Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
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by P. KOSMATA verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 07 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
Product Information:
OE TECH hit home run again. This plate carrier is awesome, ultimate airsoft MILSIM experience. Especially if you're a heavy gunner like me. Light weight, as breathable as they can get, and feels secure. TONS of MOLLE. Ive used it in 8-10 games so far and it is by far my favorite vest. I strongly recommend OE TECH

Lots and lots of molle
Looks legit
Breathable, as much as it can

might take some time breaking it in
took the shoulderpads and groin flap off, was in the way.
by C. KIRK Date Added: Tuesday 18 May, 2010
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
Product Information:
I got this product today and it's amazing. The quality surprised me at first and this armor is really comfortable. You could probably lay on the ground and fall asleep because of the padding. The shoulder pads do get in the way a little bit but that's easy to fix if you just tighten them well to your body. This vest allows you to carry a lot of stuff literally all over your body.

Can carry a lot of equipment
High quality
Stops BBS easily
Easy to take on and off

The shoulder plates do get in the way a little
Gets really hot after a while if playing outdoors so be sure to have a hydration pack.
Other than those minute cons this product is amazing.
by J. WLODARCZYK verified buyer Date Added: Friday 23 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
Product Information:
this vest is insanely awesome my only worry before i got it was that it was going to be too warm inside (were i live it gets very, very hot in the summer) but the vest is very breathable and surprisingly cool. even without the pouches and hydration carrier i got for it its an amazing vest. at first the neckpiece was diggin into my neck but i velcroed the hanging strap to the admin pouch i got and that made it fit around my neck perfectly. amazing vest you wont be dissapointed

awesome coverage
removeable neck, shoulder, and groin piece allow for lotsa customization

neck piece is a little uncomfortable (easily fixable though)
by C. EMMETT Date Added: Wednesday 03 February, 2010
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
Product Information:
First of all I didnít buy the OE tech vest i was lucky enough to get this vest after my dad got back from Iraq. for some reason he was able to keep it so he gave it to. i only got the bare min and did not get the shoulder, side or crotch protectors. but still even with out the extra stuff the vest is heavy. I weighed it with just the Kevlar inserted and a little bit of water in my camel back and it came in at 20 pounds and thatís why I donít usually play with the Kevlar in. If the OE tech vest is anything like mine than you should buy it because $90 is nothing compared to the real one at about $1500.

looks bad ass

used by the US MILITARY

is cumbersome with the kevlar plates inserted
by W. HALL Date Added: Friday 26 December, 2008
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
Product Information:
i just recently got this vest and i have to say it is the best type of vest you can buy if your going for realism and a heavy duty loadout. when you put it on at first it seems very overwhelming but within about 15 minutes of tweeking it to fit your body and unflatening it. it fits alot of pouches on the front alone which is very nice compared to my friends vests that only has4 or 6 rows of molle. on my vest i managed to fit 2 utility pouches, 2 sets of m14 mag pouches which each hold 2 mags, an admin pouch, map pouch, gadget pouch, and a dump pouch hanging off the side. and i still managed to fit 2 light sticks, 3 zip tieas and a rope long enough to repel off a 1 story building. also a backpack on the back which is securly placed on with the stomach strap and chast strap. and i still havent used the molle on the elbow pads

lots of molle
flexable to a custom fit
looks very cool with attatchments

a little big
neck gaurd makes your neck sweet and makes it hard to fit head through hole
arm pads are not very comfortable or as fitting like in the picture

WARNING: i was being very picky with the cons-- i highly recomend the vest even to snipers...wich i crazilly am
by J. KEMP verified buyer Date Added: Friday 29 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
Product Information:
Okay so when i pulled it out of the box i was very impressed. minus the fact it has no soft armor or anything it felt pretty sturdy to me. not as close to the real thing, but i don't need a real IBA for airsoft. i put all of my molle pouches on there and it's looks good. Blackhawk ACU matched it real well, tactical tailor not so much. and the ghetto spec ops butt back i have on there not at all, but the butt back is a knock off so what can you expect? over all the color matches issue pretty well, maybe a little bit brighter than my uniform and helmet cover. overall i'm very happy with it!

looks and feels real good

not a perfect match to USGI ACU
by T. VAN ZUIDEN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 06 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
Product Information:
this thing is beautiful i just got it today and it goes wonderfully with my new Airmen battle uniform set.
im 6'2 and and 150 lbs and it fits me perfectly.

nice material, not cheap knock off
comes with pockets for SAPI plates.
fully ajustable

umm i can only think of 2.

