* Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
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by J. KLINE Date Added: Saturday 29 August, 2009
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This rifle I purchased used form a fellow airsofte that was liquidating fo a west to east coast move. it was a big deal as my TM AUG had recently bit the dust. I have been using this weapon exclusivly for almost 2 years solid and i have to say it strikes fear into the hearts of all that have felt its wrath. the only thing i have experienced was a the primary gear striped out after a full year of heavy use in very very cold weather. i am a saw gunner with this weapon i throw around 1000 rounds per day around twice a month. now for the surprises. This weapon chronos at around 275 FPS. with.20 bio bbs i normaly use .25 for the brush cutting purposes. this gun has the stock inner and it has been reshimmed after the gear replacement. the sound this gun makes is very unique and its called the lawn mower. i have a relitively low rate of fire but the accuracy is insane. its shooting an easy 200 feet with only around a 2 foot spread out in the last 5 feet of that. (soon upgradiung to a 6.01 inner barrel) never losing this gun it is my baby and she takes very good cary of me. who cares about rate of fire it only takes 1 bb to get a kill plus its like getting hit by a brick

good feel well ballanced
solid construction nothing slaps around like some guns do
my german buddy who uses the real steal version is in love
very well placed bipod

stoopid flash supressor keeps falling off non threaded piece of garbage
mags are expensive
hard to find a vest that will hold more than 1 mag per pouch
by K. SALTER Date Added: Tuesday 21 October, 2008
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Awesome gun! Granted, i did do a hell of a lot of work on it. Upgraded the entire gearbox and its internals along with the spring and the motor..... aaaand i kinda knocked some pieces out of the internal of the stock and re soldered a 12v into it hehehe... but i did have a chance to test it right out of the box and it worked pretty good, but i didn't spend too long with it due to my anxiety to upgrade the crap out of it :P If i had to put it on a 1 to 10 scale id say out of the box its a decent 7 but easily has the potential to be a 15 :)

1. Very good DM weapon.
2. Comes with an adjustable bi-pod and cheek rest.
3. Iron sights are actually very accurate, but i would definitely suggest a scope.
4. High caps are marked at 500, but you could easily fit more in (i think with a minute of work or so i could squeeze 560.)
5. The grip is really comfy.
6. Can fit up to a 9.6v in its stock perfectly (don't have to stick to an 8.4)
7. Possibly one of the easiest guns, i've ever seen, to upgrade yourself.
8. Magazines are easy to find, but (see con #6)
9. Very accurate spread. I didn't experience much inaccuracy until even 135 to 150 feet depending on the wind.
10. IT... IS... A SMEXY GUN.

1.Price is a little on the High side for its out of the box condition (just my opinion)
2.Doesn't come with any rail or mounts even though it obviously screams for a scope, though i know that's TM not airsoftGI.
3.Carrying Strap is only on one side.
4.Mostly plastic, but should be okay if you're not bracing yourself on it for falls.
5.If you like to airsoft often (more than once a week), you will be most likely dissapointed in this gun after awhile untill you upgrade a few of the parts.
6. G3 Magazines tend to lean to the more expensive side, and you cant transpose brands (cant use CA G3 mags in a TM G3)
7. The barrel length is uncommon for airsoft guns (469mm) so finding a .01 barrel was difficult.
8. Selector switch is only on one side, not a huge issue though. I was just used to my g36c.
9. The cheek rest is adjustable, but the way you set it on there is with adhesive pads. So actually adjusting the cheek rest requires peeling it off, and using a replacement pad. Though, the gun does come with spares.
by G. PICKETT Date Added: Friday 12 September, 2008
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I just netted myself a TM G3SG1 a little while ago. While out of the box, it is a fairly mediocre, this is the perfect upgrade gun. Put some new parts in it, give it a scope rail with a decent scope, you have the perfect support/anti-sniper weapon that looks awesome. Yes, it's a little heavier then some guns, but it isn't a problem except for long game days (most grown adults shouldn't have a problem, and for the rest there are straps).

