* Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
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by J. DICKEY Date Added: Saturday 22 August, 2009
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This weapon, is all kinds of reliable. TM is the first to bring out the G36C. This is my very first, competitive grade Airsoft Gun. This Weapon has been with me since I started competing in 2005. I trained with it starting in 2003. Yes, I have now, for almost 6 yrs. I have done all kinds of things to this CQB weapon. The Version 3 gearbox assembly, I swear can survive anything. I have done only 1 teardown, and it was only to inspect it last year. This Weapon has all of it's original parts, and external upgrades. This weapon goes with me still, due to it's 28" length with the stock out, 19" folded. I have done nothing but abuse this weapon at times, and it still works. Silver lining in the abuse part is Preventive Maintenance. Always take care of your gear, and it will take care of you.

Lasts forever, at least in my case.
Version 3 gearbox, which is nearly indestructable
Folding stock, to make short weapon, even shorter
Simple to maintain
Don't need a fancy rail system, because there are mounting point for rails on standard foregrip.
No need for mag clamps.

Mags are a pain to pull out of a pouch.
by T. LIN Date Added: Wednesday 27 May, 2009
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
well i had this gun for almost 9 months and its holding up quite well. I am very impressed by the accuracy with a inner barrel as short as the TM p90 and the rpm it has as a standard TM. It has a good look and it has the real feel to a real G36c because the real one is also made from ABS plastic or whatever plastic they use. Its awesome that it gives a bottom and top rail but i also wished that it came with the side rails ( i had to buy separate TM G36 side rails). It has a collapsable stock and there is barely any mag wobble even with other mags not from TM. definitely a good buy

extremely accurate
no mag wobble
feels like the real gun
has sling mounts for left handed and right handed users
good rpm for a standard TM
good weight
gives black flashhider when you buy it and it gives orange one for legal purposes
gear box is easy to get to for fixing or upgrading your internals
battery is easy to put in than other G36 models

didnt give side rails but its ok
a little pricey but its all good
by S. SPANOVICH Date Added: Monday 04 May, 2009
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This has got to be one of the best guns i've used so far, however it does have some pros and cons listed below, but overall I have to say, for the price i've got it at, the durability, fps, and accuracy this gun provides, is amazing.

I bought my G36 off my cousin for about 300 bucks, it was already upgraded by "The Q Project" with a prometheus m110 spring, and a modified TM piston head. It still had alluminum gears, but they were shimmed to perfection. It shot about 350 fps with that spring.

When I got the gun, there were some problems from lots of use. It is about 3 years old, and the cylinder head broke, and the hop up had some issues. the chamber kept moving around and wouldn't stay put, which drastically affects FPS. I actually had to modify lots of parts to get it to work right, and it took me a while. new parts would have worked like a charm, but some of these are quite hard to find, so you kinda have to work with what you've got.

After getting the gun to work, my setup was a systema m120, and a systema rubber bucking. And a slightly longer barrel for more accuracy and FPS. I also have a silencer to make this gun very quiet (and trust me, it IS quiet). It shoots about 430 fps with .2s (a VERY good fps for the spring) and is about 14 rounds a second with a 8.4 volt battery, and about 16-17 rounds per second with a 9.6. I have switched from using a custom made M16 with lots of good parts, to this baby, and this one is LOTS LOTS better. much more accurate, and much more power.

Good durability - even though the body is plastic, just like all other TMs are, this gun still feels like a Tank. not quite as durable as a CA gun, but still very well built.

Good Power and air efficiency - with a systema m120 spring, this gun shoots about 430 fps with a systema rubber bucking. My old m16 only got about 400 fps with the same spring, and thats also with a systema hop up chamber.

High cap holds 470 rounds instead of 300 like most M4s do.

Silent and stealthy - shot my friend from about 20-30 yards away, and he didn't know where it came from (I was hiding lol)

Long lasting - bought this thing when it was about 3 years old, and it still runs like a beast.

Harder to upgrade than an M4 - because this thing has a version 3 gearbox, it is harder to work with than the Version 2 gearboxes. But once you get it together, the version 3 gearbox is much better in my experience.

