KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by K. NELSON Date Added: Saturday 16 March, 2013
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is my favorite GBB. I have had it jam once but that was only because I was messing around and holding it sideways or something like that. I pretty much only use the stock when im firing on semi for accuracy (which is pretty much never). This gun can go through a single clip in about 3 seconds so make sure to buy some extra.

*Fires at about 350 FPS!
*Has an astonishing 1000 RPM!
*Uses KWA's NS2 system so it is pretty conservative with green gas.
*I don't use one but it has a threaded barrel so you can put on a suppressor.
*It has a plastic (I would assume ABS) frame so it is pretty light weight other than its heavy full metal mag.

*I have yet to buy a spare mag. but make sure to get one because like I said, it only takes about 3 seconds to empty a clip on the full automatic setting.
by S. SCHLEDER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 08 March, 2011
verified buyer
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun and have played with it in a scenario and regular match day about 50 days after receiving it. It has a polymer upper and lower receiver, but almost everything else is metal. The parts that are plastic need to be plastic for durability purposes (plastic on metal instead of metal on metal). It performs admirably on the field and I get complements about it every time I shoot. It can unload the 48 round magazine on full auto in almost 1.5 seconds. On full auto, the gas efficiency is good enough to get the mag empty. On semi, you should get around 75-96 shots. It has only jammed on me once, but that was because my double stacking skills weren't the best yet. Make sure you double stack properly and don't bother firing if you notice you didn't. It will either jam or double feed when it reaches the problem spot. The maximum range is about 125 feet, while its effective range is around 100 feet. I read it was quite high maintenance, but I haven't had any problems and I run it on propane. It's easy to disassemble and clean up so even a beginner can work on it. I played with it all day during a scenario that it rained on and the gun was barely dirty inside (fired about 6 mags of ammo through it) with no jams. Overall, it was well worth the money since good gas pistols are similarly priced and it outperforms them in most aspects.

-ROF with propane is around 28 rps
-Crisp recoil
-Small and maneuverable
-Great FPS (348 w/ .2g w/ green gas)
-It has a stock

-Mag requires PERFECT double stack
-Heavy (the mag weighs as much as the gun)
-Wire stock is uncomfortable and is nearly useless
-Iron sights are terrible, but that isn't due to KWA
by D. FORTIER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 19 January, 2011
verified buyer
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i recieved this gun about 1 month ago and i waited till i used it in a few games to write a review, so here it is: the build of this gun is remarkable, it has a plastic lower reciever and a metal uppper recievrer (at least it feels like it). the plastic used is a good solid plastic and this is certainly the touchest mac 11 youll find on the market. now for performance. when i first got it i played with it a bit and i loaded some propane into the mag and started shooting, however after every round i fired the bolt got stuck. this put a big frown on my face. i looked up how to disassemble it on youtube which i found very simple. the i sprayed it down with a ton of silicone and that solved that problem. i also found that u should put a few extra drops of silicone in if u use propane. this thing is like a broad when it comes to matainence but its performance is outstanding. every review i saw commented on its rate of fire, wich i will add, is fanominal. a trained finger should have no problem loosing off accurate bursts. the triger pull is very crisp and the sound it makes is absolutly gorgeous. the new ns2 system is great on gas and if used on semi, you should have no problem getting 2 mags on one fill. i bought a spare mag for it which is very nice and i also attached a QD 1 point sling piece on the front which acts as a foregrip when you detach the slig, i highly recomend this. this wouldnt fit in a holster however unless maybe u take the stock off and have a big enough holster. all in all id reccomend this gun to anyone, kwa makes a fine weapon and this is no exception

-fire rate
-durable (not as solid as the kmp9, but still as solid as you can get for a mac 11)
-looks great, im in the process of making a real suppressor for it
-superb sound
-all around great cqb weapon and secondary alike

-only recomend to players that tke good care of their guns and know how to maintain them
by E. FAUST verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 07 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a really fun gun to shoot, and I'm very glad I bought it. It's the most fun I've ever had using an airsoft gun, and whenever I test it before a match, people come running to watch or try. When I use it in a match, people still run, except now they're running away.
I think everyone that wants to buy this already knows about the rate of fire, so I'll just skip that.
The construction is well done with a mixture of polymers and metals. Fairly impact resistant

With gas power also comes the need for maintenance.
You always need silicone on hand, as well as use green gas/propane mixed with silicone. Do not forget either! This gun will not work well unless it has extra silicone AND silicone in whatever gas it's using.
You should disassemble and clean your gun after every day of playing to make sure to remove sand and dirt. If possible, check that the magazine is clean before you put it in the gun. My gun doesn't lock the bolt anymore because there was a tiny bit of stuff on the magazine bb pusher.
The magazines are fussy and often have problems. The gas intake valve o ring is missing on one magazine, and the other fell apart internally. Both were fixable, but expect maintenance and repair.

