WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by Z. STOOTS Date Added: Wednesday 10 September, 2014
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Purchased this expecting a reliable side arm due to good reviews and was very disappointed.

-After about a day of use the slide began to seize so badly that I could not fire more than 3 or 4 shots without the gun failing.

++The problem was that a rubber gasket had been dislodged from its correct place inside the receiver somehow and was jamming the slide. I took it apart and fixed it and the gun worked fine for a few days

-Next the the inner barrel broke away from the outer barrel inside the slide and this obviously causes the gun to jam after every shot naturally rendering it unusable.
++The problem here is poor design.
The piece that holds the inner barrel to the outer barrel is made of a brittle plastic that appears to have shattered under normal use (When I took the gun apart to find out why it was jamming little plastic bits fell out of it and the screw that holds it in was floating around.) The piece (WE 1911 / Hi-capa Series Airsoft GBB Pistol Part #71 - Hopup Part #71) was missing so you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened here. I did not drop it or handle it roughly. I was using it normally and eventually it seized. I unjammed it and it seized again as a result of this problem.

When it was working I noticed that it did not perform well at all under sustained fire. Firing more than a clip successively would render the gun useless until it rested (warmed up a bit) as the firing pin would stick and expel all of the gas from your magazine from one pull of the trigger. This problem I could overlook and just fired more conservatively if the gun hadn't completely failed on me due to a 10 cent piece of plastic that could have been made of metal for a few extra bucks.

Overall it was nice while it worked. It kicked hard and fired accurately, while it worked.
So if you're looking for a gun you can have some fun with and open up shooting at cans or whatever, this is definitely not the gun for you.
Also if you're looking for a gun that won't fall apart this probably isn't the gun for you either.

Kicks hard
*This section requires 30 characters too bad there aren't enough good things to say about this gun.*

Not metal where it counts so it broke.
Firing pin sticks and expels all the gas from your mags from 1 shot after extended use
The weapons basically disintegrates after about a week.
Leaky mags that also fall apart (Bottom falls out)
by A. COLOMA verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 02 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun a year or two ago and loved it. It is in fact full metal and feels great in the hand. I saw a review where the guy said the slide was plastic which is obviously wrong, I don't know what that guy was on but the slide doesn't feel anything like plastic. The gun was great at first but isn't incredibly sturdy, the recoil spring could be a lot stiffer. The left handed safety broke two days in which kinda sucks even though I'm right handed, the right handed safety still works though. I took it apart after the safety broke and found out the left handed safety switch works by turning the right handed switch using a tiny male to female triangle piece made of terribly cheap metal. The gun is pretty accurate for a $90 gun. The wheel you use to adjust the hop up is loose so it goes back after a few shots which I hate, I fixed the problem by taking apart the hop up wheel and putting it back together with a piece of paper to keep it tight. I now cannot adjust the hop up without taking it apart. I love the grip and sights but they need to change that safety and hop up.

Full metal. Accurate. Feels great in hand. Easy to clean and field strip.

Left handed safety broke. Screws come loose easily. Not exactly sturdy. Cheap metal.
by J. PINERO verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 29 June, 2013
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun was supposedly full metal. It isn't it has a plastic slide with metal parts. It pissed me off to learn I was supposed to get a Full metal gun but instead I got a half plastic half metal. The gun doesn't hold BB"s when pointed down. The trigger was supposed to be metal and it is flimsy lightweight plastic. I love the gun and the kick and sound it makes. I love the look but I wish it was a bit better and was ACTUALLY METAL!!!

- Shoots well
- Retains a lot of gas
- The rubber grip feels awesome
- The orange tip is removable
- The kick

- The gun jams... Alot no matter how much Lubrication!
- The trigger is plastic
- Slide is plastic
- Magazine catch sometimes doesn't hold the magazine 9easily fixed by screwing the magazine release tighter)
- The weight is more distributed to the back of the slide sometimes not allowing the slide to go back
- The hammer gets stuck not allowing the slide to go forward all the way
by J. CRAFT verified buyer Date Added: Monday 25 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So, I got this pistol not even a few months ago, and have only shot it like 5 times, just in target practice, not even in a battle. So one day I went to go strip it and clean it so I pulled the slide back and a piece from the inside just "Popped" out. You can t even tell how angry I am

-Sick looking
-Realistic Actions

Wobbly barrel
paint scratches easily
Broke not even 2 months of having it
No trade marks
by J. PINERO verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 28 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun was a disappointment at first when I found out it wasn't of full metal design. The Slide and inner barrel are plastic. But once I got to use the gun it was great. It shoots nice and loud and it isn't a gas guzzler. At first my troubles were that it didn't have a bb lock in it so when I aimed down the bb fell out (since when does anyone aim down anyway?) Other than that the gun has a nice weight to it and when shooting cans when I was bored it made a lot of dents and one small hole.