Fully adjustable
Feels natural for it's size
Shoots well
EXTREMELY easy to access/change hop-up, but doesn't slip
Accepts upgrades with ease
ASGI has a great deal for mags
Scares girls and un-enthusiasts

Sling is only on one side, and bolt is easily broken/lost
bipod wiggles, easy fix
doesn't come with scope rail
by R. URRUTIA Date Added: Wednesday 21 May, 2008
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
The G3 SG1 from Tokyo Marui is a fairly decent gun if you're looking for a full sized rifle other than an M16. It's got a decent rate of fire and the 500 rd. high cap magazines are nice to have. The body is not full metal, but there are metal parts included with the gun. This helps keep the weight down to around 5-6 pounds but you don't get that authentic feel. The bipod is actually pretty useful for holding down a position, especially since the gun is fairly long. The flash hider is easily removeable if you're looking to install a silencer and the sights are adjustable as well. The gun is pretty accurate thanks to it's long barrel but the FPS is a little low as it chrono's in at around 300 FPS stock. You probably should upgrade the FPS and barrel if you're looking to really use this as a sniper rifle, but it's definitely a decent assault rifle. The only other issue that I've had with this gun is that I stripped my piston only after 3 days of use (1 day on airsoft field and 2 days of test shooting, sparingly). I don't believe that you should expect this gun to break so early since Tokyo Marui's are built fairly well, I probably got a defective gun.

Full size assault rifle
Working charging handle, able to lock
Adjustable sights
Adjustable hop-up
500 rd. high cap magazines
Pretty light for it's size
Possible to upgrade internals w/o any problems

Doesn't have rails for add-ons or scopes (purchase seperately)
Sling is only on one side of the rifle
Broke on 3rd day of use for me
Not full metal

3/5 stars
by A. MULLER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 August, 2007
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
AWSOME GUN!!! totally worth the money, I purchased it with the upgrade 1 and I can shoot accuratly up to at least 175 ft with .2 grams. I kind of accidently shot myself point blank and started bleeding, so it hurts too. ^^ Definately worth it, awsome weapon, the only downside is that the magazines are hard to find and very expensive. 70 round mags cost around $30 ea. :( but the gun itself kicks A$$
by L. RENTFRO verified buyer Date Added: Monday 23 July, 2007
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
I like this gun. I got it with the TM upgrade 2 already done and it seems pretty powerful. It shoots through both sides of a 18"x18" cardboard box. The shots also cluster into a very tight pattern. I think the barrel length is what's causing it. The tripod arms that fold down seemed a little flimsy until I realized that the tripod is designed to sit on an uneven surface (the two tripod arms can swing a little left and right).

One thing I'd suggest is to get a scope or red/green dot sight right away--just plan on buying one. The rear sight is so dang low, it's almost unusable. And yes, the other reviews on this gun are correct on its weight. It's a bit heavier than most AEG rifles, but the accuracy makes it worth it.
by P. WHITLEY Date Added: Monday 12 February, 2007
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
i've had this gun for a while now and man is it awesome. my friends have m16's, mp5's, and ak's. when i first showed it to them, they were afraid to play with me because of the sheer number of shots it can put downrange with surprising accuracy. we set up a target about 100ft away and this gun totally obliterated it. get this gun. it's worth every penny even though it is big. plus you should get a scope sine the iron sights are kinda low
by B. BOWMAN Date Added: Friday 20 October, 2006
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
This gun may fire correctly and for a long time, but the cost is outrageous! I bought an MP5 package for $280.00 and that shoots better than this. I'm not sure where Tokyo Mauri guns get such a great reputation, but the fps is horrible and you can get a gun just as good or better for less money. I wouldn't recommend this gun or any Tokyo Mauri... In my opinion, it's not worth it.
by J. MINGLE Date Added: Sunday 24 September, 2006
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
Played with my firends(used to be mine) last weekend and man it brought back memories

only minues is that its big
by J. WARD Date Added: Thursday 17 August, 2006
For: * Discontinued * Tokyo Marui FS3 SG1 AEG Airsoft Gun
This gun is crazy. After that horrible incident with the UTG guns (which you should never buy after you buy one of these or another gun from TM/CA/ICS). This gun is VERY accurate, the battery lasts a long while. I have won many times thanks to the G3 SG1. The gun is LONG. I really wanted tohave a short gun, but after my experience on a large gun allowed me to like the G3 SG1. I love it and if you are a large gun fan, get this one. I suggest more magazines with this purchase, I need to get lowcaps for this gun so that I can play realisticly.
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