. LAO verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 03 August, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A4 AEG Airsoft Gun by VFC (Black)
Product Information:
I barely received the gun yesterday and so far the build quality is real high quality. Very sturdy. There is a slight problem with the magwell. The original hi-cap that came with the gun has a real tight fit into the magwell and does not go in smoothly. I was thinking maybe a different mag might work.. perhaps some G&G mags since umarex was manufactured by G&G but im not sure.. The stock is fairly small so it can fit a small 9.6v butterfly battery. Burst fire only fires 2 shots per pull.

-Made by VFC
-Very sturdy
-High quality build material
-Has burst fire
-Easy access to battery compartment
-Very Lightweight
-Shoots constant 390 fps
-Metal upper receiver and polymer lower receiver
-ambidextrous fire selector
-ambidextrous mag release

-VERY tight magwell (any ideas to fix this?)
-pricey for an MP5..
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