AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
[05303 / MP056B]
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by K. KANE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 14 April, 2017
verified buyer
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Love the gun all around a great gun i love the feel the look and the all around performance, mine chronos up to 390 fps with .20g bbs. The stock looks awsome came in a nice dark color great look. Stock has a tiny bit of wobble but its no bother

Authentic feel and look
Shoot great i love it
All around great gun

The piece that holds the hop up access closed i guess broke my first time using it but it was an easy fix i just took the hinge out and flipped the spring so now instead of the spring making it spring open now it spring closed. This was not a major problem very simple fix no need to worry. All around great gun
by A. LAND Date Added: Thursday 02 January, 2014
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I bought this gun back in 2011 (on a Separate account) and it has been working PERFECTLY since then. I have however (because of my own error) lost several pieces. I reinforced the inner pieces and through this, lost a base screw that connects below the mag-release. But this was human error on my behalf. Back to the review. It has run VERY well for me for almost 3 years now and I love it! First thing I noticed was the weight. After I finished admiring it, I went to weigh it a and discovered that it weighed a hefty 9 2/16 pounds, making it very realistic! Second thing I noticed were the iron sights and build of the rifle(which are spot on! I know from experience with the real deal)! But the overall realism of this is unreal! A very good first weapon of choice for any new airsofter out there. One thing I would LOVE to see come into the line of purchasable parts would definitely be mid-cap magazines and aperture sights would be amazing!

Amazing build.
VERY sturdy build, will not let you down.
Nice, tight shot placing with some training.
Wooden stock(DEFINITELY worth the extra $25)
Almost completely metal internals.
High-cap magazine works flawlessly.
Several ways to make mid-caps with some googling it.
Very realistic charging handle.
Hop-up is easy to access.
Nice weight to it.
Overall an amazing gun.

I would recommend you tighten the screws in the stock before using a lot.
Handguard may come loose after a lot of use, requires re-adjusting to set again.
Rifle sling doesn't work, you need to purchase a Kar-98 reproduction sling.
^^concerning the sling, I made a video on how to modify stock sling to fit. Search "AGM MP-44 sling modification" via YouTube. Really simple.
by R. WOODRUFF Date Added: Sunday 18 March, 2012
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I purchased the MP44 back in 2011 and its been running great ever since. The metal and wood components give it a realistic feel. My gun came in around 430 fps which makes it a good field and sniper hybrid. The accuracy is great I couldn't complain there at all. The sights work well for me and the hop up is relatively easy to change. The magazine that comes with the gun is a high cap so you can go awhile without reloading which is great when your in intense firefights. The stock could hold a bigger battery if you shaved some room off the inside. The only concern I have is that the stock is a little wobbly. But only a little, nothing to detract from the overall splendor of the gun.The other thing to be a little concerned about is when you put the battery in is not to strip away the protective wiring cause if the wiring inside is exposed the gun won't function This however is caused by human error. Overall amazing gun. Go with the extra bucks for real wood you won't regret it.

Real Wood
Great Accuracy
Great Range
High Cap Mag (Comes with and can be purchased at
Possible Room for bigger battery?
Realistic look and feel
Price is proportional to look, quality, and firepower of gun

Wobbly Stock
Striped away protective layer for wiring(Human Error=Cause)
by T. NGUYEN Date Added: Tuesday 19 October, 2010
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Now all you have seen and wanted one but where afraid of all the reviews and in some cases cost. First off there are four manufacturers of the MP44. I cannot speak of the version with the plastic stock as I firmly believe in "Once you go wood you'll never go back" theory. In any case let's move on. This gun comes with a hi-cap metal magazine (the only type available for it), wall charger, sling, cleaning/unjamming rod, and an 8.4VDC stick battery. Before you take this gun out to play make sure you tighten all the screws in the stock as they are loose from the manufacturer. Next get a 9.6VDC battery and a smart charger if you don't already have one. To get the 9.6VDC battery to fit properly and safely you'll need to knock out the back end of the battery compartment for the battery to fit. You can do this with a 1/2 inch wood auger, drill bit extender and a decent power drill. If you get the correct magazine pouches you'll have to tape the top of the magazines because they go in inverted and you'll want to avoid dumping BB's into the pouch during a fire fight magazine change. You can get the correct magazine pouches from for a very reasonable price plus shipping. I've mod'ed mine by unstitching the lower part of the belt loop and installed a set of snaps so I can mount them onto my MOLLE vest. Also to improve the look get an AK slant muzzle break and ditch the muzzle nut. If you want the correct sling you'll need to find a sling for the Mauser 98K, yes it is leather. BTW the belt loops for the MP44 magazine pouches fit perfectly onto an LC-1 cartridge belt.

So over all I love this gun and in my humble opinion it rocks and is a blast to field in an FPF.

