KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by O. BERGGREN Date Added: Monday 18 November, 2013
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First gas SMG I got to lay my hands upon. When you hold it, you will notice it essentially focuses on the bare essentials, which will either make you love it or hate it. Being gas, it requires more maintenance but still continues to bring power to your team.

Perks of a GBB gun, very bare yet very functional. Would recommend for a sidearm.

Very bare, requires a lot of maintenance, had some issues with a slipping mag, but it worked well. Stock is also not the strongest thing in the world.
by C. GRAY Date Added: Monday 14 October, 2013
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this is a great gun and if your looking into buying one I think you should do it while you can. seeing as they discontinued the other colors which is very disappointing. you will need to maintain this gun very well for it to function. while the gun works, its amazing. the only problems ive had with it thus far is the loading nozzle broke, and it sometimes wont fire when the trigger is pulled and bolt charged. overall a great loud gun that I would recommend to non lazy airsofters (often requires cleaning after every two games.) also get the cqb bolt.

fun to shoot
playable in the field, until I get the lm4 I use this and my brother uses the mp7 (awesome duo)
decent range
somewhat easy dissasembly

lots of cleaning and lubing
mags suck because the inside where the bbs go gets soooo dirty, use a q-tip to clean out.
by C. ALLEN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 09 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
KWA KMP9R - Gas blow-back machine pistol review:

This machine pistol is quite possibly, the most intimidating, powerful, loud, sidearm you could possibly have. When this thing fires off a round its unlike anything else. On automatic the noise is enough to scare the hell out of people. With a rof of 28 rps, this thing is loud as hell when you hold the trigger.

Now, i did make a few modifications to my KMP9R to make it able to be holstered. The take down instructions made by KWA are perfect and tell you how to take down the gun to the smallest parts. No more guessing. I was able to (the day I got it) to take it full apart, removed the stock, the bottom and side rails, and put it back together perfectly. This machine pistol is normally too big for a holster, but I found that by taking off the rails, it fits snugly into a normal holster. I can even quick draw.

Perfect sidearm for DMR/ Support/ Sniper/ CBC. Its well suited for every style of combat. One recommendations is that you use .25g bbs. This gun shoots 395-420 fps on .20g and it hurts at 28 rps. I highly suggest .25g to drop the fps to a cbc level if you plan to use it as a sidearm.

Solid construction, not a single loose part
Easy takedown
ROF 28 rps
FPS 395-420
Compact size
Gas efficient
Great instructions by KWA

No safety
Mags tricky to stack
Get 2x mags
Charging handle shifts (minor)
by J. FRYE Date Added: Thursday 31 January, 2013
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I owned this replica for about a year until I decided that GBB was not the route that was right for myself. It's built rock-solid and is probably the most consistent GBB ever. Accuracy is top-notch (I've been able to easily snipe people from 150ft. away using .25g bbs and iron sights) and rate of fire is devastating. For those looking into using a GBB as a primary, this is your cheapest and possibly best option. However, there is one issue that could be game-breaking, the type of bbs it will and won't accept.

For accesories, I recommend a non-zooming optic and a stubby vertical foregrip. A keyring or zip tie in the hole on the stock hinge will also work as a great place to attach a sling.

-High rate of fire.
-Excellent range and accuracy.
-Difficult to induce cooldown.
-Very solid. I've successfully bashed in windows with the stock.
-Loud! Will send your opponents fleeing.
-Conserves gas very well on semi-auto.

-This replica is still pretty lightweight, so full-auto firing will produce enough recoil to throw off your shots quite a bit.
-Gas hog on full-auto, but that's not very surprising.
-Mags get very heavy if you have multiples.
-Only major problem is that it's very picky with what kind of bbs you use. Javelin .25g bbs WILL shatter inside of the magazine due to the strong follower spring and cause jamming until you clear the magazine of any debris. I was able to use Bioval bbs without a hitch though.

BOTTOM LINE: Excellent replica. Highly recommend it to anyone going the GBBR/GBBSMG route!
by J. KNIGHT Date Added: Monday 16 January, 2012
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So I'm starting this review off with the most important thing about this gun.... NOT all BBs are created equal. I struggled over this gun for weeks with very little success. I tried so many solutions in order to to get the magazine to feed properly. Nothing worked. Little did I know, it was not the gun's fault -- it was my fault. Maybe my gun came more sensitive then most, but every brand and weight of BB I have jammed in the magazine. As it turns out, as far as I know, this gun ONLY accepts KWA-brand BBs (I'm sure very similar brands would work too, but I'm not going to guarantee anything). The moral of the story is DO NOT skimp out on BBs if you are interested in this product (or any quality airsoft gun for that matter). (I have heard that KWA is very picky when it comes to BBs and magazines, but this is my only KWA product, so I can not say this from personal experience).

Onwards with the review... This gun product definitely lives up to the KWA reputation. Everything functions smoothly, the gun is built to last, and the internals seem strong. The only complaint I have regarding the build of the gun is the cocking handle; it is made out of a polymer (just like the majority of the gun) but because of it's size and shape, I fear that it could break off of the gun's metal internal bolt. The magazine, however, is extremely durable. It is entirely metal (with the exception of the rubber gas lips and o-rings). It survived a 4-foot high drop onto concrete when I accidentally hit the mag release instead of the firing mode selector.