- Nice weight
- Awesome Look
- Easy to use
- Nice sights
- Long Gun
- Mostly metal
- Rubber grip
- Comes with X2 mags!!!!! :D

- Plastic Slide and inner barrel (not really noticeable)
- Doesn't come lubed! Make sure to lube before firing unlike my idiot self!
- The slide gets stuck on the hammer (push down the hammer farther to get the slide un stuck not really a problem never did it while I was actually playing)
- Mag Release is to far.
by A. JONES verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 31 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Had this gun over 2 weeks and started to completely fall apart very disopointed

It shoots okay, but thats all I have to say about this gun

This gun is not well made I bought it and was disapointed that after 2 weeks of use the inner barrel broke off, the magazines are not well put together either. The magazines will leak your gas. overall I dont really think WE is a all round good company. My friend also bought the Desert Operation WE M1911 and had all the same problems I did so I dont think its just me.
by D. OPENSHAW verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 24 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well this is my first gas blowback and I cannot be more happy with it,so first right out of the box there are two mags!it shoots aroung 318fps.Its full metal around four pounds and is exactly like the real deal.and for a great price at 85 bucks well worth the money

2 mags
full metal
good fps
its a m1911!
four pounds
threaded barrel

four pounds
cannot take the orange tip off
by J. MAZZUR verified buyer Date Added: Friday 13 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Very nice blowback handgun. The finish looks very nice, but comes off very easily. Mine came with a threaded outer barrel for mock suppressors, which i didn't expect. The only annoying thing about this handgun is that the magazine release and slide release are kind of hard to reach, but i have small hands. This gun is so nice, and I love this GBB so much, I'm probably going to go buy a GBBR from WE and totally forget about AEG's. *(COUGH GI Needs to get the WE RDW)* Anyway, for a $115 sidearm, this gun really can't be beat in value.

Nice Matte Finish
Night Sights
Threaded Outer Barrel
Lanyard Loop
Serrated Trigger
Rubberized Grip
Propane Adaptable

Magazine Release And Slide Release Is A Little Too Far Away
Outer Barrel Came Very Wobbly
by C. DAIT Date Added: Monday 02 August, 2010
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
okay, so when i first got this gun i thought it was great, felt nice and heavy, shot hard, recoiled great and i was pretty pleased with the pistol. but after awhile the mag started to only shoot about 7bb's then it was out, then i bought another mag and it was fine but the only main problem i had was that the gun recoiled so hard that my outer barrel came off, which caused my pistol to jam really hard and it was frustrating to unjam.. maybe i just got a defective pistol but i really loved it, too bad it had to break on me like that. i would definitely get another one of these if i didnt have a bad experience with my first one.

nice finish
shoots hard
feels great
heavy weight

eats gas like crazy
the outer barrel broke
by R. ROBERTS verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 20 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: WE MEU 1911 Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This pistol is virtually indestructible. I got my first one for Christmas and it worked great, even in 30-40F* temperature. It has beautiful full steel construction. After falling out of my holster, being dragged across cement and mud all in one day, it still worked perfectly. After cleaning it off at home all that happened to it was a scratches in the body. Eventually the trigger started sticking badly during a game, so after tacking at apart all it was was a dirt buildup in the trigger/hammer mechanisms. Sadly I lost a spring when taking it apart due to carelessness and I couldn't find a replacement for it. Now it doesn't work and so I bought a new one. So far it's still holding up after being submerged in s*** water, being covered in mud, and being dragged all over the field I play at. I would recommend using the Airsoft Innovations Propane adapter with this gun. 15 seconds is the fill up time when completely empty, any more or less and you don't get all 15 rounds off with a lock-back of the slide. I used to use a higher quality version of the OE Tech fast draw thigh holster and this gun would frequently fall out after forgetting to button it up in the heat of battle. Make sure to get a lanyard with it (Gemtech TRL works great) and my new holster I am using is a Blackhawk Serpa hip holster for the 1911. Its about as fast to draw from as the OE tech, but doesn't let the gun fall out since it locks in place when you put you gun in it. Just Make sure to clean it after games were you put it in water or mud.

Full metal
Looks beautiful
It's a 1911
Grip feels extremely comfortable
Insanely reliable
Has a safety for left handed people
I could name many more

No longer has EGA on new models
Mag follower has its issues but if you treat your mags good, they will treat you good.
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