JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
[02108 / AE-5860-T]
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by R. ROBERTS Date Added: Saturday 05 September, 2009
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
Got this for Christmas of 07, it was my first AEG. After playing in 3 or 4 wars with it the stock started falling off. I was able to fix it but it took a little while to figure out how (remove the plastic part and on the bottom of the metal tube attached to the gun there is a little screw, take that off and the cap comes off revealing the screw that connects it to the gun at the bottom). After that the battery stopped working. I tried to fix the barrel wobble once and pulled off the delta ring and the spring came out and wouldn't go back in right so I pulled it off and now tape the hand guard shut. Barrel wobble wont fix. after about a year of not using it I got a new battery but then it wouldn't fire. The motor was running so I thought it might be something inside the gearbox. After taking it apart i found out nothing was broken. I lost a spring from the gearbox and now it only shoots full auto. After putting it back together (upper and lower receiver wouldn't fit so I had to make the hole bigger for the rear pin) it still want shooting, no it was same as before, the bb's just weren't loading into the barrel. After removing the spring that pushes the hopup up close to the gearbox it started working again. I don't have a chrono so I don't know if it lowered FPS. Accuracy was just as crappy afterward.

-Cheap (cost)
-Better than mijer or super k guns
-Exact same thing as the Cybergun DMPS brand but about $85 cheaper.
-Now when the G&G I ordered comes in a have a practice dummy to dis/reassemble so I don't screw up anything if I ever Upgrade my G&G.

-Cheap (quality, but what do you expect from china?)
-For a beginner guns it has a lot of problems off the bat (I've only put between 10000-15000 rounds through it.) which, if you try to fix you may end up screwing up (This being my first AEG i didn't know to well what I was doing).
-Bad accuracy
-The battery it comes with is a piece of s***

Overall: Not a great gun. Adequate for noobs but at the same time has a lot of problems which arn't good for beginners, experts won't even be looking at this page. If you say in your review you played airsoft for awhile and have had other guns like G&G, TM, ect, and that this one is better YOU ARE LYING. You will need a new battery if you get this gun which means another $26. It would also be a great idea to get a new barrel and hopup unit which means even more $$$. In the end you would be better off getting a combat machine or G&G affordable, they have the same crappy externals as this gun, but have good internals.
by C. SMITH Date Added: Wednesday 02 September, 2009
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
This, without a doubt, is one of the best airsoft rifles ever made. It doesnt have a metal body, but it's TOUGH plastic. It will never break, unless you hit it with a Warhammer. It is really strong, it leaves actual scars. MIne went through to COke can bottoms. Yeah, it's that strong. Its got some cons, but the pros outweigh them.

Good ROF

Doesnt have a folding front sight, but thats an easy fix.
Small Battery.
Plastic(But Durable)

Overall, a really good starter gun. I love it.

GO AIRSOFT GI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by E. RAUPP Date Added: Thursday 13 August, 2009
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this for about two years now, and it's been a great investment. I got it as a backup to my TM, but since it shoots so hard and is so solid, it's been my main. No barrel wobble, grip, stock & parts are all solid.

I installed a tightbore barrel and I use nunchuck 9.6 batteries which fit perfectly. The only problem I've ever had was a freeze up in one (Minnesota) winter game.

I don't tend to spray & pray, so I don't know how it works as a fire hose, but sustained fire has worked the few times I've needed it.

shoots hard, upgradable (fully TM compatible), solid, reliable, good price

Not pretty, plastic, no trades.
by J. DUPRE verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 02 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
good gun. Ive only had it for a couple weeks but ive already had a few wars with it and it is a great gun for the price. mine chroned in at 380 using .20 gram bbs. the rate of fire is also really good. and it doesnt sound like its hollow unlike some other jg guns. (mp5) i would reccomend getting extra magazines. mine stops working every once in a while. if you get a mid cap mag get a "Mag" brand. its the same blueish grey color as the gun. the retractable stock is plastick but has a texture and feels very strong. but the stocks kindof hard to take off. ( i cut it off with a hacksaw, cause i didnt want it anymore). Also the battery is a pretty tight fit in the handguard.

Overall good gun

accuracy.....from 100 feet i prodably fave five foot clusters...(oh well thats how tall a person is).
by M. BENDA verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 09 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun a few weeks ago, so far I have played a few games with it and I am pretty impressed. I play with people who are pretty serious about airsoft, and this gun is easily keeping up with Classic Armys, Echo-1s, etc. The body is mostly plastic, and some people may not like that but it is not too much of a problem in my opinion. The internals are good, mine was chronoed at 385 fps and it gets pretty decent range (200ft) before the bb flys off path. Overall this is a great gun.

