(Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
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by E. GUHL Date Added: Monday 15 February, 2010
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is pretty good, but not perfect. One of my high-caps broke ( i hate hi-caps anyway, because they are unrealistic. I am planning on buying a box set of low caps), the scope is a tad bit off (and cant be perfectly zeroed, or somewhat close), and my selector switch fell off (i fixed it, but it no longer clicks into place), but aside from that, the gun is awesome; the rest of the problems that i have are with the design of the actual real steel firearm, not this particular airsoft gun. The scope makes it harder to fend off enemies when they are up close, although there are mini backup sights right above the scope (in the form of RAS, Dovetail), but still, these sights are tiny and take more than a split second to align. The scope makes targeting enemies at a distance easier than what it would be without a scope. Aside from that, the gun is awesome. It is extremely durable due to its metal and fiberglass construction, and includes metal RIS rails (3) on the handguard (removable), and back up iron-sights/RAS on the top of the carry handle.

Full metal and fiberglass and therefore sturdy
Built in Scope
Metal RAS/RIS rails included (and detachable)

Mags suck, but high-caps are unrealistic
Scope a bit off; cross-airs always one inch lower and one inch to the right of actual target
Fire selector switch weak, flimsy (DONT LOSE TINY SPRING IF YOURS FALLS OFF)
by K. GROSVENOR Date Added: Saturday 28 November, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
oh man i won this thing yesterday at the black friday raffle tried it in my looong backyard and man i got 30 out of 30 cans down this thing is mad its fun to shot has great ROF nothings lose well made scope might need little tinkering mags are loose and battery is frusterating but i aint complaining much i got it free!!! for any of you wanting to get this GET IT~!!! it is awsome just put a reflex scope about the sight and a vertical grip on the rail and boom your set for little range and CQB

juns got good wheight
very good ROF
stock is firm
good rails and bottom has room for little longer
nice fiberglass body

the mags feel lose and cheap but work perfect (weird :S)
by K. JOHNSON verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 15 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
After owning this gun for a few weeks, I am supplementing my previous review with newly discovered information, or things I forgot to mention. 1st, it is a Gen II, not a Gen III. The biggest difference is that the Gen III's come in an SRC box, not TSD box, and have front sling mounts on the handguard like a G36C. The Gen II does not have any front sling mounts.
Also, the eye relief is so short that you cannot use the scope while wearing goggles. My biggest gripe, however, is the motor. It's so powerful, such high torque, (it's a Systema Magnum equivalent) that it drains batteries in what seems to be under 2,000 rounds. That is shorter life than my CA P90 or my previously owned TM M4A1. I have used only Intellect 8.4v 1600mah minis in it, but I'm considering rewiring it to a KV full stock and using a larger type. I'm afraid to though., because I've not had good experiences taking apart gearboxes. I'd just rather not have an external battery, for me it ruins the look of the gun. I still give it five stars, I still would've bought it knowing this. It's still the best AEG I've had. Since I've had one skirmish with it, I have found out its combat abilities aswell.

Realistic weight
Accurate to nearly 50 yards, firing from shoulder while standing (using BBs as tracers instead of aiming)
Made my friend scream when shot, louder than with my WE P14 CO2 or CA P90
High rate of fire on full battery
no trigger delay
Rate of fire cannot outrun any magazines I own, (M16 midcaps with magwell adapter, or G36 Hicaps) which is good

Gets heavy after a while, I don't have a sling
Drains battery too damn fast
I need more mags (not the guns fault, but I emptied both it's hicaps in one round)
by K. JOHNSON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 02 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is easily the best AEG I've ever owned. I used to have a TM M4 RIS, and still have a CA P90TR. This is easily better than both of those. Better build quality, better internals, and I'm not sure why everyone says it's magazines suck. They feel a little flimsy, but not like they're going to break, and if winded properly (for ~ 1 minute) fire almost every BB. I can't say that about any other hi-cap I've ever used. The scope has terrible eye relief, yes, but I use it mostly just for scouting anyway. I have a TPG Reflex sight that I put on top to actually aim with. It is true that the SOCOM GEAR M4 Magwell adapter does not fit, (due to SRC's metal hopup unit) but it can be modified to fit fairly easily. This gun shoots about 330 fps out of the box which for me is perfect. I did just get this gun yesterday, but I can see it lasting for a long time with no issues. It's the most sturdy feeling airsoft gun I've ever handled, and seems to be put together superbly. The folding stock locks very securely both folded and extended. The fake charging handle and bolt are both metal, as well as all the rails. The battery was easier to get in than I expected, although it took me about 5 minutes to be able to do it without snagging the wires.

All in all, I highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a mid-range carbine at a great price.