Excellent FPS out of the box 390-400 for mine w/.20g BB's\
Average ROF approx 300RPM
Build and quality excellent
Body is all metal
Stock is wood (I covered mine w/Thompson water seal)
Decent price

This thing weighs like the real deal
Slower ROF than modern guns
Only Hi-cap mags available
Only MP44 magazine pouches can hold the magazines securely
Not readily modifiable but who needs to\
Cannot mount modern optics unless you butcher the rear iron sight
by R. HAMBLETON Date Added: Saturday 09 October, 2010
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I had always wanted an StG-44. When I got into airsoft, unfortunately Shoei had the only StG-44. Then I found the AGM I quickly bought it. When I opened the box and picked up the gun I was shocked. It was quite heavy! I promptly went to weigh it and It weighed 9.1 pounds! When I realized how unrealistic the all black body looked I gave it a good sanding and now it looks vintage. I also stained the stock a darker walnut color.
Inside the gearbox is a solid metal spring guide, a regular spring, a hard plastic piston with 1 metal tooth, a ball bearing ported plastic piston head, a plastic cylinder, a plastic tappet plate, a plastic nozzle, copper bushings, XYT gears, and a metal anti-reversal latch
One thing to tell you is the sling they supply will not fit. You would have to buy a Mauser style sling off of another website ( I got one on eBay for $20 USD). This is necessary as the weight of the gun becomes hard to lug around. Also as a warning do not unscrew the antennae cap as it will release the charging handle and you will have a mess on your hands. The v2 gearbox allows you to drop in any M16 gearbox, as I have dropped in an Element 9mm gearbox. The stock will only accept 7-cell stick batteries. I put an Intellect 8.4 1600 mah stick battery in it. It can fit an Ak-47 barrel as I put in a 455mm tightbore without any of the tip showing. The hop up allows a perfect installation of the Systema bucking and a concave spacer.
My only gripes would have to be the pistol grip area. If you've handled a real one there is a big difference. Other wise I love this gun more than any other one I own.

Full Metal
Metal spring guide
Solid wood stock

Unrealistic pistol grip area
by J. WOODFIN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 10 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I bought this gun about a year ago off airsoft gi, and since then i have bought and borrowed lots of other guns, but i always end up using this one. This gun is 90% metal, weighs 13 pounds, and is longer than any m4 you will ever see, so i would not recommend it if you are small. I have majorly abused this thing (broke stock, drilled holes in reciever, wore it out with a lipo, etc.) and it still works great.

450 FPS (may be too high?)
easily outranges my friends' G&G m4, j4 m4-s systems, echo 1 and jg g36k's, and others.
Great ROF
Sounds intimidating
good hop-up

Not very accurate ( i dont really care when i can hit people from 150 feet away)
by K. JANS Date Added: Sunday 14 February, 2010
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I have owned this gun for over 1yr and hve found it to have lots of range, power, and accuracy but it's very large, low mad capacity (300rds?) and can be very heavy and akward to use. I also have had alot of problem with the hop up on mine. Possibly a lemon?

-all metal and real wood
-range 300ft+ with .20's

-bad hop up on mine (lemon?)
- to low mag capacity
-large and akward
-front grip moves back and forth slightly
-no trades
by M. WALTER Date Added: Saturday 17 October, 2009
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This gun is absolutely great. I have owned this gun for over 3 months and i have had barely any problems.
One strange thing that happened with this gun is that on Airsoft GI's site they claimed this gun shot 390-410 FPS w/ .2s but when i got my chrono sheet form Airsoft GI they said that they chronoed my gun at 440 FPS w/.2s!!!!! So that was a nice little surprise and i realized they have now changed the FPS on the site to 400+.
The gun weighs 11 pounds and is 37 inches long! Its pretty heavy for an AEG and it gives such a realistic feel. The gun comes with an 8.4v stick type battery and a charger which is a liitle difficult to put in but is better than most AEGs.
The stock is slightly wobbly and some paint came chipped off. My safety switch has also died on me.
This gun is COMPLETELY METAL! ABSOLUTELY NO PLASTIC! The stock is also wood. The stock feels very compfortable when fireing. The iron sights are adjustable and there is a Hop-Up system located under the dust cover, It is a wheel designe hop-up. the hop-up works very well. This gun has an INSANE trigger response that is almost KWA quality. The mag holds 300 rounds and can be used with an external winding tool AND a winder on the bottom.
I HIGHLY recomend this gun ITS F****** AMAZING!!!!!!

full metal internals
full metal externals
wood stock
metal barrel
long barrel
great range
great accuracy
good ROF (710)
300 round mag
adjustable sights
amazing trigger response
this thing will annhialate milk gus

wobbly stock
some paint came chipped off
broken safety
by P. KOMITO Date Added: Tuesday 08 September, 2009
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I had this on Pree-order on another website. When I 1st learned about this. I had to orderit. I have a US WWII load out with Marushin M1 Garand, Cyberguns M1 Thompson. And a US Namm load Ca M15a1, and NVA load(Cyma Ak blowback). Was Gathering Items for a German Load. Couldn't chose between This or Mp40. Chose this cause itMore Uniqe.

Full metal.
Wood stock
Metal Muzle nut.
Easy dissasembly
Took along at my last game just to chrono after the game. Got around 450-460with .20g and around 405 with .25g
Accuracy is great.

Wobly stock(changed to bigger screws fixed the problem)

Other than the Stock wich is easily fixed, I love this gun.
Now...Start selling spare mags so I can use it in a Game and try my German Load which is now complete.
by E. POLSON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 20 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: AGM MP44 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
read some of the other reviews and was sorta scared at first. lots of reported problems with the stock and what have you. mine came well perfectly no grease or silicon everywhere stocks fits pretty tight a little play but that no big deal. and for the person who said its bad pot metal well its not its stamped steel and its not going to brake easy. yes the paint does scratch off but thats just wear and tear. overall a great gun and i would recommend it.

full metal and wood
high fps (mine came at 450fps)
great for peaple who do airsoft WWII reenactments
high mag capacity (says 300 but i counted out 400 rounds and still had room for more)
feels real
comes with a metal flash hider thats black which is nice

plastic flash hider was screwed on wrong and the threads are crossed, still works but was hard to get off at first.
wood stock and a few other areas where scratched on delivery (no biggie going to happen anyway)
its not real sadly
didn't come with a free cupcake =(
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