CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
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by T. LAUREN Date Added: Thursday 12 August, 2010
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I bought my SCAR as soon as they were available. Solid. Modded it slightly, so as not to put the gear box under excessive stress. Used a stronger spring and 6.01 tight bore barrel.... I have since put thousands of BBs through it. I've had it for about two years now, no problems at all, it has worked like a champ. Battery storage is a negative but I've since upgraded to a Lipo without any wire or gear box upgrades... still solid performance and the battery storage negative is resolved.

awesome looks (for those that like that style)
rock solid build
reliable, zero problems
crazy accurate (but I did mod the barrel)
tons of rail space, you can load it up
coolest looking 'nade launcher accessory (by others) it's bad*ss, very intimidating

wiring in folding stock is not the best, you have to pay attention
battery storage is small but can be remedied with a Lipo (just know you will be straining the system)
by J. HARHAI Date Added: Thursday 31 December, 2009
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I love this gun. its a bit pricey but once you get it you wont care. I would recommend getting a holo sight because unlike in MW2 the sights are very very tight making it great for distance shooting not so much if your in a CQC situation. other than that the gun works very very well mine shoots 370 fps with a 9.6v mini.

Looks very nice
came with a good mag
good ROF and FPS with a mini 9.6v
no to heavy (i can shoot it one handed with my arm fully extended and still retain some accuracy)

Battery storage is a pain in the ass
other than that nothing
by C. CLOUGH Date Added: Sunday 03 January, 2010
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
Although i didnt buy this gun from AGI i decided to write a review so you do! this gun is phenomenal, fires very consistantly and very far. i highly recommend this gun to the avid air softer. the main flaw was the stock breaking but if i cant fix it the way its supposed to be nothing a few bolts and some JB weld cant fix, although this will hinder its ability to collapse.

Looks identical to the real one
Great FPS
1lb lighter than the real one (i like realism)
m4 mags are very common.

tappet plates break but they now offer a reinforced one
my stock broke the first game it was used but this was due to me falling down a cliff /:
by K. WHITE Date Added: Friday 04 December, 2009
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I bought this gun because I've loved the look of the scar ever since I played Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter. As most should know, Classic Army was one of the first, if not THE first airsoft company to release the scar. I decided I wanted a new gun for an upcoming OP, The Hunt 2007. I purchased the gun a week after it was officially released. I went to my local airsoft shop to pick it up, I got the 2nd to last one they had. The last one they had was their display. I fired it before I bought it, and it was great. I took it home, sighted in my red dot. This gun was extremely accurate. I shot a soda can about a hundred feet away. I went to a warm up airsoft game about 2 days before my op and it handled beautifully. All my shots went exactly where I wanted them. The gun itself got a lot of attention for being on of the first of its kind out on the field. The day of the op, I got it ready. I didn't fire it in the staging area, because the op wouldn't allow it. I went into the field, saw a couple of enemies, pointed my gun and pulled the trigger. My gun wasn't feeding. I shot several times, Nothing. luckily I had my Classic Army MP5 (one of the most reliable guns that I have owned) to use for the OP. I got home and opened the gear box, (getting the gearbox out is extremely hard) the tappet plate had broken apart. I went to the shop a few weeks later to pick up a new one. They told me they stopped selling the gun because of the problems they kept receiving problems from that gun. Well, I popped the tappet plate in, and the gun worked great. I took it to another game and it worked extremely well. The next day I fired the gun, Nothing happened. I took a look inside, the new tappet plate snapped. I decided I was going to put a weaker spring in. M110 and a new tappet plate. The gun has worked flawlessly since then. I realized that I had the first Gen of the scar, I'm sure problems has been fixed since then.
Bolt screws on and off for placement to the left or right side

Looks (to each his own)
takes m4/m16 magazines
Not the very common m4/m16 style gun on the field
Lots of rail space
New Hop Up design
Good ROF

Battery storage is limited to the adjustable stock
Recommend 8.4, can take a 9.6 but cannot adjust the stock completely
Shooting too hot for some parts to handle (had to replace tappet plate, twice)
Wires are showing when you fold the stock
If not careful you can pinch the wires
Extremely difficult to remove the gearbox
No functioning bolt catch

I give it 2 stars because of the unreliable stock gearbox it had, and the difficulty to get to it. I literally had to pry it out of the lower receiver. cosmetic issues could have been properly addressed. Also I did have a first gen of the gun so it was bound to have issues. It did have great accuracy. I'm not gonna say I hated the gun, because it actually became my primary gun once I fixed the major problems. But as a stock gun I give, 2 stars.
by M. MARYAN Date Added: Wednesday 18 November, 2009
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
CA SCAR Light Airsoft Gun (Tan). I have to say, I really like this weapon system for airsoft. The weapon is built very sturdy, mine shoots at 383 fps, most are at 403 crony varified. They are comfortable to hold steady, they shoot straight and the hop up design is easy to set. The battery fits nicely into the stock, easy install, plenty of room for add ons. Well balanced feel to the weapon makes it my new first choice when it's game time. I have several M4 rifles that now I just want to sell to buy add-ons for my SCAR. This weapon fits my style of shooting, also it doesn't break down. There is one single weak point and that's the folding stock closure clip, it can crack if you slam your rifle but down hard. Very rare occurance, so if you buy an M4, consider yourself a noob and your orders are to buy a SCAR, DBoys, CA, whatever floats your boat, but this is one of the best new options available to smart soldiers who want a good weapon. Just kidding about M4's but I just think it's time is due for a change, at least for myself. A weapon is a weapon, it's best to buy what works well for you. I'd highly recommend the SCAR-L; you will change the corse of the airsoft war! Be a winner.

