CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
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by L. GRANT verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 12 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This gun is the classic AK. It's full metal, metal internals, real wood, and blow back. The gun is also very accurate, and I was hitting my friends from about 100 feet away no problem. The blow back feature is also really cool and loud. The only cons I have about this gun is that you can't attach a traditional side scope mount (but I found on that worked on Amazon for $15), the gear box can lock up if you shoot too fast in semi-auto, and the battery is in the stock and you have to unscrew the butt plate to get to it. This gun also comes with a metal hi cap, battery, and a charger.

Shoots hard (blasts through foliage)
Blow back
Fire selector is in Russian
Comes with a hi cap, battery, and charger

Gear box can lock up if you shoot too fast in semi-auto
No traditional side scope mount area
Have to unscrew butt plate to get to the battery
I can't use this gun on most public fields because it shoots over the fps limit
by J. SMUCKER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 06 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This is probably the best air soft gun I have ever used. It is sturdy full metal/real wood and pro.

Shoots hard(shot through glass)
blockback is awesome
very energy efficient

shoots hard (not a cqb gun)
a bit noisy
stock is a bit too short
by D. RICKER Date Added: Monday 29 April, 2013
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I got this gun about two months ago and I loved it. It's solid, very high FPS, it's quite accurate and the hop up is insanely easy to use and it works great, the blow back is just plain cool and it provides a little recoil to add the realistic effect, it's all real wood and metal, the magazine holds twice as many bb's as an M4, and the list goes on. The only bad thing I can think of is that the stock can't hold a very big battery (up to a 1600 9.6), but I went through a whole day on one 1400 9.6 and I still had some battery to spare. I did have a big problem though. At the end of one day the gun suddenly stopped firing. Through a long series of events we have determined that it is the gearbox and it is jammed...bad. I didn't abuse it or anything and always kept it clean, it was just one of those things that just happens. Long story short the only fix for it is to buy another gearbox. I don't want to discourage anyone from buying this gun. I've looked everywhere and only seen good things about this gun, I just happen to have the worst of luck.

Blow back seems to be more durable than many other guns & adds recoil
Heavy (like a real AK) with real wood and metal
Very solid
High FPS, easily beats most other guns you'll encounter whether you're on the field or with friends
Very accurate
Very high capacity magazines
+More. Overall a great gun

