JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by R. BENNETT Date Added: Friday 17 February, 2017
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun about 4 years ago and it still works fantastically. However, the butt cap broke for the crane stock and I am looking for a new one. Does anyone know where I can find the right butt cap?

The gun has a great rate of fire and is very accurate at almost any distance.

The butt cap broke off pretty easily. Otherwise, a great gun.
by A. MORGAN Date Added: Friday 07 February, 2014
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
JG always manages to surprise me, and this was no exception. While the externals will obviously not be as top notch as other guns, they are still quite exceptional for the price you're paying. This gun feels very good in your hands and is not too terribly heavy, however because of the metal rail which is quite beefy its obviously front heavy. You can expect the same quality from the internals as well, JG did a phenomenal job with the internals and the ROF came as quite a shock. Overall, this is a very good gun for beginner or even intermediate players who love the 416, like I do. overall this is a solid gun for the price and I would highly recommend picking it up if you want something other than an M4, with all the comfort and familiarity of an M4.

Very high quality (for the price) internals and externals, feels great in the hands and has so much potential for customization.

While I was impressed with this gun, there were a few cons. To start with, you have a big ugly MADE IN CHINA printed right underneath the HK416 D trades. The included iron sights are, to me, a bit funky and I would really recommend picking up some new sights or a night optic. In addition, my dust cover broke after just a few pulls of the operating handle and some of the pins pop out pretty easily sometimes.
by A. HONG Date Added: Wednesday 16 October, 2013
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun surprised me. Normally I do not use JG at all but when a friend brought it out, the rate of fire caught me by surprise. Even though I wouldn't use this gun, it is a great gun for beginners due to its price, customizations, and its performance.

It's inexpensive for its capabilities
has an optic rail and free float rail system
high rate of fire
plastic body for light wieght (can be pro or con)

Rail is heavier than the gun(front heavy)
rail wobbles insanely
Wired to front making it even heavier
plastic body makes it easier to break
by K. PATE Date Added: Saturday 29 June, 2013
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I currently use this gun and it is great once in good maintence. First thing you should know is you want to buy a large full stock instead of this crappy Crane stock. The butt plate will in time fall off. also easy to install. Second thing, BUY A NEW BATTERY!!! This one is a piece of crap. I bought one for $25 dollars 9.6v 1600mah works excellent. My last tip to you is figure out a way to deal with the fuse. Mine blew and there very hard to find. Temporary fix is connect the two ends with electrical tape and find a further solution.

Mine had a FPS actually too high tht I wanted. about 420FPS gave my friend a bloody welt :p This gun has a short barrel but is surprisingly accurate I still recommend buying an extended tightbore barrel. Silencers can be installed. CCW btw. I got my orange tip off with plyers. The gun has a nice weight to it. When opening gun up don't force anything like I did. I broke my air nozzle.

High FPS 420ish
nice grip, recommend getting a fore grip or RIS covers
front sight is excellent
ROF is great with 9.6v
Great for CQB or Field
Decent accuracy and range
Solid weight and very sturdy.
high cap mag 300rds

Annoying sound when shooting. Can be fixed by simply adjusting the motor height or new wiring system.
rear sight may fall off or break
be careful when taking motor out
by A. VALDEZ Date Added: Sunday 26 September, 2010
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i bought this gun about 1 year ago. this was my second airsoft gun. definitely worth buying for the average novice to intermidiate player. after intensive playing in the field it is still going strong and no wobble or broken parts. i hane put over 300 dollars into this gun because i wanted to not because it was needed.

no wobble( for me atleast)
nice looking body
not damaged or anything

no decals like in the picture( not really a con or anything but i like an eye catcher)
nothing else if you play cqb
by R. NGUYEN Date Added: Tuesday 22 June, 2010
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have had this rifle for about a year now. Its held up good considering i play really rough with it- yea i broke the crane stock and some of my hop up of but i can still adjust it and got external pouch on the battery with LE stock since the cranstock also broke so redid some stuff on it but after all its a really good rifle and the broken parts only because i decieded to be a dumbass and play super rough so dont let this be the reason why u dont want to buy this rifle. Its a great rifle =D