Smooth operation; people say it's quiet.
Feels comfortable to hold steady.
Great Rate of fire, high feet per second 383 to 403. Out of the box.
Comes with a verticle grip, barrel extention, superb mechbox build.
Lots of room to add items like a scope, laser, light; air conditioning, kitchen sink.
You'll look seriously saavy.
Your opponants will never stick thier heads up.

The folding stock has a weak point; that's it!
You don't have one.
You can't afford one.
Your too young, your parents don't let you play with guns.
You spent your money on an M4 AEG, instead you know now....
You have spent to much time on the sofa, eating cheeseburgers and now your over weight.
Your not as cool as me.
by C. SCHUETTER Date Added: Sunday 10 August, 2008
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
i bought mine used, shot very well, the accuracy is just a tad off not perfect but i bet a new bucking would help that, the guns very solid heavy and comfortable, good rof, with stock motor and large 9.6v with m120 spring shoots 400, i think could shoot harder but that works for my feild i play at.

good looks (oppinon of course) mostly m4 ver 2 compatible, good aftermarket selection
classic army has good gears and internals, i dont care what anybody says.
the hop up chamber on the CA scar is different and is alot more solid than the other scars that have the m4 style hop up.

small battery storage, not many options other than upgrade to the larger boot for custom battery, what i did was conver to m4 style crane stock.

boot stock also appears ugly to some.

not many external upgrades available.
by S. B. Date Added: Friday 09 May, 2008
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
This is one of the best guns I have ever owned. Stock the FPS was good, around 315 ,put an M120 or M130 spring(can't remember which) and it shot fine at about 410-420 fps, didn't need any upgrades. Set it up for LiPo, needs upgrades. The pinion gear on the motor was totally stripped so if you're looking to set it up for LiPo batteries, upgrade all the gears and motor. This gun has great construction although for the rail on the bottom and the screws to remove the stock you do need a metric allen wrench set. The metal used on the upper reciever is flawless, the plastic used for the lower reciever and stock are some of the most durable i've seen. The only two "problems" I can find with this gun and both are on the stock. One is the stock doesn't come out very far and the other is the battery is very hard to put in/remove. You can fix this though with the removal of a screw.

Great construction
Great internals
Sturdy rails and stock
Good stock FPS

Stock doesn't come out far enough
Battery is a pain to put in/remove if you don't remove some little screw.

Over all I give this a 5 out of 5
by J. STEPHENS Date Added: Wednesday 19 December, 2007
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
One of the Classic Army famous! To start off, overall the gun is an incredible purchase and is one of the best guns out there. Don' t be surprised if everyone looks at you in envy.

It replicates the actual FN SCAR-L very nicely. The sights are pretty much exact and has an unbelievable ROF for a stock gun. The 20mm rails on it are perfect and you can put any accesory you have ever wanted on it. The barrel length allows for good accuracy and it will shoot around 300 fps with .25 gram bb's and around 315-320 with .20 gram bb's judging by a rough estimate. The fit is very comfortable and the metal used is top notch.

The weight causes sore arms after serius gameplay and the battery wire hangs out when folding. It would be better if the stock retracted more to fit more specificly to your needs. There is a constant feeding problem with the magazine but experience with airsofting might overcome this. The extremely small battery is a cause for concern.

Lots of money should put into it! I would recommend before accessorizing that you should upgrade this gun ti a higher fps. Also, you should try out the 10.8 battery with the custom stock. The color on the gun works great and it does surpass the VFC SCAR by a longshot. The VFC SCAR looks way better with the items included on purchase, but Classic Army is way more reliable and is the better purchase by far! The gun will live to its expectations and you will dominate the rest!

Four and a half stars!!!
by N. LEW Date Added: Monday 01 October, 2007
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
i'm really turning into a "classic army " believer...they make unblieveable guns!! this SCAR is very accurate! shoot 300-330 fps outta the box! no need to worry about airsoft playground turning you away! it is a very quiet rifle! added a red/green dot scope to it.....also added a mock silencer looks awesome!! only beef i got freaken heavy! only means that it is a WELL made gun! just gotta get used to it! maybe i'll get a vertical grip to help !
by S. DAY Date Added: Friday 28 September, 2007
For: CA MK16 Light AEG Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Have had black for a month. Accurate out of the box! No upgrades and is reliable! Accurate! Acuurate! Accurate! Great rate of fire and easy to use close in, and will reach out ata distance and place them on the money! Solid construction! I use spring loaded mags instead of the stock mags, as I do not like the idea of firing dry! Overall...VERY pleased, and more ergonomic than a M4. I give it a 5 out of 5...and stock sights are well done too. I have a silencer to give it a bit of weight, and have put a longer barrel in it now for additional range. I MAY fire 100 rds in a skirmish, as I treat it like the real thing. I choose my shots, range over CQB, and fire from prone position to ensure accuracy, and to keep my target profile to a min. This is a great AEG if you can spend the money. And upgradeable, or not...stock it rocks.
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