Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
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by P. ELVIN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 22 August, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
This is a fantastic weapon!! It works great for my primary and even a secondary! It has a good weight to then gun and it is overall just a fun thing to shoot!!

and everything about it

sometimes uncomfortable to hold at the back part of your hand without gloves.
thats it
by J. MCSWEENEY Date Added: Monday 19 August, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
Amazing GBB, outstanding PDW

The KWA MP7A1 licensed by Umarex is an all around outstanding GBB. I own 4 other GBBs, and in every way they cannot reach the tier of this GBB. KWA has never failed to impress and this gun is no exception.

It is very versatile, and within minute or two, you can swap the bolt assemblies depending on your mission. The standard bolt for field or the CQB bolt for close quarters and MOUT situations. Compact, and dead accurate, even with no hop-up adjustments. Every thing on this gun is ambidextrous, so no need to get too in depth with that. Magazines hold a lot of gas, and will last you a long while until you need to refill.

However they are expensive. The iron sights are amazing and offer pistol-style, white Mil-Dot marked sights, and rifle-style sights. The sling mounting points are too small for most slings, but a keyring will work.

For mine, I've removed the folding foregrip via wheel dremel and added an FMA MP7 rail and MagPul RVG. I've removed the standard flash hider and added a UFC mock suppressor that is filled with foam, to help reduce the absolute loudness of this gun. And of course, I've added a replica, Chinese-made 551 EOTech on the optic rail.

-Rail space for attachments.
-Folding foregrip
-Collapsable stock
-Ambidextrous on everything
-Charging handle is nice
-Bolt release works fine but is backwards from the real thing(more on that in the cons)
-Versatile with its bolt assemblies
-Outshoots those Chinese clone AEGs anyday

-Much smaller than the real MP7
-Bolt release is backwards from how it should be
-I had to sell one of my organs to science to get this gun, the CQB bolt, and a spare mag just to use it
-Hop-up sucks, but that doesn't matter for I play indoors in a CQB environment

The pros far outweigh the cons, like many other KWAs. Excellent GBB, but if you want to use this gun right away in CQB, be prepared to sell one of your organs to science. (I sold my gallbladder)
by L. TIDWELL Date Added: Saturday 29 June, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
Well, I honestly loved this gun. I bought it at Academy Sports and Outdoors for $70.00, and bought .25g bbs to use with it. I was VERY impressed with this gun, and used it in several backyard outings at different friend's houses and such. It was a favorite of all of my friends at those outings, which made it possible for me to use different assault rifles and even a few sniper rifles in several games. Sadly to say, the firing piston has 100% siezed up. I loved this gun, and I have thrashed on this gun for about a total of 10 hours, and it still is jammed. Even with all my tools and tricks up my sleeves, nothing has fixed it. I've called Academy's customer service several different times, and they claim the don't sell airsoft guns! But hopefully, if I don't fix it on my own, I will take it either to a friend who might have the correct tools to fix it, or the local gunsmith who also services airsoft guns. I honestly reccomend this gun to ANYONE, including PROS. This gun is awesome in CQB, and with the hop-up on and the flip up sights up, this also works as a low-mid range assault rifle. I honestly think that the .25g bullets were a mistake, so get .20g bullets.

Awesome kick
Fast rate of fire
Magazine hold a good amount of bbs

Firing piston will sometimes freeze up, sometimes like mine, permanently
fires about 15 or 20 rounds, then has to be wound up.
by D. PERKINS Date Added: Wednesday 05 December, 2012
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
I`ve had this gun for 2 weeks now and i must say, this is the best gbb i`ve ever had . it totaly trolls the battlefield shooting at 420 fps and 20 bbs a sec. got some noob tuber that thinks he`s on top of the world, sneak up behind him and empty yo mag into his FACE! or if your not as sadistic as me, just use the sliding stock and flip up sights for a long rang shot. this is also a very heavy weapon, excelent for pistol whipping. by the way, this thing totally pwns!



H and K licensed!

transforms from a machine pistol to a SMG!

3 rails!

flip up sights and sliding stock!

bolt catch!

full metal!

folding fore grip!

metal flash hider!


noob killa!

48 rd mag, 2 more and it`d be 50

orange flash hider

not very good rang in mw3

$255. why not 250?
by A. ARMETTA Date Added: Thursday 13 December, 2012
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
A Great gas gun has a great sound recommended for cqb

great feeling when shooting
amazing replica
has the grip ans stock

Mags are too exspencive 50 bucks each
mags break too easily
by J. ESPINOSA verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 24 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
This GBB SMG is a work of art, kwa has nearly perfected its work in this gun, but like all great guns they do have their flaws. It fires at a hot 400+ fps, ranging from 400 to 420 depending on the environment, so if the ref at an outdoor field is nice enough he'll let you pass the chrono. For being a CQB weapon it fires way too hot for indoors, but that's what the cqb bolt is for, and it works amazingly bringing it to cqb legal standards. Some of the flaws of this gun is mostly in the magazines, since they're cold green gas they do lose momentum in the rate of fire if it the shooting is constant. But overall this gun has been built to near perfection, 5 out of 5.

