Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
[05991 / M183-A3]
$25.00 $21.25
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by S. GROSS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 October, 2014
verified buyer
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this shotgun after about 6 days of shipping (which wasn't a problem because i ordered on a Wednesday, and i live in NJ.) Im hoping that it was the manufacturer, because when i opened the box, it had looked like it may have been an open box item (which still, isn't a problem). The instructions were kind of crumpled like it had just been carelessly shoved into the box. Also, the gun has some scuffs on it, but still no prob. But on to the quality of the gun. Its ABS plastic from what i can tell. Feels sturdy tho. Stock and pump have a slight wobble, but noting thats deal breaking, especially for $25 +SH. Cocking the gun gives almost a real feel, but kinda stiff in my opinion. Your gonna need a little muscle if your trying to use it in CQB. Hop up isn't the greatest but it gets the job done for a cheap shottie. The iron sights work, but only if you have the stock retracted about 2-3 notches. Out of the box, the gun is fairly accurate, and it hits like a monster truck, literally went through 2 tin pans and a cardboard box stacked together from about 20-25 ft. Some of the shots did spin off to the right, but nothing earth shattering. Overall I'm impressed with the build of this product, as it resembles the M183-A3 pretty spot on. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a inexpensive backup for your backup, or if your AEG runs out of juice, or if you have a friend on the field who doesn't have a gun but wants in on the action.

Decent accuracy for the price range.
Hits hard (350+ FPS)
Solid ABS build
Comes packaged with a 100 rd speed loader
Comes with 4 shells (30 rd cap per shell)

Sling is useless, literally.
Shell holder is useless, only looks cool (Get a shell holding buttcuff, or vest with holder)
Shooting running (as the manual calls it) isn't that great (spray and pray?)
Pump action slightly stiff (could be a problem for the physically inept)
Pump handle and stock has slight wobble.
Stock needs to be retracted to effectively use iron sight.
by K. MCCOLLOM Date Added: Wednesday 30 October, 2013
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this shotgun used from a friend about three years ago, i dont know how long he had it. I had very few problems with it through out the entire time i'v had it. the externals are made of a reliable abs plastic as well as most the internals

It is VERY durable. i have dropped, fallen on, and slammed it against things (not purposefully) and there are no signs of wear so far. 1 exception see cons.
Its Tri-Shot!
Its inexpensive, but not cheaply made.

I have only two cons for this thing.
1. Its pretty inaccurate, but its a shotgun so no big deal.
2. the stock breaks off fairly easily but it is easy to replace.
by S. O`BRIEN Date Added: Sunday 18 August, 2013
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i bought this in the summer of 2010. so after three years of hard core usage I am extremely happy with it.

great quality for price

with you hop up off if you aim down the bb it load will fall out of the barrel
loose stock
by M. BOUDREAU verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 04 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I recently got 2 of these guns for myself and my fiance as our first airsoft guns. Let me start by saying you do get what you pay for with these, but that's not entirely a bad thing. You do get a cheap, all plastic gun prone to feed & magazine problems, but that hardly makes me any less excited to use these.

Out of the box I was impressed that there was this much of a gun for $25 bucks. I wasn't quite expecting a perfectly scale replica because of the price, but that's basically what you are getting. They have a really good weight to them and feel nice when fired. The button to adjust the stock on one of them busted the first time we pressed it, and the "shells" (magazines) get stuck in the mag well on occasion, but are easy enough to pull out. The iron sights are literally flush with the receiver body making them especially difficult to use normally, but sighting along the barrel is easy enough.

Now onto the good stuff. These suckers hurt, and shoot damn straight. They have a hop-up but we didn't even touch ours as they seemed perfectly tuned out to about 50 feet, which is great for where we play. The slide is hard to pull back at first but you get used to is quickly, and you can definitely feel the power in it when you pull.

