VFC AKS74N Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
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by P. FRANKLIN Date Added: Friday 27 March, 2009
For: VFC AKS74N Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
this is yet ANOTHER continuation of the gun.

As it turns out Madbull has poor QC on their spring metal so the gun is losing power and range. No fault of VFCs, it is an after market spring anyhow. However the good internal build allows it to crank out a .2g bb around 300+ fps at a good range. Until i get a new spring im using this demented one.

A good story here to support VFC's legendary reputation for QUALITY:

CQB game. I ran up the left flank, everyone got killed off except me so i dive into a bunker....right into a kid's revolver muzzle. Long story short I died and have no clue what happened to my gun. all i know is that i woke up tangled up in a pillbox with the kid who killed me.

I got up at the end of the round to realize i was laying on my AK, on which the stock had partially folded and the reciever was full of dirt and mud and in bad condition. I thought it was broken and totally screwed. Nope. I field stripped it as best i could, cleaned it with a rag and some silicone as best i could to get the dirt out. i cleaned the dirt out of every little cranny and used it for the rest of the game.

Note: due to the poor construction of some guns or the delicate nature of high grade gun's operations, of the ten or so AEGs at the game, mine was among the two or three that was still working at the end of the day, despite having been crushed into the mud under a 160 pound guy. No battery issues, no operation issues, i managed to score a headshot on a kid in a treehouse with this from about 80 feet using the iron sights in the wind and managed to light up an enemy M249 gunners butt pack at about 100 feet on semi using the iron sights. despite the mechanical defects that the gun is displaying due to discombobulated upgrades....Im still loving it.

I do reccomend the PMC or one of the newer guns from VFC but the truth is, the PMC that was at the game...broke down (a much newer gun of apparent superior quality). Mine didnt so its all up to you.

Good luck guys. I reccomend this gun.

Durable and reliable

mags wobble in mag well, sometimes MAG magazines need to be held into the gun to ensure feeding.
by P. FRANKLIN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: VFC AKS74N Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
alright, here is an update of my previous review. YES the gun is still running, and a lot of my problems have been worked out.

Unfortunately I lent the gun to a sniper on my team, and never having used an AEG before, he didnt decompress the piston. it was a rainy cloudy day, and the cheap temporary battery i had in the gun died a few minutes into the third round. Needless to say......with the piston cocked for two weeks until the next game......the stock VFC spring had lost 10 or 20 percent of its power.....or so i was told by Jake (jake if you are reading.........lol) the guy who has been fixing everybody's guns on the team for a few years now; that the spring was very weak, and that i needed a new one. I was told to get the Madbull M100 as a replacement, and also decided on the addition of Dean (sp?) battery connectors that help with energy efficiency and boost the ROF, which jake reccomended.

I hadnt seen the gun for a few months after i gave it to jake. I then dropped off the new Intellect battery with the charger and the spring to be installed and have the deans put on. Two weeks later, i was informed that the gun was ready and that for FREE (god bless you jake!!!!!) that an extra new polycarb piston and aluminum piston head had been thrown in as well, another gearbox checkup and tuneup, and the elimination of the fuse (only needed for something over 11v or if you like sticking large pieces of metal into your gun and tangling it in the wires repeatedly on a rainy day...)

WIth all of this done, the spring added more power (gun shoots about 340 for now, will probably settle around 325-330ish within a month) the new piston and head giving a nicer cracking sound when i fire (according to jake this is only really audible to the shooter........downrange it isnt noticable) the deans and the lack of a fuse conserve electricity, and with a new intellect 9.6 1400 battery in there, the gun shoots faster, louder and harder.

