(Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
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by G. HODGKINS Date Added: Monday 15 February, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
i have had this gun for a few months now and let me say i am very satisfied. this was my first legitimate airsoft gun besides my pistol, before this i have had a galaxy mp5k, a couple of shotguns and pistols. but now all i use is my g36 and my kjw m9. the review scale says this gun sucks but in actually its amazing. the internals are very good and the only thing bad about the internals is the fps but i can just get that upgraded for a few bucks at my local airsoft store. externally this gun is very good also. they claim that it is made of fiber glass which might be true because there is no way this thing is plastic. overall this gun is really good and it is worth the money. one other thing is that ca says you should use ans 8.4 volt battery but screw that. use a 9.6 its fine dont worry about your fuse burning out any time soon considering this gun is 300 dollars. BUT ITS WORTH EVRY PENNY









by J. KOLKER Date Added: Wednesday 27 January, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I've had this gun for about a month now, and I would have to say that I am very satisfied with my purchase.

The gun has proven itself to me multiple times at my local airsoft field and in my backyard. The CA G36c has very good accuracy and shoots ridiculously fast. Additionally, this is probably the perfect AEG for CQC as it has the nice feature of a folding stock. Another thing I liked about this was its weight. It had a good heft to it, weighing in on my scale at 12.57 lbs.

However, there are a few problems, the main one being the battery insertion process. Let's just say it takes a lot of patience to put that little bugger in there. Also, the fire-selector switch is a bit difficult to operate. I've had situations in matches where I'm not sure whether or not the gun is set to Safe, Semi, or Full Auto.

In terms of the internals, I do not know much about it. But from what I can tell, people seem to be giving CA a bad rap when the internals seem perfectly fine. Oh well.

But in short, if you asked me whether or not to purchase this gun, I would most definitely say, "Buy it!" The pro's on this gun really outweigh the con's. You won't be disappointed.

Good weight
Nice ROF
Great iron sights
Includes hand guard rails
Ambidextrous everything! :D
Folding stock
No wobble or creaking
Good finish

No functional bolt catch
Difficult to insert battery
Fire-selector switch does not make a solid click when moved
Requires allen key to adjust the sights
by M. ROBSON Date Added: Tuesday 04 August, 2009
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
classic army G36c
I have had this gun for about 5 years now and still running good today. The spring has been broken in and it is shooting about 295 fps steady. The stock barrel + hop up are fantastic. However i replaced the barrel with a mad bull 6.03 some time ago, after a short RMA call I got a better one (since the one i got was garbage and made the shots worse than stock) . This thing also shoots CRAZY FAST with a 9.6 battery.

cant say enough good things about it, so many things to cover...

Accurate - very accurate and consistent
fast - faster than my high speed setup
CQB master - small and light
Sturdy construction - feels solid as rock
Ergonomic magazines
Fantastic internals - most people (Mis)underestimate classic army internals, however this comes with metal bushing, metal spring guide, metal shims, polycarbonate pistol, and high quality metal gears as well as decent motor.

Ill be frank and honest about the cons for you...
Plastic hop up chamber with NO METAL REPLACEMENTS - hop up chamber works good but I broke mine just taking it out...
Smaller ratio build than other company's - VERY LITTLE ROOM FOR BATTERIES, i almost cried when i first got it and my only battery wouldn't fit in the stock.
Magazine - its cool and clear, but the little locking lip breaks after very little use. not a big issue but its annoying as --
by L. KILROY Date Added: Monday 09 March, 2009
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Ive owned this gun for over 4 years now. Its a great gun but just like someone said in an earlier review, there are some issues but they are easily fixable.

This is what you need to do IMMEDIATELY and why you need to do it.

-Dremel the plastic on the body itself right behind the trigger.
Why?- When you pull back the trigger it touches the plastic of the gun which keeps the connectors from full touching. This causes the connectors to burn out VERY quickly. By dremeling the plastic behind the trigger (not the trigger itself) it allows the metal connectors to make full contact.

- Get a new wiring harness.
why?- the wiring harness in the g36c is crap. You dont NEED to do it but it should definitely be considered.


by O. TANGUMA Date Added: Monday 12 January, 2009
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is a great gun. Looking at AirsoftGi's Product Comparison matrix, I see there is an obvious bias against this proven company. I've had this AEG since July 2006 and had been my workhorse for most of those years.
Converted the magwell to an Armalite adapter from Private Parts and shoots well with this after market piece, although there was magazine wobble with that adapter.

Fiberglass body is better than TM's. No creaking or wobble. All parts mesh snug with one another. Very comfortable feel.
Had as much range as longer barrel counterparts. Gears, piston, nozzle, etc have held up well.
Selector rotates nice and crisp, compared to TM's. Same with the folding stock.

Common electrical issue, this gun would not shoot semi unless you fiddle with the selector. My airsoft mechanic says its an issue in the trigger set with a loose or misaligned 'finger' contact and he fixed it.

CA hi cap magazine well known to be less than stellar compared to TM's hi cap magazine.
by J. PADGETT Date Added: Thursday 01 January, 2009
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is a great gun. I have had it for about a year now and use it is skirmishes regularly. The realisticness of this gun is great. It ever has the bolt release in the trigger assemble just like the real one does, which other brands don't include. Another realistic thing about this gun is that it almost pound for pound to the real steel version of this gun. I want to point out that the chart above doesn't accurately describes this gun. The internals of this gun are good, maybe even great. And the overall rating of this gun should be about an 8 or a 9. I have used the tokyo mauri and the echo 1 version of this gun and i believe this version is superior.

better finish that most brands
mag capacity
folding stock
selector switch-clear selection
hop-up adjustment
rate of fire

cocking lever a little weak
plastic mag-although like real steel
sling mounts fit select sliings
by D. BERLINER Date Added: Friday 29 February, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Although I havent owned it for long, but this seems like a good gun. The fire power, accuracy and rate of fire are excellent. The shot groupings are within a few inches at 50ft on auto using .25's. The looks are great, the orange tip isnt as bright as most guns because it's not plastic. The gun is made out of metal and fiberglass (most of the body is fiberglass).