-Very good price, this gun is a steal.
-Competes well with other mid-level guns like CA and Echo-1.
-very solid build for the most part, no barrel wobble
-metal internals

-plastic outer body, if you really care about exact real feel
-bit of magazine wobble
-iron sights are crap, at least for me the adjustable one broke right away
-my hop up was hard to adjust, it really didn't want to move after I set it all the way down for cleaning. You have to push it hard.
by J. MEYER Date Added: Thursday 09 July, 2009
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is incredibly realistic. The first thing I noticed was it's weight. It is heavy so a sling is nice(not included). All the important parts are metal like the magazine barrel, sights, gearbox, rail, and some of the stock. The barrel, sights, and stock are a little wobbly but not enough to mess up your aim. Mine had feeding problems until I sprayed some oil in the magazine and gearbox. It's relativly small but has good range. My rate of fire is really fast. I'm not sure what other people did to their guns as mine works fine. The chargeing handle is also movable for added realism. However it's biggest flaw is it's battery. The included battery serves me fine but placing it is living hell. The gun has a good feel to it though and is comfortable to shoot. The sights are also fully adjustable but I doubt you would need to. This is my first AEG and has left a good impression on me. My next gun will definatly be a JG.

Movable stock
Fully adjustable sights
Good feel
Fast ROF
High FPS
Removable rear sights to expose rail

Horrible battery placement
A bit on the heavy side
Loose parts
by R. LILIEN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 02 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
ok first off.......WOW. wen i ordered this gun, i was expecting a pretty good rifle for a medium level player like myself. this gun is better then pretty good. its great! shooting at 380 fps out of the box and a great rof. alot of the gun is metal but quite a bit is plastic. the only problem with mine is the front sight was off and couldnt be fixed cuz the thing broke but that doesnt matter because im getting a full metal carrying handle anyway. and the metal on the gun scratches easily but that doesnt really matter. BUY THIS GUN! good for beginners, amazing for medium level players, and good for pros if you're gonna upgrade it.

High fps at 380 with .2 gram bbs
amazing rof for an m4
alot of metal
no wobbly parts(except for the mag)

front sight and adjuster are crap, buy a metal carrying handle
body is plastic :(
mag is a bit wobbly(not really a con but....)
metal scratches easily
the cons are nothing compared to the pros! get this gun!
by K. MCQUADE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 26 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
I had very bad experiences with this gun. The gun shot the first couple shots great, but it got worse. First of all, the hop up adjuster would not open and the hop up came messed up. Secondly, the magazine had totally jammed it because the magazine winder had broke. To finish it off, the gun would jam about every five shots and it annoyed me a lot. Some of the jammed bb's went almost inside by the spring. After they get unjammed, they come out but they only shoot like 100fps as i saw. I would say it jammed every 2-3 shots. By the way the battery is a pain in the BUTT to get in the hand guard. Some people may get luckier than me. I recommend not buying this gun.

-Good weight to it
-Nice Stock

-Getting the battery in
-Magazine winder broke
-Hop Up adjuster almost broke but I fixed it
-The Gun jammed A LOT!!!
-BB's sometimes got stuck inside gun, then got unjammed and came out at like 150fps
-NOT worth the price
by M. CORSI verified buyer Date Added: Monday 29 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is a MACHINE. It has an awesome rate of fire and its fps is good. It shoots about 50 feet with pin point accuracy. Most of it is metal and it weighs a fare amount. The barrel is wobbly though, thats the only problem. Its high-cap magazine is holds enough bullets. It took me a while to get the battery in, but there's a couple tricks to make sure its in there. This was my first AEG and I think its pretty sweet. Its definitely worth the money and its really cheap. Just one other thing, I had a problem with Full-auto, it shot about 10 bullets rapidly and then I had to spin the wheel, I think this is probably fixable and its a misfire or misfeed. A MUST BUY FOR FIRST TIME AEG OWNERS. Oh and by the way the shipping came quick.

1. Price
2. Hi-Cap
3. Lots of Metal
4. Realism
5. Rof

1. Wobbly stock
2. Misfire Problem
by B. TONG verified buyer Date Added: Monday 22 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Basic Version (Black)
Product Information:
One of my first guns and certainly not my last. This gun is a beast it was shooting 380 fps out of the box. This thing is legit. All of the plastic parts don't feel flimsy at all, but they certainaly aren't as strong as metal. The metal parts consists of the outer barrel, the stock tunnel thing, the magazine and the sling mounts. Overall its a great gun and the magazine is great. If your just starting out its a great gun for a great price, but the carrying handle is plastic so buy a new one before it breaks. BEST GUN EVER FOR THIS PRICE

380 out of the BOX!!!
Magazine is kick ass
Great Stock
Fast RPS

The carrying handle is plastic
The locking thing for the foregrip broke on my gun, but I fixed it
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