To put the icing on the cake......ICS side mount weaver rail.......WITH AN ACOG!! which was promptly zeroed in and at a range of 60 feet i can nail whatever the dot is on...past that its about a torso sized target out to 150ish feet, which is all i need. (note, the acog was zeroed at a target 60 feet away.....not that the effective accurate range of this weapon is around 60. Since most airsoft battles are close quarters, and few long distance kills with assault rifles are achieved, a dead zero red dot for a close range firefight is perfect for me)

As a little bonus....i took some pipe coverings......kind of like a gray foam tube and cut it to fit the top bar of the folding stock so i have a cheek rest. I suggest doing this. Anything on the top rail mount is a little high, so this helps, and keeps you from freezing your face to the stock when aiming when it is cold out.

Since i hate reading reviews about people who say" the gun is great.........after i put in these upgrades........NOW the gun shoots 400 fps and has a rof of 3583296549054 rounds per second..."

so i will give you a small reminder of my previous review in which the stock performance was poorly mentioned.

The gun shoots great. You dont need to upgrade. Of course things like metal bushings, new connectors or something can always help, but generally, a stock VFC AK is satisfying. I never asked for the new piston and piston head......nor did i want an upgraded spring, but now that they are in.......i cant deny that the gun is a little more responsive and a little more of a hard hitter.

Back to the stock gun. The stock internals are built to last. You wont hear strange noises in your gearbox after a few shots on auto or anything. It has a nice smooth automatic sound, not like the wratchety, grindy annoying sound of some new version 2 gearboxes. The auto is a beautiful sound, the sound of the previous shot overlapping the next one to make a smooth "spitting noise" slightly masking the noise of internal parts moving and meshing with absolute precision.

My only warning is not to use a crap battery in your gun on a rainy day.


have fun with this gun.

by P. FRANKLIN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 21 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: VFC AKS74N Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Now i already wrote a review on the "NO SIDE RAIL" version, which is about 4,000 feet long. ill try to make this more to the point.

This amazing gun is my new primary weapon. It is an excellent gun ruined by only some few small problems that i have. Let me list them and you can then decide for yourself if they will bother you or not.

1) This has a folding stock. It looks great, but after a few opens and closes it begins to loosen up. not to the point where it wobbles or anything, but when you shoulder the gun it flexes a bit, which makes the gun feel like crap, however it is a folding stock, so it will never be rock solid.

2) The charging handle does not have a supporting rail that goes all the way up to the front end of the reciever, my old UTG AK-47 does, and makes the bolt very sturdy, where this bolt (though sturdy enough) has to be pushed in slightly after it is racked as it wants to bend outward. if only the guide rail went a few more inches forward and went into a hole behind the foregrip..... it is a cosmetic problem, but add that to the stock that is moderately annoying, the gun seems less robust.

3) The magazines i bought for it werent VFC. While the VFC magazine clicks in beautifully, the MAG 100rd Plum mags click in fine, but wobble side to side alarmingly, when you dont have the gun sitting on your lap, or wobbling the mag, they feed fine and dont flop when you run, only when you push them. Not a problem with the gun, but it is annoying again.

4) the Stock goes out on too shallow of an angle, so when you shoulder the gun, you have to "stoop" your head to look through the iron sights which is annoying. And when you put the weaver mount or the PSO-1 on, you cant fold the stock in, it cant reach the clasp.

5) the wooden foregrip (might be only my gun) wobbles a bit, so i put some tape on the bottom half where it goes into the reciever, and it stopped wobbling, the top however.........still slides side to side ever so slightly and gets annoying. Again, not a problem operationally, but idk.

the grips are also slippery becasuse of the finish. i am contemplating some composite ones.

overall it is a 5/5. it is dead accurate, shoots 330 fps in warmer weather with a full charge and has excellent range and accuracy.

if you can get over the small cosmetic problems its an excellent gun, however it is longer than it appears. if i let the gun hang at my side and let my shoulders slouch, the muzzle can toutch the ground. It makes me wish i had bought the AKSU sometimes. which is louder and shoots 360 fps, and is more compact. but i will cope with my gun, i am already too attached to it. IT IS AN EXCELLENT WEAPON.
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