JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by M. OREND verified buyer Date Added: Monday 30 May, 2016
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
ITS AN AUG, I would recommend because I have had mine for over a year and it hasn't given me any problems. nice gun indeed.

- great value for the price.

- version 3 gearbox.

- nice weight lots of metal.

- solid gun just dont go using it as a baseball bat.

- the battery that comes with it is not strong enough for me, I recommend 7.4 v lipo or 9.6 v nimh.

- the battery compartment is small, but with a little modification you can fit a 9.6v 1600mah nimh nunchuck in there. its not a con for me after I made the mod.

- the grip wobbles, but you can fix it with some strong glue or jb weld.

- blows fuses once in awhile but they are only like 20 cents each and very easy to replace you just pop the old one out and pop the new one in. takes two seconds.
by R. BLASCO Date Added: Sunday 08 December, 2013
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this was my first good AEG and i love it very much,
i chose it because i needed a gun for my very first outdoor/ forest environment type of game
i needed something with the range of a full size rifle, but i did not want the heft and length of a AK-47, m16, g3, etc ...
i have to say i made the smartest decision picking this rifle
this rifle is underestimated and is much more versatile than you would think
it points easy, you can hold your aim for much longer compared to an m4 cause most of the weight is on your shoulder and not on your support arm

inspecting the internals i found a 16:1 HS gearset cause it had a gigantic sector gear clip and i counted it, 16 AWG wiring, and a polycarbonate cylinder head with 2 o-rings giving it perfect compression (1st time i've ever seen that)

overall this is a great gun for beginner-mid level players,
since its a V3 gearbox, throw in the right parts, an R-hop / flat hop, and a nice tight bore barrel, you will be one mean DMR / sniper

full length barrel but its still shorter than an m4a1
above average ROF at 16-18 rps on a 9.6v 2000mah
locking charging handle
interchangeable barrel system, like real AUG
disassembles easily, pop 1 body pin and the upper and lower seperate
1/2 pull = semi, full = full auto, once you get use too it, you can get really good at your semi-auto pulls cause the reset time is so short

its a bul-pup, its not meant for everybody, but i believe everyone should try it out and see the advantages
unique magazines
finding mid-caps might be a problem
small battery space; solutions are buying 7.4v lipos or using a 2000 mah 9.6v nunchuck in the AA format not CR123A
gearbox is cramped!!! soldering the wires to the motor maybe needed
by G. JOHNSON Date Added: Sunday 24 November, 2013
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
There's a surprisingly high number of low ratings on this gun and the high ratings have an excessive lack of information about what they liked.

First off I'd like to address a problem that a lot of people are having about mags jamming and bbs ending up in the internals of the gun. This problem is most likely due to the barrel being removed, (it's a quick button next to the built in foregrip and can easy bee bumped out of place or taken out). If you even bumped the barrel or took it out and slightly twist the hop up unit it would affect magazines feeding, bbs getting into the internals, and possibly the handle/rail becoming removed. It's easy to fix this problem, I had it shortly after handling the weapon while test shooting it and I just twisted back the hop up unit and tightened the barrel unit.
The rubberized pieces that hold the battery and the dust cover are going to get wear and tear if you pull them off over and over again.

Overall I thought this gun was amazing and a really amazing deal even at $124.00. I purchased it for only $90 so it's an even better deal. The bull pup design gives this gun's long inner barrel an amazing accuracy even with .20g bbs. I could hit a telephone pole at approximately 150 feet probably more. Once you get the hop up dialed in and throw a nicer optic than the "iron" (really plastic) sights that come with the gun. The fact that the gun comes with a fore grip I believe is an awesome point yet I would suggest tightening it in whatever way you see if because it is a little loose. The gun is also ambidextrous because you can change the "ejection port" by switching the rubberized cover to the other side. The two type trigger is how AUGs and Famas' triggers are made. If you don't like it I would not suggest buying this gun.

