Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by J. CLINE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 09 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I love my JG err I mean echo AUG.

Durable (save a couple parts)
Powerful (mine came shooting at 380-400fps stock)
Flash hider is not metal as stated in description/features
IMO better than the CA model in every way and much cheaper

Mags are bulky and you wont be able to fit two of them in each slot of normal vests like m4 style mags.
Barrel lock lever somehow loosend itself and fell out during the first use at a competition and of course i cant find replacement ones anywhere.
Plastic spring guide (tabs on the side break easily when opening gearbox, suggested to replace asap).
Is just a rebranded JG AUG. I recommend anyone looking at this gun saves themself the money and gets the JG version. This gun is actually a JG to begin with. Im not sure why Echo thinks they can get away with selling their rebranded JG's for a higher price. Echo can stamp their logo on the outside of the gearbox all they want, but once you open it, everything inside is marked as JG.
by R. PALLOTTI verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 28 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great and i give it five stars this review is by someone who has the gun,but i havent had this gun for too long so im kind of biased. My first impression was the body/skeleton was much smaller that i thought. After playing around with the hop up it is very accurate. I've read other reviews saying that the two stage trigger was hard to get a feel for but i thought it was super easy. The trigger is very crisp. Atleast when i got the gun the foregrip was rather sturdy. The 'battery is really tiny as well as the battery compartment.(i've never had a small battery only a large. The rate of fire is rediculous for an 1100mAh battery. I bought another battery but the first one i bought was c on back order so the new one wasnt delivered with the rest of my package. The range and accuracy of this gun is amazing and the fit and finish is the best i've ever seen on a mostly plastic body. Would reccomend to anyone.
In the next couple of months ill be upgrading the barrel, so with a TBB this gun would be amazing.

long barrel
rpm especially with 8.4v 100 mAh battery.
Everything about the gun basically

When i put bug spray and touched my gun it literally started melting.
other that that none
by G. LOURIE Date Added: Saturday 04 April, 2009
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about nine months and out of my many guns this one is probably my favorite. It is reliable, highly accurate, has good fps, and is an all around good gun. It has good handling and the way the barrel slides out is exactly like a real one. I have used mine for many different roles and has excelled as a spotter weapon when working with a sniper. The only problem Ive had is that my magazine started to not work right after I had used it for many skirmishes and major battles, but I easily fixed it myself. Another problem is that sometimes the trigger gets stuck when you pull it to auto and you end up wasting a lot of ammo, but this rarely happens.

-Easy to use and learn how to use
-Good FPS
-Bullpup design allows for a long barrel (the barrel as long as some of my sniper's!)
-Combat effective
-Vertical grip makes for better shooting, bot isnt very ideal for running

-Doesn't come with any sights, but it is still easy to aim without them
-Sometimes the two step trigger gets jammed on auto while you are shooting and can be hard to release, which can be a hazard in the middle of a firefight
-Relatively small battery, but still works well
-Magazine broke after a few months, but no big deal because it was easy to fix
by L. ZHONG verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 07 December, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This (at least mine didn't) DOES NOT HAVE IRON SIGHTS
so, you'd better buy an optic for it, although i do not recommend the steyr with a magnifying scope already with it, it has only a set magnification setting

i have had this for nearly a year now, and i have used it in many , MANY skirmishes and a few major battles
it has held up very well
no jams
very few misfires(i am a DM and usually do bursts or semi)

-very, very accurate
-much quieter than most other guns, as all bullpups are
-no jams - one year of continuous use

-not efffective CQB
-kind of low ROF, not too low, but not too high
by J. POWERS Date Added: Wednesday 05 November, 2008
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this for a couple of months now and I have got to say...

THIS GUN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the bull-pup design, because of it this gun has the exact same barrel length as an M-16 and is way shorter all together.

Since I bought this wonderous machine, I've gotten an extended JBU tightbore barrel, Madbull silencer, UTG Tactedge 7" red/green dot sight, and a Systama bucking. Stock, this thing outperformed my friend's CA M-16 and now it's almost as acurate as my UTG MK96 sniper (see review). With the silencer and scope, this thing looks like a real counter-sniper, and with the tightbore barrel. it performs like one, too.

FPS is a little stronger than posted, it's more like 380, and that was before I Replaced the barrel.

Accuracy is pretty good, I was able to hit a man-sized target 9/10 times at 130 ft. with .2g bbs (I reccomend .23g-.25g)

ROF is fairly decent, I reccomend getting a better battery to boost that.

The only con about this gun is accesories. There simply are not that many to choose from, but there's enough to get you by.

Barrel length
Overall length
bull-pup design
looks (for me)

Not too many accesories

But other than that, this gun is a sure buy.
by P. WOODS Date Added: Tuesday 16 September, 2008
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well, this gun is overall a very nice starter weapon for me (the son of this person). For $150, it's pricey, but I'm wishing I'd bought a cheaper MP5... well, to late. I'll settle for this. I have skirmished ith this several times and have taken it to 1 large event, where it chronoed at 386,372,then 386 again.

