Silverback PP-19 Bizon 2 Airsoft Gun
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by K. BERK verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 12 October, 2013
verified buyer
For: Silverback PP-19 Bizon 2 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Bought from Airsoft GI. Out of the box, this gun looks and feels fantastic. With the exception of the magazine, the pistol grip, and the trigger, everything on this gun is made out of steel, painted in matte black (or shades of grey, for the smaller moving parts). The construction on this gun is extremely tight - no wobbles or creaks even in the slightest. From what I can tell in comparison with pictures online, this gun is an incredibly faithful replication of the real steel variant, even down to the caliber markings and pin placements. Another neat feature on this gun is that its stamped steel construction is entirely held together by pins, just like its real-life AK counterparts. No external screws to muck around with. The charging handle is functional and pulling it back allows access to the hop-up adjuster, though the metal rod that guides the charging handle is placed in such a position that it makes adjusting the hop up somewhat difficult if you have larger hands. It's a minor inconvenience, but would make adjusting the hop-up in the middle of a skirmish rather troublesome. The iron sights are similar to most other AK variants, with a front sight post adjustable for windage and elevation and the rear sight being adjustable for distance. I've heard of some complaints regarding earlier models of this gun having extremely loose fire selector switches, but this is not the case with mine, as it is extremely tight. The left side of the receiver has an AK-style optics mount. The gun came fitted with an orange plastic flash hider to abide by US regulations, but it also came with a black metal flash hider that is consistent with the style on the real steel gun. The outer barrel has 14mm CCW threads for mounting any aftermarket flash hiders or mock suppressors of choice. The upper receiver comes off like all other folding-stock AK variants to reveal a compartment for a stick-type battery with a mini-Tamiya plug. The compartment is pretty tight; my 8.4v NiMH battery just barely fits, and I don't think a 9.6v NiMH battery could fit. However, my 11.1v stick-type LiPo battery fits very snugly. This gun has a unique serial number on the bottom of the lower receiver, just in front of the trigger assembly. Mine is stamped #0362.

The folding stock is a bit different on this gun when compared to other AK variants with side-folding stocks. On the back left side of the lower receiver is a circular grey button that when depressed folds the stock over to the left side of the receiver. Instead of being spring-locked in place like other AK-variants, this gun has a small steel pin that sticks about a half an inch off the receiver, just before the heatshield, that works as a catch for the stock. When held in place, the stock is firmly secured, though it should be noted that it is exceedingly difficult to get the stock both in and out of this position. It requires a lot of upwards force on the stock to lock it in and out of place, which has me worried that repeatedly performing this maneuver might lead to a loosening of the stock or possibly breaking the mechanism. Though in doing a bit of research, this is a problem consistent with the real steel PP19 as well, and some owners have gotten around the problem by dremeling a small notch in the stock where it meets the pin. So while it's a bit irksome for players who like to keep their stock folded, it's consistent with the real gun itself. Another thing that should be noted is that I am unable to get the stock folded and locked in place when the magazine is inserted. The magazine's girth prevents the stock from fully reaching the locking pin. While I never play with the stock folded in, this could be a big turnoff for players who would like to do so. Thus, the folding stock is strictly limited to storage for my use. The stock also has a one-point sling mount located at its base.

The magazine is clearly this gun's most unique feature and what really makes this gun such a unique piece in a market awash with AK variants. As opposed to the banana-style magazine found on all other AK variants, the PP19 has an underbarrel-mounted helical tube magazine that doubles in function as the weapon's forward handguard. The magazine is made out of a very sturdy nylon-fiber plastic, and is incredibly comfortable to hold. The magazine is inserted by matching two notches on the front of the magazine with two posts on the gun's gas block, then pressing upwards into the receiver below the heat shield. I was initially worried that given the magazine's plastic construction there was a lot of potential to break the essential parts in this mechanism, but thankfully Silverback had the insight to reinforce the stress parts with steel linings. The magazine is extremely tight in fitting in the gun, and required a small amount of shaving on the end to make it fit more comfortably. Inserting and removing the magazine also takes a bit of practice, as it can be difficult to align it properly with the magazine well initially. Similar to other AK's, the magazine is caught by a spring-loaded lever, and when pushed forwards towards the business end of the gun, allows the magazine to be pulled out of place. On a regular AK this is an extremely comfortable and fluid motion, as the shape of a traditional AK magazine makes a perfect grip for performing this action. It's less comfortable of an action on the PP19 due to the magazine's unique shape and placement, and makes reloading a more difficult procedure in the heat of battle. I've found that the quickest way to get around this issue is to remove the trigger hand from the pistol grip into a position gripping the receiver, which allows the index finger to push the magazine switch forward and allows the free hand to remove the magazine smoothly. With a bit of practice, it becomes a swift and fluid action that doesn't put the user at a direct disadvantage. The magazine provided with the gun is a 160-round mid-capacity magazine, although I found that it actually holds about 10-20 rounds less than advertised. The front of the magazine has a rotating device that on the real steel PP19 is used to apply or remove force on the spring inside the magazine, though on the airsoft replica it is purely aesthetic. I'm a little disappointed that after a year into the gun's availability on the market, this midcap magazine is still the only magazine available for this weapon, as the unavailability of high-capacity magazines severely limits this gun's performance as a CQB weapon. I'm still hoping that Silverback or some other company remedies that situation soon. One other drawback to this unique magazine design is that the magazine itself is gigantic, and finding pouches that could hold such a beast of a magazine could be difficult to come across. I have a MOLLE pouch meant to hold a large flashlight that works well, though I believe specific pouches designed with this magazine in mind have been made available for purchase at this point.

