UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
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by S. BURGESS Date Added: Friday 24 July, 2009
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
I actually bought this gun in black, but i'm giving it a review in olive drab as well, since it's the same thing.

WOW! I ordered my UTG MK96 on 6/08/09,and got it on 6/16/09.( standard UPS ground shipping from CA).I bought this rifle along with airsoft elite 0.28 gram bbs, and it shoots with amazing accuracy, and is quiet enough to not blow your cover in a ghillie suit.The bolt action is smooth, it can be a little tough at first, you just have to hold the gun to the weight is balanced. It was quick and easy to assemble it, you just had to mount the barrel and bolt mechanism to the stock and foregrip, and tighten the screws.The mags are spring loaded, so they shoot out into your hand instead of fall into it weakly.I was surprised, many people said it was heavy, but it's not bad. A wobbly bipod isn't bad either because you have flexibility when aiming. It's not the bipod that wobbles, it's the picatinny block.I did an accuracy test at about 50 feet away hitting a hand size target, (easy for a sniper) but I had no optics or iron sights. For the price, you get what you pay for, and more than that! Overall rating: 9.5/10- I highly recommend this rifle! =)


Good weight
Smooth bolt action, easy to cock
Amazing range and accuracy
The BB is hard to see after you fire, it's going so fast!
Easy assembly (about 2 minutes until ready to fire)
The bipod is flexible for movement
Comes with 2 magazines (20 rounds each)
Is fun to shoot!
Adjustable cheek rest and butt pad
Top rail that fits any size scope
Great price!


The sling is terrible, but so what it was free.
The hop-up must be adjusted with an allen wrench in the magwell, so you can't really do it during battle.
The mags are a little bit difficult to load, that attachment keeps falling off.
I've put about 200 rounds through it so far, and those are the only minor problems i've had.
by A. LAKE Date Added: Monday 13 July, 2009
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
i got this gun a while ago and i was very pleased with the gun.the only problem i have ever had was that the outter barrel got a little lose but thats a easy fix. its worth the money and its probley the best stock sniper under 200$. and it come with a bipod so thats good i dont use it that much though s i usally keep it off because it adds a extra pound to the gun. the gun is also pretty big its like a little under 4 feet. and another thing it cuz its so long you have to buy higher scope rings if your going to put a scope on.but its worth it, its a very sturdy reliable gun.and i would get .28 bbs.

- fps and range are very good
- sturdy
- good weight
- good camping sniper
- looks great
- od green blends in good (i think)

- my outter barrel got lose
- for some ppl it might be to big but i like it
- if you want to be more of a scout sniper its to big/heavy
but thats really it its a great gun.
by T. LECLAIR verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 25 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
Just got mine 2 days ago and have put about 100 rounds through and so far it has been solid. Great feel, great design. Gets a bit heavy after walking around for a little while though. Weight is a pro and a con with this gun. I know it says it comes with 2 mags that hold 30 rounds but I only counted 25. Maybe it was just me though. As far as performance, the gun is amazing. Just some of the extras it comes with could use a little work.

Solid build
2 mags
Adjustable cheek rest

Weight, but only after walking around for a little while
Strap is pretty cheap
Bipod is loose
Even with the amount of grease on the bolt, still a little tough to pull, but I got used to it.
by N. GOMEZ verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 17 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
i JUST got this gun. i shot about 30 rounds in the backyard. I have an NC star scope on it and its deadly accurate. THIS GUN IS AMAZING. everything about it from its 2 spare mags, to the bipod (although i hear its a piece of crap), its look, feel, and of course speed and accuracy. its a well built sniper that's surprisingly cheap I don't know what else to say! Its just perfect

Extremely accurate
Easy bolt to pull back
Comes with 2 spare mags and a bipod
Heavy (not too heavy, but enough to add to it's realism)
Easy to assemble

Nothing major, YET. I've only had it for a day and its great now
by C. AMBROSETTI Date Added: Tuesday 12 May, 2009
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about 3.5 years now and the gun is still extremly accurate. I am planning to upgrade this gun with an upgraded spring and new tightbore barrel and hop up system and a zero trigger. The bipod is nice i have never had any problems with it.

Very comfortable to use.
Very accurate if used properly can hit 2'x2' target at about 100yards.
Very upgradable compadable with most APS + APS2 parts
Just a really good solid gun

After so long the spring has compressed and the fps has gone down to around 300fps with .25.
Sometimes the mags are hard to get in the gun so you have to take a couple out to make it fit.
When I got the gun there were some scraches on the barrel.
Hop up in very bad spot to adjust.
by G. ROSE Date Added: Friday 03 April, 2009
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
Awesome gun!
Much better than many hgiher priced snipers out there.
mine shoots about 420 with a .28 (which is the weight I recommend).
Great gun for the price!

