(Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
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by J. ESTANO verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 23 November, 2011
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
I find myself at sort of a loss of words writing a review for this airsoft rifle. There's so much to say that it's hard to find a place to start, so I'll just start by saying that I ordered this gun, with the bb's and charger from Airsoft GI and recieved it a few days later. I opened the shipping box to find a large KWA box, a bag of bbs and the battery and charger. I set those aside and just opened the KWA box, where I found myself unable to pick up the rifle right away because I just wanted to stop and look at it. It really looks like an M16. Every detail on it is perfect, it really is extremely high quality metal with the trademarks laser-engraved into the side. The only parts that are not metal are the hand guard, butt stock, and pistol grip which are all made of the most solid type of plastic I have ever had the pleasure of seeing on an airsoft gun. It feels more like a high-density composite than a plastic. One thing I'd like to note is that the metal on the dust cover, magazine, forward assist, and mag release is actually blued like on a real M16. The attention to detail is stunning. The sights are full metal and give a good solid "click " when you adjust them. The gun has a great weight to it, it feels like a real rifle. Coming from someone who has held a real AR-15, it does feel very alike to it's real-steel counterpart. There are no creaks anywhere on the gun, everything feels solid as a rock. And the mock gas tube that runs through the top of the handguard is like the cherry on the cake for an M16 enthusiast and adds that last little ounce of realism that almost brings a tear to the eye. Now the only thing that I found to be a downside about the exterior, and really the entire gun, is the shade of orange used on the tip, but this is not a big deal as most people who go to Ops paint it or buy a new flash hider anyway, so I don't count that as a con and I used some high-heat rustoleum on the tip and it blended perfectly with the rest of the rifle.

On to the internals. Now as far as velocity, Airsoft GI clocked mine at an average of 399, which is fine seeing as you can't use anything higher in an Op anyway haha. For shooting, the first thing I noticed is the magazine quality. It feeds flawlessly, not one jam or misfeed after putting several thousand rounds through it and playing two full days of airsoft. The accuracy and range? Well lets just say you're pretty much gona blow away every other (stock) AEG on the field, (and even some upgraded AEG's probably haha) especially if you use a 9.6v battery. The rate of fire is insane, and leaves enemy players practically no time to duck before a barrage of fire is all over them. With iron sights, I'd say I was able to hit a human size target every time at probly 175ish feet. But once I mounted and zero'd in my little scope, and installed a 6.03mm tightbore, I can now hit human sized targets consistantly at around/over 200 feet. The hop up is great on this gun, it took a little while to fully break in but just put some silicone in the bucking and down the barrel when you first get it and it'll break in real quick. Now it adjusts very finely, and sends the bb straight up or down with no annoying sideways curve like on cheap hopups. When you shoot the gun, you can almost feel a slight kickback from how powerful the gearbox is in this thing. It just feels solid when you shoot, and the trigger is so responsive that you can double-tap real fast with no problem.

In conclusion, I will say that this is probably one of the finest guns you can buy for doing field work, or making into a DMR which I plan on eventually doing when I get the money. The battery that comes in this package is perfectly fine and lasts for a whole day of airsoft in my experience, though I have since then bought a 9.6v to up the rate of fire even more. But my favorite aspect of this gun is the durability. It just feels SOLID. I've owned alot of guns and there's always that one part on the gun that you fear might break, but not this thing. Sure, it's over 300 bucks, but you're getting a gun that is going to outperform any other AEG out of the box and doesn't even need any upgrades to be field ready, and that will last you an extremely long time. Just save up and buy a KWA, and I promise you, you'll never regret it.

P.S. You're going to hear alot of talk about the KWA SR-12, but the only difference between that and this is that the SR-12 has a free floating rail system instead of a handguard, and it has different sights. So basically you're paying an extra $80 just for those rails and the other sights instead of the sight rail. Personally I like this one better, same internals and has the classic M16 look but it's your choice.

