CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
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by A. LARGENT Date Added: Wednesday 13 February, 2013
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun late last summer and used it quite a few times in battles in my backyard and in larger places. Now I know a good gun when I see one, and this gun is a fairly decent gun. I went up against several people who had very similar quality or even much better AEG's than this, and this gun held up very well. I put a 9.6v small battery in it, and the ROF increased a good bit, but not to something insanely fast. It was plenty fast enough for me. This gun is VERY accurate if you use the right BBs, and can easily hit someone a good 50-75 yards away, if not a little more. The FPS is a little lacking, in the low 300s (I don't remember exactly but i think mine was around 315-330?). This gun can't necessarily shoot very far, but however far it can shoot, it will do so extremely accurately. Overall, I loved this gun until I sold it (just because I needed money) One of my favorite things about this gun was the sound of the bolt when you pulled it back and let it go. It sounded so badass, everyone was jealous of it. My only complaint about this gun was that it was very slightly rickety. If you tried to bend it, you could definitely hear it squeaking a bit, but nothing too bad. It also just felt like a cheap gun, although it didn't perform like one at all.

I would give this gun an 8/10 overall.

-Insane accuracy
-Perfect ROF with a 9.6v
-Sweet sounding bolt
-Very easy to install the battery
-Very accurate as far as it could shoot

-Felt cheap
-A little lacking on the FPS (could be pro for some people)
-No rails to add a scope of any kind
by J. MAY Date Added: Sunday 28 April, 2013
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Right out of the box the gun looks fantastic. YOU CAN NOT beat this price i ave spent hundreds of dollars on guns that cant compare to this thing. i do plan to order some parts to get a little more out of it because it does get a very accurate 150ft range. my only problem is that thee battery it comes with for me was a piece of trash. and i have heard about this before for this gun. it says 1200mah 8.4v. my charger (a much more expensive one not the one in the box) can only charge it to 500-600mah i bought it from the new store in VA that just opened so maybe i was unlucky.

great range for the price will always have use for it
magazine is durable...butter fingers
sling it comes with seems ok so far

paint is a little scratched off in some areas (gives it character)
fps could be a little bit higher...
rof is good enough (this isnt a machine gun ppl!)
by D. EDMUNDS Date Added: Sunday 28 April, 2013
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
I first ordered this gun around the end of October 2012. Upon arrival, everything looked beautiful. The bolt (although it serves no purpose) pulls back and clanks forward with an authentic sound. The bolt catch however did not want to keep the bolt back so to achieve this, i engaged the bolt catch then brought the bolt to the rear until it apparently grinded with the bolt catch and stopped. the hop up worked tremendously with the first loaded magazine because it is supposed to be a DMR. Then the problems arose. I first sent it in for repairs to ASGI because I thought there was a manufacturing defect. Then I realized it was my fault. Either because of the tightbore or thebbs i was using, the bbs would constantly jam, and there wouldnt be enough force from the motor to push the bb out the barrel. Once i had to use a friends 11 v lipo to do it. I knew then the problem but was frustrated. The only airsoft-like stores around me were Academy Sports and Walmart which sell the Crossman Precision .2g bbs. Every gun i have used prior to this functions flawlessly with them but because this is supposed to be a "high performance AEG" (one wouldnt think so because of the price), you have to use ammunition specifically bought from an airsoft retailer. The closest one is 3 hours away in atlanta. Sorry, no. I refuse to pay 15 dollar shipping on a 10 dollar bag of bbs. Even when i had a bag of Golden Ball bbs, they jammed every 10th shot or so. If you dont mind paying top dollar for ammunition, go ahead, otherwise go to another brand. This company can make a decent AK, but not an M14.