Where this weapon truly shines is in its out-of-the-box performance. Airsoft GI chrono'd this weapon at an even 350; running .28g BB's I was shooting a pretty consistent 330 FPS, which is perfect for CQB. Rate of fire running an 8.4NiMH was around 8-9 rps, but using an 11.1v LiPo battery brought it up to a blistering 14 rps. The inner barrel has a length of about 275mm, but you wouldn't guess it based on the accuracy of this thing. The inner barrel was pretty gunked up when it arrived, but after a thorough cleaning, at 100 feet on full auto, the BB groupings had a diameter of just over 6 inches. Semi-auto yielded similar results. With a properly adjusted hop-up and sights, if you're aiming at a human-sized target at under 150 feet, you'd pretty much be guaranteed to hit every time. With an extended tightbore barrel, this gun could make a very formidable field weapon as well. The magazine had some feeding issues when the magazine started running low on BBs.

I haven't disassembled the gearbox for this gun yet, but there are other reviews that go into heavy detail about the internals. I've been told it's identical to a King Arms Galil gearbox, and compatible with nearly all V3 gearbox aftermarket upgrades.

While not without its drawbacks, Silverback's debut into the AEG market is a wholly impressive one. A very faithful replica with impressive construction and performance out of the box, as well as a pretty big uniqueness factor for the gun itself, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great upper-level AEG without having to break the bank on upgrades.

- Excellent full-metal external construction
- Compact, well-thought-out design
- High uniqueness factor
- Very faithful replication of the real steel weapon
- Compatible with many after-market upgrades
- Unique serial number
- Superb out-of-box accuracy

- Folding stock issues
- Magazine capacity/compatibility/storage size
- Occasional feeding issues
- Tight battery compartment limits battery selection to mostly LiPo batteries
by M. NEIGER Date Added: Wednesday 10 April, 2013
For: Silverback PP-19 Bizon 2 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Ordered from overseas. Gun is heavy and VERY solid. no wobble at all, save for a minuscule amount from the folding stock. It stock form, the range was lacking and the gun had feeding issues. All performance problems were solved with a Lonex AK hop chamber and Lonex AK airnozzle. Battery space is a little limited, as the hole in the receiver that leads to the space under the heatshield is a little tight, and nimh batteries wont fit. Turnigy airsoft stick lipos will, however. FPS was a consistent 360 +/- 0.4 (after upgrades. yes, ZERO point four). From what I can tell,the gearbox is OEM from the King Arms Galil. Takedown of the gun can be a little difficult to figure out at first, but once you do it once or twice, its pretty easy. You first take off the heatshield by twisting the lever on top, and pulling it up off the barrel. Then, unscrew the pistol grip. Remove the grub screws from the bottom of the barrel. remove the barrel pin/stock catch that is in the sight block. next, find a way to remove the barrel. I removed it by putting the gun on the edge of a workbench and lightly hammering out the barrel with a rubber mallet (striking the front sight post). remove the selector switch, and pull out the gearbox. Done. Gun comes with a black steel flashhider modeled after the real steel version, and one magazine. the gun also has a unique serial number behind the trigger, mine is SN #222. mags needed a little shaving down to get to fit properly.

Recommended upgrades:
Lonex AK hop chamber
Lonex AK airnozzle
Metal spring guide
compression modifications

VERY excellent construction
rare / unique
cheap considering that this guns is built so well, and in such a small quantity.
very authentic
excellent performance after a few minor tweaks and upgrades
could likely use as a hammer, baseball bat, ladder step, mace, etc..
unique serial number is a nice touch
100% steel construction aside from pistol grip and magazine

Feeding issues / unimpressive hop up (solved with new Lonex Hop up and Airnozzle)
tight battery compartment (unless using lipo)
difficult first time take down
mags need fitting
plastic spring guide could lead to issues down the road

Far from perfect, but its DAMN good.

by M. NEIGER Date Added: Sunday 23 June, 2013
For: Silverback PP-19 Bizon 2 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I wrote a very in depth review a few months ago, that went over almost every part of the gun, including its strengths and shortcomings, but it was never put up. why??? who knows. so i guess im just going to do it another way, since you guys seem to allow tons of the awful "reviews" written by 10 year olds.

omg its full medul
so cool its just like in bf triple
hi fps!!!!!!!!!!!!
so cool looking!!
made my frend bleed!!!
i killed a squirel w/ it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its too heavy okay im really strong for an 11 year old but this was just too much
clips look like penises im giving it 4 stars because thats kind of gay
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