The KMP9 is not built with a safety, but removing the magazine acts as a safety feature. I believe the original release of this gun did not have a firing mode selector. This problem has apparently been solved, and it now has a semi-auto/full-auto button selector. The folding stock works great and is actually surprisingly strong with minimal wobble when in use. The only issue is that when there is a fore-grip or other accessory on either the side or bottom rails, the stock has a hard time locking in place -- if at all.

Shooting-wise, this thing chronoed (is that spelled right?) for me at approximately 375fps & 20rps with 0.25gram KWA BBs using propane (propane usually adds roughly 20fps).

Overall, I'd recommend this gun for anybody who wants to invest in a couple magazines so they can bullet-hose some guys in a CQB situation. Just make sure you use proper BBs.

Sounds Great
Sturdy Build
Solid Magazine
Relatively Simple Disassemble
Stock Functions Smoothly
High Rate of Fire & FPS
Gas Blow Back

VERY Selective when it comes to BBs
No Threads (aftermarket threaded barrel is available)
No Real Trademarks
Flimsy Cocking Handle
No Safety
Pretty Weak Blow Back
Accessories Impair Stock Folding
by J. KLINE Date Added: Tuesday 30 August, 2011
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have been drooling over this design since it first came out thinking it would fill the ticket of what PDW to use with my sniper load out. on opening the box it was buried under a lot of paper, you know all the warenty and manuals and junk. then tucked away under all that was this little black beauty. she is heavy as all get out for something so small. but do not let the size fool you. i took this weapon to Pegasus 3 in Cheney Washington and it rocked. chronoed in at 357 fps with .20 BB's and shooting well over 200 feet easy. of course i was shooting with BioVal .30 BB's for this kind of range.
the weapon is loud, real loud with a very unique crack to it. and in full auto she sounded like a Jack hammer. the only draw back i had all weekend was I should have gotten the extra mags as well because in full auto she will dump a mag in around 2 seconds.

good and heavy
rock solid
insane range for a PDW
4 mags on green gas in 90 degree weather
KWA baby

should come with 2 mags
charging lever is s little delicate
by J. TRUESDELL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 02 November, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun about a month ago, and so far it's the best gas gun I've ever seen. Everything about this gun is well built. The polymer body is tough and keeps the gun maneuverable. The magazine makes up for the light weight body, weighing 2-3 pounds itself. The gas system is extremely efficient, and on a warm day you can get 2 or 3 mags on one fill, given you don't full-auto it and freeze the gun.
The gun disassembles very realistically, and is easy to maintain. Removing the stock or rails is also very easy.
Firing the gun is just something else. The fire rate is true to the given specs, but the fps is a little lower that stated. However, this allows it to be used for CQB. The skeleton stock is very sturdy, and makes it incredibly easy to keep the gun sighted when you're moving.
This gun has a lot of cool features, including a trigger safety, ambidexterous charging handle, and a rear sling mount. Both the rear and front sights are adjustable. It doesn't have an actual safety though.
This gun is a great gun for it's price. You won't be disappointed.

Heavy, but not too heavy
Full metal machined internals
Ambidexterous charging handle and fire selector
Realistic disassembly
Very gas efficient
High magazine capacity
Folding stock
Great price

No safety
Still kind of heavy to pistol wield
That's it!
by F. MORALES Date Added: Thursday 09 September, 2010
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
wow... thats all i have to say about this gun. it is AMAZING, amazing ROF, amazing FPS and im actually gunna use this to go head to head against my friend who has a MP7A1 who says its better. i honestly think theyre both the same but whatever, this gun is just flat out epic and i dont think you can go wrong with it

nice heavy feel to it
VERY sturdy
compact and has a foldable stock
high ROF
an ideal SMG

mag catch takes a little getting used to
the Railed version is a bit akward to hold due to its lack of foregrip but thats easily able to be dealt wth
bit pricy, but over all well worth it if you want an amazing GBB SMG
by V. DEL VECCHIO verified buyer Date Added: Friday 10 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KMP9R RIS NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So I've had this gun for a few days now and I have to say, I absolutely love this thing. It feels great in my hand, amazing rate of fire, really loud, and compact. I'm going to use it as a side arm for my DMR, and I think it will fit the bill perfectly. The NS2 gas system works wonders with this gun, I've gotten three, yes three, full mags through the gun on one propane fill up. Also the ability to fire on semi with a half trigger pull when it's set to full auto is ingenious. Sadly it shoots a little too hard for most CQB places, and the accuracy leaves a little to be desired (then again I'm comparing it to my DMR which maybe why I'm complaining)

All in all, it's a great gun, perfect for a primary weapon, or a side arm if you have a holster that can fit it. I put a Matrix L300 laser on it and it works like a dream. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase, and I think any airsoft enthusiast would agree with me after getting this gun.

-Amazing rate of fire
-Great range
-Solid construction
-Foldable stock
-Rails for lasers, flashlights, or whatever you want
-48 rounds in a mag
-NS2 uses gas extremely well
-Really loud!

Be sure to wear safety glasses whenever you shoot it, it ejects gas out the back of the gun and will shoot into your eye if you're not wearing safety glasses!!!

- Shoots a little too hard
- No spare mags will be on the market until mid to late October according to the KWA Product Manager
-Could really use a Tight bore barrel
-Price? I mean, it is a KWA. So this is to be expected.
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