(Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
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by J. ESTACIO Date Added: Wednesday 23 June, 2010
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
Product Information:
This gun is awesome! If you think I'm crazy it's because I'm a noob. anyway, it's light, and I could hit targets from far away and pierce them, before I adjusted the hop. Mine is at 380 fps.

High cap magazine
380 fps

None so far, but if I'm wrong, it's cuz im a noob.
by J. RILEY Date Added: Thursday 27 May, 2010
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
Product Information:
This for my first gun was decent. The fps is good but the rate of fire sucks with the 8.4 they give you. I recommend getting a 9.6 V that'll find in the hand guard. Watch out for the motor, the battery wires connected to it will come off time to time. The guns accurate if you use .25's +. Don't even try using the .20's they give you. They're way too light and will make the gun look terribly inaccurate. If your an advanced player, i don't recommend this gun at all. Also may wanna watch the mag, because mine had a jammed BB. I took apart the clip to get the BB out and i lost the little spring piece that holds the BB's in from shooting out the hole on the top.

Accurate with .25's
Full metal
Durable (fell on it once and shot perfect after)

Charging handle doesn't trigger hop up dust cover to open
motor tends to disconnect from battery
Battery it comes with sucks.
by S. AUTH Date Added: Monday 28 December, 2009
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
Product Information:
this gun is decent. wud i reconmend it to a moderate or more intense player. no not at all. for your 2nd aeg this is a great deal tho. i had it which i have no stepped up tp the kwa sr10. this gun first off shoots accurately 130 ft. after tht good luck! and the spread on full auto is terrible...id recomend .23 gram bbs to help a lil bit. decent fps mine cronoed 360. rate of fire is around 1000rpm. with a 9.6. overall its ok not the best preformiming. iby far id recomend a kwa if u got the cash

light metal body
nice painted finish
accuracy 6 out of 10. well compared to my kwa.

full auto grouping got worse and worse.
even wit a 6.01 430mm tbb it wasent rele accurate
id strongly recomend the new kwas over this if you have the cash.
by A. OHADI verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
Product Information:

externals feel really nice. Gun is light for full metal and front end feels very tight. Love it externally.
Has great rate of fire. Insane with 11.1 lipo.
Gun is very accurate and has good range.
Nice gearbox shell and 8mm bushings. But...

Freaking gun just stopped shooting half way into first game. i'd put about 3000 rounds through it before just fooling around at the house. Pulled trigger and nothing. After taking it apart noticed two problems. Selector switch was wobbling and ...Selector gear was broken. Dissapointed as I though this gun was suppose to be lipo ready. I was running an 11.1 at the time. Nice gun but to me, not as reliable as I'd hoped.
by A. CHADWICK verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 17 September, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
Product Information:
Well this is my first G&G AEG and I was initially quite impressed. Running a 9.6v 2000 mah nunchuck I was getting a ridiculous stream of plastic (no chrono handy) and amazing accuracy. In fact I was mounting a 9x scope and was able to use it effectively. However an odd problem surfaced very shortly. While adjusting the hopup during a target practice, it went rogue on me. It started shooting nearly straight up no matter what I did. I gave my gun a break for a few days but the next time I used it, the hopup was working upside down. I figured this was simply a bad hopup so I went and bought a new one. Once getting it I placed it in and the problem persisted. Shortly afterwards the red wire snapped so now I can't use it without new wiring. Maybe somehow new wiring will fix my gun but I rather doubt it. However, while I had it it was my favorite gun I've used yet. Now it simply is a very nice looking piece of wall art. If someone has a suggestion please leave it in a review.

+Great accuracy
+Strong FPS
+Good range
+Great ROF
+Excellent looks
+Good Internals

+Plastic Hopup
+Broke rather fast
+No solution in sight for repair
by S. KENNEY Date Added: Thursday 17 July, 2008
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
I just received this gun today, and I must say, I got very confused at first. First of all, the 8.4V 1200mAh battery that comes with this gun WILL NOT ALLOW IT TO FIRE! I had to use my Intellect 9.6V 2000mAh battery to get it to fire. Airsoft GI sent me this gun saying it does 340 FPS (I want to know how they shot this gun, if they used the battery that came with it!). The battery that came with this gun was charged amazingly, this gun also comes with 4,000 Airsoft Elite .20g BB's.

