(Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
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by B. HENDERSON Date Added: Wednesday 22 September, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is a great gun and has been serving me well for over a year. It is still the best G36 on the market, better than the ARES, Echo1, JG, Tokyo Marui and KWA versions. It is made out of fiberglass like the real gun is, and is thus VERY sturdy and does not squeak unlike the ABS versions other companies produce. The only problem with the construction is the seam lines are rather obvious around the charging handle and behind the pistol grip, but they are not obvious and look better than ARES’s G36 (which has HORRID seam lines). Another plus is Classic Army’s imitation trades, they mimic H&K’s trades, but have CA imprinted in a similar fashion to H&K. Another great feature is Classic Army's rienforced barrel assembly; instead of a plastic and metal gas block it is a full metal gas block that is superior to Tokyo Marui's design (and thus will not break after heavy use).

Now, to the performance; stock it is:
-Accurate to around 140-160 ft
-15-16 rps (rounds per second)

The trigger response is very nice with an 8.4v battery, however you will eventually want to replace the trigger contacts, as the ones that come with the gun will fry within the first 40,000 rounds. Other than that this gun performs very well stock and is very reliable.

-Build Quality
-ROF/Trigger Responce
-Nice(r) trades than most brands

-Seam lines
-Small battery Compartment
by J. SELLERS Date Added: Friday 18 June, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought this gun almost 3 years ago and it has served me very well. I have not had a single problem with this gun throughout its entire life! I have probably used it in about 120+ skirmishes since I purchased it. The hand grip and body feels very nice and is very durable. One thing about it that I do not like is the stock carry handle. The scope inside is not very durable and is difficult to sight in. To fix this problem I reccomend purchasing a railed cartlry handle to mount an additional optic. I have replaced mine with one of the full length railed carry handles and attached a budget reflex sight to it. I also reccomed buying a quad rail foregrip to attach lights and grips to.
As far as internals go this gun is pretty good although I reccomend getting a gear durability upgrade. The battery compartment is in the hand grip and is very small, especially if you upgrade to a railed grip, that said, a mni type 9.6v nunchuck style battery fits great and provides that little extra rof that you can really use to keep heads down.
I dont reccomend taking this gun apart as it is pretty complex and can be hard to reassemble corretly of you dont have much experience in this type of thing.
You should also upgrade the barrel to a precision inner barrel to give the gin
more accuracy and punch.
All in all this is a pretty solid gun that will serve you well as long as you keep it clean and oiled. This is a great buy if you are a fan of the G36 and have the money.
This gun gets a 5/5 for all its glory

Great build
good fps
good rof with a 9.6v battery
decent accuracy
good durability
good internals
good feel
looks sexy enough to make babies with

bulkey magazines
weird carry handle thing
small battery compartment
by M. JUDSON Date Added: Monday 07 June, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Dependable Gun, I would recommend this to a semi-experienced airsofter. Somebody who knows the basics of electrical engineering and circuitry. After using the rifle for a little while, the trigger will arc with the circuits that run the motor. This causes it to shoot on auto until you unlplug the battery. I fixed this problem with a mosfet adapter. When not using this weapon, you must keep your finger off of the trigger or else you will drain the battery.

Brand Name (Classic Army)
Integrated Sight
Decent Accuracy

All plastic (although the real G36 is made of ABS plastic as well)
Electrical problems
Barrel is a "free float" barrel, which causes it to move around, which affects the accuracy.
by M. JARCHOW Date Added: Saturday 13 March, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is an update to a previous review stated some time ago; however I will not be talking so highly of this gun any longer.

The gun, for the money spent at the time, and given the quality of AEGs when I first purchased this rifle made it an exceptional buy. The gun fired around 300fps which now I understand is what they intended due to guns not yet being made to be more FPS-friendly for US grounds. The externals excluding the stock and bayonnette lug, were all fairly good quality, though it was due to those externals that I had to get a new rifle, described later. Internally this was, and still is a fantastic gearbox; 6mm metal bushings, reinforced gears, no excess of gear grease, precision wiring, and strong springs for the anti-reverse lever and trigger mechanism.

