* Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
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by A. VAN BINDSBERGEN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 04 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Great buy. Got this as a second back up gun for airsoft, just in case my TM P90(E90) has a problem in a game. The FPS is just as it is said to be and it is a great range for the P90(E90). the only bad thing is the orange tip that is glued on. remove carefully and get a nice suppressor or flash hider.

Great price
Good starter FPS
Hop up
Nice ROF

Orange tip
by J. BERNSTEIN Date Added: Wednesday 26 May, 2010
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this gun is great i love it i always love small weapons but they have so short barrels this gun is very accurate for such a small weapon and its light weight and durable the battery it comes with is nice and tight in the space i would suggest getting the battery extation thing for $10 and u can fit a 9.6v like 1500mah in it great it is completely ambidextrous i am a left handed shooter and i love it.

fits a 9.6v 1400mah
accurate for a small gun ( i am hitting targets 150feet away with it using .25g bb
high fps it started at 380-400 but after a little the spring started to compress and now its shooting 350fps)
very realistic in look and feel

very loud (just a nitpicking not really a con if u need to be stealth just use semi and they will never now your there) being loud its actually a good thing because you rush one side and u have your friends flank the other and u get all the attention then they get like everyone out before they notice their there and they turn towards them and u get the rest
after about 3 months i think i burned out the wires or the motor but that is also after using it 8 hours straight and putting at least 10000 shot out of it in 8 hours so i pushed it a little (but airsoft gi offers a repair service) and if u really want to upgrade it back to its starting fps airsoft gi also has a upgrade just for it (the pro defiantly out weight the cons) it is a great gun even for intermediate players a great buy
by N. PRUETER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 27 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
First off this gun is beast period. and second im here to tell all the people who complain about guns that say they are full metal and still have plastic. when the discription says full metal it means that the parts that are metal on he real steel are metal on the gun. also this doesnt apply to the e90(p90) but for all you people out there that complaning about g36's not being metal its ot supposed to be that way the real g36 isnt metal...back to the review great gun great acuray and distance shoots pretty good fps i woud suggest a tight bore barrel though and a high cap.....amazing gun

metal upper reciever
very erganomic

small battery compartment
orange tip is glued on
by J. PIOLI verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 20 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Had this gun since last summer. Really nice gun for the money. Nice size for CQB but a lot of power. Only upper reciever is metal but the plastic is STRONG. I dropped it on concrete and it still looked and shot fine (DON'T TRY THAT AT HOME!!!). Comes with metal flashider and 68rd mag, plan your shots good. I bought and extra 68rd mag. Battery is small type 9.6v 1100mah.

CQB friendly
Metal flashider
9.6v battery

Small mag
Battery sucks after like 5-6 months

Great Gun!
by D. FOX verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I'm going to start this right off the bat by saying that this is my new favorite primary armament. for a gun that is classified as a budget AEG, You get just what you pay for and then some. the magazine is slightly tricky to load, the fake bullets have a tendency to rattle, and I would recommend buying and attaching a red dot, but other than that, this gun gets all the details right. the body is firm and tough, no rattling, trigger is nice and snappy, the metal parts are well integrated with the plastic body, and thhe whole gun is nice and firm. I did notice that there were no openly apparent sling mounts, but I'm sure this can be remedied with some minor upgrade parts. altogether, this gun is as good a CQC weapon as any, and I recommend it greatly.

-real solid gun, no wobbling or rattling.
-highly modular, this gun can do what you want.
-nasty rate of fire, tore a cardboard slab in half.
-pretty accurate with a little hop up tinkering.

-magazine is tricky to load at first, bullets are slightly loose.
-Iron sights are awful, buy an RDS ASAP.
-no openly visible sling adaptor ports.
by T. JOHNSON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 18 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
When I got this gun 3 months ago, I was sort of disappointed because it wasn't full metal like the title said, only the rail was metal. Then like 2 days later, my semi auto messed up. It stared shooting almost the same as auto by doing 2 to 17 burst shots. I am getting a 1500 box mag, a new battery, and a red/green holographic scope in a few days so I can hopefully i can forget about the past.