Doesn't fit a large battery like some guns, but it gets the job done just fine
The paint scratches fairly easily, but that can be good if you want it to look battle hardened
You have to take out two screws in the butt plate every time you change the battery, but that's really not a problem
by D. HOUSER Date Added: Tuesday 19 March, 2013
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
What I say is what I mean.You have to be one hardcore airsofter to really bring this gun to its full potential, and it has A LOT of potential. I busted my ass last summer to get my grubby hands on this thing, and as summer comes ever closer here in America, I'm dawning upon the day I bought this masterpiece one year ago. It is a masterpiece. It is no starters weapon. I live in a forest enviorment, and it makes for some pretty long range airsoft battles, this gun is the equivalent of a sniper rifle, I've picked off enemy snipers with this thing, from a good 100-150 meters away, with Iron Sights. That is impressive. It is real wood. Real Wood. The wood isn't the best quality, but I can't expect them to use oak on this thing, the wood looks beautiful with a thin coat of laquer. This is not a huge problem, but should be noted by the buyer, the top handgaurd (the little wooden piece infront of the rear sight) will most likely come loose. It is because the metal holding it down moves slightly itself, I'nm sure this can be resolved with a small amount of bench work, and some tightening, it would stay still, but I haven't gotten around to it. In the long run, the top handgaurd looseness probably wont effect your ability to dominate your enemy, unless of course you aim your gun like an idiot, in which case you probably shouldn't be on the airsoft field in the first place. Settling that, the interior (gear box, screws, fake rivets, ect.) is full metal, as is the exterior (do I need to explain?). Now, the hop up system is a different story. As is the "blowback" system. Yes I lied, not all of the internals are metal (But 90% of them are). The charging handle is metal, unforunately is made of some cheap sort of aluminum or tin, and for my standards, is a little brittle. DUe to my carelessness, within the first month of owning this beast, I set it up against a wall, is lost balance and landed on the floor, breaking off the charging handle. I kind of miss it to be honest. That is the exterior of the blow back system. The internals consist of two springs, one to rock the charging handle back in place, and one to keep a small lever from jostling about. This is a simple system, as it works off of the internal gears of the gear box, using their spinning motion to set a mechanism to rock a lever forward, pushing the charging handle backward, and then allowing the charging handle to resume its secondary position as a dust cover (God Bless You Mr. Kalashnikov). The system is simple, but its weakness is the amount of "quality" ABS plastic packed into some of the blow back pieces. The hop up system, well, that is pretty much all plastic, the lever is plastic, and sometimes will jostle itself out of place, but luckily, the place is jostles itself into is often the right place, if not, your out of luck. The lever moves an angled piece of plastic up and down in a little box above the barrel, and the chamber, and depending on how low of high this angled piece of plastic is, the bullet will got down or up, or comply perfectly with the laws of physics and go straight. The angled piece makes the BB spin, and the amount of accuracy of the BB compared to the level of the angled piece of placsit can be expressed by this equation: Low Piece of Angled Plastic (LPAP) = More Spin (MS) = BB Goes Up (BBGU), and High Piece of Angled Pastic (HPAP) = Less Spin (LP) = BB Goes Down (BBGD). Understand? Good. The point is, the hop up system is made out of plastic, resulting is an unreliable adjustment to accuracy. Now, for the gear box, I could bore you some more, as I just did, and if you've gotten this far through your jouney, I applaude you, but I wont. Short, Sweet, and To The Point! The gear box is (drum roll please) Full Metal. Thats right, Full Metal! Bushings and all. Now, the piston is not full metal (don't tell CYMA, or Airsoft Megastore I said this), but it is plastic. But plastic in this case is good. Plastic is more flexible torwards the strains that the piston endures, and maximum relaxation, and flexibility of the piston often means more air actually gets into the chamber, thus increasing the FPS, thus increasing the "I can seriously injure my friends, and not look like a complete dick" factor. I've been in the gear box several times, 3-4 times for parts upgrades (gears, springs, ect.) and once to replace a stripped gear (my pal was firing it, and a a wild BB appeared in the chamber, jamming the gun up, and stripping the gear (I blame Crosman)). It isn't easy to open the gearbox, and ot's a billion times harder to put it back together, although a lot easier compared to JG gearboxes, but suggestion: Don't look inside the gearbox if you don't know what you're doing, just trust me OK. That said, I'll go for something more interesting: cosmetics. A wise man once said "If form goes over function, the product is usless" which means, if you put more effort into the looks, rather than the actual goal the oblect is intended to complete, the product will end in disaster. CYMA, such an amazing company, they found the perfect blend of form, and function, then had the two make love. This is the baby. This gun looks beautiful, and powerful. CYMA touched up on authentic details like the "Full Russian" fire selector symbols. Yes, they are in Russian. Legit! The ramp sight in the back is an actual ramp site, It moves! The lever that holds the piston in on the real AK-47 is there too, and it moves! There is notching in the gas piston housing (again, on the real AK-47), and how could I forget, I'm looking at this thing right now. The barrel has heat divets. What the hell is a heat divet? Or heat ring, or whatever? A heat divet/ring/whatever is is system of circular rings around the barrel of the gun. When the gun is fires, heat of course developes in the barrel. The heat divets/rings/whatever disperse the heat, and keep the barrel from getting soft, and "melting away" which, of course is not good for the gun. This feature is commonly not seen on the AK-47. I own an old Norinco AK-47 (more of a 74 variant with the lip on the tip of the barrel) and it doesn't even have heat divets/ring/whatever. The fact that heat divets/rings/whatever are on this gun, an Airsoft Gun, is truely shocking, especially because good money was pain to machine lathe workers for there heat divets/rings/whatever, making them is not cheap by any means. The stock is wood, as expected, and is held on by a two pronged tounge (both bottom and top) the top tounge has 1 screw, and the bottom tounge has 2 screws, making for a tight, stable fit. The gun should come with a barrel cleaning rod, the cleaning rod on this gun is for cosmetic purposes only. It's too short for the barrel, and is a pain in the ass to take out / get back in. The sling hooks are solid. The one in the back seems a little flimst at first, is seems more like a wire, but it is made to highest quality, and has never failed me. The front sling hook is basically just a plate of metal with 2 holes drilled in it; one to latch onto the barrel, and one for a place to put your sling clip, keeping true to the Kalishnakov idea of "Keep It Simple".The trigger is metal, the trigger housing/ trigger gaurd is metal, the magazine catch, which is connected to the trigger gaurd/housing is metal, holding clips in securly. The top cover is metal, and so is the button that holds it in, which is screwed into the gearbox. The rivets are not real, but are cosmetic on the outside, and unknown to most people, the small pit on either side of the gun (just above the magazine) is an indicator of a milled reciever, unlike a stamped reciever which will wear down much faster, just a fun fact to know, and a piece that really adds to the beauty of this gun. The iron sights are just as you'd expect: hard to aim with, but you should get used to it, if not, consider a scope, which requires some machining, but is possible. I think that covers all of it, this thing is beautiful, powerful, and durable all in one. It is a is a call to be heard on the airsoft battlefield.