All around super happy with the buy, wish the stock adjustment hadn't popped off on the one but already played about 4 games with em and have been having a blast. If you're like us and don't have the cash to stretch into the AEG range, this is a great gun to get for personal play. I don't imagine it would compete at field events super well but for 6 friends in the woods it's a great buy.

hard hitting

cheap construction
mags tend to jam
Iron sights are just about useless
by R. KERR verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 20 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
To start I am a casual airsoft player. I started playing airsoft about a year ago and have owned about five airsoft guns. This gun is excellent, not only as a spring gun but also as a value for your money.

The firepower of this gun is excellent. It can leave a sizable dent in a pop-can at about ten yards. It can also make holes in a plastic frosting container at about nine yards.

The accuracy is great and the sight is a great benefit. I can hit a pop-can at ten yards very easily. The only problem is that I have to aim a little low, even when the hop-up is off and I use .2's. (BTW I recommend using .2s or heavier with this gun. With .12s it loses a lot of accuracy.)

The ammo capacity is great with thirty rounds in each shell, and four shells, making for easy access to 120 rounds. The extra shells come in great handy in the middle of a skirmish as reloading is relatively quick. The shells do require a speed-loader however and are difficult to load.

The gun also comes with a cleaning rod and a strap. I haven't had much of an occasion to use either but the strap seems sturdy enough and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the cleaning rod.

The gun has an adjustable stock. There is a button on the side of the stock that must be held down to slide the stock into position. It works but the button can be sticky.

The gun is spring powered so you have to cock it before each shot. The gun is hard to cock (compared to most shotguns) so small children would have trouble cocking it. Most players though should not have a problem.

Over all this is a excellent buy since, other guns I have seen of this quality were about two to three times as expensive. even with the added shipping this is still a great deal. for beginning players who just want to have a skirmish or for the experienced players who need a side arm, this is a great buy. I strongly recommend this gun.

-Excellent firepower at about 350 with .2's (about 370 with .12's)
-Great accuracy
-Excellent ammo capacity (4 shells holding 30 rounds apiece)
-Comes with strap and cleaning rod
-Excellent deal (comparable guns 2x to 3x more expensive.)

-Have to aim a little low
-Stock can be hard to adjust
-Gun is relatively hard to cock
-Shells are difficult to load
by J. LOGUE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is the M183-A3 version of this shotgun, and I am completely satisfied with it. The gun itself comes fully assembled, and is ready to use right out of the box. It comes with a sling, 2 ladder buckles to attach and adjust the sling, a 100 round speedloader, ~100 bbs, and 4-30 round shells. The sling you have to assemble with the ladder buckles, but once you do that it is very nice. As for velocity, it gets about 390-400 fps constantly with .20's. The stock is very solid, and the iron sights are very accurate. Once you get the hop-up adjusted for the range you shoot at, it is awesome. Good for woodland and field, but a bit powerful for CQB. I contacted Airsoft GI about two shells that I got that constantly jammed, and they are sending me replacements, no charge. Overall, Great gun for the price!

Great FPS (~390-400)
Very accurate
Retractable stock
Very real feeling
Speedloader and sling
REALLY inexpensive

Shells that I got weren't the best, 2 constantly jammed
by M. COWAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 10 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is by far the best shotgun I've ever had the pleasure of using. For twenty-five bucks, you can't beat the power and accuracy you get with this beast.

BACKGROUND: Been using TSD .2g bbs, usual fighting range of 5-20 yds.

GREAT muzzle velocity
Can't be beat for $25
Very durable plastic
Metal trigger and magazine gate
Very tactical feel
Adjustable hop-up
Overall beast

Stock is... Not flimsy, but not perfect.
Mags fall out of "mag bag" included with gun.
Jammed up once so far, no problems though.
by J. CHA Date Added: Tuesday 14 December, 2010
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
An AMAZING shotgun. Received mine today from a GI mystery box and am thoroughly pleased. People have mentioned that the stock can be slightly wobbly, but mine on the contrary is very stiff, a pro for me. This is a GREAT shotgun, even better for its price. The exterior is very firm and sturdy, and I have already tested it out in a CQB match. The accuracy for this shotgun is amazing. WELL WORTH ITS PRICE.