CQB length
Retractable buttstock
all metal RIS rail
good fps
& much more

other than nothing i got nothing
by B. LOUSIG-NONT verified buyer Date Added: Friday 18 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this product about 8 days ago, and received in the mail 2 days ago. I spent something like 5+ months researching for a good AEG that was under $250, trying to lean to under $200. In the end, I've spent $240 for the gun, along with the red dot scope (also reviewed, under the correct page though, link to product at end).

So far, I've got a number of pros and cons with the gun after firing around 200 shots to test out weapon operations. To start, I'll go over the weapon body. The magazine is made of both metal and plastic and feels decently sturdy, although shaking it, there is a bit of rattle from the winding wheel. Right now, when fired, I still end up having about 10 BBs in the mag when the gun fires no more. However, this shouldn't be an issue since I know with my previous magazines on my sniper that it went from an initial load max of 12, but is now 20+. So in a few months the mag spring should be more active.

Moving to the lower receiver now, which is made of plastic, and the mag well is probably a bit easier to stuff a magazine into than what I've had with a competition AR-15. The magazine release button is easy to press, although if you press it too slowly, at least my magazine gets stuck and has to be pulled out (gently though). Pushing the button in faster tends to eject the magazine properly. The firemode selector switch is easy to turn with just the thumb, as intended.

Now for the upper receiver, also made of plastic, there is a bit more to talk about. There is a forward assist that is non-functioning, but as it is spring loaded, you can have a little fun with pushing it in. The charge handle isn't entirely a non-functioning unit. Pulling it back slightly will open the dust cover, and full back will pull about 3/4 an inch of the bolt back to reveal the hop-up unit's adjuster wheel. Sitting atop this is the MIL1913 spec rail, which (including the frontal RIS) is 36 positions long, of which 14 are on the upper receiver alone.

Moving to that frontal RIS (made of metal), I do have a con, although to me it is minor. This RIS does wobble, and I'm still trying to figure what exactly causes this. It's not a constant wobble, but rather you have to somewhat try to make it move. The both sides and the bottom rails are 19 positions long, going from 17 to 36 if you were to 'unfold' the RIS to check against the top rail.

The barrel assembly is another plastic component, but feels pretty sturdy, although again, I wouldn't drop it if possible. The flash hider is made of metal, and comes with a plastic cover. The front ironsight (or rather, plasticsight) doesn't feel too sturdy, but should work for what it's meant. I can't test this due to a complete screwup with the rear ironsight. The rear ironsight (made of a metal component mounted to the rail, so it can be taken off like I have) is... somehow incorrectly assembled with mine. When clicked into place, the open hole is about 15 degrees turned from center, so it's basically unusable.

I get around the ironsights problem because I bought that RDS I mentioned earlier. Speaking of which, at least the rear ironsight is removable and the front plasticsight is foldable.

Heading to the rear of the AEG, the Crane stock is plastic, yet the buffer tube is metal. With 6 positions, the stock is decently adjustable to a user's preference. The bettery compartment is... overly snug with the battery once installed, so much so that I doubt I can get the damn battery back out, so charging it is something of a pain.

Finally for the body, the plastic pistol grip and the plastic trigger. I like the feel of the grip and it seems like it'd fit a variety of people's hands and fingers, even if you wear a thicker glove (although the trigger finger won't have much room if you use real thick gloves).

Now to weapon firing. Unfortunately, it's pretty loud when you pull the trigger and the motor starts winding up. However, when that first BB comes flying out, it won't disappoint on accuracy. With 0.25g TSD BBs, I was accurately having BBs fly straight for approximately 150 to 200 feet initially. After around 150 shots... my battery was dying already and the shots were accurately firing straight for around 100 feet. The rate of fire I was noticing is good, although personally since I have a more conservative approach to firerates, but I know some will want faster.

