JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
[03981 / T3-K3]
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by T. CHIU verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
As a fan of GBBR's I never planned on picking up an AEG but seeing as JG's G3 was on sale in the GI Shocker's I thought I'd purchase a back-up in case my GBBR's ever decided to fail on me, however unlikely it is to happen considering my maintenance regime. The G3 is a firearm I'm rather fond of design wise so the shocker price of $110 made it an easy purchase.

As I'm a Canadian customer, shipping took a while as I ordered it on the 2nd of January but received it on the 15th, but considering AirsoftGI offered their flat rate shipping which saved me a good $20, I considered it acceptable. One thing to note is my order was shipped via UPS which for the most part is highly undesirable for Canadian customers due the outrageous brokerage fee's they charge. A USPS shipping option for Canadian customers would be highly appreciated and recommended.

Out of the box the G3 is a beautifully designed firearm and JG has incorporated many small details into their airsoft reproduction of the G3. From the fake weld marks to the texture on the foregrip, the JG G3 offers an impressive airsoft gun for the money, aesthetically at least.

There is a very minor amount of creaking but as its construction is largely plastic based its to be expected and doesn't detract much from the gun.

The battery included is a 8.4V 1100Mah which fits well in the butt stock. The charger is a standard 250Ma charger which based on its output and the battery's capacity, should fully charge the battery in approximately 4 to 5 hours.

With a properly and fully charged battery connected the gun sounded well shimmed after the first shot on semi with no magazine inserted. I proceeded to test fire twice more on semi and at that point the gun failed. Additional trigger pulls in semi yielded no results, switched to full auto yielded no results. There were no motor noises. At this point the gun was dead after 3 pulls of the trigger with no magazine inserted and a fresh battery connected the day after I received it.

As an engineer by trade, I believe I am more than qualified to examine and source the problem so I proceeded to trace the source of the problem starting from the battery. The battery showed a charge of 8.7 volts on my multimeter, which is within proper limits. The fuse was fine. Tracing the wires to the gearbox showed no break or issue in the connection. At this point I proceeded to do a bit of research which brought up the common issue of the trigger post breaking in the JG G3's.

At this point I proceeded to completely disassemble the JG G3, tracing the wires for any sign of breakage or failure. None were present. With the gun disassembled down to the gearbox, I connected the motor, gearbox and battery to once again check the circuit. With the trigger depressed on semi, nothing happened. The motor did not turn. I proceeded to connect my multimeter to the motor connections coming out of the gearbox which displayed 8.4V, verifying the circuit was working and no breakage or failure in the circuit up until that point was present. Undergoing further disassembly with the gearbox open I could verify the trigger post intact and checking the trigger connections, I verified no circuit failures in the gearbox.

At this point, all the evidence pointed to the motor failing, however unlikely it is to happen. Visually checking the motor it seemed fine. I proceeded to directly connect the battery with the fuse wiring to the motor to check if it was the problem (doing so will not harm the motor as it should be rated for battery and the wires connecting the battery to the gearbox to the motor is a direct connection itself short of the fuse and the temporary-on connection that is the trigger). With the battery connected to the motor, the motor should turn. Unfortunately, the motor did not turn, verifying the motor had failed.

So, two days in and 3 test shots later with no BB's fired, my JG G3 has failed. I will be contacting AirsoftGI to see if they will be willing to send me a replacement motor or what else can be done as I find this to be unacceptable. Sending this gun back will be a tedious affair due to customs (I'm located in Canada), costs of shipping and down time so I'm hoping AirsoftGI's customer service is as good as it is reputed to be.

I hope this review is informative for others interested in this gun and can help you in deciding whether to make a purchase or not. Short of the dead motor, I believe this product to be well priced and of decent build quality for anyone deciding to get a back-up AEG or someone who is new to airsoft. In my case, I like JG's G3, I just never considered that I might need to get a back-up for my back-up.