Accuracy: It's alright, not as amazing as the real steel, but it does the job. I tend to spray bursts anyway, so it doesn't matter.
Power: The power on this is amazing. It hurts. I was scared when I had a quick gun switch with a friend for a round. It sounds pretty quite, but when you hear BB's tearing through the brush you know it's a true beast.
Rate of Fire: Alright, nothing to boast about, nothing to gripe about. People have told me it's actually pretty good, but I don't have much to compare it to...
Magazine: Pretty good, misfeeds a bit, but not so much that I'm never gonna use it again. It does alot of double feeds though.
General gun structure: This gun is pretty solidly built. Plastic Body, but it still weighs 8 pounds.

This gun has some cons. The mag misfeeds and double-feeds quite a bit, my whole front barrel assembly is a bit wobbly, and, like the guy who posted before me, The trigger contact is touchy. Mine hardly works. Otherwise, the gun is pretty good as a starter weapon. 4 stars since I can't gve 4 and a half.
by D. CALLAHAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I bought this gun about 1 month ago.. it's almost been 2 months. Besides the magazine not ALWAYS feeding 100% correctly, it's a perfect gun. It's really quiet. I've seen from other people that to them it sounds like an LPEG firing. It may seem that way to them (and or you) because all the mechanics are in the rear of the gun, next to your ear when your aiming. From roughly a good 50 feet away the noise is significantly quiet. You do notice the gun's gears making noise no matter how far away you are, but it's almost unnoticeable if you play in the woods and have about 100 feet on somebody. In the open, it's not much louder and it's still relatively quiet. If you just cut some high density foam to stuff the inside around around the gearbox, it'll be about as good as it'll get stock. The FPS on mine is 365, which seems to be the general area for these. Some people get lemons (320 FPS) and some people get golden icons of the brand (390 FPS). It's all from the minor factory defects, I mean this isn't SUPPOSED to be a perfect gun, it's a clone. I would definitely recommend this gun to anybody wishing to start out with a unique gun that's very reliable.

-Very easy access to hop-up and barrel for cleaning, MAJOR plus.
-The gun breaks down into 3 major casing sections, the barrel, the front half, the back half. It's extremely easy to assemble, even without instructions, which means you could even tell your little brother or something to clean it for you while your out. =P
-/the battery on mine lasts for quite some time. I can go through about 5 hours of moderate game play in a relatively small space. A higher MaH battery would help this though.
-As always, yes the front grip handle is extremely flimsy. No it's not a NECESSITY to have on it, but it's still helpful. It aids you in keeping the barrel steady.
-The clips aren't an airtight fit...they do jiggle a little bit when you put 'em in, but they will stay in no matter what you do, I've put them through a 'stress' test. (yanking, violent shaking, smacking)
-The trigger is a cool concept idea, but that's about it. Yes it does work, but it's still kind of touchy. To get a semi auto shot out, you have to pull it EXACTLY halfway. The stopper doesn't stop it solidly... it's kind of a sliding stop, meaning it clicks and slows your trigger pull, but your finger will still keep pulling it back, making it difficult to fire off one shot.
-I should have put this with the clip part, but alot of times when you pull the clip out, about 2-3 BB's will fall out into the gun itself. To get them out, one sure-fire way I've found to get them out was removing the barrel, then gently shake and tap and maneuver the BB(s) down out the front end of the gun. If done right it only takes like 2 seconds (timed) to get them out. If you get good at it, like me, you can pop out the barrle, remove said BB's, and put the barrel back in, without a scratch on it, while playing, in under 8 seconds. The BB's don't effect the gun's performance, but they do rattle if you jar the gun while running or jumping or sliding.

Other than these few problems, the gun is good. If I had a chance to buy this or another gun again, I'd get this one no doubt as my first gun. It's upgradeable like all the other ones, and I have yet to find a way to jam it.
by W. JOHNSON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 05 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is really amazing , when i took it out of the box and charge to battrey everything worked fin and the acuracy of this gun was amazing i hit the center everytime , this gun was worth $150 , (A great gun to buy)
by J. BECKHAM verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 04 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This weapon is amazing! I have had a Tokyo Marui version of the AUG for 3 years, I've put over 300 dollars of upgrades into it, and this gun out performs it out of the box. At half the price of a Tokyo Marui, you can't beat it. I chronoed it at competition, shot 2 rounds for chrono, one was 378 fps and one was 380 fps. My jaw dropped, I was in shock. The best thing is all of my Tokyo Marui parts are compatible.

If you're looking for a accurate, fast shooting weapon. This one is for you.
by L. MARR Date Added: Tuesday 29 April, 2008
For: Echo 1 Phantom I Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is absolutly amazing. It is very well built and acually shoots around 365 fps. Everything is great but the vertical grip and I don't even use it. I just fold it up and use the hand guard. The rof is amazing as well as the accuracy. It has the same or better accuracy than my UTG MK96 sniper.

great FPS
well built
good rof
very accurate
dirt cheap for what you get
shorter than expected
made by Echo 1
two stage trigger
easy ajustible hop up
awsome look
metal upper reciever
not to loud but does give a bang

vertical grip plastic and flimsy
mags are little trouble to find. ( If you go to magazines on this website and you get the ones by echo 1 they are cheap and work nice)
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