- decent fps, shoots a little hard tho for CQB
- very nice range, but it curves up some, and i don't know how to get to the hop up
- accurate
- light (could be a con for some ppl)
- strong abs (CON: BUT NOT METAL)

- semi auto messed up on me (could of been my luck tho)
- crappy piece of constipated bull **** mag
- battery runs out of charge WAY to fast
- complicated, hard to get internals

by T. LONG verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 30 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This was a great gun, we are used to using the crap guns they sell on ebay for under $5, so thank you airsoft GI for lifting us out of the dark ages.

1. Durable, will last long
2. LONG battery life 6-8 hrs.
3. High FPS (Drew Blood through T-Shirt)
4. Long Range (no $2000 sniper though)
5.High ROF, but Great Semi as well
6. Funny drawings in manual

1. You dont have it
2. Big BB burner
3. Comes with mid-cap mag, reccomend high cap or box mag
4. Heavy
5. Battery is a tight fit (but now were just be whiny)
6. Sight is hard to use, reccomend red dot
by C. LACOUR verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 01 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I have this gun for 1 month and its amazing it's the first real airsoft gun I've had besides the crappy spring pistol and ak. It shoots really hard I shot my friend in the back and head and my hand they were all bleeding a lot. the iron sight aren't that bad but i am going to get a dboys scar tan for my annibirthary.

high rof
good fps
hits hard
nice hop up
FULL METAL( real steel version's lower receiver is made of nylon polymer so don't complain)
my favorite gun
perfect for cqb

by C. MONROY Date Added: Tuesday 13 July, 2010
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this is a great gun i have owned it for a year now and i bought it because it was very affordable and with the money i did save i was able to upgrade it alittle but anyways more about the gun. very sturdy mostly plastic but upper reciver is full metal same with the internals. still shoots at 380 kinda hot for cqb i ussually play both cqb and field and it holds up great against the other guns. ihave a little funny story to with this gun. so i was at sc village and some dude lit me up BAD!!!!! i come out of that game with almost 10 welts on my arms and stomach and im telling my friends that i had been lipoed. so the next round i am on the other team and a kid comes up to me with the same p90 except it the one with a built in red dot from ks and goes dude i lit u up i was amazed there was no lipo just the standard battery that came with the gun (9.6) anyways pretty accurate with .2s decent rate of fire 15bbs sec with standard battery

strong gun
shoots fast
will hold up for a good amount of years
be the envy of your freinds with an awesome p90

not the greatest rate of fire
orange tip is UGLY recommend a silencer
Tim needs to do a review on this to show ppl that this is better than echo 1s
by P. YANG verified buyer Date Added: Friday 11 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: * Discontinued * KS Full Metal E90 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
WOW! this gun is great. feels like my JG G36. the grouping and range is outstanding as well. the overall feel and performance is absolutely insane for a gun this cheap. the orange tip on my gun was put on crooked, but it didnt matter because i put a supressor on it. the safety, semi, auto switch right under the trigger is smooth and sturdy. i bought x2 extra KS magazines and all three mags havent missed fed on me and fit snuggly. just place into slot and slap it down to lock it. the rails on the gun does have a small iron sights set up on it, but i still recommend some type of sights. the rear stock cover is removed by pressing a button on the bottom and then it slides down. larger batteries are an easy upgrade with stock extensions avaible. the hop up is located in the handle hole behind the trigger. if you flip the gun upside down and look at the underside you can see a sliding door for the hop up. the door doesnt like to stay shut but its hard for anything to get in there, due to its location.

my new favorite gun. then my D Boy full metal M4, JG G36K, and lastly my CM AK47 ver2.

-great feel and performance for the price
-grouping are closer than other 3 guns i own
-hop up is easy to adjust and fully functional
-top rails have to 1" rails on the sides for flash light or laser
-cover for battery is nice and firm
-spring loaded mag insure almost no misfeed
-nice trigger and safety/fire placement
-mag fits nice and firm

-hop up sliding door doesnt stay shut
-gun is loud but understandable due to motor location
-orange tip was on crooked. replace it anyways
-no real sights on the gun
-low mag capacity at 68rds. i bought x2 more when i bought the gun
-no sling attachment. you have to buy one
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