The Pro's of this product according to my assessment:
- Decent external build quality for the money
- Product is well packaged
- Everything required to start playing airsoft is included in the box (short of the included BB's, DO NOT USE THESE)
- Cleaning rod is included (I suggest giving the inner barrel a good swabbing with rubbing alcohol before use; my swabs came out black)
- The gears appear well shimmed based on initial assessment (testing & evaluation incomplete)
- Manual is in legible English but pictorials are well done and informative

The Con's of this product according to my assessment:
- Plastic build may not appeal to all customers
- Inner barrel and other internals require cleaning and re-lubing with quality lube (I suggest plastic & rubber safe Super-lube grease or Ultra-Slick grease)
- MOTOR FAILED after 3 test shots
by W. HECK verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 01 August, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
I have before been disappointed by the quality of the production of JG however the performance and quality of this gun exceed any other JG gun i have owned. It shoots at a good speed and the enormous barrel is great for adding accuracy so with out a scope i have easily hit target 100 feet away. However this is a field gun do not try to use it indoors because you will not be able to turn corners, I know from experience.

Solid FPS for a field gun
Great Accuracy
Exquisite Range
Cool Looking (not traditional M4, M16, AK)
Nice Magazines (all metal)
Good Internals (V2 gearbox, enhanced hop up)
easy trigger pull (good feel)

Plastic Grip and Fore Grip
No RIS (there is an RIS version thought)
by J. RABOUD verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 23 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
Great Buy. the gun handles great and is very accurate. the shallow mag well allows easy reloading and the metal magazine balances the rifle near the center. one note is the mags have to catch a small lips near the front of the mag well, not an issue but something to remember when reloading. great for field games. Also makes a sweet Fallout 3 base gun.

approx 50cm of inner barrel !
great rate of fire with 8.4v and 9.6v batteries
4 different rear sight settings
quality exceeds price

strap fitting on stock is plastic and seems flimsy
mag well sides are thin ( if you are careful you'll be fine)

Remember that G3 outer barrels are 4-6 inches long, metal outer barrel is not a key player here
by B. GALAM verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 20 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
this is a basic sub review for my other review just today my gun jammed and i used the unjaming rod and nothing came out and bbs still wont fire. so i suggest not buying it it was good for a while but not much.

good for a while

not to good (for me at least)
by B. GALAM verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 22 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for a couple of months and i knew it was a great gun the day i got it it fired great but this weird sound came out of the gearbox. about a month later the fire selector switch broke of not to bad but it's 20.00 for another one. This gun is great good range and power. other than the switch breaking off it was fine.

good range
good power
great price!
OD camo (cool)

big orange tip
fire selector switch broke
by C. WOOLEVER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 29 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
Great gun, been through a couple games with in out a forest and whooped ass. gun stopped working a little while ago, but I called in and they helped me fix it (fuse was broken becuase of 4200 mAH battery.)

all in all great gun.

good fps, not great but good.

sturdy lightweight plastic.

awsome ROF.

great accuracy

little bit of mag wobble.

battery is a pain but youll learn.

fuse broke (easy replacement)

Couple things went loose after awhile
-mag holder
-selector switch

but you can tighten em up no problem
by C. QUIMBY verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 19 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
this gun performs great and even feels solid but that change the fact that its plastic. its realy acurate even when firing at full auto. this would be a great gun if it were metal but the plastic mkes it feel kinda cheap. overall its a good gun it keeps up with my freinds guns and their all about two hundred so the internals are realy good for the money

ROF is realy high
accurate up to about 150 feet maybe more
no wobbles or loose parts

all plastic exept mag
its kinda hard to get the mag in at first
by M. JARCHOW Date Added: Wednesday 19 August, 2009
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
I had the chance to use this in a Omaha Beach scenario game, and despite my best judgment against its looks versus the T3-K1 with the bi-pod, its performance had me smiling from ear to ear through out the entire competition. Easily one of the best stock AEGs I have used in this price range.

