A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[02617 / IU-M249 MKII]
$350.00 $297.50
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by W. BLUE Date Added: Friday 12 June, 2015
For: A&K Desert M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
For a full metal M249, you couldn't get anything better for the same price.

Overall size
Box mag
Battery in stock, instead of hand guard

Nothing at all wrong, but its a SAW, you need to be strong to run around with it.
by C. ALDERMAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 12 June, 2015
verified buyer
For: A&K Desert M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
A&k m249 mk2 in tan

High fps
Long inner barrel
Large stock
Wired to rear

Asgi sent me the wrong one somehow and I was supposed to get it in tan but they sent me one in black really don't care I'll paint when my warranty is up
by D. TAYLOR verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 03 December, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I recently bought this gun specifically for a new loadout. I LOVE this gun. ROF is perfect and the BB's fly far and tight. I used this gun in 3 different scenarios already and I refuse to use any of my other guns now. I only have one problem with the gun, and I have no idea what to do to fix it. The plastic stock likes to come off the metal pins holding it in place. Because of this, I can't use a sling as the mounting point is right on the back. But, besides that, this gun is perfect for me. I'm not going to lie, I am a big guy, so carrying this gun around is nothing for me, but for my smaller fiancée, it's horrible.

I only have one con, everything else is perfect!

Weak point on stock. Stock falls off with pressure.
No rails for accessories. (Rails are expensive for this gun)
by G. WALTERS Date Added: Thursday 13 February, 2014
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great if you like to keep cover fire or be a juggernaut. It's price is up there but for this it's quite worth it. It's very durable i dropped it down a hill during a battle and I was able to continue fire as if nothing had occurred. The ammo box is large and it's hard to hold if you're a left handed shooter. It's an full auto gun only the safety is a push style and easy to use. It's heavy!

1.) Durable
2.) Lots of ammo
3.) able to pull Bi pod out
4.) Easy battery storage.
5.) Carry handle
6.) All metal internals
7.) Extendable Bi pod

1.) Heavy
2.) Loud loading mechanism
3.) not great for left handed shooters
4.) Bi pod makes lots of noise
by M. MCGINNIS Date Added: Friday 22 November, 2013
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about 4 years and it is a absolute monster. It has good fps,range and accuracy especially when set up on the bipod. The box mag holds 2500 rounds and is auto winding allowing you to mow people down all day long. The full stock is comfortable and has tons of room for batteries. The carrying case is very nice for storage or transport. The single problem i have with this gun is it is super heavy. Loaded this gun weighs a good 20 pounds so dont get it if you are on the smaller side. Anyone looking for a SAW and can carry it around with them all through the woods should look no further.

Good ROF accuracy and fps, very large carrying capacity, a ton of battery space, folding bipod, carrying case.

A very heavy gun, auto winding mag acts up sometimes but works 90% of the time.
by B. ROHRER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 01 July, 2011
verified buyer
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well this weapon is the best i have bought so far and probably ever will. It came with so much extra stuff that just made it better. I will start off with that my aluminum case wasn't broken as i have seen in other reviews. It comes with a 9.6 battery & charger but i would say get an extra one it dies fast, an extra full metal mid-cap, a nice bipod, a speed loader, and two flash hiders (both orange), and of course the box mag but not really sure what the sound control does. Also large type batteries don't fit in it.

full metal except for stock, grip, and heat guard
has great range of accuracy WITHOUT 6.01 inner barrel
can take m16/m4 mags so you can share mags easier
GI chronoed it at 400 fps
adjustable front and back sights
carrying handle works for me
it feels maybe 18 pounds so its not too heavy unless you are smaller
gear box is very easy to get to

doesnt fit large type batteries
box mag is a little hard to put in at first just have to find its sweet spot
mine came a little damaged where you stick the mags/box mag in i just took pliers to it
it is a little long so dont get the mk2 for cqb
by R. DORF Date Added: Tuesday 11 May, 2010
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this gun about 1 year now. Has held up surprisingly well. It is well put together and has a nice balance of heft and mobility. Out of the box mine was only firing 310-320 with 0.25's. Since this was my first reall project gun, I cleaned up the GB which had typical QC for a gun in this price range. Gearset is nice although tappet and cylinder are rather rudimentary. Due to some seal issues, I stuck with these for a while and they held up well. Put in a G&P white and Are 1000 Cylinder set which last about 40-50,000 rounds. My initial big issues were with the hop up. The casting is rough and poorly finished and does not seal well. It also has a proprietary hop bucking. Systema and other hop ups dont seat as well as the lip on the other buckings can cause jams or seal leaks. While the nozzle is a M4 length nozzle, it doesnt taper as much which leads me to believe this may contribute. I ground and polished the assembly and it works much better. Since then, I have installed new internals as well as a MOSFET and it runs about 380-410 with .25's at around 25/sec. I got it when it used to be $290.

Well built for price.
Hefty, but not too much so.
Easy to work on and field strip. With a #10 Torx wrench you can pop and swap the box in the field.
Fits most all after market parts.
Paint held up well. Finally painted it.
Can fit any short type motor although careful wiring out the back is important to avoid compressing the wires with the stock. This will shift the motor forward and bind the pinion gear.