Gear to get with it:
When looking at this gun, I didnt know what gear would fit it. I would recommend doing your own research, but here is what I use with it. All things listed are for sale on airsoftgi
-8.4v 1400mah Intellect NIMH High Output mini battery pack
-MRC Super Brain 960 Charger with LCD
-MAG G36 Magazine Set (its MUCH cheaper form airsoftshooting on Ebay, I bought them from that seller)
-KSC 0.2 extreme precision bbs (also knows as KSC perfect BB's, I bought form airsoftshooting on ebay)
by J. MANEAR Date Added: Sunday 13 January, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
well this is a review for my classic army g36c thats been used for a year.

the guns externals are the best i have seen so far...the texture is amazing the plastic seems to be reinfoced with fiber glass whitch makes it flexable and strong......two very good things to have for a high qaulity plastic body.

when i first receaved the gun i was very exited the gun shot about as far as an m16 whitch is very impressiv for a gun with a berral just a few cm longer than an mp5.

one gripe about this gun was the hop up it was kinda compicated and prooved very sensitive if you did not place the bucking in just right itl hop to the leftor right.

another gripe about the gun is the stock..all tho the externals are very good the stock has a tendancy to start splitting ...it wont break but i dont like having to take crazy glue to my guns stock(this happend to my ics mp5)

the internals held up for so long that i would have to call this gun one of the many succeses of classic army.

the stock volocity was about 330fps and the rof is about 16 bbs per second

i was ablr to shoot cans from about 75 feet away so id give this gun props for its range and accuracy..i have been able to use this gun in woodland mout and cqb. with the folding stock the gun is extremaly pointable and i have foun the sights to be very comfortable for me(a right hander with the disposition of a half blind left eye...makes using iron sights hard)

as for the rail .....its plastic .i dont know why classi army dicided to only put one rial in the fron and to make the top rial plastic but who cares...........if ya really need to put nade louncher on it with a laser and flashlight youll probubly wont mind spending an etra 10-20 for good rails........

one of the best features of this gun is the mag.....this mag has alot in commen with theaug mag...if ever a problem occures you can go ahead and take one screw out form the bottem and you can pull off the shell to expose the mags internals. i had 2 other guns that i couldnt stand to scrim cuz they would not feed


easy to take apart and fix just take to pins out and slid the gearbox out

easy to move around with

good range


hop up is confusing

stock trys to split

by B. KORAL Date Added: Wednesday 14 November, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
I have used this gun several times at the monthly airsoft event near where I live. I can say that this is easily the greatest gun for what I use it for.

A little background about myself. I'm tall, around 6 feet, so this gun is on the smaller side to me. Honestly, though, it works best for what I use it for. I sneak around and try to flank more, so I don't shoot as much at really long ranges unless I have to return fire. We play at a place that looks like a temple and has a few entrances I like to use to get inside. Fold the stock, and away I go.

CQB this rifle more than covers it. I never have a problem aiming it around a corner or ducking down behind something.

A few things that bug me about this? First, the selector switch. Half of it fell off, and on the other side, it's just the switch, I lost the spring that registers positive feedback of where I am in the selecting process. Whatever, I leave it on full auto anyways. Second, I can't remove the front sight and it gets in the way of my red dot scope I've been trying to use. I can buy a better one, but still, it gets on my nerves.

This thing runs like a swiss watch. It's extremely reliable and I have yet to have a single miss feed...at all. That means both the gun and the mag are reliable.

Overall, I'd say invest your money on it. Only don't buy it here. Airsplat.com and AirsoftExtreme.com are both selling this rifle for $235 USD. Why you'd pay 35 more dollars for it here I have no idea, especially when AirsoftExtreme will gladly install any upgrades (IE a tight bore barrel, mag well conversion, upgraded spring, etc) for you if you purchase them with your rifle. It's like a $60 charge altogether but I'd still do that.
by M. LOEB Date Added: Monday 12 November, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army 36C Airsoft Gun
Good not great.

Lets start off by saying ive owned this gun for about 4 years. its had alot of bad things happen to it. the wireing is crap, the trigger switch inside the mech box is crap. use a 9.6v battar and you will get if your lucky 5000 rounds though it before your contacts wear down. 8.4v battarys work just fine though so use them. upgradeing is easy. classic army guns are simple drop in a spring and perhaps a piston and go. the moter is great the gears and bushing are great.

the hi cap mag that i got with the gun is still going strong. re lube it once in a wile and go. i bought this for 350$ 4 years ago and if it was the same price i would say dont buy it. however at this price i would buy it agein. good for close range and long range at the same time. (not great at ither.) ive never really attached anything to the rails. no point.

Anyway from someone who has had one longer then anything elese things to do to this gun to make it work better.

1 - install a mosfet. http://forums.airsoftmechanics.com/index.php?topic=439.0

2 - upgrade the spring. systema m120 is the real sweet spot. (around 400fps)

3 - 4200mah 10.8volt battary. (with a mosfet the trigger contacts are protected.)

also been toying with the idea of a systema magnum moter but im still to cheap.
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