KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by S. VINSON Date Added: Monday 14 February, 2011
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is the closest you will get to wielding real steel on the field in terms of how much the gun weighs and the way it handles. As for how it shoots, the rate of fire for this weapon is immense, and because of it's smooth action and accuracy you will need a lot of good BB's (I recommend 0.25g). The Hop-up is easily accessible, simply hold the cocking lever back and adjust the dial in the exposed chamber. Because of this, zeroing optics for predetermined distances is very easy. Disassembly for basic maintenance is as easy as it get with english instructions and well designed diagrams located in the manual. Which By the way, you should read from back to cover. If you are proficient with air guns, or just starting out. This gun is forgiving enough for noobies, yet has a lot of potential for a seasoned player.

The degree of external customization is astounding.
The rate of fire coupled with smooth cycling and accuracy makes it fun to shoot.
It's a flexible platform that can adapt to many roles during various game types.
Durable, short of any intentional abuse this gun will put up with just about any common mistake.
Can use lipo batteries, be sure to get the charge right, read the bloody manual!
Accurate out of the box.
Loud, in a your enemies just crapped themselves kinda way.

If you want to play this gun all day, which you will, the weight may get on you nerves.
Weird sized allen slot for the flash hider.
Winding mags constantly.
Will drain lots ammo on full auto.
Loud, in a just gave away you position kinda way.
by J. STARK Date Added: Tuesday 18 January, 2011
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
If you are looking for a great M4 I highly recommend this gun. In my mind it is nearly perfect right out of the box. The internals are all top notch, the only thing that anyone may want to upgrade is the inner barrel, but, honestly, the improvement would be marginal. This last weekend I put 3 consecutive rounds fired on semi into the back of my friend's hand at a range of ~120ft (paced out after). ROF is great even with a 9.6V NiMH (20 rps), LiPOs will only take it up from there (21-22 rps). Muzzle energy on mine is VERY consistent 1.59J (I only use 0.25's, ~ 414fps w/ 0.20's). After a 100 round series the STD was _ +-0.01J (~2 fps).

The externals are rock solid, no wobble at all in nearly all of the components (selector switch only exception, probably just mine). You can pick it up by the barrel (not recommended but it happens) and not have to worry at all about damaging the gun. Happen to bash it into a tree? Not to worry, the worst that will happen is that you hurt the tree. The crane stock is solid, and access to the battery is quick and easy. Far better then the one on my VFC 416.

Battery space is limited, use Intellect or Tenergy NiMH, or L-Shaped lipos.

The weight and balance of the gun make it an excellent shooting platform, provided you aren't 12. The only thing that will limit your accuracy out to 150-200ft is your own ability.

My only, very minor complaints, are that the replica bolt looks and feels a bit cheap, the bolt catch is non-functional, and the fire selector switch is a little loose. Also, in the unlikely event that you need to get into the gear box quickly be warned that the 2GX gear box is complicated to work on.

If you take care of this gun by regularly performing standard maintenance I have no doubt that this will last you for years to come. Why waste your money on a gun that will eventually break and require hundreds of dollars of upgrades to match what this gun is stock?

Note: The best mid-caps to use are S. Arms 160rd magazines, as it is a little finicky. If you have problems with these, or most other mags, try filing down the ridge on the back of the mag-well slightly. Be sure to remove the mag-well from the rest of the gun, or you will end up jamming the gun with metal shavings. Not the gun's fault I was stupid.

Inside and out nearly every component is rock solid (selector switch only exception)
Muzzle velocity varies by +-2 fps
ROF, 20rps w/ 9.6V
Crane stock
Precise and accurate
KWA customer service (If you find a design flaw, tell them! They have and will redesign the gun to fix it. Who else does that?)