Hop up unit - even though it works great, this has got to be one of the most annoying hop up set ups i've ever worked on. it took me a good amount of time to get it to work right. Like I said above, new parts would have been better, thus I was trying to fix broken hop up parts, but some are difficult to find. but hey, it works so i'm not complaining.
by K. WARFEL Date Added: Monday 09 March, 2009
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this is an AMAZING gun for the money. shoots great but fps is low but you can solve that with a new spring and metal spring guide. ROF is crazy with intellect 8.4 1600mAh battery. stock this gun is for bigger cqb games and smaller woodland games. this was my first real high quality AEG. other brands like jg or echo1 may have i higher fps but my friend got a jg g36c and it broke in 2 weeks. tm is high quality and very durable. some metal but the plastic that it has is very strong and feels sturdy. the stock is really good so when ur poking your gun out windows you can fold the stock.

GREAT buy get it!

rof w/ 8.4v 1600mAh
metal sights,trigger,flashhider, ect.
strong plastic

low fps
battery and charger not included
by M. MOLCHAN Date Added: Thursday 10 July, 2008
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
Tokyo Marui G36C


great wieght
great look
tokyo marui ness
all around amazing and cheap assult rifle

low fps
needs m120 and metal spring guide
doesnt include both rails
no high cap mag


Ok when i first saw this gun i was not amazed it was in the package and only came with cleaning rod and gun also mag. manual. at first i thought low fps doesnt matter. well it does. so i installed a m12o spring and a full metall ball baring spring guide and wala. it is a maniak. great fps with a 9.6v battery and is the best looking g36c i think on the market. this weapon has easy battery instalation and very sterdy no wabble fore grip. but all in that the packaging was quite nice. on the range this baby shot about 130 feet and 390 fps. wow i know. so marui is the way to go.

overall rateings


rof 4/5

after upgardes and new hi capp mag


as you can see i strongly suggest you upgrade up its up to you. in my apinuinn th ebest g36c airsoft rifle out there

Tokyo Marui G36C

95 out of 100 points

-1low cap mah
-1no rails
-1plastic spring guide
-1low fps

hey thats still an A so chear up and with mods it gets a east 102/100 easy. go marui

thanks and purchase this gun its worth it
by M. CUNNINGHAM Date Added: Tuesday 12 February, 2008
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
I currently own an Echo 1 Vector Arms MP5, a CA M41 SAR Offizier, and a Tokyo Marui G36c.

The Tokyo one is by far my favorite. It is dependable, easy to maintain, and provides more customization options at a lower price than most other guns.

Definitely a good buy.
by A. YOUNG Date Added: Sunday 21 October, 2007
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
Way to write a review on a gun you dont own!

So I had been eyeing a Marui, and had been searching for a nice relatively affordable, cool looking, non-terrorist, gun to buy. So after showing my dad my decision of the G36c, he offered to buy it for my birthday, I was very happy, this meant I wouldn't have to save up forever.

First Impressions
Well I was frustrated because it was lost in the mail. Eventually it turned up and I brought her home. It came in a nice cardboard box that had cool images and pictures of the gun on it. After easily sliding off the top of the box I was amazed to see my first non-piece-of-crap-aeg. After having my UTG for along time it was a breath of fresh air to be able to have a sturdier gun that didnt give the common abs fake jiggly feel to it. It was very sturdy and felt good, and very ergonomical. I was also amazed at how the brilliantly designed Heckler & Koch model gun was built. Was designed for a lefty or a righty handed operator. The selector switch can be activated from either side, and the bolt can be opened the same way with a complex system that involved the lever popping out on either side and foldng flush when completed.

After charging the extremely small 8.4v battery and squeezing it in the relatively small space underneath the barrel at the front of the gun, I fired the first few rounds. Being myself I was scared half to death when it didn't shoot. Well of course I had forgot to wind the seperately purchased TM hi-cap magazine. This gun shot quite well and was very accurate out of the box the sites needed no adjusting and haven't been since. This is a good thing since the sites require and allan wrench and a fair amount of muscle to adjust.

Though I have not yet tinkered with the hop-up due to the relative success of the guns firing and accuracy, but I located it. It is hidden away where the chamber would be and can be accessed by pulling back the bolt. I am sure that indeed I feel like adjusting the hop-up I shall have good results since Tokyo Marui's invented and pioneered the popular hop-up mechanism.

I had ordered the package deal from precisionairsoft.com, this came with many cool things including battery charger, cleaning rod, manual, and loading tool. This also came with the stock low-cap magazine that held a mear 50 rds, but displayed nifty fake bullets on the inside. So after knowing that that is all this gun came with I went out and bought a 470rd TM hi-cap for use, that clamps with my lo-cap. So far I have had no problems with eithers mags and am considering buying another identical hi-cap to clamp with the other 2.

