(Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
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by A. PEABODY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 01 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
I just received this AEG about 4 days ago. I read nothing but great reviews and decided this would be my new secondary AEG. I was impressed with even the packaging! The mag seemed like it was a bit wiggly when first entered the mag well, just new parts meshing together I guess. Problem only happened when I was first getting to know the gun, hasn't happened since. Great gun, great site, I'm definitely buying from airsoftGI again.
by L. TARVER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 19 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Ok to go ahead and tell you I have been playing airsoft seriously for a very long time now. I DO own this gun. I just got it in from ASGI and I couldn't be happier. EVERYBODY PLEASE LISTEN, the price is UNBELIEVABLE for this quality of a gun. Other veteran airsoft players will just shrug their shoulders at me when I say that this is just as good as any other $300 Mp5. They'll be like "no it doesn't idiot, my upgraded TM Mp5k could kick your butt". No. Noo. Nooo. NOOOO!!!!! This gun is incredible and has a great build to it. The one and the only thing that is wrong with the gun is the first battery you get. Upgrade to a new battery for faster fire rates. Stock it shoots about 10 or 11 rounds per second. That is pretty fast, considering I am using it for a secondary weapon, but if you go for primary, definetly upgrade the battery to a 9.6v. The price of $99 is incredible. I am so delighted with the outstanding performance of a so called "mid grade" AEG that can absolutely compete with a so called "high grade" AEG. One more thing that I will say is if you are wondering about range, then no problem. I thought this gun would shoot around about 100 feet and bullets drop dead at that point (I mean for the price I wasn't expecting much!!!). This gun glides bb's an incredible distance for such a small barrel. YES I DO MEASURE MY SHOT RANGE I DO NOT GUESS DISTANCES. Of course accuracy at that distance will be that of a shotgun birdshot spread. I am confident that a target 150-175 feet will be mowed down by this in no time. THIS GUN IS JUST AS GOOD AS THE TOKYO MARUI VERSION AND DO NOT LET ANYBODY TELL YOU ANY DIFFERENT. Do not hesitate to buy this gun.
by M. KLENZAK verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 15 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
This gun is great, especially for the price. Very sturdy, full metal body. The only problem I have is that the stick battery that it came with died after 2 times of use in 5 hour games. Great gun for beginners and pros alike!
by L. ROCCO Date Added: Monday 17 March, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
I got this gun and right away i had jamming problems.So i had to take apart the whole gun and in the barrel near the hop up was a piece of metal perventing th BBs from shooting. I dont think that all guns are like that but if you get one that is its a big hassel. Anyway once i fixed it the gun shot great. It shoots at about 335 fps. It is made of durible plastic and some metal. The one compliant i do have is the battery is annoying so just charge the battery in the gun.
by D. CK Date Added: Friday 22 February, 2008
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
THI IS ONE OF THE BEST MP-5'S I'VE SEEN AND it is definitely the best pdwmp-5 [at 99$ how can you go wrong !] my only compaint is that it is PLASTIC !!! but i guess it is to keep costs down . as you can see from previos reveiws , i love to tell personal stories . now i don't know if anyone has ever used APC's in airsoft combat , but i have .thi is an instance in which this gun saved the life [ figuratively] of one of my teamates . we were in this 4 person modified dune buggy with a wal-mart crossman R70 airsoft gun that we had monted to our APC . the APC was covered in plywood sheeting and we keep 2 of these guns in under the seat . this one enemy sniper thought he had our gunner ,who sits in an open turret , dead to rights . i got my gun up out of one of the firing ports and put half a mag into his position ,which was about 15 yards away . my gunner , seeing the sniper then aimed and finished one of his friends that was right next to him ,that i could not see due to my low vantage point [our turret is about 5ft 10 in above the ground .we proceded to take out their APC [a little go-kart that was bound to the road and could not get off in the woods weher it was really needed] and won the match when their last 2 men surrendered. be sure to get an xtra high - cap mag for this gun so you won't run dry right at a bad moment .
by I. SULLIVAN Date Added: Monday 05 November, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
I use this gun when I play. When it arrived in the mail I was surprised at how short the barrel was. I was concerned that it might not shoot very accuratly. I filled it up and shot a few rounds. I was amazed at how accurate it really was. It could also pump those bb's out. I'm a little guy, so I need a little weapon, this fits the bill. Recently our team played another team and they laughed at how small my gun was. In the first round I pelted a guy pretty good and they didn't have a whole lot to say then. It has its own distinct sound that scares the poop out of everyone I play with. I will say that it has a limited range though. Other than that, it is a fine weapon.
by C. NICHOLS Date Added: Monday 10 September, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
I ordered the MP5 PDW and its a pretty decent gun for the price. I have to admit, at first I was alittle displeased with the gun because the low cap (the short one) it came with was missing the bullet stop at the top of the clip, so the bb's would just spray out of the top of the mag. Another con, at least for a while, was the mid-cap mag. it jammed up alot at first, but 500 bb's and a few good shots of WD40, I had working like a top. Other than that, this thing is great! Awesome firepower from a mid-grade. This one chrono's at 340fps, smokin! I love the compactness of this gun. all in all, this gun rocks! I am very impressed with it and would recomend it to anyone who wants a good quality gun for any range, with a great price tag. I am going to forget the problems with the magazines and give this product a 5 star rating because, at least in my case, this gun is everything and more that I had expected. Might suggest purchasing an extra mid-cap mag though, just in case one goes south on you.
by R. PATEL Date Added: Tuesday 28 August, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
I originally purchased this gun as a backup to my CA SL8 sniper rifle. However due to special circumstances i ended up using the gun as a primary rifle for a couple weeks while my sl8 was being repaired.

