JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by B. DALY Date Added: Saturday 25 July, 2009
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
My brother bought this gun and he's used it in 2 games. After firing about 3 magazines through it (approx. 900 rnds) it started to jam. Even After Silicon, the jamming persisted. I'm nervous to remove the plastic flashhider because it feels like i might break the gun but we list a cleaning rod in the jammed barrel and had to launch it out (i bet that was great for it.) He plans to buy a new tight bore inner barrel for it, hopefully that fixes the jamming problem.
He also plans on Upgrading the battery-hop up-bushings-piston.

Having said that, This gun is accurate at reasonable distance and has decent firing rate.

Cost Effective (Cheap)

Good Starter Gun-but it will require upgrades as almost every review has stated. I don't find this to be a con as upgrading is really fun to do, allows you to develope a gun overtime while still having something to go out and Skirmish with inbetween, and Invest the personal commitment to the rifle.

Optics Rail (Cost the big bucks if it weren't included)

Loud ( Plastic)
by A. KELLEY Date Added: Monday 20 July, 2009
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Fantastic gun! If you want a long barrel in a reasonably short rifle, this gun is for you. Every thing on this gun is metal except the grip, charging handle, mag and stock/grip(like the real one). The plastic is very solid ABS plastic almost indistinguishable from the Tokyo Marui version. The mag it comes with feeds fine, but I will be buying a king arms 110rnd midcap box set because I just don't like hicaps anymore. I absolutely LOVE the trigger system on this gun. It's also easy to upgrade and compatible with hundreds of upgrade parts because of its version 3 geabox.(IT DOES NOT HAVE V7 OR V2). I will be upgrading this gun soon with metal bushings, madbull tightbore, m120, and systema bucking. Definitely buy the intellect 9.6v 2000 mah nunchuck battery, it's worth it. To make it fit all you have to do is take the battery plate out of the stock, put the fuse housing behind it, and put it back in the stock. Says the flash hider is metal, mine was plastic. Foregrip is a bit wobbly, no big deal. Easy takedown feature is a big plus, too.

Whole front assembly(upper receiver/rail/outer barrel assembly) is metal
Long barrel in short gun
two stage trigger
easy takedown feature
mag works great
rail on top
accurate with .23g bb

Plastic flash hider is plastic. . .I guess?
not really a con cause you can just remove it and put something else on.
(I just swap out a TM m4 flashhider and CA HK51 outer barrel depending on whether I want to go DMR)
by C. BIRCHER Date Added: Thursday 14 May, 2009
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i have had this gun for roughly one month and have had many misfeeds, pieces fall apart, and trigger system keeps messing up. plus somehow bb's get lodged inside the gearbox and battery compartment!!!! this gun is not what is was expecting. if you are a beginner at airsoft, stay away from this gun. i am already selling it to my friend for 85 bucks. i dropped it from 4 feet at an angle and the butt cracked about 4 inches up. i am not going to upgrade anything. my barrel is always loose and falls out. i give it a two for the looks and feels.

somewhat metal

falls apart
magazine misfeeds
stray bb's in gearbox
nearly everything!
by G. BLAKE Date Added: Wednesday 01 April, 2009
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun because I wanted (a) a long barrel without having to have a cumbersome gun, and (b) to have an easily upgradeable airsoft platform. The gun comes apart in three easy pieces and the gearbox slides out of the butt of the gun. The 509mm barrel provides good distance and accuracy but you should seriously consider getting a tightbore. The piston stripped on my third day out but it wasn't a big deal since I was already planning on getting a new piston anyway. The bushings are crap nylon and the shim job was poor, but you should expect to reshim when you buy a JG, not a big deal. I did a lot to the internals (tighbore, new piston/head, air nozzle, teflon taped the bucking, polished the cylinder) and now I can hit someone's head at 175 feet, and hit a man-sized target at 200. The magazine doesn't sit correctly causing no feeding unless the clip is pulled forward; it's a problem with the internals of the feeding tube plate where the clip sits. Fixable, but not "easy".


by A. KELLEY Date Added: Tuesday 16 December, 2008
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is has very reliable internals, is mad from a very strong and good feeling plastic, and has a huge barrel for its size. The only problems I had with this gun were the magazine wobble and one piece coming out of the receiver from releasing the charging handle from it's locked position.