On the other hand... the Externals of this gun were what forced me to purchase a new AEG. After about 3-4 years of ownership, the ABS Plastic body began to show some relevant signs of wear and tear. The three most specific parts were the Skeleton stock splitting down the middle, one of the internal mounts for the gearbox, and the magwell itself had all broken. This caused discomfort in aiming, a less secure Gearbox, and magazines randomly dropping from my gun and no longer feeding right when they did. In the end though I still enjoyed the gun very much and will make an Echo 1 G36E my new machine gun as I have been able to salvage most of the parts from this one to drop into the new one. However, I now have an ICS M4, which has a metal body so that will remain my primary rifle from now on. Never the less, the G36 is still one of my favorite rifles for Airsoft.
by V. HURT Date Added: Monday 07 July, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
This is her son. I bought this gun and I can't believe how amazing this gun is. I am not a noob at airsoft, and have played a lot. This gun is compact enough to move through forest and vegetation but accurate enough to be a counter sniper weapon. I have had very little trouble with this gun. The only problem I had was with clip feed, but that is because at the time I only had crossmann rounds to work with. If you use this gun, take care of it and use high quality rounds, like airsoft elite
. Also, I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but on my gun to sight the scope its backwards. When I turn the screw towards the L then it moves right, away from where I want it. This is the same for up and down.
by A. HZ Date Added: Wednesday 12 March, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
So This is basically an update to my previous review on this gun. Well if you read my other review, I mentioned that the stock was splitting down the center. Not a Big problem right. WRONG.
So I played a whole game, nothing from the usual. But when I went home and took a look at the gun. The half of the stock that has the button broke. Clean in half at the weakest point which was just by the button. I wasn't surprised about it at all due to the sub par materials and construction. So anyway I got out the gorilla glue and glued the stock back together.
Before I finish my story, you need to know the other story. Well its not exactly a story but any way. Ive got an old MCR digital smart charger. It was a beast but Ive noticed that it didn't charge the batteries completely. So my batteries were constantly dying in the games.(I finally got the system quattro charger and that thing is a beast, it took my old charger about an hour and a half to charge a 1100mah battery, it takes my new charger about a half hour, Im defiantly going to be writing a review on it soon.)
So anyway, It was me against two or three other people and they were closing in fast.(oh and I forgot the mention, earlier in the battle, I had to switch out my battery) So, with the range of this gun, I though I had a chance due to the cover I could take. But before I knew it, My battery died. Crap. I dropped my gun in anguish resulting in the whole stock snapping in half. Now I was really pissed.
So that was going to be it for the game.(BTW this happened in the first battle) Luckily my friend let me borrow his echo s-system. It was nice except that he had about ten pounds of accessories on it.
That game was about two weeks ago. My G36 is still in pieces. Ive decided to replace the hop-up with a metal one that I found only on evike(sorry ASGI). It should be coming soon.
One more thing, I don't know if I mentioned this in the other review. But the screw on the bottom of the magazine fell out. Which I later discovered that the plastic that held the nut in place broke. I fixed it with electrical tape, still crap though.
Would I recommend this gun? Not at all, its a total waste of money, your better off getting a pistol.
It was probably the biggest mistakes in airsoft I have made.
by M. JARCHOW Date Added: Saturday 02 February, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
Pretty darn good rifle

First off this is a pretty solid gun for the most part, when I run all I can hear is the *ka-shush ka-shush ka-shush* of the hi-cap mag that came with mine, everything else is rock solid.

Upon opening the box it was clear that this wasn't a cheap gun, and well worth the price tag to boot, when I charged the battery(8.4v 1200Mah included) and brought it outside, the ROF of this gun all but took me off my feet, it fired faster than my friend's TM P90 out of the box!

FPS is a killer on this in a bad way, the webpage I bought it from stated it at 85-90m/s or Meters per Second, which totals around 290fps. Eeek.... well it helped explain the insane ROF pretty quick but despite that it boasted a very friendly range, especially when I tuned in the 2x scope, and I could keep up with my friend's ICS full metal M4 that costed him over $400.

Cons however include the following -

The front grip indeed IS a pain in the kiester to get off, which is due to the bayonette lug on the bottom, but is easily fixed with a tiny allen wrench to loosen it and rotate it 180* out of the way. Once this is done, the grip is actually incredibly easy to get on and off.

The butt stock will either come splitting down the middle or will split over time, so I would recommend taping it with some black electrical tape or using epoxy, once done, it will never move again.

The charging bolt is all plastic and likely will break if you pull it too many times, it did on me and now i'm stuck super-glueing it together, just be carefull with it and you'll be fine. :)

Don't try to get the flash hider off, I tried using two vice grips and it didn't work so i'm pretty sure it's a one-piece barrel. The selector swich will wear down over time but it still works fine despite how long I've had it.

Other Thoughts -

The foregrip on this gun doesn't have any mounts to it, but a standard rail and some screws and lockbolts from your local ACE hardware store will fix that, now I have a CA M203 attached to the bottom with a front grip just behind for the perfect Tactical advantage. As well, I can mount a bipod and act as team sniper(very easy with the built in scope) and pretty much dominate the field.

A friend of a friend had a TM G36c and wanted my scope, and I wanted his standard sights, warily, I traded it to him for the sights and a $70 scope mount. Much to my surprise this gun takes 100% Tokyo Marui externals, so the sights fit perfect, and I had a 4x scope on my gun.

