UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
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by A. SMITH Date Added: Thursday 28 December, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
I really just wanted to say that it is fairly powerful and durable. I own the Version one and it has lasted me a few days less than a year. The maximum distance with this is more around 180-200ft. with accurate range of around 100-130ft. Of course, the accuracy is so bad that the bbs are not very consistant at all. To make this a truly competition worthy replica, I would reccomend fixing the compression issues and purchasing a custom tightbore using this guide on airsoft retreat.
71.0 (copy and paste it)
With the tightbore and teflon tape modification, you will get around a 100fps boast and a major accuracy change. Just remember though, high velocity is usually only useful in sniper rifles and you will need to purchase bbs from .30-40grams to make the UTG accurate at this velocity.

Random Note: With AEGs upgrading velocity can hurt performence more than help it. You will have to purchase heavier more expensive bbs, buy expensive upgrades, risk the posibility of ruining the replica and also risk improper installation causing poor preformence.
by D. VNENCAK Date Added: Friday 15 December, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
This is a great gun for the price, lots of power and good accuracy out of the box.

The good:
Out of the box accuracy with the included scope is good. I haven't had the chance to really zero the scope yet, but accuracy is still very good. I can hit a 8mm target from 20 feet away more often than not.
Stock power is very good. Using .25g PHX match BB's I can put holes through both 'sides' of a soda can. Using .20g AE BB's, I can put a hole in an unopened can of soda. I haven't tried shooting the top or bottom of a can of soda since I know I don't have that much power (yet), but I do plan to upgrade the gun. I've also used cheapo .12g bb's and gotten even higher fps, with loss of accuracy. I just ordered some .28's to see how they do, though the gun seems very happy with .20 and .25's.
Look and feel of the gun is good. Without the orange tip, most people couldn't tell it's not a real-steel gun from a few feet away. Weight is decent - it has a nice heft to it. The bolt is only difficult if you're not holding the gun properly.
Scope is a decent one for the price - don't expect miracles, but it's better than I was expecting. The bipod is decent, could be improved upon, but I can't really complain either. If you want to mount a laser, you may be able to cram a laser and the bipod on the small rail on the underside of the rifle. I managed to do so, though if the laser doesn't fit between the bipod legs, then you might be screwed. You must have some kind of targeting device on the rifle since there are no iron sights.

The manual and picture on this site show 3 different screws - a long, medium, and small. The gun I got had a medium installed where the large screw is supposed to be, which at first I thought was a manufacturing defect. This may have been redesigned around the future factory upgrade coming out for the gun.
The rail for the scope was not tight and would wobble whe the gun was shaken. Tightened it down, no problems since. This site claims the mags are 25 round, mine are both 20 round. I just ordered 2 spare mags for $15.

Upgrades: There is supposed to be a factory-supplied upgrade in the very near future, which is supposed to add 70fps for around $75. Add a $50 tightbore barrel and do the teflon mod, and you might have an accurate rifle capable of over 450fps.

Overall, this gun is a great value for the accuracy and power you get. If you want to get into sniping, this is probably the rifle for you.

50.0 has lots of great info and pics on upgrading the rifle.
by L. DEAR Date Added: Monday 11 December, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
i have had this rifle for about a year and i just shot my friend with it a couple nights ago and his arm was bleeding so if your plannig a comeback on an enemy this is the gun to shoot him with, it has a great deal with it too. It is a real sturdy gun because its all meddle but the butt of the gun is impact resent plastic so its a really good gun to just bang up aginst the wall.
by S. CHEN Date Added: Wednesday 22 November, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
This is probably the best introductory level sniper on the market to date (will not stand up to Tanaks or Maruzens though). This is a vast improvement over the super 9's (which are horrible).

The stock gun's low FPS can be made up by teflon taping the hop-up bucking and adding a 6.01 tightbore. It will achieve +/- 450 FPS after these modifications if done correctly. Accuracy is ok, but could be better. I do not have exact grouping info, but it can hit a head from 70 some ft , and person from +/- 120 ft away assuming the scope and hop-up are zeroed and finely adjusted (respectively).