Nylon fiber reinforced polymer body - YAY NOT ABS !!!
Metal free floated one piece outer barrel
folding stock
Magazines don't misfeed or require rewinding during use
metal hop up unit

Scope is terrible, pointless to try and aim with it
Not real G36 scope reticle
M4 Magwell adapter doesn't fit without modification
by E. GUHL Date Added: Wednesday 06 May, 2009
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is an overally good gun, like its metal and fiber glass construction, its high fps, and its folding stock. Along its fortes, it has several flaws. Rirst off, the scope is both good and bad; it has great clarity and magnification, but cant really be adjusted. I had to drill a hole in the other side of the scope to put the little screw thing in and push the scope to the right, which still didnt work completely. The scope is closer to the target, but that close. Imagine a graph, 3 straight lines starting at the same place, but forming a 3 degree angle, as the target gets further away, the distance between the two lines(The lines of sight, the scope and the iron sights) becomes greater. I put the adjusting screw for the windage as far as i could in(until it wouldnt screw any more) but the disstance between the iron pistol sights and the scope cross airs was still a bit apart. The two started out pointing in opposite directions. Another flaw is the selector switch; mine briike off and i had to super glue it back on, without the little metal piece that allows the swith to click in place, so i have to depend on how much i turn the switch to determine whether the gun is on semi or full. It clicks for safety though. The charging handle is ambedextrous but woblly. To adjust the hip upp, i found a way to push the charging handle straight back without twisting it so it becomes hooked in place. One of my mags was broken as soon as i got the gun, so i had to tape it

metal and fiber glass contruction
Folding stock
3x scope is clear

loose mag fit
wobbly charging handle
High caps are unrealistic and make a lot of noise
Only one (M4!! not G36!!) bright orange painted flash hider
by B. DELBROCCO verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 17 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
look. if you want a g36, but dont want a big ass rifle and yet, dont want to be like everyone else and buy a g36c, GET THIS GUN! you will have better internals already installed! throw in an 9.6 intellect battery and some better mags and your SET. this gun will not disappoint, promise.

FPS (perfect 350)
folding stock
RAS rails
rail on top of scope
compatible with higher quality mags
carrying handle
charging handle
mostly metal and sturdy design

it comes with crappy mags
the scope is somewhat accurate, i expected a better quality one
by B. BOUDREAU Date Added: Sunday 20 July, 2008
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
i got this gun 4 days ago. this is the 4th AEG i've bought and for sure the best so far. i've used it in one war that went three rounds the day after i bought it. performed excelent


Very durable fiberglass body.
came with 1200 intalect battery
good rate of fire and fps. mine was 360 out of the box according to ASGI
built in scope that does acctualy magnify like it says.
two high cap mags that are conected.
good range
good power
good quality mounts on foregrip and above the sight.
very sturdy stock
perfect for all kinds of add ons and upgrades


the magazines seem to fit kinda loosely in the the magazine well
installation of the battery in the foregrip is pretty confusing. still takes me a while to get the battery in. still trying to figure out how to make the installation of battery smoother

other than that this gun is amazing. i am really happy with it
by S. HARTIG verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 19 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
I haven't yet had a chance to really use the gun, but it's made a very good impression on me. The first thing I noticed was how large this gun is. I was previously using guns such as the MP5 and the G3 SAS, so this will take a bit of getting used to. The reciever on this gun, according to ASGI, is made from a plastic reinforced with fiberglass. I really like the sturdiness that it provides along with the texture. However, it does have a tendency to hold fingerprints, so watch for that if it's something you care about. Another thing to note is that seams from the molds are plainly visible in the plastic. I'm sure a lot of you hate those, but it's nothing that a quick filing wouldn't fix. I wasn't bothered by it enough to spend the time doing that, though.

When extended, the stock is very sturdy. The release button latches into a piece of metal, so there is no chance of the stock breaking off. However, it does attach to the frame rather loosly. It's not going anywhere though, so it's not much of a problem.

If you're a fan of lasers, lights or foregrips, you'll love these rails. As far as I can tell, the forward three are made from aluminum while the top is made from the same material as the reciever. It seems that a second rail can be attached on the bottom to make room for something like a grenade launcher. I used the top rail to mount a reflex sight and it looks great.

The other parts of the gun are pretty good, but they have some problems. First off, the mags don't fit tight to the mag well. I was actually surprised at how much they wiggle in such an otherwise great gun. However, they aren't all bad. Iin the reviews of the other G36s, I noticed that a lot of people had trouble stacking the mags. These ones on the other hand are great; they fit together tight and there's no way they're coming apart.

The scope seems to be of decent quality, but the eye relief isn't that great. It is adjustable, but I haven't had a chance to sight it in.

The selector switch is pretty good. There's an audiable click when you change fire modes, but I seem to over-shoot the 'semi' mark when changing from 'safe'. I'm not sure if this would put me into automatic, but that's something I'll report back on after playing a few games.

Lastly, installing the battery. This was something that I had a lot of trouble with after trying to put it in the foregrip like the instructions said. However, I found a much easier way of doing it. If you just hold the battery to where the rear of the forgrip ends up, it'll jsut slide right over it. I'm kinda' mad that it took me that long to figure it out, but I was following instructions that were clearly wrong.
by D. HAGEN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 16 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) TSD Tactical Gen II MK36K Airsoft Gun
i got this gun today and it works great..amazing ROF
charging handle
magazine realease
wen the stock it folded it is loose
the charging handle is a little loose
the slector swich is a little loose

the pros outweight the cons easly..great gun is a must buy for any1 looking for a good g36 5/5
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