Very accurate
Good range
High FPS
Best looking, most durable externals I've seen on an airsoft rifle
Hop-up is awesome right out of the box, doesn't need a new bucking at all
The 2GX gearbox is incredible and sounds like thor the god of thunder when you put it on full auto
Extremely upgradeable, and easy to upgrade for those of you who don't have experience

Like I said the orange tip is pretty huge and a really obnoxious shade of orange but that's an extremely minor gripe to have and can be changed in like 5 minutes to any custom flash hider you wanna buy (as long as it's a 14mm ccw thread).
by R. ENNS verified buyer Date Added: Friday 10 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
I used to buy guns based on price and fps. Then I started to buy metal guns for more durability. But I had never bought an airsoft gun for more than $200. Most of my guns had bad accuracy and durability. So I decided to get a KWA. I was astounded by the amazing quality of this rifle. Its very, very accurate and powerful. Airsoft GI included an 8.4v NiMH 3800mah battery with it, and I was amazed at the ROF even with an 8.4 battery! They also included 5,000 .20 BB's and a charger. I'm so glad I paid an extra $10 to get the package, it is a great deal. This is my first Airsoft GI purchase, and I'm thrilled. I don't ever want to buy airsoft guns and supplies from anyone else again.

Quality Construction
Long Inner Barrel
Full Metal
Long Range
Good Accuracy
Lots of Power
Good Trigger
Large Battery Compartment

by R. LABARBERA Date Added: Saturday 17 April, 2010
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
kwa and airsoft gi have really gone out of there way for this one with the batter and charger pack theres no need to go off and by a battery for your kwa because unless this is your first kwa , kwa;s dont come with batterys and how this gun one worl SOLID!

great price for all the stuff it comes with!!!
comes with battery (9.6 1400mah)
comes with bbs (2000 .2's)
and charger ( get a smart charger!!)
its a kwa
fps!! 420
had this gun for many years just got this new model b.c how much i loved the old one

you need a bigger battery then the on it comes with =(
long no cqb for this gun
need tight boar
nothing else really
by G. GREENE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
What can I say it's a KWA! KWA is the best brand besides PTW ( ptw's are extremely over priced ), this gun is amazing. It shoots amazing, it's extremely accurate, high FPS out of the box. Airsoftgi says it shoots 413 w/ .20s and the battery that comes with it, but it feels more like 430 Also that battery is pretty bad first of all it's NiCd type battery which means you MUST completely discharge it before recharging and if you done it will stop working. Overall this gun is amazing worth the money, it's extremely well built with very high quality parts. The only upgrades that I recommend for this gun is 9.6v or higher battery that ISN'T a NiCd, get a NiMh, and a MAD BULL V.2 tight bore barrel for M16 (509mm).

It's KWA!

full size M16

V.2 KWA gear box

high cap. mag


high ROF ( rate of fire )

high FPS ( feet per second, about 420 w/.20 and this crappy battery )

FULL metal ( besides stock and grip of course )

the battery, you would be better of getting just the gun and buying a different battery
by A. NOONAN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 14 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
I recieved this rifle in the mail about 3 days ago, since I got it, I have been in love. The first thing I did was install and tightbore barrel, it shot beautifully after that. Here is a tip: When taking apart the reciever, remove on the back pin, this gun "shotguns" or "breaks" instead of the normal sliding. Make sure to fire a few times on semi-auto to release the piston, or else it will get stuck. This rifle performs amazingly, the externals are impressive, a solid metal orange tip, hard ABS plastic stock, and carry handle (which dissapointed me a little, It doesen't bother me, I replaced it with an aimpoint). Aimpoints and sights will see over the front triangle sight. The charger is comes with is horrible, I reccomend you get a smart charger for 25 bucks, it will save you in the long run. KWA does an impressive job with the internals, top notch for a reasonably priced AEG. MAG mid caps do in fact work with this rifle, and pretty damn well. It fires over 420 FPS, in the Pacific Northwest, the limit is 400 for rifles, so I added a m100 spring to tone it down. That will only be a con if you have field limits, if not, it is a beautiful rifle. I will not talk about the hi-cap it comes with because, well, it is a hi-cap, so it will sit in the back of my closet. This rifle has been used for years, the standard rifle of the USMC, this rifle will last you a long time. Invest in it, it will never let you down.