Accuracy is sub par, but that is to be expected. It is less accurate than a similarly priced handgun.

Even with problems, this is definitely a fun buy. These problems will happen with any gun with this kind of rate of fire and design, it's not a KWA/KSC manufacturing fault.

-RoF (Will empty mag in 2-3 seconds)
-Feels good and sturdy
-Good gas usage for what it is. A magazine will generally empty all of its shots on fully auto. Even more if you do semi.

-High Maintenance, for experienced players
-RoF (Will empty mag in 2-3 seconds)
-Expensive Magazines/only ~40 rounds
by J. NEWLAND Date Added: Saturday 18 September, 2010
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun because of the fact that the mag holds 50 rounds, has an insane ROF and I thought it might be remotely accurate. It is just barely accurate enough for me, but the fact it holds 50 rounds, and the rof is 25 a second it more than makes up for the fact. The gun is all plastic except for the internals, selector switch, charging handle and stock. I have yet to be able to take it apart because of the fact the pin is really really snug. It has two pins and the outer most came slightly bent inwards so i didn't latch on perfectly but i heated it up a little and bent it back out ( the outer pin is plastic but from what i can tell the inner one is metal)

50 round Mag
Threaded barrel
removable stock
insane rate of fire
light weight

Alot smaller than i expected but still fine
all plastic (but good plastic)
Inaccurate as balls
non removable red tip (but it is small
Mag jams if you don't get a perfect double stack
Mag doesn't hold a full thing of gas, but NEVER LEAKS (I do use cheapo green gas though)

All in All:
I Wish this gun could be more accurate and hold a better charge of gas
but besides all of the cons it is still a 4 star gun
by J. HOKE Date Added: Friday 06 August, 2010
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this gun is 1 of the voolest airsoft guns i have ever owned. it feels and looks realilistic and the rof is very much like the real thing. the upper recivor of the gun is metal and the lower is plastic( good plastic) the iron sights are plastic which bothers me but i mean you don't really need them with this gun since you are spittign our 30 bbs per sec into the air. i purchased this gun mainly because i bought the sr12 and needed a good cheap gun for cqb and this 1 fits that exsactly. it is small enough that i can run normally and keep a good speed. the blowback is cool and it actually makes the gun have some kick 2 it. the mag is nice at holding 50 rnds but id advise bying 2 or 3 more if your going to use this as a primary.

insane rof
mags hold alot of ammo

stock sux
iron sights are plastic
mags are $40
by B. MILLER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Small and sleek, the M11 is a gun that utilizes all its potential. Though the gun is ideal for CQB, its size makes it extremely effective for vehicles as well, and while it can be used in the field, a tightbore barrel is recommended. This gun is your friend, your BB spewing friend, its ROF beats down just about every other gun out there, and KWA did a fine job on this gun. The frame is solid, though the grip has a little flex to it, its not noticeable and probably wont affect anything. This gun is for its size, quite heavy, and surprisingly, has a bit of kick to it! The only thing that wasnt amazingly solid was the stock, while folded its fine but once extended it wobbles up and down slightly. The sites are brutally simple to use, but dont expect to hit much, accuracy is OK, i expected better accuracy but i probably just need heavier BBs. The ROF is the best part though, 28 rps, wow, burst fire is highly recommended, as one small pull of the trigger releases a good 6 shots or so. The M11 is a great sidearm for snipers or a primary in CQB, it can hold its own agaisnt AEGs and with it being so loud, scares off people as well. I bought 2 extra mags with mine, and while expensive, it makes the gun even more effective in combat. The OE Tech triple SMG pouch that ASGI sells fits these mags perfectly, just adjust the strips and slap the pouch onto your rig or belt and youre good to go!

