(Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
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by J. HENSLEY verified buyer Date Added: Friday 09 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
the gun is really reliable for me. the only thing i change out was that i went from a internal stick battery to an external big stick. after that it has been like a dream. i was having firing trouble when i had the internal battery and as soon as i went to external it stopped. if you are going to buy this gun i suggest changing you the battery before you even try to shoot, otherwise you will be disappointed. i don't know why everyone else has something bad to say about this guy. maybe they just got bad guns, it happens. as far as i am concerned this is a great gun. there aren't many upgrades for it, yet, because it is new to the market.
by C. QUEEN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 29 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
Hey i was wondering if anyone knows how long you need to charge the battery that this gun comes with..
by D. PALMER Date Added: Saturday 26 April, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
This is an update of my review, now that ive use this gun for awhile i have found much more problems. First off is the trigger, on semi, it is almost immpossible to use, it locks up al the time, and on some occasions, it wont even shoot, i dont know if its a loose wire, loose fuse or whatever, but it just wont shoot. Second off, is the charging handle and the dust cover, the spring connecting and stopping the dust cover from moving from the charging handle fell off and would not go back on, so after nearly 2 hours of trying to put it back on i gave up and just glued the dust cover to the charging handle. i would give this a 3.5 but, it doesnt have that so i rounded up
by T. GRESSINGER Date Added: Monday 07 April, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
Ok first off this gun is great for the price, but it has its downflaws. I purchased this gun a while back for some neighborhood games with friends. a week after i purchased this gun the guns gearbox had broken (and i have only used it for 2-4hours before this happend). I didnt do anything wrong that could have caused this to happen it just did. Then when i went out in the internet looking fora new gear box for the gun the web site i had bought it from ( www.airsplat.com) had discontuinued selling the gun and any items or parts for the gun. So i thot he ill good look around other websites for a gear box. I could not find one anywhere. So if your thinking of purchasing this gun you better hope its doesnt break cause you just wasted 99$ on something u can just hold up and look dangerous.
by C. SMITH Date Added: Thursday 27 March, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
The same as a lot of people i got this gun of airsplat.com for $99. It came with a scope, light, and laser.
I got a 350 round high cap mag and a handle. It has a abs body and metal ris. The gun has a metal feel because you grab the handle and ris. The only reason i gave it 4 out of 5 is the battery. Most of the time it only works for 10 or 15 minutes at the most. Its rate of fire is low but i think that is because of the battery. When the battery is working i have got it to hit targets with only the iron sites at about 100 to 150 feet. But the max range is maybe 200 or 250 feet but that is with the gun at 45 degrees with the wind helping you. The clips feed good but the ones i got form airsplat for $8 and were plastic.
by S. BOERNER Date Added: Thursday 27 March, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
I also ordered my gun from Airsplat, and I don't know what happened to the other guy but my gun is great. It has performed really well in c.q.c., woodland and open areas. I've chronoed it at 370FPS and gotten a rate of fire even with the G36c. It shoots about 600 RPM. Thts not bad for the price I paid(under 100$). It has a really solid stock and a really easy takedown. It is mostly ABS plastoc, with a metal sights full metal gear box. The hop-up ,though, isn't all that great, but if you aim below the center of mass, you get a chest/head shot every time. I think its a great gun, and its worth buying.
by A. JENNINGS Date Added: Friday 21 March, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
First off. . .
i ordered from airsplat, which probably wasn't the best idea in the first place, so i got about what i expected.

the gun feels sturdy, and solid, which is good, but when it came to actually shooting it, it really let me down. the hop-up does nothing. when it's off, it shoots up a little. when it's on, the bb goes literally straight up after about 60 feet. the range with the hop-up off was about 120-140 feet... not bad. but the ROF almost made me cry. it was down near 400-450 rpm. mine came with some extras, since its the double eagle brand: a crappy light, a crappy scope, and a pretty good laser. (though it took some work to get it zeroed) the battery is an 8.4v 1050, or 1100 mah stick, which lasted a long time in the gun i had before which took a stick batt. but in this, it lasts about 15-20 minutes. i have heard stories about some people having great experiences with this gun, others who had a similar experience to what i had. i personally am just sorry it doesn't perform as well as it looks.

*****one of my friends let me use his small type 9.6v 1500mah battery, which you can hold to the side of the gun by folding the stock around it. this worked well. it upped the ROF to about 600-700 rpm, and lasted for about an hour.*****

- looks & feels great (if you're just holding it, not battling)
- good mag cap.
- (double eagle version comes with some extras...)
- good fps
- iron sights are good

- repulsive hop-up performance
- snail-like ROF
- stock battery size/performance
- very plasticy
- battery hard to put in

overall, this would be about 1.5 stars, but since you can't choose that, i'll round up.
maybe i did just get one of the bad ones, but if i were looking for a gun with a folding stock for a relatively low price. . .i would go with the [ECHO 1] or [JG] G36C, or the [JG] MP-5(w/ sliding stock)

i play with a JG M16-A1 (the vietnam version), which i would marry if i could, but i also just like the M4/M16 line because they rarely let you down.
by E. TOYOTA verified buyer Date Added: Monday 17 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
First off, when I received my "TSD" ump it was 2 weeks late and in the wrong packaging. What I mean by that is, it came in a Double Eagle M89 box. Airsoft GI did not immediately notify me that the actual product was out of stock, they did however call, a week and a half after I had placed my order and started to question them through email where my package was. They seemed apologetic and even offered me 10% off my next purchase, since free shipping couldn't be applied to my order (I live in Hawaii).