Fore grip included
Iron sights included
rail for optics
bull pup for better accuracy at longer range
easy to swap out inner barrel for even better accuracy
easy hop up adjustments
battery and charger come with gun
high rof

limited battery space (i would suggest a small 7.4v lipo brick)
wiggle in the fore grip
lack of rail space
hard to go to a "solid" semi
a little on the heavier side for a smaller player
easy to bump the outer barrel out of place
iron sights are of poor quality
by B. CARPENTER Date Added: Thursday 30 May, 2013
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Okay, so I had bought this gun from Airsoft Megastore in the middle of August of last year thinking this was just the sickest gun I have ever seen! Getting it out of its box it was well wrapped no defects at all except for one thing... The dust cover hadn't came with the gun. If you get this gun be cautious, I am positive that the dust cover to the hop up system will come off since it is made of flimsy rubber. Anyway, I had this gun up until 2 weeks ago then it broke. Wow. :/ 6-7 months and this thing just breaks. But this is a chinese gun so it was kind of expected. But I had experienced some problems with it BEFORE it broke. 1) The rubber butt plate tends to fall out. Kind of annoying when you lose that thing and your cheap battery is handing out. 2) This gun is LOUD. Kind of hard to be tactical with this thing also because the range isn't too great. 3) The bolts on the rail mount go undone overtime. I don't know about you, but I don't want to drop my $50 red dot scope on some concrete when the rail pops off suddenly. 4) The magazine jams when a B.B gets caught in between the gears of the wind up mechanism. I had to violently smack the bottom of this crappy plastic magazine with the risk of breaking the thing. 5) I don't know why, but on occasion B.B's will just spill all up inside the battery compartment and the gearbox which can be somewhat dangerous to the gun. 6) This foregrip is sturdy... Until you fold it for the first time then it gets really wobbly after moderate use. 7) The semi automatic and automatic system is just cheap. You LITERALLY have to pull the trigger half way to get semi automatic, and pull the trigger all the way to get full auto. WHAT A JOKE. 8) Parts that hold the gun together will fall out making the gun completely useless unless you can find replacement parts for this gun (good luck with that.) 9) Finding any replacement parts for this gun is like looking for gold on the sun. It's impossible. This gun has a lot of problems, but as far as positives go, there aren't that many to list. 1) The FPS is pretty good. A little bit too strong for CQB but it will get the job done. 2) The rate of fire is incredible considering the battery size it is required to take. 3) The hop-up system is decent but dust it regularly to prevent it from acting out of character. Overall, I would NOT recommend this gun to anyone. I may suggest you should buy a CYMA M14 instead.

Good FPS.
Good rate of fire.
Decent hop-up system.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many pros to list. Sorry. :/

The rubber butt plate falls off.
The battery compartment can ONLY fit an 8.4v mini type battery ( 7 celled).
The gun is way TOO loud.
The sites are cheap, barely suitable for a pistol.
The rail tends to detach.
The magazine jams more often than I want it to. (And I mean I don't want it to jam at all...)
The B.B's tend to spread all over the internals of the gun.
Foregrip isn't too stable.
Semi and Full Auto system is bad quality.
Parts fall off, especially important ones.
Replacement parts are very hard to find.
by M. TABOR verified buyer Date Added: Monday 20 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun around this time last year. I had it for a good 6 months until it broke. I never really liked it that much anyway. There were alot of problems with and finding capatible parts was very hard. I didnt like the wobbly foregrip and the gun was just way too loud and unsmooth sounding. I couldn't stand it anymore. Thank God it broke.

Good rate of fire
high fps
strong plastic
mag doesnt wobble
shoots far
hurts alot

Foregrip isnt very good
Cheap hopup
metal scratches easily
not the best internals( common since its a JG)
very hard to find compatible parts or cosmetic upgrades( which are VERY expensive)
by M. GORMAN-SMITH verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 22 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
so i've had the gun for roughly 6 months now. Used it quite a bit. Only a few problems. the forgrip is lose but not enough too bother you. the mag is wobbly but again, not enough to bother you too much. Also the mag will jam when i first got it it started jamming into the third game. more recently it hasnt jammed at all. You lose 4 bbs, every time you have to reload. All plastic body, but strong abs plastic. orange tip is HUGE. i would recommend either spray painting black, getting a black tip or barrel extension. This thing is heavy, i still have yet to get one, but i would suggest getting a sling. has two front and rear attachments for it. Thing hurts when battery is fully charged. Lastly it is not very stong, but it is rather accurate. i chroned it at about 270 fps, a little weak for me. irons stink. get a red dot. and that about sums up everything. Well, when i first got it there where small paint chips on it, might just be my gun, but it didnt bother me. oh and also very upgradeable i would suggest upgrading it when you can. Good starter gun.

looks sweet
two stage trigger can be nice
included fore grip
good feel
top rail
front and rear sling points

long (if thats a con)
mag tends to jam, i suggest mid caps, its also lose
foregrip is a little lose
small battery space, probably wont fit more than the battery it comes with ( if this is a con)
got plastic paint chips when i got mine (again could just be my gun)
irons arent that great
by A. STITHAM Date Added: Tuesday 22 June, 2010
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
:/ This gun is ok, nothing more nothing less. I mean, if you are buying a gun for looks, get this one. If you want higher performance I would get a Tokyo Marui. I had mine for a couple weeks and I already want to get rid of it.