4 included shells
Speed Loader
No misfeeds or misfires
Great weight for a beginner

bb's can roll out if the hop up is all the way down. THIS SHOULD NO WAY DETER YOU FROM BUYING. this problem can be solved by simply keeping your hop-up above Ľ on.
by E. OVERLAN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 02 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is truly amazing and the price makes it even better. It shoots hard, far, and surprisingly straight for a cheap spring shotgun. It feels great to hold (comfortable and not too heavy, but still a nice weight). If you need a shotgun and you don't want to spend too much then definitely buy this gun.

-FPS is harder than most spring rifles/shotguns
-Accuracy is amazing with .20g BBs
-The price is ridiculously low
-Weight is perfect
-Adjustable stock makes shooting comfortable
-The shells look awesome and hold enough ammo that you won't burn through it too quickly

-Stock can be a little wobbly (but who really cares?)
-Safety isn't great but gets the job done
-The strap that comes with it is horrible and I threw it away within minutes
by B. FRED Date Added: Saturday 15 May, 2010
For: Gold Arrows Retractable Stock Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
There isn't really much in this review that hasn't already been said by other people, but I'm just writing this to emphasize that you really oughta get this gun.

First of all, whenever I find some sort of shortcoming with this gun, I always remember that it cost $25. When I think of that, all shortcomings pale in comparison to the bang-for-your-buck factor.

The range is quite simply amazing. It outdistances all AEGs I've seen (G&G, Echo 1, even the G4). I really wish I could give a number, but I'm really bad at gauging distances. It's no sniper, obviously, but you could almost use it for that. FPS wise, I have no idea. It's definitely at least 350, but I don't have a chrono, and Airsoft GI didn't send me a chrono slip with the gun (grrrr...). I have yet to try the poor man's chrono test (shoot bottom of soda can; if it punctures, FPS _ 380).

The construction of the gun is solid. Naturally, the only metal parts are the trigger and magazine trap door. The rest is just ABS. Nothing really special, but it's pretty well put together.

The hop up works just fine; no problems like what another reviewer noted. The gun also has a few interesting features. First, if you don't pump it all the way, pulling the trigger does nothing. Second, once you've pumped it, you can't cock it again, unless you're holding the trigger down, and then you're slam firing.

I do have a few gripes. The stock is pretty stiff to adjust, as well as have a pretty big wobble. The (plastic) iron sights are really low, which is good, I guess, but unless you have the stock out a ways, you can't see through the sights. This doesn't really bother me though, cuz I rarely use the sights, and anyway, I keep the stock out far enough to see through. One really weird quirk is when you're slam firing (or "running shooting", as the manual puts it), the bbs go flying way, way up, way higher than usual, however you may have the hop up set. I can't imagine for the life of me what causes this. The shell holder (or "bullet bag" as the manual puts it) is useless, because if it's upside down, the shells just fall out. This could be fixed with tape or someting, but I haven't bothered. It also blocks the iron sights, but again, no biggie. The safety can get kinda whacked if you push it in too far; when I got it, it came whacked, but it was able to be fixed. The sling is hard to figure out, but fortunately, my dad could put it on easily enough. I'm not gonna bet much that it's gonna last very long, either.

BUT, besides, the minor (emphasis on MINOR) inconveniences, this is a wicked gun, and for $25 it's crazy good. Plus, you get four shells (30 rounds each times 4 = 120 rounds), a speed loader, a sling and a ramrod. Overall, total sickness.

P.S. I don't quite know what this says about the gun, but I was cleaning the barrel with the ramrod, and it got stuck. I tried pulling it out, but the darned thing broke off. I was sitting around, despondently dry firing it, and the broken piece shot out! The performance of the gun hasn't been compromised at all, interestingly. Crappy ramrod.

Really, really cheap
Comes with a bunch of stuff
Long range
High FPS
Good enough construction (for $25)
Interesting safety features

Stock wobble, stock stiffness
Useless shell holder
Slam firing is useless
Flimsy safety
Funky sling
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