Finicky with mags (easy fix)
Pistol grip could be a bit wide, I find it very comfortable though
Upper receiver is impossible to remove if the piston is ever stuck compressed, until you get at the anti-reversal by removing the grip and motor and pulling it with pliers
No functional bolt catch
Bolt looks and feels cheap
Limited battery space
Selector switch a little loose
Burns through midcaps on full auto
by J. RIVERA Date Added: Saturday 16 October, 2010
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is by far the best aeg i have ever owned. it beats the echo 1 platinum, my ares scar, and i must say my systema super max. i recommend a 6.01mm barrel and to use the gun with a kong power 11.1v 1500 mah battery.

amazingly sturdy externals and internals
long ris
wired to the back
easy cranestock
removable sights
high rof and fps
has a removable flash hider

by K. BAKER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 07 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I just received my new KWA SR10 in the mail. Props to Airsoft GI for the amazing customer service and speed. VERY impressed. This gun is really really beautiful. everything is professional and sturdy as anything i have ever seen. Unfortunately, the gun doesnt shoot 400fps. right out of the box it shoots 360fps with .20 bbs. I installed a JBU 6.01 509mm inner barrel (i must add you will need a "silencer" to cover it up) but it looks intimidating. I also installed a ACOG scope that is excellent.) back to the point.... theoretically the gun should shoot around 400fps with a 6.01 inner barrel m16 length with .25 bbs. NO! the gun chrono's at 325fps. Disappointing. the bbs seem to die after around 35 yards. Doing the math.... that comes out to 105 ft. The hopes i had for at least 150 ft of shear power is unreasonable without breaking the bank. I will further upgrade this beauty (internally) by adding a m135 spring, new piston, high torque motor, high toque gears, poly piston, all the other minor parts and hopefully live up to the hype of the video'd KWA above.

visually captivating
doesnt break the bank
easy to upgrade
great battery configuration
fast rof

doesnt shoot 400fps right out of the box
will only work with KWA mags
other than that buy this is perfect.
by G. MORROW verified buyer Date Added: Monday 04 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
aight so,just received this gun, shot and guess what. yeah, u guessed, i am gonna be the fourtieth guy to tell you guys, ITS AN AWESME BUY! theres a reason 40 people have bought it. great body great everything, shoots like a charm and straight as an arrow. i bought a 6.01mm barrel for it but i honestly cant see this thing getting any more accurate, dont think im going to put it in :P crane stock is an excellent design, your fuse is right there, but, the wiring is a trouble to position right, its VERY thick. not a wobble to be found in this gun. very solid and all metel, cept stock and grip. guys i gotta tell you, ive seen alot of airsoft guns and from an engineering point of view, this is the best gun you can get for 385$ pm me on the forums ifyou have any questions regarding this gun. also, use .25g airsoft elite bb's!
for a battery id recomend the 11.1v 1800mah 15c battery on evike.

high fps
high rps
great gearbox
intuitive crane stock
compatible with lots of different m4 mags
GREAT hopup system
comes with airsoftgi's service.
got it in under two weeks
feld ready, no upgrading needed
its just clean, great gun get it you wont regret it

did not come with the flip up sights i thought it did
wiring in stock is tough to move around but hey, its thick, cant comlain
bolt catch does NOT work, gotta use two hands when adjusting hopup
forward assist does NOT work, doesnt release spring. must dry fire few times on semi to release it
front heavy lol who cares though
by K. ALLEN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 11 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is awesome, I just recieved it a couple of days ago and it is perfect. I have already taken it to one match and it was flawless. Everything on the gun works perfectly. The mag fits nice and tight in the magwell. An L-shape, or nunchuck battery fits perfectly in the crane stock, which has 5 adjustable positions. With an 11.1V Lipo the gun shoots extremely quick, hard and accurate, in addition to being quite. It puts many bbs out quickly and the groupings are nice and tight. I would definitely recommend this gun to anyone who is looking to get into airsoft. Excellent gun.