-Good ROF
-Excellent FPS for an 8.4v
-1 mag can last several games if kept on semi-auto (400 rds)
-Worth the money if you spend a pretty penny on the right ammo
-Very realistic in weight and appearance

-You might want to rearrange the wiring for the battery by disassembling the buttstock (screws). Where the wire first sat for me, the battery would not fit
-Cannot purchase cheap .2g ammo. 2g ammo will work if top brand.
by J. JANECEK verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
Comes with a 6.04 tight bore barrel.Shoots in the 355 to 360 range.Enhanced versions higher.Will need to clean barrell as most new guns,take time to snug all screws.Get the Cyma scope bracket as this screams for a red dot or scope if you prefer.It will shoot .26 TSD's and hit a pie plate at 120 feet in full auto burts very consistantly; with no fliers.Skermish ready straight out of box with replaced higher ma battery

Accurate,scopeable (with cyma bracket) and still use iron sites for closer shots.High capacity magazine.TM compatible.Some newr versions are closer to 380.My real wood (not plastic) version is shooting 398 and reaching very close in the 200ft range with .26TSD's.My favorite gun out of my collection.Love the look of the gun.A little quiter than other guns I play against.Pull the trigger guard and it unsnaps out.Gently remove stock after unplugging battery.Then 6 screws gets you into the bucking and inner barrel.Replacement assembly with everything behind the barrel, bolts right on for $60.

Very long ,if you like to run around or hide in confinded areas can get cumbersome.As with all new guns, replace stock battery with a 8.4 1600 ma small tamiya or numchuck style 9.6 bravo( for a little faster rate of fire).Heavier than most m4 and smaller aeg;s.Recommended for outdoor play only not close indoor combat.
by K. TRAN verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
When I first got it I was really surprised how well put together it was, it's fairly sturdy. The charging handle, if pulled too much will end up dislodging the metal piece under the bolt. It's fairly easy to fix since all you need is a screw driver that holds it in place. The sights are fairly accurate, but it helps to get some white out and paint in the middle tab of the front sight. The sling is gonna be a no go here, it's made from a fairly malleable metal so it isn't advised for a gun of such weight. The sling is better off with an SMG. The magazine can be fairly wobbly so I'd get a spare. If you want to get a bipod you'd need a Harris style bipod with a swivel stud. But if thats too much work, you can always use just any barrel mounted bipod (though not as appealing). Rail kits are fairly common but ones around 50$, are not easy to find. CYMA also makes a rail kit too for their products as well, and scope mounts too. **One important note**, the synthetic body is held up by some glue, it holds the gun together well enough, BUT the rifle grip is where its the weakest. Just after a week of use, the grip area started to split, so its helpful to add some medical tape, but I'd get the tape to be discolored with dirt or something, so it'll have that "used" look on it. Around the rifle grip is gonna be some oil which will have slight come off. It's fairly accurate, and has some decent range to it. it got around 380 fps when I got it. Compared to some of the guys in my ROTC unit, it out ranged and was a little bit more accurate than some of their CQRs too.

-Has some weight to it
-Metal in all the right places
-got some range to it

-some external weakness
-slight splits in the body
by E. DIAMOS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 21 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
This gun is the best thing I've ordered at Airsoft G.I. This is my first gun bought in Airsoft G.I. by the way. This M14 is fantastic and yet gives the real feel an actual M14. I give this gun a overall 5 stars for its awesome design and looks.

Realistic Look
Metal Parts
Metal Gearbox
365+ FPS
Metal Flash Hider
Simulated Slide
Slide Lock
High Capacity Magazine (400 bbs)

Small battery compartment
A bit heavy (estimate: 10 pounds w/ Magazine)
Lousy sling
by D. CHISMAR verified buyer Date Added: Monday 31 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about 2 years now and it is still amazing. It shoots around 370 FPS and has a decent range. For what you are paying for you may be getting the best M14 on the Market or at least mine is. It is NOT licensed by Springfield and there is no stamped marking on it at all which to me is not a big deal. The only problem I have had is that on my first day the forward sling mount broke letting the gun fall from my shoulder to a concrete floor at a CQB place. Yes this gun is very good at CQB, but anyway the gun was fine after that...the stock was cracked but I fixed it and It was fine since. Another thing was that the rod that stops the bolt broke in 2 places...CYMA thought it was smart to put little holes in it which is where it broke. lastly the trigger guard broke...and since there are not replacement parts I have someone rebuilding the broken pieces out of Carbon Steel.