Nice weight
Good metal content
350 fps stock
Scope rail
Two stage trigger
Steel gears
Take down feature
Bullpup(super long barrel)

Magazine will have feeding problems(can be easily fixed)
Fore grip wobbles
Things from the upper receiver come loose easily
Battery compartment is small
Nylon bushings and piston
Orange tip :(
by J. FINLEY Date Added: Monday 09 February, 2009
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
a very nice gun. feelz heavy, witch is good, but can be bad for some people. the front handle wobbles a little, so dont expect it to be perfect. rate of fire is about 15 per second.

rate of fire
most is meatle
body is abs plastic
hi cap mag holds LOTS!

some loseness, little parts can be loose.
battery dies fast.
bb guzzler
thats all! woot!
by T. BAGLIONE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 13 October, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This a wonderful gun. its a little back heavy but thats ok because all the working internals are in the back. This gun is great for woodland because of it small size and long barrel. The two stage trigger is a little anoying, and BBs can get stuck underneath the trigger spring. its very accurate and has the same size barrel as the M16. the whole upper receiver can be taken out with a push of a button and so can the barrel. great gun

-great accuracy
-high power (330-380)
-nice to hold

-a little back heavy
-ROF is OK
-Two stage trigger takes some getting used too
by W. PETERS Date Added: Tuesday 02 September, 2008
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I just got this gun today it has an awesome feel to it and it shoots great, its pretty accurate and has really high power. i would say that there are only 3 problems...1 the vertical fore grip wobbles a bit which really isnt that big of a problem. 2 the magazine takes a lot of winding and when it gets down to like the last 20 rounds it stops feeding. 3 the battery wire broke of the battery but was easily put back into place.

High fps
good feel
good mag capacity
long barrel great for in the woods or maybe even sniping

the mag
the battery
the vertical fore grip

Conclusion: this gun is an awesome buy totally worth the $140 if your looking for an automatic sniper or a good assault rifle then this gun is definitely for you!!! Hope this review helped
by S. TUELL verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 29 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
When I bought this gun I was relatively new to airsoft, my main gun at the time was a BE aug. That gun was not very good (no hop up, no crosshairs or magnification in scope, ect). It took me a very long time to figure out whitch gun I wanted to buy as my new one, but in the end the aug's bullpup style won me over once more. I think it was a good decision.
At first, it was shooting fine, GI chronoed at about 360 i think, fairly accurate, great rof. Then I decided to put in the 6.03 tightbore and systema hop up bucking i ordered, After doing so, i had considerable problems. the gun jammed constantly and the hop up didnt work. After a while of tinkering, I had it fixed and ready to go. The accuracy did improve from tightbore.
With my newly fixed and better than ever gun, I brought it over to a freinds house for a test game. Guess what happend. It broke! In the middle of a game it just stopped fireing, I pulled the trigger and it just clicked. So i took it home to repair it and, after removing gearbox, cleaning barrel, charging battery, and many other things, I found the problem. I turns out that this gun has a small connector and comes with an 8.4v battery. I already had a 9.6v battery from the aforementioned BE aug, so I was using a small to large battery connector that I ordered to bridge them. This connector had broken (one of the wires came out). I called GI and got a new one, and then that didnt work either! After a while of thinking, I decided that it must be the battery not the connector that was broken, so I put in the battery that came with the gun and, sure enough, that was the problem. Now everything works alright, Ive played a few games with it and am satisfied.
I give it 4 stars overall because of all of the work Ive had to do to keep it going, but it's performance in relation to price gets a 5 star.
Sorry about the long story but thats too bad because youve already read it all!
P.S. I got the leapers 40mm red/greed dot scope, and it works great on this gun!
P.S.S. the BE mags do work with it.

-fairly accurate
-folding foregrip
-scope rails
-bullpup so longer barrel (same length as m16)

-pretty heavy
-no extra RIS for flashlight, ect
-takes a good bit of airsofting knowledge (alvailable via the internet :) ) to get going but pays off in the end
by E. FOLSOM Date Added: Wednesday 16 July, 2008
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
this gun could be $100 more, and it would still be worth it. ROF is good, accuracy is good, basically everything about this gun is good. It bothers me aesthetically (SP) that the mag loads in the back, but it's actually an advantage. it allows the gun to be shorter overall, but still have a long barrel (M16 length). On a real bullpup, your face is right by the chamber, so if something goes wrong, it'll literally blow up in your face. However, airsoft does not have this problem, so it's perfect for the sport. The forward grip is a little shaky, but this gun is AMAZING for the price. I bought this gun for a friend, but i then borrowed it and shot at least 1000 rounds through it. It's been very reliable, and it is a great deal for airsoft noobs.
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