-36 slot top rail
-19 slot side rails and bottom rail
-easily operated mag release
-easily operated fire selector
-6 position Crane stock
-removable rear ironsight
-folding front 'ironsight'
-150ft accuracy

-overly snug battery compartment in Crane stock
-loud motor whine
-battery starts dying in 150 shots
-RIS wobble
-incorrectly assembled rear ironsight
by G. DARRELL verified buyer Date Added: Friday 11 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for a few months now and I'm certainly not pleased at all by the quality. I normally sweat by JG and TSD, but this gun is a hunk of junk. Its accuracy is terrible after about 70ft thanks to the hop up (recommend buying a new hop up), considering its a rifle I assumed it'd have a decent barrel. WRONG it has a CQB (Close quarters battle) length barrel.. to fix that I'd go with a 6.01mm ASGI Tight-bore that solve my accuracy problems. The solid body is nice but after about 2 hours in the field the front rail becomes pretty wobbly, I haven't found a way to fix it. the Crane stock is horrible, half way through the first match and internal plastic retainer broke and feel out, causing the but plate to constantly fall off and become wobbly. Other than that it's an O.K. gun not worth the price considering you pay about 100$ (or more) just to make it worth using.

Great feel
Good weight
Looks sweet
Iron sights are O.K.

-Wobbly rail
-Miserable accuracy
-Piece of crap crane stock
-Might jam the first few times using it
-Hop up send the bbs EVERYWHERE
-Shopped rail that comes with the gun is pretty sharp I've cut myself twice, use gloves
-Not worth the price
by J. KELLY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 15 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
well what can i say this gun is probable one of the best ive had so far "thats been a good bit" i havent shot it yet but on my paper it said it shoots 405 or 410 an when i went to pick it up out of box it felt nice n sturdy an had a real feel to it this is deff a got to get i get the halo barrel extension for it an the Leapers TACTEDGE 7" TACTICAL CQB RED/GREEN DOT SCOPE an this gun looks beast cant wait to shoot it when the weather clears up :)

good heavy
real feel to it
built nice
full metal
the body is plastic but a really sturdy plastic it had me confused for a sec before i touched it
easy to add on to

idk of any lol
by C. DEES Date Added: Sunday 28 February, 2010
For: JG JG6621 614 Crane Stock Version Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is modeled after the sweet HK 416 which is one of the wickedest looking assault rifles in the world. Quad rail and tight-bore barrel are both standard. I have the previous-gen that came with a non-ball bearing gearbox and a m100 spring, it shot 365fps out of the box.

The JG 614 is a solid choice that will punish your opponents plenty, but it is cheap enough that you don't have to worry about banging it around the AO while gaming. Great all-around weapon, I get lots of compliments from my fellow gamers.

It takes all of the standard M4/M16 Marui-clone parts so upgrades are cheap and easy to find. I installed the typical internal seal improvements and a m110 spring which brought it up to a nice, game-able 385fps. It will put a lovely welt on anything within 75 to 100 ft. Ha Ha!

The upshot of the CQB form factor is the lighter weight, and compact dimensions which you really appreciate gaming in the mountains with 30lbs of gear on your back. Be sure to spring for the Cran stock model, the balance is really nice, the PEQ2 model is way too front heavy.

There are two downsides; 1. The gun is really designed for CQB, so the shorter barrel reduces the effective range somewhat. However, you can drive out the two pins that hold the fake gas block/sight onto the barrel and install a nice 6 or 8 inch-long M4 suppressor which will allow you to put in a 3-4 inch longer inner barrel which helps a lot. 2. the RIS quad rail looks killer, but it is not a finely machined piece, you will want covers for the rails unless you are painting it, in which case you can chamfer the sharp edges with a small file before you spray it.
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