(Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
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by D. SULLIVAN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 02 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
well to start this gun does not come with a battery or charger. i went to a big event near where i live a few weeks ago and found out that this gun's wire harness is not equipped with a fuse. the gun over heated and the coupling that attaches the battery to the gun wires fused together. the screw that also holds the buffer tube to the body of the gun also came loose and the buffer tube and stock came loos and exposed the wires. the stock magazine that comes with this rifle also misfeeds on both semi and full auto, that also broke. the screw that holds the feeding mechanism into the metal shell came out and the feeding mechanism fell out of the shell when i pulled it out of my mag pouch. on the plus side that gun shoots about 370fps and has a great rate of fire with the proper magazine.

great rate of fire (with better magazine i use the magpul pmag)
high fps
great accuracy after you adjust it for the first time
lighter weight

wire harness does not have a fuse
need to make sure that the screw that attaches the buffer tube and stock to the body and tight
stock magazine misfeeds and isnt that durable (the screw that holds the feeding mechanism in falls out easily)
bare bones as for functionality (charging handle, bolt catch/ release and dust cover dont work)
by K. MATURA Date Added: Sunday 13 June, 2010
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
Does this gun come with a battery or do i have to buy one


by S. CAVE Date Added: Wednesday 02 June, 2010
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
this is a great gun shoots well no problems out of the box except for one. the front sight was wobbly because the base of the front sight was too big. even when i went to tighten the bottom screw it kept coming loose and the sight became tilted forward because of the large base and how much i had to tighten it. everything else was completely solid other than that. the internals are top quality and work excellently straight out of the box. the front sight was disappointing and i expect better from G&G.

good gun overall
works well out of the box
ris are very solid overall solid gun
good fps for cqb and field

wobbly unfixable front sight
by M. VANDENBRAND verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 14 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
I got this a couple of months ago, and off the bat the looks, are very nice. The body, is magnesium, which makes for a VERY light gun, this gun ways about 6.5-7lbs. The stock, has a little wobble, but use some duct tape and there is no wobble. The Mag brand mags, has a little wobble, but use some duct tape, and there is no wobble. The fps on this gun, is a little dissapointing, due to the spring wear's out too fast, after about 10k rounds, it falls to 301fps with .20's. the R.O.F is OUTSTANDING out of the box, at 22BPS with a 9.6v battery. the range, is AMAZING!! im hitting people in the head at 200 feet, but the accuracy could be MUCH better. One BIG thing to rememer here, **GREASE UP YOUR GEARBOX BEFORE YOU SHOOT THIS GUN!!!!** I thought this gun would come already greased, but i was wrong, and my o-ring got torn up. So i replaced it. The internals, of this gun are great, but i wanted the best gun i could make. So i went and bought a Systema M120 Drop In Gearbox, and the Systema Magnum Motor, a Jbu 509mm TBB, a Systema metal hop-up, Systema Bucking, Intellect 9.6v battery and a MadBull Gemtech "HALO" Siliencer(with this gun, the flash hider is wierd, so you need to drill out the silencer if your going to be using one). Overall this gun stock, is very good.

Magnesium body
very light
great internals
great motor
best trigger response i've ever seen
good accuracy
great range

battery compartment is VERY VERY SMALL(You need the G&G 9.6v bettery, or an intellect crane stock battery)
gearbox doesnt come greased
innerbarrel is VERY dirty
by L. WOLFGANG PEREIRA Date Added: Sunday 07 June, 2009
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
I got this gun about 7 months ago, this gun is just beautiful, someone over there said his gun didn't came with HK style selector, that's really weird my gun came just as show in the pics. About 4 months ago I wanted more power so I tried a guarder sp120 (with a 9.6v bat), since then this gun is a monster I was in a hurry and needed more power cuz Im playing more in open fields than CQB, also I installed a guarder hop up rubber the one with the weird shape and now this gun is a beast while playing open field, this gun is not supossed to be an open field champ but for CQB is a monster just out of the box. ASGI chronoed 365fps.

- Quality of the body.
- Cool trades.
- Insane ROF out of the box.
- Light.
- Gotta love crane stock.
- The feel of the fire selector.
- Quality of the gearbox (Its doing good with the sp120 but Im always taking care shooting short burst when is needed and shooting on semi-auto more often).

- Some stock wobble.
- Mag wobble. (Magpuls magazines fits like charm)
- *Price I guess... but you get what you pay and this gun totally worth it!*
by C. LEVINSKI verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
If you're thinking about getting this gun, stop!!! There is nothing to think about, this gun is hands down 5 stars. I won't go into the details but the gun is solid. This platform allows for almost unlimited upgrades and customizations. The stock mag is ok, but I prefer the G&G 79 round mags.

*Great rof with 9.6v
*Solid construction
*All plastic parts are high quality (even the hop up)
*Comes with fore grip
*Crane stock
*Excellent finish
*Comes with tight bore

*Hicap has a hard time keeping up in full auto with a 9.6v
by B. GABRIEL Date Added: Wednesday 22 April, 2009
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
I bought the gun roughly 3 month's ago and knew it was a bad idea to do a review instantly cause of the excitement over the first few days. Plus I needed to actually use it a few times in some battles to get a feel for it. Its a pretty good gun I'd say a high 3 low 4 out of 5 stars I have a few minor problems with the gun's construction. Keep in mind my rating might be lower than it deserves cause this is my first professional grade AEG, I had a JG M16 advanced version before.

