KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by S. SEGAL Date Added: Tuesday 27 June, 2017
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This pistol is really solid and well built. The full metal construction gives it a very real feeling in the hands, and it shoots like a dream. It's very accurate, and the magazines are both high-capacity and gas-efficient. It tends to shoot about 330 FPS with .2s and 300-315 with .25s; the mags are not cheap but I have two thanks to the previous owner I purchased it from. The grips are nice and the Mark IV variety has the best mag well (it cups the mag rather than leaving it exposed). The Picatinny rail featured on this and the Mark II is also great in a pinch. Putting all that together it's a great gun with the KWA brand's quality.

Full metal
Best style of KWA 1911 (has the best mag well and the tactical rail)
21-round mags with good gas efficiency
Good FPS (330 at the high end), especially for CQB
Quite accurate with good range
Nice grips and feel in the hand
Heavy (pro or con, depending on who you ask)

Little pricey (you could get a mid-range AEG for this price)
Mags are still not cheap
by B. WEDERQUIST verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 13 October, 2016
verified buyer
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great gun. It's a blast to shoot, the blow back action is amazing, and it feels great. However, there are a few things that I was confused about with this gun, and my research didn't tell me a lot about this gun. First, when the last bb leaves the barrel, the slide locks back. You can't pull back the slide to release it, you have to flick the slide release. Second, my gun came already built to accept the double stack magazine, and the magazine it comes with is double stack. It holds 21 bbs. I read that it fit 15 in a single stack magazine, but I'm okay with it.
I run this with propane and .25 bbs, and it shoots really hard and accurate. I love this gun! KWA is a great brand. I'm hoping to get their GBB M4 PTR sometime soon, mostly because I've fallen in love with this gun. Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

It comes with a small bottle of silicon oil.
It comes with a wrench to adjust the hop up
You can release the hammer with your thumb, and the gun doesn't shoot. However, it stays locked back like a millimeter. If it gets knocked forward, all the gas gets released from the magazine. This happened to me when I buttoned my holster.
Full metal except the barrel, but you can get a replacement barrel, which I plan to do.
You can shoot it pretty fast, about as fast as you can pull the trigger, but it's really accurate once you've adjusted the hop up, so you don't really need to.
Seriously, this is fun to shoot. It has a strong recoil, but not enough to throw off your aim, so you can put a lot of bbs down range, and feel awesome while you do it.

It comes with big white letters on the side, just like the picture, which is kinda a bummer, but not that big of a deal.
Sometimes, the part of the gun that chambers the bb gets locked forward. I just dropped some silicon oil into it and it started working fine again.
My mag has started leaking. I think this was my fault though. I'm new to airsoft, and I think I was overfilling it. It's a bummer, but I'll just order a new mag from ASGI. (If you know how to take care of magazines well, or fix my problem, please put a comment about it. That'd help a lot.)
I only usually get 1 and a half magazines off of one fill. I've only gotten 2 magazines once. The description's a little deceiving.
It's a little back heavy. It feels fantastic, but I wouldn't mind a little heavier of a slide. Not really a con, but oh well.
by J. GRIFFIN Date Added: Saturday 21 June, 2014
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great, it is deadly accurate and if hop up is dialed in right, you can hit a head sized target from 70+ feet. It is a great gun and although not as cheap as some other GBB pistols on the market, it is worth every penny. Although the gas valve on the bottom of the mag had the O ring pop out, this was simply because of the propane adaptor i used which was fairly stiff and new. If you use normal cans of green gas or a plastic propane adapter, should be fine.

solid construction
easy maintenance
great feel in hands

valve O ring coming out
if you want a metal outer barrel you have to buy it
by A. GODINEZ Date Added: Tuesday 25 March, 2014
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this about a year ago and its just an awesome pistol I just love it its full metal conserves gas very well good sights good magazine and the slide catch and release is awesome too definitely get this if you are looking for a 1911

Full metal
Good slide
Good magazine
Great NS2 gas system definitely works
And under rail for lasers lights and even a foregrip if u would like that

Well the only con's I can think of are uummm well none of awesome :)
by W. BALES Date Added: Monday 30 December, 2013
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I just got this pistol for christmas and i have loved it ever since! I have fired about 40 rounds out of it and nothing has to go wrong. The KWA 1911s are very solid and a great buy.They also make great gifts! :)

The pros for this pistol are
full metal
very solid
no wobble
great recoil
easy to load and fire
awesomeness is out of here!!!

The cons for this gun are very very very little so here are the cons
the paint on the magazine is getting wore off after some use
there is some wobble in the trigger but it does not affect the performance of the gun

Awesome gun buy it now!!!
by A. MINENKO verified buyer Date Added: Friday 22 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Everything besides the outer barrel is excellent. The slide has no slop (doesnt move when you shake the gun), magazine lock and blowback are both nice, no issues with slide getting stuck or safeties. But that outer barrel.. ugh. Plastic with an orange protrusion (thats not a removable tip that's part of the outer barrel), and it's not secured (it's free to wobble around with the slide back). This causes the accuracy to drop pretty badly when you shoot real fast. KWA does make a metal replacement for $20.

Hopup is alright, but requires that little tool to be modified and is proprietary. Accuracy is pretty good when you're not doing magdumps (that's that outer barrel issue). I really like the 21 rd double stack magazine, it gets about 2.5 mags per fill on a single stack reservoir and never jams even if your stack is terrible. Just wish they weren't $42 for spares (ouch!)

Overall this is a pretty good pistol if you want to upgrade from the budget KJW/WE but you balk at the price of a TM upgraded with metal parts. Some will say that this is a bad value for money because an upgraded KJW will outperform it at the same price. That's true, because this pistol dumps money into the externals and gas system. I don't need 200 ft of range on my sidearm, I just want it to shoot for a while and never break. And this is pretty nice.

