(Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
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by B. MERRILL Date Added: Saturday 08 February, 2014
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I have had this gun for good three years and i am impressed. It is so fun to shoot and spray people. It is about 1.5lbs so you can easily dual wield two of them. It has adjustable hop up under the fore grip which works really well. It is accurate up to 50 feet. I recommend it too beginners.

-really fun to shoot
-No magazine wobble whatsoever so it feeds really nicely
-Pure mp5k awesomeness

-very Loud
-bbs do not reach far (Because its a mp5k)
-loose selector switch
-Limited battery space ( stick 8.4)
by N. SCOVILL Date Added: Friday 24 January, 2014
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is one of the best low cost guns that I can find. The construction is nothing but solid. It is made of plastic, but this is not in any way cheap plastic. The stock is well made and can be easily removed if you see fit. After about 50 yards, the shots start to go everywhere though because of the short barrel. Otherwise a great gun. Perfect for CQB

Solid construction
fast rate of fire
low cost

battery can be hard to attach
orange flash hider is IMPOSSIBLE to detach.
by T. NICHOLS verified buyer Date Added: Monday 01 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Used this as my secondary to my CA AUG. Single point sling around my back worked fine.

This gun is lightweight and fires as expected. Not for field play, suited alright for CQB but definitely not going to shred your opponents with this little gun. The folding stock was cool, allowed me to sling it behind me easily, it shoots good UP TO 70 feet.

performed as expected

spring assembly in the folding stock got caught a little, not a problem.

its cheap what can you expect!
by I. FEULMER Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2012
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I am reviewing the Galaxy MK5 PDW. I bought it during cyber monday, so I got it at an insanely discounted price, plus 15% off and free shipping, so thanks ASGI!! This is a solid gun, it fires quite well, and I can't wait to actually use it in a skirmish.

-Solid construction
-Heavier than I expected
-283-287 FPS with .25 BB's (could be a con, but I'm going to use it on a _330 FPS CQB field)
-Amazing hop-up, it only took a bit of adjustment to get it to fire perfectly straight for a crazy long distance.
-Folding stock
-ROF of 12 BPS
-Loud (also a con)
-14mm CCW outer barrel
-Ambidextrous safety and mag release
-The stock is easy to remove completely if you don't want it, you just have to remove the back plate and then take out two screws.
-It performs just as well as my SCAR-L

-Plastic. I'm afraid to drop it, but it still feels like it could take a lot.
-The stock is a bit wobbly.
-The pins are a pain to take off
-the flash hider that comes with it is basically glued on and you can't get to the battery connector and hop-up with it on.
-battery space is limited
-charging handle doesn't work with the battery in
by C. KELLEY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 27 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Upon receiving this gun about a week ago, the main thing that stood out, was the weight. The weight of the gun is beautiful and perfectly balanced, yet slightly heavy...which i like. Before using, i lubed everything.. the stock, trigger, mag release, mags, speed loader, everything, and i can feal how much smoother everything pulls and works. My main problem was the fuse comes slightly loose, but taking it out of its area and bending the fuse clips inwards makes the fuse stay in perfectly. The hop up is powerful on this gun, if you can i highly recommend getting some .23 gramm bb's, for theyll yeild less effects with the hopup, on no hopup the tsd bb's i have still fly up a tad bit. The paint on the metal parts was not primed, so it comes off easily...i dont mind though, not a big con. The mag release is easy to pull back and pull a mag out. Three more problems were the flash hider and the magwell design. First off, the flashhider is GLUED on and literally needs to be ripped off, secondly the magwell design will not feed the last 3-4 bb's unless if its turned upside down, thirdly the unjamming rod that comes with it, the tips come off and get stuck in the barrel so dont use them.

- Great ROF for a cheap gun
- Great FPS for a cheap CQB gun
- Great battery lasts long time
- 2 Mags
- Speedloader
- Sling
- Stock
- Charger works great(although you need a discharger for safety
- BB's that come with are great, dared myself to try them and they work as good as my high polished ones

Buy a couple more mags for it, the ammo goes fast.

- Flash hider
- Fuse connectors
- High Cap misfeeds
- Jams(only once so far)
- Unjamming rod SUCKS
- Magwell needs to gravity feed last 3-4 bbs

There may be a lot of cons, but hell this gun is WAY worth it. Probably the best CQB weapon you can get for this price.
by G. DELEON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 04 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
When I first got this gun the first thing I liked about it was the weight. Even though it's body is plastic everything feels real firm. The stock moves a little bit, but it only does up and down. The high cap mag it comes with is metal. The standard cap is the the short kind(28 rounder), made of plastic, but is very sturdy and doesn't feel plastic. The battery is not hard as people say it is to put in. To put it in you take the two pins out shown in the picture out and slide it in above the gearbox. Then take the pin with the loop on it by the fore grip to plug it in. Stock, it shoots about 11 bb's a second. It is a Version 3 gearbox but uses a Version 2 motor(long). The orange flash hider comes off and underneath there is a 14mm CCW thread for barrel extensions, flash hiders or whatever. I recommend getting a weaver rail for it, or just get a dovetail rail optic. The front sights are metal. I changed out the cylinder head and spring guide to metal ones. I decided to leave the stock piston and piston head on because it made very good compression. Just from the two upgrades I made I did notice I got a faster rate of fire which I found interesting. Shoots 320 FPS. Overall, very good gun from Galaxy, I am very pleased.