The barrel, receiver, rails, and bipod are metal and the stock is plastic. It is very ergonomic and sturdy and almost melts into your hands. The cocking of the bolt is very light, which is a good thing when prone.

UTG claims there will be some drop-in cylinder upgrade available soon, however they have yet to deliver it. I was told to expect over 75 FPS of improvement (~400 FPS total), and this is NOT including the teflon and tightbore mods. When these upgrades arrive, this gun may have the potential to be a quality sniper rifle.

There are only 2 cons on this gun. The bipod is slightly too high, making shooting from higher ground while prone difficult. The other problem is that the sling will interfere with the bipod if both are attached at the same time, but it's not too large of an issue.

This package is probably the best deal for this gun on the internet, altough you may want to consider getting .28 - .3g bb's for this gun. .25's are a little too light (after the mods).

A great rifle and a must buy for people looking to get into sniping.
by R. TAMBURELLO Date Added: Sunday 05 November, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
This gun is really awesome. If you think it's too weak, there is an .89$ mod for ~450 FPS with .2g. Everything on this gun is worth the money.
by B. LEFFRITT Date Added: Monday 16 October, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
i got this gun for my birthday, i got it at a store called battle cat, this gun is awesome, i love it it kix azz!
by R. WINICK Date Added: Friday 06 October, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
WOW!!! this gun is amazing. I just bought it today and I was so excited when I first opened it. I ripped it out of its package, put it together, attached the scope, loaded it, and fired.....perfect. The scope is amazing, it's dead on, and if you aim right you'll never miss a shot. The FPS was at least 350 and probably more like 400 it SHOT HARD!!! It also shot far, it went at least 300 feet before dying out, and it went 200 of those feet perfectly straight. The only bad thing about this gun is that the BB's are affected by the wind, so if you're going to go play choose a day without much wind or you might have trouble aiming. This gun is part metal and part plastic and is extremely sturdy. If you have the money and want a BB gun that shoots hard, accurate, and is really durable, this is for you.
by J. NELSON Date Added: Wednesday 06 September, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
I came home from school for lunch and AHHH. there it was on my front step. i grabbed it and ran inside and grabbed a butcher knife and started cutting it open. my dad told me to put it in my room til' after school[PISS ME OFF] so i did. I sat thru three periods of class not thinking of any thing but that beautiful creation of metal and plastic. so i got home putt it together[totally forgetting about my homework] and put the scope on. DEAD ON. shot a few rounds and then had to run outside to find a target. I love this gun. that girl said the bipod was crap, these are airsoft guns not real steel. be nice to them and they will be nice to you. if your bipod swivels and u dont like that. get the larger of the 2 allen wrenches they send you and inside the clutch of the bipod are 2 screws. align the bipod and tighten them. The scope is awesome but the lens covers kinda suck. all in all AWESOME GUN
by J. WARD Date Added: Sunday 16 July, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
Very excellent sniper rifle. UTG's springers are more reliable than their MPEGs. This one has great accuracy, and this sniper beats the Super 9 in alot of ways. The scope that comes with the package is excellent. I really don't reccomend those BBs though. I suggest .25 Gram.
by J. FLYNN Date Added: Thursday 13 July, 2006
For: UTG Gen 5 M324S M700 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun Scope Package (Black)
Alright heres the deal... I ordered this rifle from here and my friend ordered it somewhere else... Mine doesnt come for another few days but I recieved his because he ordered it to my address because he is lives all the way it WA and i live in TX and he is coming to visit for a few weeks (he gets here the same day i get my gun so i wont have any f***in time to break it in.... ANYWAY!!! From shooting my friends rifle I can tell u this rifle F***ING ROCKS!!!!! It is very powerful and should be accurate when im not shooting .2g bbs.... (im getting ammo with my gun for both my friend and I and he is getting ammo for both of us for the pistols.... And if you r all smart enough to figure it out... that is what i am shooting until I get my rifle and gas and stuff.... SO!!!! if u have been patient enough to actually read my life story then i will now tell you... anyone who is hesitant to get this gun should die becuase for all the stuff that comes in this package for 140 bucks is absolutally, no question about it... WORTH IT (Ill update if anything else comes up)
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