Externals are very high quality besides the outer barrel
21 round double stacked single stack magazine
Excellent NS2 gas efficiency
Good enough performance for a pistol

Big accuracy drop when you spam the trigger
Cheap outer barrel design (KWA makes a replacement for $20)
Expen$ive mag$
Proprietary hard to upgrade hopup unit
by J. LOI Date Added: Thursday 15 August, 2013
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun was my first airsoft gun and one of the best introduction gun for first timers getting into airsoft. The disassemble of the Mark IV is very easy and convenient. Also, the gun is simple to maintain. I have small hands and the gun feels comfortable just the right size for me, plus its pretty light. Its a great side arm and good for CQB of course. The hop-up is located in the chamber, to adjust it a hop-up wrench will be provide for you in the box .The only things I don't like is the mag has enough gas to fire 1 full mag and a half which later lends to dry firing. Also, when loading a new mag its best to rack the slide only once, racking the multiple times will cause gun not to fire because of the firing pin. Nothing, but a quick disassemble and pressing the silver pin by the hammer will get the job fix. Overall its a great gun with some minor flaws.

- A great introduction gun for new airsoft players
- Great for players with small hands.
- Light weight
- Feels comfortable
- Simple to disassemble

- Racking the slide multiple times will cause the gun to stop firing.
- Mags doesn't hold enough gas for a 2 full clip.
by J. LESLIE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 27 June, 2013
verified buyer
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Had this about a week now, done a few tests. First of all love the full metal feel. Shoots great, very accurate and a pretty well rof when firing simultaneously.
Built great obviously its made by KWA.
Would be a 5 star if i haven't had the problem with the mag(read in cons)
Hope this helps!:)

Full metal
351 fps(perfect CQB)
Well built and great feel

Only thing that frustrates me is the spring in the mag(for my mag atleast) gets stuck every few shots if im not unloading a hole clip.. I just have to remove the clip and fiddle with the spring a little bit.
by C. ELLIOTT verified buyer Date Added: Monday 09 January, 2012
verified buyer
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This review is a little biased because I am still relatively new to the airsofting world, and this is one of my first gun purchases (and qualifies as my first gas gun/first pistol.) Even though I am new, I can tell you that I have had both experience with it at home/doing maintenance and on the field for two matches and have owned it for about two months. The gun works great to put it simply. I love the feel of it, sturdy/good weight, no wobbling of anything except for the slide a very tiny bit (it needs to to function correctly). Also, on the field it is magnificent. The power it has is great and chronos at about 350-360 for the first five shots in 65 degree weather. I really have no complaint with the gun other than that the outer barrel comes plastic and that you need to buy the metal one separately (everything else that should be metal is metal. Final verdict, if you are looking for a pistol or just to get another gun, get this, you wont regret it!

- Power (350-360 fps in 65 degree weather)
- Sturdiness
- Grips feel fantastic!
- Mag works great/built to last
- Gun is built to last
- Awesome feeling when chamber checking the gun/slide functions great
- Sights are fantastic! (I know that some front sights don't come dotted, but mine did which made me at least extremely happy!)
- Very efficient with gas (can get a good 35-40 shots in 65 degree weather after the first few break in cycles)

- Orange tip painted onto plastic outer barrel (no big deal, if you hate orange tips just paint it or buy the metal barrel, it has no orange)
- My mag will only work right if I load it with one less bb than can fit in it (also no big deal)
- I don't have another one : - )
by A. WOOLSEY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 November, 2011
verified buyer
For: KWA M1911 Mark IV PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Oh boy what an amazing gun. First off lemme say, I dropped this thing on concrete and it still works perfectly. NOTE: using lighter bb's will cause the bb to go way off. Do what everyone should do with a fine gun such as this, use at LEAST .23's if not .25's.
I use this gun for FIELD games and boy let me tell you, I do not get out gunned. Just have about 4 mags, and you are set. All you need is this. You can run fast and no one can shoot you (because between you and me, no one knows how to lead targets in airsoft) and you use less bb's, and you have more money for more mags and sick gear! Dude! buy one now! buy 2!!! Cmon. it's amazing. It's sexy, affordable compared to other stuff you will need to buy for other guns! just a couple mags, gas, and bb's compared to a battery, new barrel, poopy mags, repairs, upgrades... This gun comes prepared to kick bootay guys. Right outta the dang box. So actual product info.

Polymer barrel rocks. BUT the actual inner barrel is metal, iunno what kind for sure. The OUTER barrel is polymer and its neat. NOTE THE BARREL IS WOBLY BECAUSE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE, IT COMES LOOSE WHEN THE SLIDE GOES BACK, IT'S A 1911 BRO
So wobly barrel yes, but very accurate. I was shooting people at 100 feet easy with .25's and the AMAZING hop up.
Full metal 'cept for the polymer barrel, and a few select things on the inside that should be plastic not metal.
All in all, the best gun for quality and performance OVER FIELD guns i have owned such as the Echo1 M4 stag arms, JG G36K, and a UTG M24 sniper.

-Polymer Barrel
-Full Metal
-Weighs pretty much exactly the same as my pa's 1911
-Magazines never fail to feed or fire, even after being dropped
-Not a gas hog!!! I fire very fast with this thing and i can usually get around 2 mag fulls without regassing.
-Sturdy as all get out
-More accurate than any field gun i have owned!
-Very smooth action
-Satisfying recoil, almost like a .22 (sounds week, great for airsoft though!)
-Realistic safeties and dis assembly
-Very short trigger pull for epic fast rof
-Amazing sensitive hop up. you could shoot .4's with this, i tried it.

The fact that you do not have it. should get 10/5 stars because it's just that good bro.
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