Removable Flash Hider
Metal Front Sights
Very Responsive Trigger, even on a 8.4v battery.
Nice weight.
Metal Magazine

Slight Stock Wobble(Up and Down)
Hop Up Adjuster is under fore grip.
Can only fit a 8.4v Battery WITHOUT modification.(Is capable of holding a 9.6v)
by M. ROBINSON Date Added: Saturday 07 August, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I owned this gun for about 8 or 9 months, mine didnt come with the scope at the top or the rail mount (but i ordered mine a long time ago). iv played probably 10 games with it and it still shoots beautifully. Full metal internals with a plastic body (not cheapy plastic) with metal sites, trigger, and selector switch. this gun is extremely accurate but the range is alright, but this gun is a CQB weapon. But there are a few cons with this gun. The flash hider was basically super glued onto the gun and i ended up breaking it trying to pull the sucker off. Also, you can take the stock off, but then you cant use the sling (stock is about 60% of the guns weight). Lastly, the gun has jammed on me quite a few times. It usually jams up if the high cap mag isnt fully winded up, or using an upgraded batter (RPM was to high to the point where full auto would jam the thing) stick with the stock battery. the jams can be avoided. all in all, this is a great gun and i would highly recommend it to everone

-Full metal internals
-Folding stock
-Comes with 2 magazines (high caps and a low/mid cap)
-comes with a sling
-Doesnt feel cheap or flimsy
-shoots hard
-fast rpm when fully charged

-low/mid cap mag doesnt feed bb's well into gun (shoots one bb ever 3 shots on full auto)
-flash hider is impossible to get off
-battery is a pain to install / remove
- cant use sling when you remove stock
- jams if you use an upgraded battery or dont wind the magazine up properly.
by K. BRYANT Date Added: Friday 22 January, 2010
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I've had this gun for about 5 months now, and I haven't had any real problems with it. I play field a few times a week, and even though this is meant for cqb it can definitely hold its own against longer rifles. Its not the most accurate gun out there, but when you take into account the length of the barrel its pretty good. This is a great gun for the money, fps is good, rof could be better, I've had no feeding problems with the high cap, and the folding stock comes in handy.

-Great price
-Good fps

-My flash hider was jammed when I got it, had to pry it off, not that big of a deal really
-Everyone complains about the battery being hard to get in, its really not that bad
by G. DAVIS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 24 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is amazing. For one hundred dollars you get a small compact weapon meant for CQB, but when I clocked it in at 335 fps I decided to use it for Field also. I purchased a top rail for a scope, a barrel extension and a 500 round magazine and this gun looks and feels incredible.

Small and compact
Shoots good fps

The only thing that I can think of as a con is getting the battery in. You have to remove the stock and flash hider, then take out a pin holding the fore grip in. The battery has to fit into a small space and it is dificult to get the cord in and packed into the space.
by C. EGGLESTON verified buyer Date Added: Monday 23 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) Galaxy MK5 PDW Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is the definition of a compact SMG, it is easy to see why it fits in the same category as an UZI or Mac-11. Even with the stock unfolded, the gun is extremely compact and stays close, which is why I found it to be an ideal gun for CQB.
The stick type battery is 1100mah, which is more than enough for a full day of skirmishing in my experience.
It comes with a small 28 round magazine along with the hi-cap magazine that seems to be standard with all AEGs nowadays.

Compact design is great for tight spaces.
Feels durable, the body is plastic but many of the parts are metal.
Type 3 gearbox is known for reliability.
Very accurate replica of an MP5 PDW.
Very well balanced, it can be fired with one hand without much trouble.
Selector switch clicks into place fairly well, and is ambidextrous.
ROF is excellent for an 8.4v battery.
Accuracy is decent.
Metal threaded muzzle (which is also painted orange in case you remove the flash hider).
Comes with two magazines.

My first and most vocal complaint is the flash hider, it was EXTREMELY difficult to remove, the unlocking switch was stuck in place and took almost 45 minutes of working to loosen it up. Once I unlocked it once, it was fine and is a piece of cake to unlock.
Folded stock gets slightly in the way of holding the fore grip.
Rear sight is molded, it is not a real rotating turret sight (though it can still be adjusted for windage and elevation.
Gun overhops .2's at the lowest setting, though this may break in with time.

Overall I'd rate this gun a 4 out of 5, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent compact SMG.
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