G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
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by A. IMBERY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 09 May, 2016
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
I am just getting into airsoft and this is the first aeg I have ever owned. (Been doing real steel shooting for a couple of years). This is a great entry level rifle. Its super light weight but still feels very solid. The entire thing is plastic, but it's comparable to ruger plolymer so it is of very solid construction. This rifle also comes with a receiver plate sling mount already attached. Performance out of the box was pretty good, chrono was reading around 335 with .20's and the rate of fire was okay. Accuracy is also decent and the hop up is better than some of my friends more expensive guns. I have not used the battery that came with this yet, but I have used a different 9.6 volt that I purchased form airsoft gi and it lasted 6 hours of play which is outstanding. It goes in the hand guard but really isnt too hard to install. I glued a strip of soft foam in the bottom of the hand guard to keep the battery from jiggling around. Over all I am very impressed with this aeg. Good parts and internals, it is an excellent budget rifle for those who are just getting into the sport, and it would also make a great backup for the more experienced players put there. I've been using it hard for about 3 months and it is still going strong. Very very good value for the money. This will not disappoint, highly recommended.

And for those who wonder about upgrades for this, I dropped in a 6.03 tight bore barrel, a lonex A1 motor, and a slightly stronger spring (m110) and got this thing shooting 405 fps with snappy trigger response and a super high rate fire.

Very light weight (probably my favorite pro).
Solid construction.
Battery can last an entire day of play if you conserve.
Good enough fps out of the box.
Decent accuracy.
Excellent platform for upgrading.
Great hop up.
And great price!

Stock motor is little slow (but still works just fine)
by L. SARMIENTO verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 15 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
I recently got into airsoft and though alot of competitive options stand this one was my pick.
i saw some reviews and while its not a metal m4 its polymer is anything but cheap.
i look forward to putting this gun through it paces.
and i do not regret getting this gun

Light weight
removable carry handle
battery and charger
good starting gun
m4 compatibility and reliability

not metal
orange flash hider is hard to remove
battery rattles in foregrip
by T. BARRICK Date Added: Monday 14 April, 2014
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
The combat machine is a great entry level gun for a new player that doesn't know much about airsoft.

Good internals
Strong body
Solid build
Out of the box ready to play
Folding stock
Comes with hi cap

Can't remove front sight/gas block
Not much rail space
Only rails are on too of gun for optic. No side rails.
by I. CALDERON verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 12 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
This is my first airsoft gun i started out with:D This is a great gun for its great QUALITY! This is an accurate gun and i have no complaints about it. Its great for CQb and in the FIeld. It hasn't given me any problems for the last three years! Its reliable and doesn't look cheap, doest feel cheep and just has a great feel! Its a great gift for any any type of player because its internals are awesome, i don't think it needs any internal fixes.

-Quality internals
-Quality External plastic and metal
-Tan gives it a unique look
-Mags dont wobble
-light weight
-reliable and long lasting
-Accuracy tested
-most bang for your buck

-not to upgradeable externally
-lightwieght(for some)
-to tell you the truth i can't think of any more bad things for this gun haha
by T. LINCOLN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 15 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
Bought this Combat Machine at $142. This is my first review on an air soft weapon. I called Airsoft GI to get tips from them on good starter weapons and two sales associates recommended the G&G Combat Machine to me. When it arrived, it was packaged inside excellent OD G&G packaging. Upon opening the case, i found that G&G loves to make state-of-the-art casing. Onto the weapon, The specifications for this weapon stated "fiber-reinforced polymer" which i took for as "polymer". However this is not the case, the upper and lower receivers are incredibly constructed and the material is obviously high grade polymer. Very sturdy construction! The four position collapsible butt-stock is incredibly sturdy and is seated into the receiver as perfectly as i could of asked for. There is no barrel wobble. The only attachment that i would call "loose" is the stock magazine when it's inside the mag well. I can honestly say that this weapon has gotten me addicted to the amazing sport of air-soft. If your looking for a beautiful and reliable air-soft weapon, this would be my recommendation!

-Very attractive packaging, the weapon was protected well.
-The weight of the gun is higher than run-of-the-mill air-soft weapons.
Beautiful construction! Weapon was very sturdy! No wobble except for magazine, which can be switched for aftermarket.
-Slick removable carry handle for optic mounting.

-Magazine dimensions were not perfect. but nothing is, right?
-Battery compartment is in the hand guard and the delta ring maybe isn't the best.
- Stock spring is slightly less tense than other AEGs. Look at the price.
by C. MO-LESTER Date Added: Saturday 09 November, 2013
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
Amazing entry level gun. Outperforms any AEG in its range. Never has disappointed, ever. Magazine doesn't feed as well as dboys mags but hey, it's a mag. Do NOT use the charger that is included, use a smart charger. Use .20 gram bbs. Use a 9.6v 1600mah battery, nunchuck style unless you have a p box. East to disassemble as well. Overall amazing AEG.