At first I tried to use some cheap Airstrike Orange .25g BB's, but the hop-up was throwing them EVERYWHERE, and the spread was horrible, so I replaced the Airstrike BB's with the Airsoft Elite BB's and all was well. If you put your hop-up too high, it causes the BB's to go flying straight up into the air, I found the best position of the hop-up for me was the lowest setting available.

The charging handle does not function like that of my ICS PCR-97. Instead, when trying to take this gun apart (which houses a 1 piece gearbox), the upper receiver will go so far, then you must pull the charging handle back and lift up. I haven't taken the gun apart as of yet, but I will soon.

The forward assist knob (to my knowledge) does not function! This is because the gear box is not a two piece gear box. The selector switch is very nice, and stays in place!

I haven't had an issue at all with my ICS PCR-97 when it comes to the hand guard, however! On this one, the hand guard does give you quite a bit of trouble, but I can tell the hand guard on this gun is fiber reinforced, and it looks very realistic. There is a fake gas tube inside the hand guard which could cause trouble for a nun-chuck battery (the kind I have). All I do is put both parts of the battery in on one side, and it fits snugly.

The dust cover does not lock, instead the spring has been reversed so that it keeps the dust cover firmly pressed against the gun. I may try this on my ICS as the little piece that keeps it closed is broken.

This gun has a nice recoil that my ICS does not have, however this gun is not a blow back, it still has a bit of a kick that I find suitable.

This gun will easily reach over 100 feet away, and still be VERY! accurate. I shot a tree about a foot wide from over 120ft away and almost every single BB hit the tree, amazing.

Sadly, the logo and such on this gun are printed/painted on, and not engraved, but that's ok with me.
by A. COMPTON verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 09 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
This gun is now like family to me. I have gone through so much with this thing I wouldn't trade it for the world.
The body of the gun and all of the externals are the best I'v seen. The weight is hefty but stable and can seem to be light. The worst part about the externals is how bright the orange tip is. Its not a problem but for some people it is. A lot of people complain about how the mag wobbles. It actually doesn't wobble much and it has to be lose for fast reloading. If there was any friction at all you might have to pull the mag out instead of just pushing the mag release and then putting a new mag in without ever having to pull out the old mag.
I'v seen alot of people complain or note that the gun has alot of plastic. I'v seen youtube videos of people saying they want to get a full metal stock. Well sorry to break it to you people out there, but the real M4/M16 has about as much plastic as it does metal. This is because plastic is less expensive than metal, it weighs less, it can be as strong as steel and it doesn't conduct heat. The forgrip/ heat shield on the real gun protects the users hand from the intense heat of the barrel.
Now I bet you are wondering why it got four stars and not five. Well this is the part that was hard to go through but as I look back it makes me love the gun more. On the day that I received my gun I started to charge the battery. I was so excited to shoot my gun. I had my friend drive over and take and watch me take the first shots. We went outside, It shot beautifully, even with a crappy 8.4v 1200 MaH battery. It was so accurate too! The tight bore was the best I'v ever seen. But, after about 300 rounds... it jammed... Now I was stupid enough to fire a few more rounds off after it jammed. So if your gun jams, as long as you don't fire it, it will be fine.
Now after it jammed I went inside to unjam it. I did and it was simple. It began to fire and me and my friend were relieved. This is when all hell broke lose. On semi-automatic, it sometimes fired two rounds at a time, not double feeding but the piston was pulling off two rounds at a time. I thought maybe that occasionally will happen with some of the new G&G guns. The worst thing though that made me send it in was that on fully automatic it never stopped firing unless you removed the clip!! I never came to understand that to this day.
So I first called AirsoftGI and told them my problem. They told me how to fix it and so I began to work on the gun. So as I was about finished, a screw was stuck!!! So I tried to get it out but it started to strip!!! So I had to send it in and let them work on it. They sent it back and it was shooting fine... for a while...
After a while the gun started to have the same problem. I was becoming very angry and was about to give up all hope for the gun. But I gave it an other chance. I sent my gun in for AirsoftGI's tune up and repair service. They fixed my gun at a good price and I was happy. There was a broken part and that was all. They replaced it and made sure my gun did it's job.
Ever since then, my gun has been working better than ever. It is now my favorite gun out of 6. I also just got a 9.6v 1800Mah custom battery for my gun. It makes my gun like a gatling. I thought it was fast with the 8.4v. I can hit a pop can from 120 feet and I'm not just estimating, I measured it. I can hit a pop can multiple times from the range. I can also hit a box the size of a man from over 200 feet almost every shot on a calm day. Both tests are using .2g bbs!!! The hop-up is also good. There really is no need for metal unless you upgrade your guns FPS so I really don't care if the hop-up is plastic.
My friend has a G&G GR16A3 and it is nice too. When he got that I thought to myself that I had to get one too. My gun came chronoed at 410 FPS which is very fast for a stock gun. Here is a summery of what I think about the gun.