Fast rps and fps
sights are adjustable, flip up, and removable.
Fire selector switch is simple and easy to switch modes.
Nice rail system.
Received Several compliments about it.

by X. XU verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 11 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
KWA has done it again with their new sr10. This gun is just awesome. It comes with a 360 round magazine, an unjamming rod, and a manual and 45 day warranty paper. The whole gun, with bbs and battery, weights about 7 pounds which is a reasonable weight. It's 33 inches with stock in and 36 inches with it all the way out.

Externals are above average and comparable if not better than the g&g metal bodies. In this model, they are using a matte grayish black finish rather than the reflective ones on their old guns. Their logo consists of KWA spelled out in block letters with a unique serial number underneath. The grip is slightly larger than other m4s and they have a cnc rail system (not one piece) which looks very nice. Their iron sights are some of the best as they are comparable to the king arms ones. The magazine holds 360 rounds and is metal. Feeding is good enough to keep up with the gun on a lipoly. KWA has one of the best stocks. All you have to do to open it is pop open two tabs, unlike the G&P when you have to take out the whole stock.

Kwa feature their new 2x gearbox and their 2g bucking in the sr10. The gearbox is reinforced with a their polycarbonate piston and metal treated gears. Also, its the gearbox itself is heavily reinforced especially in the front. The gears itself do not need to be shimmed. The gun has a 6.05 tightbore and their bucking which is similar in design to the firefox one. a m120 gives you about 400 fps

Performance is excellent. It shoots approxmately 18-20 rps on a 9.6. It has good trigger response as well. It's also extremely accurate as I am reaching targets at 200+ feet. Spread of about 8-10 inches at 100 feet.

heavily reinforced gearbox
2g bucking (similiar to firefly)
6.05 tightbore
nice rail system and sights
good motor with torque and speed
smart crane stock

some aftermarket parts wont work like mags
logo may seem plain to some people
by M. CHMIELEWSKI verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 12 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Just got this yesterday. This being my first AEG I have nothing to compare it to in Airsoft but I was holding real AR-15's in stores a week ago. It feels like the weight and solidness of a real rifle. Everything on it is solidly constructed, no wobbles at all. Not even my magazine. It shoots hard and fast with a 9.6 and I was able to hit a metal folding chair at about 150 feet right out of the box. Of course at that range there's some trial and error to adjust for the hop up curve on the round but that's to be expected. The iron sights are beautiful but pointless... being airsoft. But that said, it's exactly like I have read and expected.


shoots hard
great finish
excellent feel in the hands

Yes, the orange tip.
by M. BLAUSTEIN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 15 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun will not let you down. I have used it in three wars to date and haven't had a single problem with it. I would reccomend getting a foregrip as the rails can be a bit uncomfortable but if you don't have one its not a problem. Shoots hard, straight, and fast..or so my friends tell me as they are calling their hits. I bought this gun for both use indoors and outdoors, it has worked perfectly in both areas of play. Has a nice weighted feel, and the re-enforced gearbox is a gift from the airsofting gods. Get this gun now! P.S. I have a 9.6 3300 mah nunchuck battery that I bought for this gun which does not fit in the stock..however a smaller 1500 mah will fit just fine and last you all day.

Great construction
Great rof, fps, accuracy
Weighted feel
Ris rail is great for anything you might want - very sturdy
KWA comes through again

Small battery compartment
Pricey - but worth it if you want a gun that will last
Nothing else
by P. SGANGA verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 24 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM4 SR10 2GX M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The greatest investment I have ever made period! I love this gun, the way it shoots, feels, and the way it looks. The Iron Sights are also a thing of beauty also because they have a more open sight as well as a more precise smaller sight. I was gonna get some other crappy gun but then my friend persuaded me to get this and I'm glad I did, it is just amazing. Two problems though it is very hard to upgrade and it's barrel only agrees with certain bb's like airsoft elites. But the Pros by far out weigh the Cons.

Great, consistent FPS
Great Iron sights
Looks cool as hell
Feels like a real gun
Just plain amazing

Hard to upgrade externally (Mags, Sights, grips, etc.)
Find the right bb's to use (Airsoft Elites work well)
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