JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by C. MEISENHEIMER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 03 February, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I absolutly love this gun.its incredible.BUT first day i had it the barrel lock button unscrewed itself during a skirmish and its gone.i cant find a replacment but other than that i love it
by S. GUILLORY verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 12 January, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
this gun has the most bang for your buck it is highly accurate and a hard shot....its kinda hard to get people to play around here now because everyone is scared of getted capped from 150 feet or so! great buy!!
by I. SMITH Date Added: Tuesday 01 January, 2008
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I bought this gun as my first real AEG not really knowing much except that I liked the AUG platform. SInce then, I have put over 15,000 rounds through it with no problems. It has been a great gun shooting consistently at 350fps with a high rate of fire. Upgrading this gun is endless. I made my own custom Phantom Kit that actually silences it considerably. I also put Dynamat on the gearbox (don't dynamat the bushing slots) and foamed up the air cavities. It has almost no sound when being shot, especially in semi-auto. I am in the process of totally upgrading the whole gearbox. The gun was still shooting perfectly before I ever touched the gearbox. The hop-up is really easy to replace yourself along with upgrading the gearbox. Go to mechbox.com to learn how. The AUG and the G36C weapons are the best platforms currently offered by Jing Gong. Here are the pros and cons

Barrell length, exactly the same length as M16 (good to know when buying a tight bore)
Good ROF even when stock (mine is at 22 rps with a 9.6V 2700 mah battery)
Solid feel and very strong
Easy to upgrade
Internal parts were shimmed well and greased properly from stock
Mechbox is free floating which allows for custom silencing materials to make the gun Really Really quiet
Looks amazing with custom Phantom Kit (Mine is between the short and long length because it is custom and looks much better)
Very Easy to paint. I painted mine in Digital ACU and it was much easier than most guns because there isn't much to tape off.

Magazine is in back, but it does give you a longer barrel. Give and Take I guess
Paint, don't get it near a ANY type of chemical, it will take the paint right off, otherwise the paint is bomb-proof
Front fore-grip Kinda wobbly but it hasn't broke
Battery compartment, just get a custom battery from ASGI or Shorty's has one that is 2700 mah that actually fits
The trigger system is really tricky. Don't mess it up because it sucks trying to make it work again.

I know it's long but I wish I had all this when I was deciding to buy an AUG. If you want any tips on how to do or make any of my upgrades feel free to email me. If you have a tip or secret about AUG upgrades, I would love to hear them. [email protected]
by J. TRACEY Date Added: Thursday 06 December, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This is one of the only AUG's that is worth considering. The TM, the CA and this are the ONLY AUG's you should look at (as of the time of this posting anyway).

I have had this weapon for only a short time, I bought it as a project gun to upgrade slightly and then field in skirmishes. I plan to put in a tighter bore barrel, metal hop up do the battery mod.

However, in it's stock out-of-the-box state, this weapon still delivers the goods. It's got a decent but not awe-inspiring rate of fire (800ish with the provided "shuangbao" battery) decent rage (around 100-120 feet with any sort of accuracy) and is a decent starter gun for someone new to airsoft who wants to try the sport before really investing.

Externally it's an almost exact clone of the TM AUG. The texture of the body is the only noticible difference. And the aluminum upper receiver is exactly a copy. Some might not like the style of the AUG, and so will never like any AUG, and they shouldnt complain about it's looks after they buy one.. (see the review below :) ). I on the other hand, quite like the AUG's looks, and find it to be very comfortable to wield.

Once I upgrade the weapon it's performance should improve substantially, normally that would make me give a lower rating, as if I have to improve the gun immediately , ya know..

But for 100 dollars I still give this a 5/5 rating as it does exactly what it claims and does it well. It's not perfect, but it's the best AEG for the cost and it's a very decent platform to improve upon.
by J. JOHNSON Date Added: Monday 03 December, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Hello again, writing another review, sorry ASGI, but I actually buy these weapons from another retailer, but I plan to buy from you soon :).

The JG AUG A2.

+ Excellent Barrel Length, I believe it is the same length as an M16 barrel, but much more compact and moveable.
+ Rail on top for optics, I have an EOTech on there, and it was the best decision ever. Hands down, and it's in no way like sprinkling glitter on poo.
+ It's beautiful with the King Arms Phantom Kit on there.
+ Stock FPS is ok, not that great though.

- Battery space is limited, I recommend getting the ASGI AUG Battery. As they said, it may need to be modded, but I actually expanded the battery compartment, I'll post something on how to do this.
- Foregrip is a little bit wobbly, it actually doesn't feel like it is going to break, but it just may throw off your aim.