The gun came with a mini 8.4v 1500 mAH Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadium) battery, that is possibly the smallest in size AEG battery I have seen. I would think it would not last long or have a very high energy capacity, but from my uses it has outlasted AJ's huge ICS m4 battery, and has not gone ary for me yet.

This gun is a Tokyo Marui, this brand tends to last the longest up to 100,000 shots before things start breaking and to me is considered the absolute pinnacle of airsoft. I love the folding stock it adds a cool attribute to the all around design. The two different peep sights which allow accuracy from different ranges also float my boat. A huge scope Picatinny rail is mounted on top a foregrip rail on bottom and to screw holes where you can optionally mount side rails. Accurate from not too distant ranges, after all it ain't no Sniper Rifle its a total CQC gun, and has gave me much luck. I would recommend as a gun for new players so they can get experience with a great AEG, and move on to ICS, and CA's for better performance.
by D. FRIEDMANN Date Added: Saturday 13 October, 2007
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
I own this gun. Its very nice. The guy below doesnt really know what he is talking about. this gun is not full metal, infact, its very plasticy. there are no creaks or flexes or external problems, but the CA body is nicer. on the inside though...it is awsome. lots of noobs are boycotting TM and turning over to ECHO 1 because they have "higher fps and are better" I agree that they have higher fps...but better? no... The only thing that possibly goes wrong with a tm is that it lasts too long and you have to sell it. Thats whats great about TM. nothing will last longer than them except for an unfired springer. (estimated life span 7-8 years) plus, they dont shoot to shabby at all. Every one of their guns is pretty much the same...low fps, extremely far range, awsome. now onto the gun:

I got this gun in a trade for my tm mp5 ras. the first thing I noticed was how comfortable it was. the grip seemed a little flimsy but it didnt matter to me. This gun, when I got it was about 3 years old. and my ras was about a month old. but still, I have had no problems, unlike my CA m15a4 cqb compact which needed a new spur gear, and piston, and shims in about 3 months. plus, the range on the ca is nowhere near as much as my TM. It comes stock with an EG 1000 motor, metal gears, nylon bushings, nylon piston, nylon piston head, m90 equivalent spring, fiber spring guide, and 0 type air nozzle. there is almost NO stress on the gearbox, meaning it will last as long as a standard bb :] externally, the body is plastic, but here are the metal parts: flash hider, all pins, front and rear sights, charging handle, bolt cover, selector switch, stock lock, and rails, sling mounts etc.

near endless external mods
Tokyo Marui ness
good for cqb, and woodland
metal parts
well built, sturdy

clanky motor (sometimes)
stock minorly wiggles (cuz its 3 years old)
needs threadlock on gearbox screws, but that might have just been mine.
by B. JONES Date Added: Monday 29 January, 2007
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui MK36C AEG Airsoft Gun
bought it, had it for about 1 month now. very good construction. i personally think this is the best full metal, TRUE AEG that you can get for under 300$ with bbs and battery. the battery is not the utg 1, it is darker green, and is swell, but the guns rof and rpm drains it very fast. get a smart charger and a 9.6 2700 nun-chuck battery. and get a high cap or some standards because the hi cap sux and the rof once agian. i got the 8x100 rd mags for 50$. the trigger, and every thing is metal, execpt for the foregrip, pistolgrip, and stock. the stock arm is metal tho. very, very sturdy construction. if the barrel comes loose, like it did mine, no biggie, just take off the foregrip, and the delta ring ( the thing that holds the foregrip together twards the body), and the spring then tighten the ring under it. the dust cover is nice and makes a "ching" sound when you pull back the charging handle. this opens the hop up when pulled back far enough. when getting it back a little, do the rest with your finger because the hop up door dont spring forward also no biggie, it stays back on its own untill you push the charging handle back in. then your good to go. 7.6 pounds loaded, get a sling, but i got used to it fast. this gun is quite big compared to the freedom fighter and echo 1. oh. when i got it, the motor wire was unconnected, so if yours dont fire after a fresh battery, then check the motor. when taking it out, be carefull, theres a little plate on the back that you need, DO NOT LOSE IT.
Email me for any qestions:

[email protected]

over all:
Rof with full bat:5/5
Chances of you pwning some one with this gun in broad daylight wearing red reflective tape:5/5
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