Over all get the gun. It uses standard TM style mags and they are very well built and cheap. The gun is just amazing for me and I love it.

Cast Aluminum Build
370ish FPS
400 Round Hi Caps
Great Sniper weapon
Scope Mount available
Easily Upgraded
Very Trust worthy
Adjustable Rear and Front Sights
Suppressor will screw on the front (if front sight is removed)
Semi-Full auto

plastic immigration wood stock
Not Li-po ready
Heavy (Doesn't Bother me)
Selector Switch may fall off (Tighten the little screw on it after each game to be safe)
by A. SALES verified buyer Date Added: Monday 02 July, 2012
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Hmmm G&G or CYMA M14? If you have the money, get a G&G. But if you are just itching for and sort of M14 and do not have the budget to pick up a $300 rifle, this is a decent substitute. For the price it is an alright rifle. You really do get what you pay for here. But keep this in mind – you can buy two of these for the price of a G&G M14. With that line of thinking, you could buy one of these for you and one for your girlfriend whom you are trying to get into Airsoft. Or, you could have a second one for spare parts, which is similar to what I did. I traded a fellow Airsofter an old A&K SR25 I had that had problems for an M14 (which was a mix of CYMA, AGM, and Echo 1 parts). The gun ended up having some pretty severe problems right away, so I decided to pick up a CYMA M14 and use the broken M14 for spare parts. Thus far, it has worked out pretty well. If I lose a screw or something minor breaks, I have a spare over in my parts box.
Before I go any further, realize that I have worked on Airsoft guns for about seven years and have a good deal of experience. This example of CYMA quality is about the same as any of their other products. They look pretty nice, but their tuning, and performance somewhat, leaves something to be desired. I gave this gun a try for about a week before opening it up and tuning it. Put around 1500rds through it before hand. I even let a few of my novice Airsoft teammates play around with it for a bit, which is something I rarely do. If they cannot break it, then chances are it’s constructed well enough for my taste. I did try out everything it game with, except for the spring, BBs, and charger (all of which you should throw out right away). The battery is not the greatest, a 1500mah 8.4v nicd battery, but it is good enough for a beginner Airsofter who is just picking up his first gun. With it, the gun ran about 10rps. Not very fast, obviously, but then again, it only takes one BB to tag someone out.
Testing this right out of the box I found that 0.2g BBs gave very poor results. The rounds dropped after about 100ft, even with the hop up adjusted. After switching over to 0.25g rounds the range improved significantly. The rounds were dropping at about 175ft, giving the gun an effective range of about 150ft accurately (measured with an insanely long measuring tape). The accuracy, however, was average – about a 4-5ft spread at the max range of 175ft. If you really need to push the range, I recommend you spray and pray at that point.
There were several things I did not like about the gun out of the box. First, the sound the gun made. I don’t mind a gun being somewhat high-pitched or whiney, assuming it is properly shimmed, AOE is corrected, etc, but the gun actually made a mild grinding noise. I have heard of very few stock guns doing that. It worried me a bit, but it figured that if it broke that first week I would just send it back for a new one. No gun should break in under a week, stock. To my surprise, the gun held up fine. Saves me two weeks of shipping guns around.
Upon getting the gun back home I decided to open it up and check out the internals and whether or not there was any wear and tear from the first week of usage. Luckily, there was very little. Let’s start with the barrel/hop up and then get to the gearbox. The hop up chamber itself feels pretty cheap. I have actually seen them break with very little use, for instance, I found one with the side of the chamber broken off from normal use. I really wish they made metal TM style M14 hop up chamber. I would buy one in a heartbeat. The barrel is chrome (nickel plated), and is rumored to be a 6.04 bore barrel. Judging by the average accuracy I got while testing it, I do not feel that is true. I do not have an adequate caliper, however, to double check.
Once I opened up the gearbox I found the usual Chinese grease job, which is never good. I absolutely hate the toothpaste green gunk they use to “lubricate” literally everything, even things that do not need grease. After destroying several paper towels and getting my hands nice and greasy, I got the gearbox pretty cleaned up and was able to actually see what I had in front of me. The gear set is CYMA’s usual quality. Pretty nice, but poorly shimmed. I found that the grinding sound was actually coming from the bevel gear being too low in the gearbox. It was literally grinding against a portion of the shell under it. A quality shim job fixed that, now the gun hums nicely. The compression is decent for a China-made gun, so I left it alone after lubricating everything with Teflon grease. The stock M100ish spring was only shooting about 340fps, even though AirsoftGI claimed they clocked it in at 370fps…maybe a disconnect between the tester’s pen and the paper? After shimming the gun, greasing it, and correcting the AOE (which really needed some work), I closed up the gun. I had also installed a new motor, a stock JG motor that I had lying around, and a spare M120ish spring, as well as a Mosfet. It is worth noting that the trigger contacts showed wear after only a week of using them on the stock battery, A Mosfet might be worth getting if you want to save them in the long run. After reassembling everything, the gun was shooting about 390fps with 0.2g rounds and 345fps with 0.25g rounds. Not amazing, but it was better than the stock speed.
Overall, this is a decent beginner’s gun. For the price it is hard to go wrong. If you are a seasoned gun tech, then this should be a simple job of tuning and you have a decent upgrade platform. If you have the money and skill I highly recommend getting a new spring guide, motor, and piston head. A Mosfet is always a plus, and a new piston might be a good idea as well. I found be barrel to be adequate with a higher fps.