Great battery included
High RoF
Great for CQB
Great for field
Great hop up
6 position flexible stock

Magazine doesn't feed as well as dboys
Not the highest fps
by M. ARIF Date Added: Wednesday 16 October, 2013
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
This airsoft gun is great, especially for beginner level airsofters. The price was not bad since it came with the battery and charger. The quality of the gun is not bad at all. I've had it for almost a year and I use it a lot, and the gun is still in good condition. The only problems I did notice was that the mag is a bit wobbly and so was the stock until i tightened it up. Overall, this gun is worth getting and I would suggest all beginners to give this gun a try.

Good price
FPS is great for CQB
Good accuracy
Sturdy / Durable
Comes with a battery and a charger
Also comes with a 450 round mag
Adjustable stock
Perfect gun for beginners

The mag is a bit wobbly
Wobbly stock (which is easy to fix yourself if you know how to do it)
No RIS (Rail system)
Battery can be difficult to attach at times
by E. CLAYTON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 29 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
Let me start off by saying one thing: This gun is great. With that out of the way, here are my thoughts. This was my first AEG, and I was not disappointed. The body is made with a lightweight and durable polymer, stronger than some metal bodies because it is more flexible and can absorb shock without denting. The included high-cap feeds well and is full metal. The charging handle and forward assist are both purely aesthetic but do move. However, they serve no purpose. The trigger, trigger guard, outer and inner barrel, buffer tube, and internals are all metal. The rest is plastic. The M4 has a high fire rate for a sportline gun and the included battery and charger work well. After a while, though, I began to notice a deficiency: There is no RIS system. This means I cannot attach foregrips or flashlights. I also noticed that the Tan makes you stand out in woodland. Don't let my critical analysis deter you. If you want a great starting AEG or just a good gun to add to your collection, this is for you. If you care about RIS though, get the Raider variant.

Durable Body
Metal internals and magazine
Fast ROF
Good Price.

Doesn't come with Smart Charger
Tan (not really con, depends on where you play.)
by J. RITTER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 10 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
This is definitely a very high quality gun. I have not had a good experience with my gun because I had to send it back because the motor was malfunctioning and I had to pay at least $40 in shipping even though it wasn't my fault that the gun was not working. I have still had problems with the trigger locking up sometimes, and I still think my gun doesn't work right. I probably just got a bad gun, so hopefully if your thinking about buying this gun you won't have bad luck like I did.

Hi Cap Mag
Sturdy build
Good sites
Good Accuracy but 330fps is not a very high muzzle velocity, which can effect how accurate the gun is.
High ROF

Difficult to put in the battery
Can't use sights in the dark
The mag is a little loose
The battery and fuse are not very protected. There are big holes on the hand grip
There is no rail on the front to put a grip on.
by P. SWENSON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Battery and Charger Package (Tan)
Product Information:
This gun is AMAZING! No matter what, this will fit your situation. Sure, if you are going for a 30 rps 400 fps gun, yea you are gonna have to dump some cash into the project. BUT.... at 155 dollars, you get the gun and a battery and charger! Now onto the actual stuff...

This gun arrived on the second to last day possible :( but was worth the wait in every way. I was expecting plastic like nerf stuff, but this was quite the opposite. It came in good packaging, even though it was Christmas themed, and said "high velocity", but I have no idea on that aspect. It was well packaged with several sheets of thick paper packing ,and had no hints of human interaction inside.

Onto unboxing and tests...
It came in a thin plastic shell-box and had no scratches or fingerprints at all. The magazine was firmly seated and the battery, charger and unjamming/cleaning rod were secured in place by a clear tape. I took out the gun, which is very light by the way, and inspected the so called Jesus plastic. It lived up to its name and was as hard as any semi-thin metal. The magazine was very well constructed of metal and hard plastic and has yet to give me a jam. It can hold a great deal of rounds in the BB shaft (sorry no actual number), and approx. 400 in the reservoir. The 9.6v is working wonders, and with the charger, labeled as a "smart charger" as it says, it can charge 7.2-12v batteries. A redneck can test confirmed that the FPS is indeed below 370, and it is fairly accurate at up to 100 feet. The distance is lacking, but for the average person throwing in a new tightbore or bucking shouldn't be too hard. All in all I would give this a 5/5, and the only problem I've had is when I decided to clean it I turned the bucking out of place! The only major thing bad is.... YOU DON'T HAVE IT!

Super-sturdy Nylon fiber receiver, handguard and LE stock
Decent FPS, great for CQB (It's a shame I do field...)
Easy to upgrade, zinc alloy gearbox
Good ROF
Good enough accuracy
Takedown is average
Metal front iron sight/outerbarrel, rear sight portion of carrying handle, charging handle (does nothing), magazine, buffer tube, mag release, trigger and mock bolt catch
Real style delta ring

1. You don't have it.
2. You still don't have it.
3. I'm waiting for you to order.
4. I wish this came with a sight...
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