Good weight, feels good in the hands.
High velocity.
awesome accuracy.
Honestly I like the bipod, it swivels a bit and alot of people don't like that but i find it helps me line up shots without having to move as much.
Good quality, lots of metal parts and high grade plastic body.

The bolt gets loose easily.
I am going to attempt to fix this with a spring and a new screw, i think it will work :).
by A. HEROLD Date Added: Sunday 01 March, 2009
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
This is a really nice gun. I like the color. It is better than the black. I would recommend this gun it is really acurate you should probably get a scope but the shot lines up with the barrel perfectly. The accesories are nice but they aren't that special. This gun also hurts really bad to get shot with. I used .28 gram bbs and I had a heavy winter coat and when I got shot I fell to the ground for a minute because it hurt really bad.

-shoots really fast
-this gun does have a nice balance and it isn't light
-really accurate
-it is pretty big and intimidating
-comes with 2 mags
-you can put a laser sight, flashlight, and bipod on at the same time with the mount.
-not that hard to cock

-bipod sucks. mine fell apart during a war
-mags are hard to load without a speed loader
-sling is a cheap piece of crap
by D. SHAW Date Added: Friday 26 December, 2008
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
This gun was very impressive at first. It is too powerful for games where they are regulating FPS. Though I hope it will slow down after a bit of use.
So far, my accuracy tests have all been good. Everything you get in the package definitely makes it worth it.
The only downside I see to this gun is the magazines. It loads a the end of the foregrip rather than right infront of the trigger like the real one.
Even most high quality airsoft guns load like this. But the body is plasticy and the fact that they left the spot where the real mag loads bare makes it look pretty silly.
I would have been embarassed to take it to a game exept that I was able to cut out a magwell, bought a real M14 mag which is the same cal as most L96s, hacked it up and lodged it in there.
With the help of some epoxy putty I was even able to cut out and fill in in the thumb grooves, then duracoated it a healthy, tactical, non-reflective OD.
Now it looks real.
Total cost of mods with duracoat, probably somewhere around $55 and there was enough duracoat to do two or three more guns.
I did duracoat the barel as well, but only because i had bought some black for a few other guns. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.

Can be modified to look much nicer with a bit of money/work, in my opinion increasing the value by hundreds of dollars.

Good quality scope. I got an NC Star scope as the normal scope was sold out. This is a scope I see sold for real guns as well.

Comes with two mags. While I bought two extras, it's got all you need to to go to a game save for a backup weapon.

Plasticy, bland colored body.
Unrealistic loading.
Poor detail.
None of these cons are a problem since I got my paws on it.

Scope is not quick to adjust. You need to unscrew the covers for the adjustment, then use an allan key to change the virtical and horizontal.
Doesn't really detract from it all that much, but if you are guying this package for the scope, you might want to invest more to get a scope that is more easily adjusted. But only if you're really bent on quick adjustment.
by I. MILLS Date Added: Sunday 15 February, 2009
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
I have only had my rifle for about a week ago, but it is awesome. After the scope was zeroed (Leapers Stealth Rubber Armored Scope), I was able to hit soda cans from over 40 feet way, and due to the high FPS the rounds were literally going into and sometime going out of the can. I let one of my frineds shoot me, and the first time it hit, I had a large pocket of air in the jacket I was wearing so it did not hurt. The second time I got hit, I was jumping all over the place because the air pocket was gone, so the round transfered all its energy directly to my shoulder blade. It gave me a very nice bruise, and that was through a sweat jacket. The only problems I see with the gun are the fact that it does not come with a scope, the bipod, and sling are junk. One more thing that I think is cool, but is also kind of bothersome is the fact that it is spring. This means you have to use the bolt on the gun to cock and shoot every time. It makes it very reallistic, but this also means that the rate of fire is not nearly as high as that of an electric rifle. Overall I am very happy with this gun.

VERY good quality for price
very realistic
very accurate with a good scope
high FPS is nice (as long as you are not the one getting hit)
sturdy construction

rate of fire is slow, so I recomend a backup weapon
Bipod and Sling are toatal junk
gun does not come with scope
by J. HENDERSON verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 01 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Shadow Ops MK96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
This rifle is the best ive ever had.It shoots hard has a nice kick to it and is very accurate.There are a few cons though.Within the first week I shot it and it blew the ornge cap of itself.Also the stand sucks,mine broke and its not that sturdy.One more thing when i got mine it had a ton of cosmetic blemishes it had scratches and dings.Not that big of a problem unless u like ur stuff perfect like me. But all in all i recomend this rifle.

Hard core shooting
comfortable 2 hold

Bad stand - it SUCKS
Lots of Cosmetic blemishes
Sometimes has random firing malfunctions
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