For starters the gun comes with alot of extra things making it an extremely good package for the $120 price tag. I personally opted to take off the flash hider because i thought it looked kind of ridiculous but thats just me. The battery is relatively easy to put in, however once in it can be a pain to take out so it is easier to just take out the front grip and charge the weapon with the battery still in the rifle. The gun itself is mostly plastic but has a very good feel to it, it doesnt feel weak or cheap at all. I have done alot of crawling and diving around with the gun and it has gotten pretty banged up yet after a quick wipe down of all the dust it still looks as good as new.

The gun chronos in at about 320-340 fps avg (on a full battery charge) and when fully charged the battery can last an entire day of usage as a primary weapon. The guns primary strength lies in your ability to be extremely tactical when moving and firing with the weapon. Being one of the smallest guns out there i was capable of rushing and finding cover in extremely small areas without having to worry about my gun sticking out. HOWEVER DO NOT expect to get a reliable ranged shot with this gun, past about 85 feet you really cannot expect do make any type of accurate shot.

The magazine is hold is very good, and while some players might find it a bit difficult to get the mags in and out, this is something that can very easily be remedied with some oil by your airsoft store. I had some trouble with the hi-cap magazine (the included one and a friends) and from what i hear mp5 hi-caps in general arent that reliable so i would reccomend purchasing a box of mid-caps as they will serve you the best.

The selector switch is easy enough to reach while holding the gun, however i have found that the gun tends to jam while on semi-auto mode, requiring me to switch to full auto to clear out the bb's. After testing out a couple friends guns i found that this is a common problem for the galaxy and echo mp5k/pdw but there is a simple solution. While on full-auto the rof is extremely easy to control, and with a little practice you can pull of single shot's, three-shot burts, or full auto fire at will.

All in all i found that for the 120 dollar price tag this gun is an extremely good buy, and after putting a few thousand rounds through it i have been very satisfied with the performance. The only strong reason i would see to not buy this gun, is if you are looking to upgrade your mp5- this gun (and all pdw/k mp5's for that matter) are not well suited for upgrades unless you are an experienced with air-soft internals or have alot of money to spend.

In review
-$120 vs $235 for the tm version
-330 fps vs about 280 fps on the tm version
-extremely small and versatile

-not easily upgradable
-no range capablity
-hi-caps arent a very good option (personal experience)
-faulty semi auto mode
by L. YEINGST Date Added: Sunday 12 August, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
I just got this gun about a week ago and I was very pleased with what I found. I had thought that this was going to be an all plastic gun that shoots around 290 but I was pleased to find out that it shoots 330 right out of the box. The Hi cap mags work fine as long as you use some airsoft lube. the only problem I have had is that the fake cocking mech. does not work when the battery is in, and I have had some problems with a trickey selector switch that seems to freeze up sometimes in semi auto mode but a couple of bursts in full will correct that for a bit. over all I would recomend this gun to anyone who wants a small concelable weapon for an affordable price. great gun
by C. MADEIRA Date Added: Tuesday 17 July, 2007
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
This gun is a great value weapon. It is reliable and works very well. I immediately put my Marui Tracer unit on the gun and it is awesome in CQB (had to use AK-47 threaded mount). I have used with a large 9.6v External battery and I was impressed by how the gun handled the extra power and rate of fire. I estimate having put just under 14,000 rounds through the gun and have not had any failures yet. Magazines feed well and are easily put in and removed. Only problems I have so far is a tricky selector switch, it doesn't like to fire in semi-auto mode.

I have recently purchased a JG G36 and will be using that as my primary weapon, so I unscrewed the PDW stock from it's mount and converted it to a pistol. I bought a shoulder holster and now use this as my dependable back-up gun.

Overall, this gun represents great value and is and excellent choice for an entry-level or CQB gun.
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