I look forward to keeping this as my primary for many games to come!

Very sturdy build
High rate of fire
Excellent accuracy
Great FIELD FPS (400 - 420+ FPS)
Very customizable

Hot for CQB (Low Power Bolt Needed $35)
Expensive Magazines, recommend 3 or 4 for better efficiency.
by W. MANNINEN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 18 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
amazing gun. i recomend this gun to pros and beginners. it is easy to use and it performs very well. very good fps for field play. you will have to buy a low power bolt for you to play at a cqb game. all rails are metal.

mostly metal
49 round mag
great sights
good fps
love the fore grip
looks amazing
does not eat up all the gas

mags are expensive (if you can find them)
have to buy a low power bolt for cqb
by D. TRUSSEL Date Added: Sunday 12 May, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
Spectacular gun! This gun one of the best guns available for CQB. The blowback is crisp and smooth, with a very loud sound when shot. The FPS is good for my local fields, but if you need to get it under 350, you'll need to buy the low power bolt. My only complaints are that mags are REALLY hard to get a hold of and that the stock is a little long for someone wearing a tactical vest. Remember to only use green gas, as propane can easily damage your gun without frequent maintenance.

-Rails on both sides (unlike the KMP9)
-Foldable grip
-Adjustable stock
-Nice weight
-Crisp, smooth bolt operation
-Iron sights can be pistol or rifle style
-Full auto is FAST

-Mag availability
-Stock position is a little long/awkward
by K. ICHIGO Date Added: Monday 26 November, 2012
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
I regret buying this gun. The KWA MP7 did not perform as well as I think. This only comes with ONE magazine, which won’t do you any good without another one. I, apparently, bought it as a shocker, so I cannot return the gun.

First look: The gun came in a “HK No Compromise” box. The box was ok, but the gun was not. The first thing that broke was the folding handle, within 5 minutes of opening the box. I folded the handle out after reading the instructions manual, and I heard a *snap*. A piece from the handle flew out, making the handle unusable. I did not apply immense pressure on it, yet it broke like it was made of cheap plastic. I expected better from KWA. Then I thought ok, maybe the gun can shoot just fine. No it didn’t.

Firing test: Used .23 gram bbs, About 75 degrees Fahrenheit using new can of green gas by king arms. Filled the magazine with gas, loaded the bbs, and pulled the bolt. About halfway through the mag, it stopped firing. To my horror, the gun had jammed with 4 bbs in the chamber. I’m like, “WTF??? How da hell did this happened?” I cleared the chamber and continued firing the rest of the mag. This did not occur only once. It jammed almost every other time I shot. I cannot have a weapon that jams and use it on the battlefield.

Firing report: The gun was not accurate even at 50 feet. Even my WE Hi-Capa 5.1 Dragon can do better than that. All the bbs hit the 8 in target though, although they were not accurate to hit even close to the middle even after various sight adjustments (and hop up) This gun also eats a lot of gas. Shooting 6 mags and 1/5 of my can was already gone. I shot over 100 mags with my WE Hi-Capa and it took 2 years before one bottle was drained. Big disappointment.

Appearance: The body is pretty nice, especially the extendable stock. It was made of plastic with metal rails. The magazine is a little hard to pull out, but it gets looser as you use the gun more.

Overall ratings:
Accuracy: 4/10
Range: 1/10
Reliability: 2/10
Appearance: 8/10

As I said before, I cannot return this gun. I do believe Airsoft GI sent me a defective one. I will contact them to see what I can do about it. As for now, the gun is not reliable, and I do not dare to bring it on the battlefield.

-The body of the gun is really firm.
-Gives a nice kick (con for some)
-Good flip up sights for CQB or Field, but at this state the MP7 cannot be used even for CQB because of the lack of range.

-Handle is flimsy and will break easily.
-Too heavy for a secondary.
-I guess shockers are defective products that they are selling for lower prices then...
by D. LAMPERT Date Added: Wednesday 21 November, 2012
For: Elite Force H&K MP7 GBB Airsoft Gun by KWA (Black)
Product Information:
I got this when it was in the shockers section. This gun is really nice and functions very well. However I have not seen the full potential of this gun since it is about 40 degrees right now where I live. Even then the gun still functions to a degree. However my bigest concern with this gun is the stock. It is very uncomfortable. The magazine also sticks when you first get it. Mine also did not come with a parts diagram or a bottle of silicon oil (its crap but still just in case you're out). The parts diagram would be helpful when taking apart the thing but I will always have the internet for that.

Internals are about as good as they come nowadays
Can be swapped into an smg from a pistol very quickly
easy to use from either hand
mag cap
works in sorta cold weather.

When using it as a pistol, the pistol grip will feel off. when you are shooting it, it may seem as though you are aiming too high
stock is uncomfortable but gets the job done
fps may be high(my limit is 400 so no problems for me)
no parts diagram
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