1: its really flimsy without plates in it, so go to ebay or and get some replica SAPI plates.
2: its really hard to use a three point sling with it.
by S. MCCUISTON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 12 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
I rate this vest a five out of five. It is the damn nicest vest I've ever seen. This tells EVERYTHING about the vest.

The Interceptor Multi-Threat Body Armor System is made up of two modular components: the outer tactical vest and small-arms protective inserts, or plates. The new body armor, which is unisex, is equipped with removable throat & groin protectors, Deltoid protectors, shoulder protectors, as well as having the capability to add front and back (removable) SAPI plates, which can stop 8mm airsoft pellets with ease. The vest weighs from four to five pounds (itself, without added pouches or plates).

The Interceptor body armor's lighter weight provides more mobility than the older flak vest. The new armor also has an outer tactical vest made of fabric weave that's capable of stopping an 8 mm pellet, plus the webbing on the front and back of the vest that permits attaching other small pieces of equipment. The small-arms protective inserts are generally made of a ceramic.

The Interceptor Body Armor (IBA) has significantly improved Soldier combat survivability, but in what ways does it change rifleman lethality? A July 2005 study quantified the effects of Soldier equipment on lethality through multi-factor logistic regression using data from range experiments with the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized), at Fort Riley, Kansas. The designed experiment of this study estimated the probability of a qualified US rifleman hitting a human target. It used the rifleman's equipment, posture, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), and experience along with the target's distance, time exposure and silhouette presentation as input factors.

The resulting family of mathematical models provides a Probability of Hit prediction tailored to a shooter-target scenario. The study showed that for targets closer than 150 meters, Soldiers shot better while wearing body armor than they did without. Body armor had a negative effect for targets farther than 200 meters, and this could significantly impact the employment of the Squad Designated Marksman. The study also showed that the kneeling posture was an effective technique and recommended standardized training on this method of firing.

The Outer Tactical Vest (OTV) is a modular soft armor system; its protection can be tailored to a particular mission threat by adding or removing sub-components. The OTV provides fragmentation and 8mm pellet protection. It provides the wearer with improved fragmentation protection plus 6mm and 8mm pellet protection. A removable collar, Deltoid protector, throat protector, and/or groin protector may be affixed to the vest to increase its area of protection and casualty reduction potential. The exterior of the vest is covered with MOLLE-compatible webbing hangars that accommodate load carriage using a variety of standard pouches and pockets. The vest is also designed to be compatible with the FLC, ALICE, MOLLE and ILBE load carriage systems. The IBA OTV is available in two sizes, M/L and XL/XXL, with the same sizing system used for the SAPI plates.

Replica Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) plates provide additional protection for vital organs. Pockets integrated into the front and rear of the vest securely hold one or two plates. When SAPI plates are not worn, the front SAPI pocket retracts into the shell for reduced overlap and passive cooling. The rear pocket is fitted with a hole, which permits it to be used for carrying an on-the-move hydration system bladder within the vest. The OTV shell and ballistics are separate sub-components, permitting replacement for repair or upgrade without obsolescing the entire system.

The Armor Protection Enhancement System guards the neck, arms, and groin. The Deltoid Extension protects the sides of the ribcage and shoulders. However, the extension comes with a price for the Soldier. It can limit movement and block air from circulating under the body armor -- decreasing the Soldier's ability to cool off in a hot environment. Everything is a balance. We want all Soldiers to come back without any injuries. At the same time, we want them to be combat effective. Nothing can be made to be indestructible.