Great ROF
FUN to use!
Decent price
Definite improvement over late model

FPS too high for local CQB without an NPAS
Accuracy is similar to a standard pistol
Gas whore
Needs more than a single mag
by J. CARVER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 04 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Buy two they're cool!!!
Really, really fun gun to use close up. I chrono'ed mine at upwards of 35 rps outta the box... I use this as a backup to my KWA SR10 (yes I'm a KWA fanboy). Every time I have pulled it in the field, I get a kill. What else can I say THIS THING IS RIDICULOUS!!!
Only two bad things. Extra mags are hard to find, so use a dummy chord so you don't lose yours. Speed loaders basically do not work on this gun, so loading the mag is a bit excruciating. You have to lace the double stack just right or the thing will jam on you

ROF is insane
Fits in the crossdraw holster that came with my tac-vest
Makes a noise that will scare the bejesus out of people

Hard to find mags
Finicky mag that is a pain to load just right.
by L. PURPURA verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 05 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
KWA M11a1 as everyone has already said is RIDICULOUSLY fast, and there exists mods that can make it even faster. If your interested search around for something call the "coin mod". Though I'm no doubt sure this places way to much stress on the body and will cause it to wear out quickly. For a GBB the gun is fairly accurate, I've some killed racked up with it at a good 50 feet +; though naturally the gun is best suited for close quarters combat.

While fast with a disciplined trigger finger one can make those mags last; I bought a second mag with my gun which also helped with my longevity in combat. While blowing through an entire mag at once does serve to scare your opponents in a dark room, burst fire is definitely an effective means of clearing rooms. I wouldn't recommend this a primary but rather a back up, or just a fun side arm. It is a tad heavy compared to most side arms, but how many side arms are full auto!?

As a note this gun definitely out shoots the KWA 93R which I also purchased, and I find a lot easier to carry. It's shape and size makes it easy to fit in most pouches, but there are M11a1 holsters available; some cheap (UTG) and some far more expensive. Initially I carried it (no mag) in a simple Alice pouch, I've since bought a thigh rig for it and that seems to work fine... though being heavy it can be a bit awkward to run with.

The gun isn't as solid as I'd like it to be, the bottom half of it being a plastic shell that holds the trigger mechanisms and so forth. Essentially the gun can split in half (as you can clearly see in the picture) the upper half which house the bolt is metal the lower half (in which the upper half sits) is plastic. Plastics sadly with internals that move as fast and as violently as this gun does isn't the best idea. Also the rear sight is plastic, the front is metal. With proper care this shouldn't be a problem, but some of us play rougher then others, and a durable gun is important. The mags are also very temperamental and need to be lubricated (as well as the gun) often.

Ultimately, I would say for it's price the gun is certainly a nice addition to a collection or a semi practical side arm for skirmishing. If you have a disciplined trigger finger and you're looking to scare people facing you in a room, this isn't a bad choice. The gun is accurate enough so it can definitely hold it's own in a fire fight provided you don't mag dump in the first 15 seconds. I've used the weapon several times in "panic" situations, fleeing from a room, or keeping an opponents face down so I could move. Remember this gun is a BACK UP not a good primary. Though that may seem obvious I can't begin to tell you how many people have marveled at it wondering if they could use that in place of an AEG.

As a last point, I've damaged mine pretty thoroughly, cracked plastics and the works... and the position has come up whether I should get a new one or not. In this case I already have an AEG and 1911, and I manage to find use or situations where I wish I had the means to clear a room quickly nearly every game. So I will be purchasing a second one to replace the first, and I will be a bit more careful with this one... if that adds any credence to your decision.


Scare factor, your opponent will duck behind cover if they hear this go off near them; probably to your advantage

mags are large, which helps compensate for the near lightning speed this gun can cycle them

the receiver is metal, which is a nice plus considering the abuse it takes

the gun is impeccable simple to take down, and while it requires a lot of lubrication, getting to it's internals is cake.

Plastic lower half and rear sights... as a more abusive player my rear sight cracked off with in two games, and the shear force of the internal slide slamming back and forth has caused some cracks to appear in the rear of the gun (I'm beginning to worry it may come apart and give me a fat lip) '

as mentioned above parts of the gun are entirely too fragile

gas whore; but this should of been obvious

mags are definitely expensive

most of my cons would be durability; aside from that it's main down fall is it's weight balance... but the gun is so unique in both shape and design it's unavoidable.
by J. HAMMER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 21 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA M11A1 NS2 SMG GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is the perfect fun gun. High fps and rof. I use this as my secondary and cqb primary, i have a leg holster and an extra mag (MUCH NEEDED) this thing has more then helped me in situations. But on an interesting note this gun takes heavy bbs very well. Idk why but i put some madbull .4s in it and this things is shooting far and hard.

VERY small
perfect fps(my sheet thing said 350)
high rof
cqb or sidearm
gun takes heavy bbs very well

mags are $43
48 round mag with 28 rps..... you do the math
needs a good owner to take care of it
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