The gun is very well built minus a few wobbly spots here and there but for the most part well done. Its full metal minus the stock which houses the battery, the hand grip, the rail coverings, and the forward grip. The few wobbles include the mag and the stock at first, if toyed with to much the forward rail covering assembly with start to have a little wobble but like I said thats with toying around with it so its not a problem. The mag well is pretty big compared to the mag so the wobble there is excessive, some duck tape on the top of the mag solves it for the most part. The stock does have some wobble but its not excessive and doesn't subtract much if anything from the guns rating. Other comments on the exterior of the gun, the selector switch has a beautiful click and you know when it has changed, the body work over than the few wobbles mentioned is exceptional unlike my JG M16 which has some body issues. A very personal issue with it is the rear sling mount behind the hand grip, it is a small slit so it cuts down on what slings work for the gun. The dust cover which covers the hop up can be slightly annoying to pull down to adjust the hop up, I wish that the cocking handle on the gun was set up to reveal the hop up unit like the JG M16 does. That about sums up the exterior. One other small thing is that the flash hider on this gun does not seem to be that much fun for customization and compatibility with silencers, I got a halo gemtech silencer which goes over the flash hider and it didn't fit so I switched the flash hider on my M4 for the one on my JG M16 and it worked well.

Interior and disassembly: I am not genius when it comes to either of these but I can give my point of view on each. For me the disassembly was basically impossible I wasn't able to achieve it with some quality effort on my part, I know about the few tricks that some dont know about G&G disassembly but I still could get it apart, then again I didn't really need to. Interior as far as I know is very good, I heard the gearbox is one of the best on the market for durability but if you want to put a new spring in the gun lots of extra upgrades could become necessary like new gears, maybe a new motor to get back the ROF lost but thats true of any gun unless it has the best motor on the market already. The hop up I am not sure I am impressed with but then again it might be good and the what seems to be a lack of accuracy is the lower FPS at 340ish. Personally I am looking to get a new hop up and a new spring for better accuracy, range, and power. As a CQB weapon it has good fps toping out around the cut off for CQB fields. That might have been my problem is I am a field player but I like M4's so I am looking for more range and accuracy at those ranges.

Summary: Again I believe that my ratings of this gun might be hard but its cause I spent over $300 so I was expecting it to be of possible higher quality with the accuracy and range, possible power. Even with all the minor flaws I found I think the guns is still amazing and would recommend it for a good CQB or mid-range field weapon, something I did not mention before was the amazing ROF, it puts out 4-5 extra rounds were second than alot of ECHO 1's and other MPEG's that have a good rate of fire for their quality ranges.

Accuracy to a point
Smaller build
Amazing looks
Crane stock battery compartment
Lots of rails

Accuracy for long fields
Range for field games
FPS which affects range for field games
Some wobble
Non-flip up sights
Hop up I heard wasn't good, might be the lack of fps for field games
by J. CHIMITS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 19 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
Decent gun. solid RIS and large outer barrel. Okay internals, couldn't handle the guarder m120 spring I put in it, solved this with a systema gear set and poly piston by them as well. Good accuracy ( this is my 4th G&G) and they all seem to be this way do to the 6.04 barrel and hop up installed in the gun. Note on the flash hinder, it is not chipped and this is the way all G&Gs come regardless of model except for the CQB series, and this has nothing to do with bayonet installation and is not his way on the real steel.

Great externals especially with the outer barrel (my KWA is nice but the outer barrel is two piece and therefore inevitably wiggles)
Magpul aftermarket parts work well with it
clip size

The trades shown are not the ones on the actual gun (no Hk style fire selector)
the small back up iron site shown is not the one on the actual gun either

Overall the only complainants are merely cosmetic, still I wish AGI would update there pics
by M. ARANDA Date Added: Tuesday 04 November, 2008
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
The flash hider is chipped, in a way that you can install a bayonet.

Amazing gun, great FPS and very sturdy

by S. MEEKER Date Added: Monday 13 October, 2008
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R4 Commando Airsoft Gun (M4-RIS SEAL)
Product Information:
After charging the battery and feeding about a 1,000 rounds through it I can say this gun has a very high rate of fire with a 9.6v battery and the accuracy is supurb. Even at 50ft I was able to hit a soda can dead center with one shot. The finish on the weapon is completely non-reflective and very well done. Rail system is very solid with no wobble and the stock slides smoothly. For battery insertion I found it alot easier to pop off the butt plate (yes it's suppose to come off) and insert the battery that way instead of following the instructions in the manual. Mag feeds well with no misfire. Overall this M4 is very solid and well built. For $320.00 this weapon is one worth having.

Full Metal
Rail System
Special Forces Logo
Crane Stock

None that I have found. Hopefully there won't be any.
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