The front of the standard Condor (OE Tech) Interceptor vest is covered with eight horizontal rows of MOLLE webbing, with a Velcro strip on the left side (when worn) to place name tape and rank (if you add more to securely hold the rank insignia in place, as I did). There are also two diagonal straps (buttoned together) up towards the neck guard, which I use to hold a D-Ring on the right-hand side, when worn.

The neck guard is attached from under the top front. The Opening to the vest itself (as well as a panel for a SAPI plate) is provided on the front of the vest. The Deltoid Protectors attach further up towards the shoulders on both sides, slightly above the drag strap.

There are also two connection loops on the shoulders to accommodate for the DAPS. These allow for button-connecting straps to attach the aforementioned DAPS.

The back of the Condor (OE Tech) Outer Tactical Vest is covered with six horizontal rows of MOLLE webbing. Above those webbing strips is a place to insert the back SAPI Plate. It has Velcro on it, so you could attach blood type information, name tapes, unit tapes, rank insignia, etc. It also has a slit in the middle (Like ones used on a PASGT helmet cover to allow for attaching vegetation to camouflage your helmet) which you can use for running a hydration tube through or something of that sort.

Directly above the panel with Velcro is a drag strap. This is used when you need to drag a wounded soldier out of the line of fire, or such. There are also adjustment cords (cinch up) for girth on both sides, geared more towards the back, which can be adjusted to make it tighter or to give more slack, depending on your needs.

The Deltoid and Axillary Protectors (DAPS) component of the IBA provides for additional protection from fragmentary and projectiles to the upper arm and underarm areas (It does not come with Axillary protectors, as you'll have to purchase these on your own). These features allow Commanders to tailor Soldier protection to meet mission threat conditions.

The DAPS consists of two ambidextrous modular components, the Deltoid (upper arm) Protector and the Axillary (under arm) Protector. The Deltoid Protector attaches at the shoulder of the OTV and is secured around the wearer's arm with a strap. The Axillary Protector is worn under the OTV and is attached to the underside of the shoulder portion of the OTV and to the interior adjustment strap on the lower side of the OTV. The DAPS provide the same level of protection as the OTV. They are issued in sets of two each.

The Condor (OE Tech) DAPS have three rows of MOLLE webbing horizontally across the Deltoid Protectors, along with a Velcro attaching point directly above the first row of MOLLE webbing. The Velcro spacing is measured: five inches by two inches.

The standard IBA from Condor (OE Tech) comes equipped with a groin protector. The groin protector is capable of stopping 6mm and 8mm plastic Airsoft pellets from close or long range. It attaches to the Interceptor on the underside of the front, using two attachment points.
Also shown below the groin protector is the neck protector with shoulder protectors. The Neck protector is capable of defeating 6mm and 8mm Airsoft pellets from close or long range, and attaches to the IBA by using the three Velcro loops.
by K. CORTEZ Date Added: Thursday 28 February, 2008
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
i just bought this vest from airsoft gi at their store.
they have great customer service. :] they were really fast

anyways, this is a great vest, it has lots of room for modifications. I'm about 5ft 5 inches and 130 lbs and this vest fits over me perfectly. I just had to remove the groin and shoulder protection because they were extremely bulky

overall its a VERY good vest
worth every penny
by A. ANDERSON Date Added: Tuesday 05 February, 2008
For: Condor Outdoor Interceptor Plate Carrier (ACU/Tactical Vest) M/L
I bought this vest off of ebay for $59 dollars which was a steal and I have to say this vest is awesome.
I'm 5'9, 150-155 pounds and the M/L size fits really good. Quality is very good, durable, and made of real material (It's not cheap)

The arm protectors are a little of a pain to get on but once you find your setting just keep it on there and slide your arms through. The front neck piece digs into my jag when its ouside the vest as pictured. Some people may have this problem but I just tucked it in the vest and could move my head down much easier.

Overall, this is the best it gets to realism to the actual IBA vest. If you want more realism, go ahead and but some Plates as they too can be inserted in the front and back.
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