I was disappointed that Airsoft GI had sent me the Double Eagle version without asking if I would be OK with that. If you're wondering what the difference is besides the branding; the Double Eagle version comes with a cheap plastic scope, goggles, 1 cheap plastic high cap, a flashlight, a sling, and a decent laser. Although I gained some accessories in exchange for the extra high cap, just KNOWING I was receiving a different product other than what I ordered would have been better.

The gun is a nice 8lbs, certainly feels like the real steel, and almost makes you forget you're holding a Double Eagle. As far as cosmetic quality and overall feel, this comes within 90% of a perfect knockoff of the G&G UMG (minus the markings and minor details).

The ROF is like everyone says... slow to decent. The stock battery it comes with is an 8.4 1100mah. Although it lacks a high ROF, the fact that it INCLUDES the battery makes up for it (since most airsoft guns sell the battery separate.) Plan on getting a bigger and better stick battery if you want to play serious, since the stock battery lasts less than 2.5 hours (continuous play) on a full charge.

The fps is nice for an out of the box china made replica. It can be upgraded for more reliability (since it uses cheap No-name metal materials). If you plan on redoing the internals, make sure you keep track of the pins, they are hard to find replacements for.

THE ACCESSORIES: (particular only to the model I received)
The Double Eagle M89 comes with a cheap scope, that looks like an 8oz can of V8 with holes on both sides and an electronic crosshair sighting. It looked HORRIBLE when I tried it on, the iron sights on the gun work A LOT better and wont ugly up the gun.

The laser sighting has only 1 setting; push on, or no push off. It is probably the best accessory that comes with the gun, and can easily be resold for about $30+ in my area.

The flashlight looks like its worth $5 and is 1 piece with a slide to put 3 AAA batteries. I tried this accessory on the gun, but took it off shortly after since it made the gun really look like the cheap double eagle it really is.

The sling is only adjustable 1 way, and the materials it is made out of don't seem sturdy or like they'll last many intense games. It is "FREE" and quiet useful for the periodic airsoft player.

The goggles look funny and you'll look even funnier if you decide to run around and play airsoft with them. I put them on to check them out, I quickly took them off once the mirror revealed how silly I look. The goggle frames are made out of a rubbery bendable plastic, the lens is a metallic platstic, it has ventilation, and an elastic string to hold it to your head; but really it's not anything to get excited over.

The high cap mag, is made of a thin plastic, it tends to misfeed, and it really brings down the overall quality of the gun on its own. I would suggest investing in a G&G UMG midcap magazine for better quality and looks on your TSD UMP. The gun DOES fit the G&G accessories (the silencer/barrel extension w/ some modifications, and magazines.)

The gun is 4/5 to me. The parts that DE skimps on really bring down the overall quality of the gun, however it is understandable that they must cut costs somewhere in order to keep this knockoff at the $130 range.

For the price, this gun is worth almost every penny. To the people who complain about the gun, they must've forgotten the rule that "You pay for what you get." I would recommend this gun to starters, amateurs, and the collectors. I would not recommend it to "hard-core" players, competition players, or all day weekend warriors.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected]
by S. NILSEN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 17 March, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
DOUBLE EAGLE rebranded

first off this gun is a double eagle

when i recieved the gun stuff was missing so it could have been damage but
-when i charged the battery and shot it shot a few bullets and died in three seconds.
- the mags are cheap plastic but it comes with two.
- the gun is very heavy.

There is no PROS for the one i recieved.

But airsoft gi was nice enough to replace the gun because it shot three shots then died.
by E. REDOBLADO Date Added: Thursday 28 February, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Double Eagles M89P UMG Ver. 2 AEG Airsoft Gun
im giving this gun a 5 out of 5 because this was the very first AEG i bought which was about 6 months and to this day it still works as it was brand new !!!! I've dropped this gun HARD a few times and the gun itself had a rough beating to it(lol from hardcore playing), yet the gun still works perfectly !!!! yea the ROF isn't that great but the power this gun brings is really good; here's the pros and cons:

-VERY strong plastic body
-Great size mag
-Powerful punch (i recorded 360 FPS w/ 0.2 BB's)
-Foldable Stock
-Easy to use hop-up
-Affordable price for a good gun
-Includes charger, battery, sling, AND goggles
-Metal gearbox
-Has R.I.S for accessories (fore grip, laser, flashlight, scopes, etc)
-Excellent AEG for first timers !!!

-ROF could be better
-Stick battery is a b***h is put in
-Since its a stick battery, don't expect it to last as long as LARGE batteries
-Plastic Mag (personally its not a HUGE issue, just be careful)

its an really good gun for anyone and for different kinds of game play (CQB or a FULL field battle), only thing i would recommend is that don't be firing randomly or whatever because you don't want your battery to die so quickly. No need to really upgrade unless your ballin with money because this AEG is reliable out the box, hell if you want, by an extra stick battery just incase =)
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