Accuracy - This gun shoots over 350FPS out of a staggering 550mm long inner barrel, giving you superb accuracy with .2, .23. and .25g ammunition up to 125 feet. Combine this with a 2-4x zoom scope that is zero'd in to 125 feet and you are looking at a plentiful supply of kills per skirmish. As an example, I was able to place effective bursts over 300 feet down range and a 30 foot drop sitting on a ridge bunker, tagging enemy forces with exceptional accuracy, and landing rounds within 10-15 feet of them with 9 out of 10 shots.

ROF - Incredible, JG decided to use a Hi-Torque motor in their T3-K series rifles, which gives a nice boost in both trigger response time and overall rate of fire over stock motors in their other model guns. Using a 9.6v 3500MAh pack at full charge, I rip 5-10 person rushes to pieces with a wicked sick 20 bb/s rate of fire. This also helps snipers, being able to shoot the BB faster without worrying about waiting for the gun to pull the piston back to fire, the hi-torque rips the piston back at maximum speed from the first tooth, firing the shot in a fraction of a second.

Weight - Given its size, this gun is fairly light on the arms, making it easy to transport across 200-300 meter distances to cover the field with sniper or machine gun fire. Since the stock can take a 9.6v Large Type battery pack out of the box, using one of those gives this gun an excellent balance and snap-shot aiming times, increasing its effective use overall.

Looks - My friend bought this gun and had me break it in at a competition, so it was his call to buy this rifle. I personally do not like the OD/Black scheme, however it is all preference here.

Compatibility - My scope mount didn't sit the best on this gun, it wobbled about 1/8th of an inch on the front mount despite being cranked all the way down. Likely, it was must my scope mount.

Other than that I can't honestly find a problem with this AEG after using it in combat for over 48 hours straight. It sports excellent specs out of the box(ie 550mm long barrel, hi-torque motor, 350-380fps, superb ROF with a 9.6v battery) and has an eye-pleasing, as well as wallet-pleasing price tag, saving you money for that nice drum mag or upgrade part you always wanted but couldn't afford buying with other, more expensive brands. If you don't mind the color scheme, and lack of a free bipod from the other model, rest assured you will not be disappointed in this gun.
by A. WESTFALL Date Added: Sunday 12 July, 2009
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
This is THE best gun i've ever had. This gun can shoot really hard and pack a huge punch. Its ROF is very fast probably around 600 rounds a minute. Most of the gun is metal so it is very durable. The clip holds 500 rounds so its a heavy sized clip. The orange flash hider is gay but u can easily spray paint it or remove it. Also, on the barrel is spindles for a barrel extension such as a better flash hider or silencer. I've had mine since december of 08 and i havent had a single problem besides when I MISTAKENLY left it on the charger for a long time. The finish is nice and the OD green is a nice small camo element that JG added. The accuracy of the gun is very good with .2 bbs. With any less weighted bullets its inaccurate completely. The hop-up is kinda hard to adjust but once ur used to it its a piece of cake!! Wen its in the differnet modes (safety, single shot, full auto) the "shifter" is set in place and won't move. I bought mine from airsplat for $160, so this is a better deal on airsoftgi.com. Overall, this gun is great for amateurs and pros alike and is probably one of the best AEG's out there.

mostly metal
small camo design
high ROF
high Power
good accuracy
metal 500 rd. clip
pistol grip feeels nice

short battery life
some plastic parts
by E. BETTENCOURT Date Added: Thursday 04 June, 2009
For: JG T3K3 T3A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black/OD Green)
Product Information:
amazin gun, great range, great rof, amazing durability, Ive dropped it at least five times and it works great. I recently owned a tokyo marui mp7 (tf7) and i thought dat was fast. dis gun blows it away! Awesome field gun, exeptional sniper. not a good cqb gun because of length. great gearbox, everything to expect from a jg gearbox

orange tip isnt really dat noticable
very light
battery holds charge for a pretty good amount of time

hard to find spare mags
the fuse isnt reliable but is easilly replaced
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