CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
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by J. MAHALA Date Added: Sunday 04 November, 2007
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
just got one a week ago and played w/ it on a sat game i must say i love it i shoot over 9,000 rds that day the rate of fire is great it is just a great rifle. i have 2 aegs that r upgraded and i don't plan to use them unless my saw goes down. i got it upgraded today w/a 130 spring new pistion and head and some gears it shots 520 w/.20 and rate of fire is 18 a sec w/ a9.6 volt battery if you want to see one shot at 630 fps look at you tube (nashville airsoft custom cam249 )
by R. SCHMIDINGER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 18 October, 2007
verified buyer
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
Well, the gun is solid as a rock, but theres a few things i found i didn't like. ROF is probably around 1200 RPM with a 9.6v 4200 battery. Barrel comes off like the real deal, press the lever on the left side and pull the handle foward and the barrel slides off. Gear box is solid metal and easy to replace internals if you know what your doing. Springs swap out in seconds.

Pros: High ROF, Decent FPS, Full Metal and solid

Cons: Not many, A jam in the gun is extremely bad so only use HIGH QUALITY BB's, and with the ROF with the gun by the time you find you have a jam you already have around 50-100 bbs in the barrel. but i also recomend you replace the gears with either Prometheus Torque Up (Standard Ratio) or Systema gears. AS well as buying a replacement Piston and Piston Head. On mine i replaced the Piston head, Piston, Spring with a Guarder SP120, Laylex Torque up gears (Prometheus). I would suggest picking up replacement pistons, piston heads, and a possible spare set of gears. As a BB jam if not caught early enough will do one of three things:

1- Strip the rack off the Piston
2- Crack the Piston or Piston Head
3- Strip the teeth off one of the gears
by A. WHITECAR Date Added: Wednesday 08 August, 2007
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
i dont own this gun yet but im sellinig abunch of things on ebay to getthe money. i think this gun is going to kick ass. im planing on mounting it on the back of my brothers FORD F150 i read on another websit that this gun wieghs about 14-15 pounds, that heavy for a mobile weapon. i play batlefeild 2 for the pc a lot and your chacter can use the m249 saw for the support kit and i love this gun. :D
by T. LUSBY Date Added: Monday 23 July, 2007
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
jay you are a bad person oh ya im planning on getting this gun in the near future i think its gonna be freakin gnarly
by K. BONHAG Date Added: Thursday 19 July, 2007
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
Thnx to the sale i finally picked up one of the guns i've always wanted. So i'll keep this short and sweet.

-95% Metal (exceptions are the stock, foregrip, and heatshield)
-VERY nice, sturdy, durable feel
-Shoots very fast. I'd say 1200RPM with a 9.6v 4200mah batt
-despite what ppl say, battery fit fine, nice and snug but not so tight it'd break the stock
-Free box mag :D
-Can take M4 mags (altho i don't recommend this b/c you'll go through a mag in a second, literally)

-GET A SLING this things heavy
-Hard to shoulder fire

I highly recommend this if you want to be a support gunner but don't plan on assaulting with it as if it's an M4.
by R. SOWARDS Date Added: Friday 13 July, 2007
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
This gun is an absolute beast, When you first time you pick it up you will think how in the hell am i going to skirmish with this gun. It feels a bit awkward to hold but I think that i will get used to that. Two things that I have found right off the bat that I do not like is that the threads of the outer barrel connecting it to the front sight were not even the same size so the outer barrel just fell off, but that was easily overcome by a little teflon tape. My other complaint is that CA did a good job of getting glue where it was not suppost to be, but once again not a big deal i just cleaned that off with a bit of lacquer thinner.
The R.O.F. on this gun with just a 8.4V is great and it shoots accurately at about 50 yards stock with no elevation adjustments needed. The motor noise is also alot lower than all of the other guns that i have owned, and the box mag completes it.
Airsoft G.I. has this gun for a great price so if you have the money to buy it i highly recommend this weapon, you will be impressed.
by M. WHAM verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 04 July, 2007
verified buyer
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
Well, I recently skirmished it, and here is the update;

With a Guarder SP110, it chronoed about 370. The first problem I noticed was the box mags. It took me 5 minutes to get the mag adapter in! With that done, I went into the first game. It was extremely heavy, and took me a while to get used to it, but I kept peoples heads down, and even got a few hits. After that game, one of the box mags broke down. I decided to open it up later, and used the other.

The next game was where I really took advantage of the SAWs power. I set up in a window, and took out about 10 people camped in another building before someone got an angle on me I saw about 50 bbs flying towards my face with nowhere to move.

Similar things happened the rest of the game; taking out a lot of people until my position is revealed. However, by the end of the day, BOTH of my box mags had broken down, and my sling broke. I opened up the box mags and un-jammed them, but they still don't feed quite right.

I have ordered a SAW sling, and one of the MAG cloth box mags, which are supposed to be great. I will review them both when I get them.
by M. WHAM verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 23 June, 2007
verified buyer
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
This is, by far, the best performing AEG I have owned, or seen. I use an 8.4v 4200 which gives it a nice rate of fire, probably about 1200RPM. It shoots probably about 330 stock, though I haven't chronoed, or skirmished it yet. I can hit a box at about 130 feet, though it may be better as I can't test it at a longer range than that. I have ordered a guarder SP110, which should give me about 390FPS.

I will update once I upgrade and skirmish it.
by J. CAMPBELL Date Added: Monday 25 December, 2006
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
This is by far my most favorote weapon I have used or owned. The MK2 has an incredible rate of fire and is preupgraded so use a 9.6v battery. There is absolutely no plastic on any part of the gun so it is pretty heavy (around 20 pounds). Other than an incredible rate of fire, it is surprisingly very accurate and rips soda cans to shreds from 100 ft non-upgraded. The stock is also very nice and has enough room to get a 9.6v 3600 mah battery if you really shove it in there but I use a 2200 and that way I have some extra room. The bipod is also very nice and completely metal. The bipod has little buttons on the side of it to adjust the length. Another nice feature is that you can change the spring out in 30 seconds. The only bad thing about this gun was the way the feed cover is designed. It is a PAIN to close. Overall this is the best and my most favorite gun no contest. I highly recommend it. If you don't want to spend this much, go for the STAR version but I'll tell you it's definitley not the same feeling as this.
by D. BANTLE Date Added: Tuesday 03 January, 2006
For: CA M249 MK2 AEG Airsoft Gun (Free Box Magazine)
i love this weapon. it has a high rof and is great for all your airsoft needs. it is very heavy and realistic. the only problems ive had with it is getting the box mag to function correctly all you have to do is fiddle with the feeding tube and ive had problems with the battery and getting it into the stock. recently the stock has begun to crack a little because its very hard to get the batterie in far enough to close the buttstock
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