-decent range and accuracy
-relatively easy to work on internally
-light weight
-no creeks or loose parts
-looks clean, the metal parts are a matt black, not shiny like some other brands
-could make a good upgrade platform if you have the patience and skill

-poor stock shimming, lubrication, and AOE
-irritating grinding noise from stock shimming
-poor range with 0.2g rounds (many new players will use the gun with that weight ammo and get poor results, make sure to use 0.25g rounds of good quality)
-everything included with the gun, except for the magazine, or poor quality and should be trashed and replaced
-limited battery compartment room (will not fit an 8.4v large type battery, I highly recommend using a 9.6v mini)
-some parts are poor quality and may break (spring guide, hop up chamber, and possibly the piston)
-no rails for mounting optics, sold seperately
by J. SIMS verified buyer Date Added: Friday 23 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
this gun rocks! It features a full metal internals and most externels are metal. the body is a very high quality ABS plastic. It has an insane range and would work great for a dmr.the magazine is metal and is a 400rd quick wind high cap.It shoots about 380fps with .20 bbs and shoots 360 with .25 bbs.with the 8.4 volt it cranks out 600rds per minute but sounds much faster.And this gun comes with almost everything you need exept bbs and goggles.This gun is defintley one of the best under $200 and is a great inexpensive alternative for outdoor play.I destroy my friends with it.Buy this gun if your new to the game or have a low price range.thanks for reading my review.

long range
cheap as dirt
comes with the stuff you need
its an m14
magazines are metal and are of good quilaty

extemly heavy
the sling it comes with sucks
bearly any battery space
can't brag you own a G&G or an echo 1
some of your friends might not want to play with because they know your gonna beat em
if they're like my friends at least
by K. HARRIS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 03 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM032 M14 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (OD Green)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about 6 months now, and i have had a few problems with it, but i still think it is a really great gun. The first thing that i noticed, is that the gas block randomly slides forward once in a while, which that is easy to fix since there is a screw that just needs to be tightened. Second my magazine broke after about 3 months, which meant i had to get completely new mags, which i think it was my fault that it broke cuz i over wound it. But anyway, this is my first gun and i am very happy with how it performs, it has a good ROF for an m14, and great fps, and is pretty accurate with .25s.

Nice n heavy, could be a con
great FPS
great ROF
part metal, plastic stock but still really strong and cuts down on weight
smaller orange tip
really cool charging handle :P
sling mounts

Minor problems
small battery compartment(theres a vid on youtube that helps fix that)
not much else
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