Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
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by J. BRUNAIS Date Added: Wednesday 13 November, 2013
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
decent gun that run m4 mags long range weapon while still being able to clear rooms with ease. if you are tired of m4 platform but have a lot of m4 mags this i great.

mostly metal
long inner barrel
very sturdy
compatible with most m4 mags

had to modify m4 mag slightly
heavy to younger players
lower rps
by D. MANIERRE Date Added: Saturday 15 May, 2010
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought the Army L85 last year and from the start i had problems. The mag that came with it had a really bad misfeeding problem. I got a new mag for this and it solved my problem but then i had to field strip it and it took over 2 days and 3 people to get it back together. Then it had a a really big jam and it just went downhill from there.

Full Metal
Long barrel because of the bullpup design

Misfeeding mag(may just be mine)
Barrel is very dirty
Impposible to put together if you field strip it
by J. SMITH Date Added: Sunday 18 July, 2010
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun well surpasses other AEG's. The rate of fire is really good for CQB as well as in the field. This is my first full metal gun it is heavy but i am skinny. I highly recommend this gun to professionals or beginners that have a decent amount of muscle. Since the magazine is in the back that means the inner barrel is super long. I think it's a 6.04-.05 mm barrel. All this makes this gun really accurate.

Rate of Fire
Hop up
Ambi sling mounts
Good iron sights
ACCURATE!!!!!! even on full auto
Charging handle is good
Full Metal

Weight can get tiresome
Big ugly 2 inch orange tip(I'm getting a silencer)
Nothing else so far
by C. MCDERMOTT verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 10 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought the L85 about a month ago, and I've used it in about 3 all day games so far. So far I have had no problems with it and I'm very satisfied. It functions well, but accuracy could be better. also the front sight post keeps coming loose but 'm going to gorilla glue it soon. i recommend taking out the fake gas system in it, it adds a lot of space to the foregrip. the foregrip is also the only place on this gun i don't like. as long as the front sight post is sturdy on there it's fine but if it comes loose it'll rattle like no other. the screw to the front sling mount also doesn't screw in quite tightly enough, at least on mine. but overall i like this gun and highly recommend it.

P.S. wear gloves as the mag will rub on your wrist and it gets sore after a while

solid price
nice construction
decent performance ~350FPS
good ROF (some people like it higher but i think it's good)
stock battery works pretty good, at least so far
ok accuracy
good mag
nice look/weight
handles well in most situations, easy to run with and enter buildings

weird thread on flash hider need adapter for silencer
could use better barrel and hop up for improved accuracy
sight rail is really low so you can't really use scopes with it with goggles without a raiser, but just safety glasses works fine
foregrip bobble
single fire malfunction after about 10 shots with blowback on, about 25-30 with it off. just pop it on auto shoot a couple bursts and switch back to semi. or just use auto.
by C. ROARK verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 17 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Awweeeessssooommmee!!!! just got it like 4 hrs ago, and it is the bomb!! full metal and very sturdy. nothing wobbles. the blowback is beast!!! the accuracy and range is astonishing. great clone for the price. the split gearbox makes it much easyer to repair and upgrade it.

ROF(around 700 with blowback on 850 with it off)
price(for wut u get)
fps(ok)(330-360 with blowback on)(340-350 blowback off)
comfortable to hold
its an l85
makes everyone jealous
fits ant m4/m16 mag! yay!

cheap piston(will have to replace it within 10000 rounds if u use the blowback often)
weight(like all the weigt is in the back, like 70% of it)
HUGE ass orange flash hider.

Bottom line:
if u dont have the money to get the G&G model, this is a must buy!
oh and dont bother with the comments about semi not working, because theres a spring release in the mag well. press that and semi shud work fine.
by A. LAFLEUR verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 16 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
ok. here's my actual review instead of my post-buy euphoria post from before. I have had this gun for 4 months and used it in one outdoor skirm (my first game) and two indoor CQB skirms. It performed alright outdoors but the fuse blew mid-game (common problem, replacement 20amp 32v fuses are dirt cheap though). Indoors it is a great cqb gun. very accurate as well because of the 510mm barrel. My front sight got messed up so it wouldn't tighten enough to stay on by itself so its held on with electrical tape right now. The front sight post(where the sight mounts) came loose but can be tightened with a very tiny allen key on each side(took me a while to figure out). Haven't had any problems with other mags either.