-Full metal
-Quality internals
-Metal orange tip, smaller than you may think
-Hard ABS stock, handguard, and carry handle. Don't be fooled, they use that stuff in the real steel.
-works with MAG mid-caps
-It is sexy

-Shoots well over 420, con for me, depends on where you play
-Stock barrel could be improved.
by J. MEJIA verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 19 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
This is a Phenomal gun by KWA. I put a JBU 6.03 tightbore barrel installed by airsoftgi and it works

GREAT! I zero'ed in my NC star 3X9 40 scope at 150 feet and was hitting every shot no problem. I

had high hit percentage on my burst as well. I would guess 90% of my bbs were hitting at 150 feet

with a short burst. When I put the lipo battery in the stock it balances the gun perfectly which I

appreciate since my last gun was extremely front heavy. The battery and charger are decent but I

have not used them much since I got the lipo. This gun definately has quite a few advantages out

on the field.

Accuracy is on point at 150 feet with a scope (tightbore barrel 6.03, stock is unknown)

FPS is hot hot hot (410ish with .25 gram bbs, use burst and do not shoot close)

Overall great feel (looks great, balanced weight, mostly metal, sturdy,)

Hop up is good and functional (no need to upgrade in my opinion)

Mags feed bbs good with lipo (use silicon to prevent dry feeding and buy G&G, CA, or KWA mags)

Intimidating sound when shooting (definately stands out and strikes fear)

Price is high but you definately get a quality gun for your buck. I DO NOT REGRET dropping the

money for it.
by M. FLOSS verified buyer Date Added: Monday 03 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
I got this about a month ago and i have to say, OMG I LOVE IT! It is an almost exact replica down to the weight, shoots hard, shoots accuratly, and handles amazingly. I only have two concerns, one is that stock i got it, took it to an airsoft event (id put about 4k rounds through it so it was broken in somewhat) and was shooting 425 with .30g BBs. Obviously i wasnt very happy having only obtained it the week prior. Also the plastic bit holding the door that covers the hop up is very low quality and broke the first day i got it (but im told that even real m16s do that, my friends dad told me that and he is the J3 of the Mass. Gaurd.) Since the event i have used it with my friends and the are scared of me, when they think they are out of range, i prove them wrong with a shot or two to the face

-Shoots accuratly (stock)
-Insane ROF (with firends 10.8 but also stock)
-Feels epic
-orange tip is just screw'd on so can be easliy removed

-shoots insanly hard (only reason its a con for me is cause im afraid ill never be able to use it at an event)
-the afore mentioned plastic bit
by J. HOGAN Date Added: Monday 29 June, 2009
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
i was interested in buying the newest model of the KWA battle rifle, so i went to my anderson airsoft pro shop. they have contacted KWA, and KWA says that they have had problems with the shipment of the new m16 battle rifle model, so it is not even supposed to make it through customs until sometime in July. So there is no way that airsoft gi can have the newest model. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY Airsoft GI.


by B. O'LEARY verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 27 December, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) KWA Full Metal M16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package)
Product Information:
Amazing gun that shoots 450 fps with .20g bb's, Lipo ready 11.1v 1600 mah (max), approximately 7.5 pounds or 3.5 kg. Great accuracy with a great hop up system and amazing metal gearbox. The mag is a 360 rd mag so nothing special. No sling comes with it. Everything s metal except for the butt stock, the fore grip, and the grip. Comes with 4000 bb's a charger and an 8.4v 1800mah China battery. Recommend you get more mags and a ton more bb's if you buy a Lipo Battery. A little to much money for my taste but has great performance.

Heavy (maybe a con)
Almost all metal
Package deal
High rate of fire
Very accurate
Unbelievable performance

Little over priced
Small high cap mag (360)
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