Durability: 10/10
Texture of materials: 10/10
Color: 10/10
Orange tip: 7/10
Materials: 10/10
Mag capacity: 10/10
Motor speed: 10/10
Accuracy: 10/10
FPS: 10/10
Stock reliability: 8/10
Stock battery: 5/10
Realism: 10/10
Stock charger: 5:10
Stock bb's: 5/10
Package Overall: 8/10
by S. APRUZZESE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 23 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
If you're looking for an M4 get this one. This thing must be the best AEG I have ever shot or used. This gun is extremely accurate with the 6.035 barrel it comes with.(NOTE:use only highest quality .20 or higher BB) With a 2000mah 9.6v it will give you all the ROF you will ever need.(EVER!) The matte black textured reciever is a nice contrast to the smooth texture of the CA M15A4 Carbine. This has a very smooth 6-position LE stock. Definitely get the retractable stock.(much more versatile) The magnesium upper reciever slides off instead of folding and is fairly simple to get off.(read the manual before field stripping.) Carrying handle fits very tight with a single plate that the thumb bolts screw onto instead of 2 seperate ones. Foregrip is very snug, but not so tight that it is a hassle to put in and remove batteries. The dust cover is spring loaded to close over the gearbox to protect the gearbox and hopup.(The hopup is plastic, no big deal really) The hopup is very responsive and adjusts quickly. The charging handle slaps forward with a crisp, realistic snap when released. All the plastics used are high quality and have a nice texture that is very similar to the reciever. The finish is extremely durable. Also the 450rd mag feeds well and has a great finish that isn't too gray or too black. Also the mag finish isn't too smooth or too rough. The trademarks are great, they look nice enough to be on par or better than those of CA and ICS. The mag wobbles very slightly, but locks in nice and solid. It shoots very hard, fast, and accurate, definitely a force to be reckoned with on the field. The trigger response is super fast.
You will never have any regrets buying this awesome airsoft carbine.
by E. HALIPAJ verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 22 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
this gun is amazing!!!
my very first m4 that is automatic and not a cheap springer and i love it.
i always wanted one but i was worried about barrel wobble and i can assure you that this AEG has none of that what so ever.
the metal reciever is made out of a extrmly great metal, as well as the lower reciever.
i love the gray mag that comes with it but i want a mid-cap instead, i hate highs. (personal opinion).
im more of a commando fan but this m4a1 is great, and its 6.04mm inner barrel is awsome, no more bbs flying away from the group.
now they all hit the enemy :)
and the most amazing thing from this baby is the fast trigger reaction!!!!
its freaking great!
i use a 8.4 volt and it shoot just as fast as a 9.6v and i havent tried a 9.6v so im just trusting the youtube vids haha
i love it when i pull the trigger and it shoots right on the spot no waiting for the piston to be pulled back, i hate it when it takes long.
its shooting fast and accurate and i personally love it.
by D. STEWART verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 17 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 Carbine Airsoft Gun (Battery/BBs/Charger Package/M4-A1)
This gun is the best m4 on the market for all its features:
Magnesium reciever, reinforced 7mm ball bearing bushing gearbox,
i checked out the internals and they are far better than classic armys,
the trades on this look super slick!
the only thing about this gun i wish they would change is a functional dustcover/ charging handle
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