Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by D. NGUYEN Date Added: Thursday 06 February, 2014
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Great working gun, comes with a supressor, around 400 fps, very accurate and it has a decent fire rate but a good majority of its parts are proprietary. It has an elongated gear box and SR-25 specific gearbox internals. One of my biggest gripes was the difficulty is finding compatible mid caps for the gun. Magazines in general for it are expensive. They also don't fit well in m4 magazine pouches.

Cool looking
Alot of battery space in the stock
Cool QD supressor
Big(could be good or bad)

Hard to find mid caps
Expensive high caps and mid caps
Proprietary Parts
No barrel threads
Big(could be good or bad)
by L. MOSSBURG99 Date Added: Friday 10 January, 2014
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Classic Army Full Metal CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)

This Gun was very accurate and i barely missed a shot. Everyone wanted to use my gun because it was amazing and beautiful. i highly recommend this gun.

I did have one small issue with this gun and it is that it would get jammed everyonce in a while but it took 5 seconds for me to fix.
by R. QUIGLEY Date Added: Friday 23 November, 2012
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I'm going to buy this gun for Christmas for myself, but i'm not sure what magazine to buy. Anyone that has this exact model please respond as I was just considering buying a few standard m4/m16 mid cap but, I'm not going to dump 60 extra dollars into something that is not compatible. Sorry, didn't know where else to ask. My bud has this gun, so I can write a pretty solid pro-con list.

Range is amazing
Very well built, feels solid in your hands
Precision accuracy

NEVER fire on full auto
Some upgrades may be needed if one would want to use as an AEG
A heavier BB is needed when firing as the FPS is around 400 fps (.25-.3)
by K. BLEVENS Date Added: Wednesday 28 May, 2008
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is an excellent replica and sniper rifle!

First off, this gun looks and feels great. Like all Classic Army guns, it is made out of high quality metal, so it is very sturdy. Plus the silencer gives it a great look.

There are a few things you pretty much have to get along with this gun: 1) A sling (this gun can wear you down after a while) 2) A bipod, which helps alot in prone firing 3) a scope, 4 or 6 times magnification is perfect 4) .30 gram BBs are recommended, as they provide best performance

IMPORTANT!!! I would highly recommend to anyone that purchases this gun to NOT fire it on full auto. Even with the gearbox being preupgraded by CA, it is simply too powerful to hold up on full auto. The piston on mine bit the dust after around 1500 shots.

After my SR-25 broke I had it repaired and upgraded. I had the piston replaced with a stronger, more durable piston, and I also had a madbull tightbore barrel installed. For any serious airsoft players, I highly recommend getting the same installments, and possibly even upgrading the spring.
With my upgrades and .30 gram BBs I have a highly effective range of around 60 to 70 yards. I can easily pick people off at those distances with 3 to 5 shots. Anything past that and the BBs simply stray a bit more, but you can still reach people around 80 yards or more. I'm sure with a more powerful spring and even heavier BBs you could get this rifle to 90 or even 100 yard range.

Overall Breakdown:


1) Full Metal, Sturdy, Good looking

2) Great Overall Performance: FPS, rate of fire, and accuracy all A+

3) An incredibly dominating sniper rifle


1) Piston is almost sure to give out at some point

2) High price, but the quality of CA material is well worth it

Definitely worth getting for any serious airsoft sniper. I would simply upgrade the items I specified. I guarantee this gun is made of better materials than the A&K SR-25
by S. DAVIS Date Added: Wednesday 26 March, 2008
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
I got this gun roughly 3 months ago and just resently started having some problems with firing it, i dont know why but sometimes ill start shooting in bursts and it will just stop firing for like 2 minutes.. like i said i dont know why this happens but if someone has a solution or an answer i would much appriceate a respond, also i have had alot of mag problems, as in dry firing. But otherwise i think this gun is very accurate and has a very good wieght. i would recommend it for any sniper.
by G. ISELEY Date Added: Thursday 01 November, 2007
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Great Gun had for about 6 months now. i cant find a more precision aimed A.E.G. out there with out dumping 1 grand just for the gun.
watch out! you need to know how to use it. some pointers
- never hold a burst more the 5 - 8 shoots... this gun is fast, and with that comes gear damage. Short burst keeps damage down to a min... i find 3 shoot burst and rapid single shoots to be the best.
- all ways use .23 or higher... i found .25's, .27's, and .28's to be best with .27's on top ( .27 can be hard to find) if you are even think of .2 be worried i recommend not too, but if you must, use single burst. i found the using .2 two wear gears faster.
- be careful you might think gears are easy to replace, but usually when replacing gears at a shop the replace the piston too. i have only striped the gears once but the total come out to be about $115 for gears and piston alone. remember the gears are specialized and can coast i pretty penny.

The entire gun is great. My friends BB's will be landing at my feet and all i do is just point aim and shoot. and they hit there mark almost all the time. heaver BB's better precision don’t worry about the heavy BB's slowing the gun down with a starting rate of fire of 420 fps, a heavier bb is not going to do any thing but increases precision.
by V. WILLIAMS Date Added: Friday 12 October, 2007
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
First of all this is my mom's name not mine.
This is a great gun that shoots good and has a impresive rof. I would like to advise any one thinking about buying this gun get it. I have been useing .25 gram bb's and it has been shooting very acuaratly. I would like to upgrade this gun to 500 fps but have a limited budged. I am about to put a 650 mm. tight bore in it and I would like to make it a sniper so any advice would be welcom.
by S. DAY Date Added: Friday 28 September, 2007
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Purchased this from another retailer and had it upgraded. Gears, longer barrel, and spring.

First off...weight is VERY realistic! I own a Beowolf .50 entry gun, and this is as CLOSE as you get in terms of a training aid.

Range with the longer barrel is excellent. I need to keep the mock suppressor ON..or I have like 10-15cm of brass hanging out the barrel.

Have had MAJOR feed issues none the less..dry fired, and such. Cured it with 150 rd mags that do NOT require winding!

Keep your bursts SHORT! 5-7 rds. Or better yet, rapid fire single shots...and you can REALLY reach out and touch someone.

Great gun, could be better, but used right it will make your competition wish they had stayed in bed that day!

HITS HARD....I get complaints from people hit 8 out of 10 times....I use the .28 gram. VERY accurate at distance, consistent groups. Tight, and hard hitting.

Stock sights are SHITE! Can't get a good sight picture/sight alignment with them. I use an ACOG.
by K. HSU Date Added: Sunday 09 September, 2007
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
By the way, if you just replace "a gear or two" then you will immediately strip them again. Classic army did not do a good job of copying G&P's "v2.5" gearbox (longer pistons). You might as well get the original gearbox.
by K. HSU Date Added: Sunday 09 September, 2007
For: Classic Army M110 CA-25 AEG Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
In response to the previous review, most people that have bought this gun is well versed with operating an AEG. Obviously, now you know that the gearbox is faulty, and I'm pretty sure you know how to operate an AEG. Just an update on my sr25 made by classic army. There is more to replace than you think. I had to replace the whole gearbox and swapped it out for the G&P kit. It is basically a G&P sr25. I put a sp130 spring in and now shoots 470 fps with 0.25. With 0.2 g bbs, I range from 500 to 520.

In retrospect, I recommmend buying a G&P sr25 as its body is better made with a more stable gearbox. Only thing with stock G&P sr25s is that it needs to be shimmed. It is also trademarked unlike the classic army.

Total spent with all mods: $642 for a stable CA25 shooting 470 fps with 0.25 g bbs.
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