Performance Review

Unlike most sites claim, my JG AUG was actually firing consistently between 310-318 FPS. And the ROF was, I dont really know, maybe _800. Groupings at 50 ft were about 10 inches ( Using TSD .20 G BB) but it was slightly windy, and I was crouching, trying to show an average position while skirmishing. The gun's motor is actually quite quiet, and is less of a whine, more of a 'thud'. Probably because of all the plastic. Mind you, the plastic does seem to be a little bit liquidy when deet comes in contact with it, (Thank you AirsoftReports for helping me not completely destroy my beautiful Steyr AUG.)


I am happy about the $100 I spent on this gun. The TM AUG and the CA AUG, may be a tiny bit better, but I dont think thats worth forking over another 150$. (I've added a DB Custom Barrel, in which I had to cut off some excess MM's with a saw) And accuracy is just great. I also added a systema gear set, and a new motor my friend gave me, not sure what it is, I'll update you on that one.

My Rating

I am giving this gun a 4/5 because I just don't find it very ergonomic. I really don't enjoy reaching to the rear of the gun to switch mags. I also dislike the inbaility to use a C-MAG on this weapon, as if you got the equipment, you could be a sniper/support/pure pwner (lol) on the airsoft field. Thank you for reading this review, and hope this helps :).

I do apologize for the length of this review, but I believe it is very thorough, and hope you enjoy it.

Happy hunting.
by D. LOCKLEAR Date Added: Monday 03 December, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Not a bad gun for the price if you are looking for a aug and not wanting to fork not $300 or more for one i think you will like this one i own the ca aug and tm aug i like this one then the tm aug tho not as nice as my old ca aug but $130_--(that shipping add on) who cares i chrono my at a strong 335fps and 13rps(rounds per sec.)on the stock crap battery range way past 120ft more like 175-200ft use KSC perfects .2 grms or Airsoft Elites .2 grms i try both they work great in this gun or anything higher grade and just to tell you mags for this gun are not cheap.
by C. RAY verified buyer Date Added: Friday 30 November, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I have had this gun for a few months now and put a good 4k of ammo through it and it still works great! However you should know that the gearbox, although reenforced metal has crappy bushings (plastic or fiber i cant tell) that need to be upgraded badly. Also the spring guide needs to be replaced, i did this all after just a hundred rounds or so, i dont trust the plastic crap. I also bought an upgraded spring for it but i dont really need it anymore powerful than it is. Mainly i bought this gun because it had a full barrel and a shortend overall (the standard advantage for a bullpup) and i use it everywhere from CQB/MOUT to outdoor woodland! Truely a jack of all trades!

-reasonable accuracy (full length barrel as long as an M16)
-good weight, balanced in rear for less barrel drift while aiming
-built-in foldable fore grip (love this thing its what makes it soo good for CQB)
-smooth dissasembly, one button field strip (i have never had it come apart unintentionaly) good for cleaning and inspecting barrel, hop up, position of the motor, ect.
-Bad initial internals bushings, shims, spring guide, and motor should be replaced if you plan on using this gun for its full potential
-flip-up ironsights the sights that come with it are held in place by a screw that comes loose sometimes and totally messes up any attempt at precise aim, reccomend that you buy an optics of some sort, probably a cheap reflex or somthing not really nessicary to get a scope...
-odd magizine placement, not really a big problem, you get used to winding the high cap after a few hours or so

Overall this is an awesome gun! my primary weapon out of an armory of about 10 guns and i wouldn't have it any other way!
by S. BERESFORSD Date Added: Wednesday 17 October, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Not S Beresford its her son.

This gun is soooooooo awsome it weighs eleven pounds so its pretty realistic has a good mag size and a ok ROF and good FPS also but the foregrip seems a little flimsey and will probably break off at some time or another this gun also has ALOT of metal just the stock mag and foregrip are plastic overall it is an InSaNe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GuN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy it seriously

I mean it

trust me youll like it
by J. MAFDS Date Added: Wednesday 03 October, 2007
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is amazing. It is upgradeable with just about any aftermarket part available. I installed a hurricane upgrade kit inside with little trouble. The only problem I had was that after losing some parts, and some other problems, my guarder metal hop-up unit stopped fitting when I attempted to put the receivers back together.

This gun is actually better than the tokyo marui version due to the fact that the gun doesn't misfeed at all. The bb feeding nozzle is perfect, even when I upgraded it to higher rate of fire and put in the guarder metal hop-up and a tightbore barrel.

In response to the magazine pouring out bbs when taken out of the magwell: This isn't due to any problem with the magazine reservoir latch, but because of the fact that a few bbs are still being fed into the gun by the feeding mechanism when you remove the magazine. This is a problem in every type of magazine that uses a spring and a latch to load it. (I.e. spring guns, AEGs, some shotguns.) The only guns that don't have this problem are gas powered guns.
by L. SEDIVY verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 19 September, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Surprisingly good quality construction, handling and performance. A lot of metal parts. Very good value for money.
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