8mm bearings with lips wont fit with re-enforced gears. If the axle cuffs are thick, you cant close the box.
Trigger block burns out with higher voltage batteries. a FET or an extra trigger takes care of that.
Hop up assembly is rough cast as is the gearbox. Bevel gear on mine had a bent axle or the bearing sockets were misaligned.
Gearbox gets gritty quickly due to open bottom design. It is, however, easy to clean through disassembly after spring removal.
by E. BEASLEY verified buyer Date Added: Friday 14 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First off, I want to say that I LOVE this weapon! When I took it out of the case, it was actually smaller than I thought it would be. Don't let me tell you though, buy it and find out for yourself. All the other reviews on here are all very accurate. Mine came with an M-16 mag aswell as the box. the box mag is cheap plastic and a piece off crap, seriously. it is not worth 100 bucks. the case that come with mine was broken when I got it but that doesnt really matter. all that matters is that the weapon itself was great. you will deffinately need a bigger battery for this. I was shooting it with somefriends and it ran out of juice in like....20 minutes. yeah so up-great that. This weapon is actually made by UK arms, and Im not sure if A&K and UK arms are the same but, yeah, jsuk. there is not very much room in the stock for the battery some make sure that the battery is mall enough to fit before you buy it. hope this review helped.

heavy, heavy, heavy!!!
high rpm
just O-Mazing!
Barrel strips like the real thing

heavy (for some that is a pro. I like it personally)
small battery
the box mag is not very durable (really sucky cheap plastic)
the only way to decompress the spring is to take it out completely(actually not that hard. all you have to do is take off the stock and remove the rear of the gear box.)
by D. BUTLER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 08 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is my first gun and I've fallen in love with it. As have my teammates. This gun is a blast. I opened the box and I felt as giddy as a kid again. The gun is HUGE!!! And it just looks AWESOME. Out of the box it chroned at 338 FPS, and came with the standard 8.4v battery. The FPS is that with and no upgrades to anything. I took it down to a pond by my house and tried it out. At first, it seemed like horrid range with .20 Premium BBs. I fired about 1000 rounds and then it jammed. Once I opened up the gun and fixed the problem and my Hop Up unit, I fell in love with it. Range and accuracy had increased to a rather impressive level, spread, and firing rate. The spread of the BBs was perfect and even though it's not the most accurate weapon around, you'll be sure to hit someone with at LEAST one BB with the amount you'll be dishing out.

I recommend buying a 9.8v or a 10.8v battery however, as mine died after about an hour of heavy use (it comes with an 8.4v standard batter and charger). Also, you may want to invest some money in a sling, as this weapon does become tiresome to run around with after some time without a sling. I personally am also going to get another ammo box because this thing pours through BBs. At least it does for how I play.

All in all, this gun is good at what it was built for. A support weapon that is a blast to play with: It's very real looking, looks great, and very intimidating to your enemies while being a welcome sight for your team.

4.5/5 for the M249 MKII by A&K

5/5 for the men and women of Airsoft GI. I bought a Smartcharger from them, however, they were out of stock. Not only did the man (Tyler) at customer service recommend a better one for around the same price, but he "comped" the difference between the two chargers.

-High Rate of Fire
-Good FPS
-Ammo box has continuous feed and runs off of AA batteries
-Includes a heavy duty carrying case (which is easily as heavy as the gun)
-Comes with some trades (at least my did)
-Comes with battery, even though it does not say so in the description.
-Full metal and very sturdy

-High BB use (what do you expect with a support weapon?).
-Heavy (again, expected, but can be dealt with and not as bad as I thought)
-Not the most accurate gun in the world (duh)
-Ammo box on it's automatic feed can be rather loud and annoying (however it has a silent setting so it's not really a con)
-Carrying case is as heavy as the gun. Can be a problem for smaller players when just carrying it around in the carrying case from point A to point B.
by N. MARINE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 02 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K M249 MKII LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
When i first got this gun i was very suprised at the actual size of the gun. Much larger than expected, at a little over 3 feet. Mine came with a 9.6 volt 1200 mAh battery, although im not sure if that was supposed to be inclded. Came with the box mag and an additional mid-cap M4 mag. The magwell on mine seems to be a little tight for the box mag, but not tight enough for the M4 mag, but not a problem. Shoots fast, hard and accurate. Mine had about a 4 foot spread at ~150ft. Stock Came a little bit loose on mine, but was easily fixed by tightening the pins. The case that it came in is about 4 inches longer thatn the gun itself, making for a good fit. The case is made out of what seems to be cloth covered wood, with metal edging, overall, a very nice case. I give this gun an easy 5 stars. Great buy.

Heavy/Big(Pro for some)
Included 9.6 volt battery
Great Carry case
Just a awesome support weapon

Heavy/Big(Con for some)
Magwell is a bit strange, and takes getting used to
Ctock came loose, but hardly even worth putting in here
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