-Bullpup design
-Decent ROF on full battery
-Ok range (was hoping for more because its purpose is counter-sniper)
-Good mag capacity
-Ok battery life

-Misfeading magazines
-FPS decreases quickly
-Not all too accurate (again, I'm using it for counter-sniper/ recon)
-Semi auto is a joke
-When on full auto you can smell burning rubber in the gun
-Loud as hell (gearbox is right near your ear)
-Sights are crap
by K. BELL verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok I ordered this gun and have not been able to use it in a skirmish yet BUT I have fired it/sighted in the scope/plain old ran around with it. I got this gun in the mail and there was no markings what-so-ever on the gun. The externals were flawless. The first thing you are going to notice about this gun is that it is quite heavy for its size. I would not recommend this to "smaller" players. The sights that come with the gun are complete garbage. Mine are just two posts made of junk plastic. I ordered a AMP 4 Reticle Red Dot Sight to help this gun out. The guns body is made of plastic but the reciver, rail, barrel, dummy bolt are all metal. The gun is very comfertable and the bullpup design is great. The gun is just a few inches longer than an M4 but it has the barrel length of an M16. The mag that comes with the gun is O.K. I recomend getting Tokyo Marui mags. They work great. The fore grip is wobbly but isn't terrible. The amidextrous hopup is nice. The dummy bolt sounds very cool. A major con to this gun is that the battery space is very small. It can barely fit the 8.4 1100mah battery that comes with the gun. It fires about 350fps with around 700-800rpm. Overall this is a great gun and I so far recommend it.

Its a AUG
metal reciver
good fps
easily upgradable

slightly wobbly foregrip
wobbly stock mag
SMALL battery compartment
by M. EICKMANN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 18 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Just got this today. Out of the box, performance was good, right about what you would expect from a $140 gun. Accuracy was mediocre, range was decent, and it chrono'd at 380fps from AirsoftGi. On the other hand, the gun is rock solid (minus the vertical grip), the hopup is easy to adjust, and the rate of fire is surprisingly high for using an 8.4v mini battery.

After firing about 1 mag's worth of BBs, I reloaded and went to fire again, and had a feeding problem. This was quickly fixed with some expoxy on the bottom of the mag where it is contacted by the mag catch. Tape also works well.

After that, I broke down the gun (which is extremely easy), installed a Madbull 509mm 6.03 tightbore, Systema bucking, 6mm metal bushings, and an m100 spring. Everything about this gun immediately improved. The RoF increased, accuracy and range jumped, and it just runs a lot more smoothly. Overall, a great starter gun or platform for upgrades.

-Good RoF
-Two stage trigger
-Quick, easy takedown
-Bullpup design

-Feeding problem (easily fixed)
-Subpar accuracy out of the box
-Wobbly foregrip
-Small battery compartment (you can cut off the BOTTOM HALF of the plate to make more room
-Bullpup design
by I. MELLON Date Added: Saturday 28 November, 2009
For: JG JG0448A AUG Civilian Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is fairly good. I have had it a few months and there have only been a few problems. The mag will not go up all the way into the gun and wiggles a lot. It is not as high FPS as advertised, but is still pretty good. I say get this gun, but also get a new flashhider (this one is massive and bright orange), A new Echo 1 magazine (The stock one tends to not work so great, plus easier to reload in combat), and eventually so interna upgrades. One of the great things about this gun is its upgradibility. You can easily take apart the gun like a real AUG, access the gearbox, and upgrade it. There are a ton of upgrades available. I say buy this gun.Hope my review helped..

Lots of upgrade parts
Healthy 270-ish FPS w/ .25's
decent size magazines(330 bb's)
Ability to add a large range of optics
Has two-stage trigger(no fire-selector switch; half pull for semi, all the way back for full)
Just plain intimidating... ;)
Looks soooo freakin cool

Wobbly magazine
Wobbly foregrip
Iron(crappy plastic) sights suck
Has confined battery space(hard to upgrade battery, hard to fit battery in)
Trigger can stick sometimes(might just be my gun)
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