Now after over a year and a half, my gun still works great, and I've only had to replace the hop-up because I tinkered with it. On top of that, I replaced the power spring with an M110, and the gears fire it perfectly fine still with just a little slower rate of fire.

All in all, I give this gun a solid 9/10 and am VERY pleased with it, I wouldn't trade this gun for anything and don't plan to get rid of it. If you buy it, you will be pleased but remember to use .23g ammo as that fires best in this gun and helps the bbs reach to around 250ft accurately.
by A. HZ Date Added: Tuesday 22 January, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
When I first saw this gun I knew I just had to have it. Eventually I did, but from another site for about 55 bucks cheaper and you've probably heard of the site. Anyway when I first got the gun it looked and felt like a master piece. If you've never seen or held one of these in person, they are big, but not too big, its a perfect size for me and I'm about 6 foot.
-All same material, its said to be glass fiber stuff, but it just feels like any other polycarbonate

-Nice scope, adjustable, removable and rubber eye piece

-Stock: rubber butt piece, four holes for body pins even though you'll only use two, and a hole for a sling, very sturdy hinge and lock, the only problem is that the seam going down the middle of the stock is splitting apart

-Upper receiver: no trade marks although it does say: Kal. 5,56mmx45, another sling mount for a right handed person(which I'm not unfortunately), the charging handle is crap, its awesome to pull it back but it will eventually break, its not made out of polycarbonate(to add to that classic army service sucks, so does spartan imports(the US distributor of classic army), and airsplat( yea, i bought the gun from them)), and Im still waiting for a new charging handle, its been a couple months(like 3 and a half)

-Lower receiver/mag well: big trigger(good for gloves), if shooting, the right selector switch isn't smooth when switched compared to the left, makes a loud distinctive click when switched, bolt catch dose not work, big handle, you really have to push the mag up till it clicks, can easily switch the g36 mag well with the m16/g36 mag well due to the removal of one body pin(can be removed without any tools)

-Front grip/ barrel: can fit a mini battery and possibly a nun-chuck, it is possibly the most difficult front grip to remove( you have to get it just right to remove or put it on), needs a couple slaps of encouragement to remove and put back on. metal outer barrel(flash hider is next to impossible to remove, haven't done it yet), three small bolt and nuts will remove the whole barrel assembly including the inner barrel, feels like your going to loose the pin, eventually I'm going to replace the grip with the g36k ris kit(expensive but needed), when I first got the gun, the outer barrel had a lip at the end which covered a part of the inner barrel acting as a fixed hop-up throwing the bbs everywhere

-Performance: 290 fps, yea that bad, Airsoftgi said 310 which is close but airsplat said 350 with .2 which really annoyed me, it is accurate up to a point, and gives a nice sound when shot, has a hight ROF with a 9.6v, Im going to have the gearbox upgraded to 450 FPS

Now for the PROS/CONS:

-nice body/ material
-perfect length
-folding stock shortens it by almost 11 1/2 inches, overall length is almost 39 in
-accurate up to a point
-nice satisfying sound when shot
-big mag
-nice quality scope
-awesome charging handle until the POS broke
-easy/smooth trigger pull
-distinctive click when the selector switch is changed
-big and beastly

-low FPS(290, which is basically for backyard games)
-crap charging handle
-difficult to remove the front grip
-everything including the hop-up is plastic
-mags are very expensive
-stock is spitting
-no trademarks
-very, very difficult to remove the flash hider
-classic army customer service sucks
-sling mount only for right handed people(I'm a lefty)
-you really have to slap the mag to get it in

4/5 or 7/10
good but not good enough
by A. MCSPADEN Date Added: Thursday 20 December, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
Wonderful Rifle. Stock, the gun shoots a little farther than most M4/M16 weapons. The integrated scope is easy to use and adjust. Even though most airsoft sites say it is 3x, it is actually more around 1.5x for my gun at least. The only problems I've having with it is that most accessories for it are pretty expensive, a lack of RIS/RAS systems, and the battery takes a little skill and experience to get in quickly.

Range (easily a marksman rifle or counter-sniper weapon)
lightweight ( about as much as my CQB M4)
easy hop-up (if you need it :) )

Battery space (mini only)
few/expensive accessories
at 3 feet, not the best for CQB

But overall, a very nice weapon for your average woodland battle where range and accuracy are important.
by J. HAFFEY Date Added: Friday 30 November, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Classic Army MK36 w/ 1.5x Scope AEG Airsoft Gun
This gun is great. I got it about four weeks ago somewhere else. It has a good rate of fire and a great scope. The weight is perfect and the hopup works great. Good beginner or even experience player gun
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