One last thing: This is not a real AK, you can't shit down the barrel, and call it clean, you have to care for this thing, I'm having electrical problems with this thing as we speak.

- Full Metal exterior (mostly interior)
- Real Wood
- V3 Gearbox is top notch
- Looks good
- Power, durability, beauty

- Loose top handgaurd
- Many plastic pieces in Hopup / Blow Back assembly
- Paint scratches easily (also a Pro if you want to look like a hardened veteran)
- Some screwes will come loose, tighten all screwes that are within immediate accses everytime you charge the battery
by M. RIOUX verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 27 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
To anyone who reads my review, please take the time to read it all.

When I unboxed this gun, I loved right away! The first day, I've tested it to see what it could do or couldn't do. I charged the battery a little, I shot about a hundred BBs and right away I was completely satisfied with this gun. I loved everything about it, from the real wood stock to the tip of the metal barrel (Pretty much the only 2 material you'll find on this gun.). It's really precise, it shoots fast and hard. The weight is incredibly realistic. The sound of the blowback is jaw dropping! There's a really cool and intimidating metal to metal sound when you fire it! You can also put 600 BBs in the high cap mag and shoot enough in a row to provide an excellent covering fire for your team. I've look on the airsoft GI and other airsoft sites for spare parts and you can pretty much replace everything or upgrade everything... You can have all this for a really low price! So, the first day, was a good day!

The second day, I started having trouble with the battery. I've recharged for at least 8 hours but the gun wasn't shooting anymore. It did a clicking sound in the handle (Where the motor is.) but nothing came out. I did some research and it turns out my gears were locked and to unlock your gears, you need a battery with a higher voltage. So I bought 2 of them and the problem went away.

Everything about this gun is awesome! That was only the only annoying part. You will need to get a better battery (9.6V 1600mAh) and I highly recommand that you get a smart charger so you don't burn out your battery.

If you want to buy a gift for someone or for yourself and you're not sure which gun to choose and don't want to spend too much money on it. Buy this gun. If you choose to invest 50 more dollars on it, you'll have a smart charger and 2 9,6V 1600 mAh batteries to shoot all day and safely recharge your batteries without damaging them. (Look for the tenergy batteries and chargers.).

-Shoots hard.
-Shoots fast.
-Weight feels like the real thing. (About 9 pounds with a full clip.).
-Full metal.
-Real wood.
-Blowback (Might be a con for some people because it drains the battery.).
-Everything can be upgraded, every parts can be changed.
-The high cap mag is amazing and feels solid!
-The price is really low for the quality of this gun.
-The sound it maked when you shoot it is REALLY intimidating!

I can't imagine buying a better gun than this one. I was so impressed by this gun that I decided to upgrade the components. Now, it's even better. If it's the first time you buy an airsoft gun, I HIGHLY recommand that you buy this one! It won't let you down.

-The battery and charger that comes with it sucks! You'll need a 9.6V 1600mAh mini battery and a smart charger (Tenergy is cheap and does a great job, plus, you'll increase your rate of fire and the battery lasts about 6 times longer at least.).

-Can't put a large battery in it so you'll probably need to buy more than 1 if you wan't to shoot it all day long.
by S. SALTER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 30 October, 2012
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This gun is vicious in the best way possible. I've used it in three matches so far, and coupled with ample practice around the backyard, I can tell this is probably one of the best AEGs for under $200 period.

Performance wise, unbelievable. FPS is easily in the 400s and anything within 100 yards is within range. Bullet spread at 100ft with .25s is around 6"-8" with mild wind. Using it with the 8.4v battery it comes with is good, but if you pop a 9.6 into it, it turns the gun into a savage.

Aesthetics is a real plus with this gun as well. First off, my choice in this model versus the comparable CM048 was this one's blowback. Some see it only as a novel feature and waste of battery, but when you fire this gun having that bolt flying adds so much life to it. The feeling of the bolt kicking coupled with the firing sound is wonderful. From a distance especially you can tell this gun apart from others from the clink of the blowback running. The real wood is a very cool feature as well. I haven't experienced any cracking or damage from normal use. The body is a matte gunmetal grey and the wood has a semi glossy cherry-like finish.