very solid gun
easy to work on externally or internally. I can have the gearbox out and open in a couple minutes
fun to tinker with
good general purpose gun
easy to upgrade if you're not an idiot
can take a beating if you take care of it
can fit the DBOYS CASV rail system with very minor modding to the stock rail. this replaces thhe stock handguard but you need a nunchuck battery to fit it

low ROF
my gun was chronoed by ASGI at 350 but its more like 310
cheap metal
some things need to be fixed or tightened right away
YOU MUST BUY A NEW PISTON. G&G reinforced L85 piston for $45 will really prolong the life of this gun
need to modify the rail to fit anything
this gun needs to be loved or it will screw you over
by W. POTRYKUS Date Added: Tuesday 05 January, 2010
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I'm sorry, but this gun is crap from a reliability and durability standpoint. Like another reviewer said, anything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Blowback never worked. Not once. Instead of cycling, it would always just get stuck in the full open position.

Spring release lever came loose the first time I used it. While fixing it, I noticed that one of screws holding the gearbox together was broken off. Worse yet, it was broken off inside the thread so I couldn't replace it. This missing screw prevented the gearbox from properly sealing at that joint - I could literally press the gearbox tighter together whit my hands and the sound of its operation would change accordingly as the tolerances were closing up.

Hand guard tabs? Broken off the first time I touched them.

Set screw that holds the outer barrel in place at the hop-up - came loose and disappeared.

Set screw that holds the outer barrel at the front sight also disappeared. So the front sight slides freely anywhere it wants and the whole front end has enough play in it for the fore grip to come out of the gun and drop the battery.

Firing on semi-auto? Just forget about it.

The trigger linkage is weak and bends out of shape with use. It needs to be adjusted and bent back every few thousand rounds which causes additional stress and fatigue on the part and it's only a matter of time before it fails completely.

I have used this gun a total of four times and it has literally fallen apart in my hands. I'm not stupid. I know what I'm doing. I have four other airsoft guns that I regularly use. I just really wanted an L85 because I was fascinated by this weapon. I was so disappointed.

Looks sick. This gun definitely turns heads.
Full metal.
Remarkably accurate - even more so with an aftermarket tigthbore

The initial appearance of sturdiness is an illusion. My particular example gradually disintegrated before my very eyes over the course of less than a month.
by A. LAFLEUR verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 05 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Quite literally just ordered this gun. I picked it over a JG M16A4 I had in mind for the simple fact that it's a cheap L-85. I'm new to airsoft so i wanted something different. I also did not let the whole "blowback with kill the piston" thing deter me. I plan to just lock the bolt back which disables the blowback. What I want to know is; what weight BBs should I use for this gun for best results?

-it's a freakin L-85!
-was only $169 with the discount code

-I won't be able to use the blowback...oh no!
-weird battery
-susat scopes are expensive
by E. FAUST verified buyer Date Added: Friday 30 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I got this gun a while ago, and it had some problems. I sent it to AirsoftGI and they repaired it for me and whatnot. I'll try to base my review off of when it was working normally, but let it be a warning that it came to me with feeding problems, piston problems, and couldn't shoot semi-auto after it was repaired.

The gun feels great, it weighs a good amount, feels nice to hold and everything you'd expect from a full metal gun. The RoF wasn't bad, but it wasn't amazing for what this gun should be used as: a CQB gun. The range isn't great, and the BBs spread a lot. Now, that's a major downfall in field use, but I actually find the bb spread to be useful in CQB. The spread means you can spray a large area.

Altogether, it's an average gun in a fighting sense, but an amazing replica. I would recommend buying something else, unless you're fixed on buying an L85 with electric blowback.

RoF is quite good with a 9.6v
Looks real
Feel great
Blowback is cool, everyone will want to try it.

RoF with the 8.4v that comes with it isn't great.
Strange battery connection: It has a large connector, but takes small batteries. You'll need an adapter.
Range isn't amazing
BB Spread
Battery is difficult to get in sometimes.
Came broken (for me at least :/)
Blowback means it may break sooner.
by T. PAFFRATH verified buyer Date Added: Friday 17 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I LOVE this gun to death! It has all the features that an airsoft gun should have! Full metal body and heavy ABS plastic forward grip and cheek rest with rubber butt pad. Metal carrying handle and metal front sight. I've only had a few problems with this gun, but when it runs, it purrs like a kitten!

Full metal!
RoF is great

Full metal (gets heavy after awhile)
High cap (can feed bad leading to a jam)
Battery (non-intellect 8,4v)
FPS (a bit low for my liking, but I play in the field)
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