I only have a few if very trivial complains regarding the gun. The fire selector lever on mine had become wobbliy after some use, but the fix was simple (take the plastic cover off of the joint and tighten the screw underneath). A drawback from having a full wood stock is that it's a challenge fitting batteries in there. A 9.6v barely fits in the stock, however I really can't see why you would want anything larger in it based on how well it does on 9.6. Visually this gun appears rather plain compared to some other AKs on the market that come with a 'weathered' look to them, but if looks really mattered to you I'm sure you could weather this gun to your specs.

Overall, this gun is amazing. Between this and the CM048 it really boils down to if you want the blowback feature or not, but in all honesty the blowback is such an incredible thing to have I would recommend going for this beast.

- Solid and robust construction
- Sturdy real wood stock/foregrip
- Unbelieveably cool blowback feature
- Powerful and accurate
- Pretty cheap compared to guns with similar performance

- Fire selector became loose; however was easy fix
- Battery compartment rather cramped
- Unweathered look might matter depending on your preference
by T. ASH verified buyer Date Added: Monday 11 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I was incredibly impressed as soon as I opened the box. Not to sound weird, but this gun is beautiful. The real wood furniture and the real steel finish is awesome! It has a fairly short charge time compared to other guns, (4 hours) and has an amazingly realistic blowback feature. This gun shoots HARD, and I mean HARD. All of my friends are terrified of this thing because it is extremely painful to be shot with, on bare skin it WILL make you bleed. Overall, this has ought to be one of the greatest AEGs ever to be produced. Good job, Cyma!

It ships incredibly fast, just a few days for me.
Incredible appearance.
Cool, realistic blowback feature.
Hurts BAD getting shot by.
Extremely durable, will not break down. (Just like the real one!)
Exact replica of the real thing.
Great, comfortable feel.

It's kind of heavy, which really isn't a con for me. But for weaker people, this may be a problem.
by B. WITTY Date Added: Tuesday 01 June, 2010
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
For starters ive had this gun for at least 5 months and ive used it in about a dozen wars. My friends all envy this gun..and one of them even bought himself a different model from this series. With FPS over 400, if you get hit by this gun your going to feel it. This gun is full metal and real wood, however there is one plastic peice i know of, the little cap on the selector switch is plastic. The wood is not orange as it appears in the picture, the wood tends to chip if anything gets sanged on it.The blow back is very solid and quick, and makes a distinctive clicking noise when it is fired. This gun is well worth the money and is the closet you can get to the real deal!!

400+ FPS!
Blow back
Real wood and metal
High Cap mag

top hand grip tends to will NOT fall off
Wood tends to chip if a piece of cloth gets snaged on it
by B. WITTY Date Added: Tuesday 20 July, 2010
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
For starters i bought this gun right after christmas and have had it now for about three months. This gun is awsome i love the look of the old school ak 47"s. This gun is full metal and real wood, but a small little cap on the selector switch is plastic but is easily removoed. With an FPS of 400+ thats just a landmark acheivement for any gun. The wood feels really nice, in the picture it looks almost orange, but when you hold it, it is much more brown. The wood however does tend to chip if you get a peice of cloth snagged on it. The bolt of the gun is not plastic it is a very light weight metal like alluminum. All in all this is a great gun and is well worth the money!!!

400+ fps
rarely jams up
full metal and real wood
blow back!

wood tends to chip
top hand gaurd tends to wiggle no big deal tho
by R. DERISO Date Added: Wednesday 06 January, 2010
For: CYMA CM046 AK47 Rifle Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
THIS GUN IS SO GOOD I REALLY LOVE IT! i hope that the uk arms drum magazine i bought now and is shipping will fit . i mgiht use conversion kit and make it an rpk with drum idk i like normal aks better kinda. but it is the best gun in airsoft in my opinion. it is also realistic becasue if u pull the charging handle back on safety it wont go up all the wya which is kidna realistic becasue on the real ak-47 and variants u can not pull the charging handle with the gun on safe

looks exactly liek a real ak-47 my dad said he would shoott me if it didnt have tip on that is how realistic it is we ll he is in secret service so yeah.
good and convient easy to load WAY BETTER THAN MIDCAP and adjustable sites real wood and everything
the mag is a great hi-cap

the battery hole is a virgin battry hole so it is a very tight fit.which is kind of annoying
the wood at the buttplate coems apart a little bit the wood is kinda cheap
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